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  • Peavey Introduces International Series II Drum Kits

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    Peavey Electronics Corporation introduces the new Peavey International Series II five-piece, entry-level drum kit, complete with hardware and cymbals. This kit provides double-braced, chrome-finish hardware, a pair of drumsticks and a drum key. All of these features combined create the perfect kit for any player just starting out.

    The Peavey International Series II is a step up from the original Peavey International Series offering a new lug design and eight-lug snare drum for more precise tuning. In addition, the tom arms have been upgraded to 7/8" tubing for increased stability.

    Additional features include a clamp-style seat on the drum throne, 12 lug toms, a 16-lug bass drum, and a 6 1/2" deep snare drum.

    Color options for the Peavey International Series kit are metallic silver, deep ocean blue, metallic dark green, metallic wine red, metallic claret, and black.

    The Peavey International Series II drum kit U.S. suggested retail price is $699.99.

    Kit specifications:



    • 12"x 10" tom
    • 13" X 11" tom
    • 16" X16" floor tom
    • 22" X 14" bass drum
    • 14" x 6 1/2" snare drum


    Hardware and Accessories:


    • One snare drum stand (double-braced)
    • One drum throne (single-braced)
    • One bass drum pedal
    • One 18" crash/ride cymbal
    • One pair of 14" hi-hat cymbals
    • One hi-hat stand (double-braced)
    • One cymbal stand (double-braced)


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