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  • New Tama Stewart Copeland Signature Snare Drum

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    Stewart Copeland Signature Snare Drum
    (Click for a close-up)

    Stewart Copeland's relationship with Tama goes back to the very beginning of the drum company. His snare was one of the signature sounds of Police and continues to be a part of Copeland's forays into world and symphonic music.

    "Stewart Copeland's influence on modern snare drum playing is huge," commented Bill Reim of Tama Drums. "We are very proud to have his influence on our own drum making and we are also very proud to be the company to offer a Stewart Copeland Signature snare drum."

    Instead of a 1mm brass shell, the SC145 Stewart Copeland Signature Palette snare drum features a 1.5 mm thick shell which complements his preference for higher pitched tunings. Another difference is the use of a die-cast batter hoop with a 2.3mm triple flanged snare side hoop, which prevents the snare from choking. The SC145 5 x 14" snare drum lists for $499.99.

    Size 5 x 14"
    Shell Material 1.5mm Brass
    Shell Finish Chrome
    Shell Hardware Finish Chrome
    Lugs MSL35
    Strainer MCS50A
    Butt Plate MCS50B
    Hoop/Batter MDH14-10 Die-Cast
    Hoop/Snare MFM14S-10 2.3mm STEEL MIGHTY
    Snares MS20SC14S
    Head/Batter REMO Coated
    Head/Snare REMO


    Stewart Copeland's comments in the new Tama Signature Palette Snare Catalog

    "There's always been a need for the snare drum to cut through the racket created by the other musicians in the band. The dirge emanating from the bass and the clattering, ear piercing sounds of a guitar need to have a snare drum that will cut through the din.

    "Which explains my signature snare drum. It's thicker than a standard brass shell so it provides sharp attack, but with good low-end. The attack of the die-cast batter hoop provides an extra arrow in the quiveranother weapon in the arsenal. And I like having the high rim on the top hoop so the rim shots are easy."

    "The clarity of the drum is its most unique feature. You can do roughs and drags and other cool stuff and they all speak clearly without getting lost as they would with a booming or rattling snare drum. The sound of the drum also complements the rest of my kit. My drums are tuned from very high to very low and have a lot of ring so the snare drum is a good contrast."

    "To answer the question of how the drum came about, I originally found this mystery drum a long time ago and ended up using it for everything, including the Police. I asked Tama to reproduce it since it was of unknown provenance. What they came up with is my signature snare drum; it's as close to the original drum I used with the Police as the metallurgists at Tama could make it.

    "Then there's the question about why the Egyptian hieroglyphic style designs on the drumwell, I've always felt an empathy with pharaohs smiting."

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