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  • Natural Grooves Releases New Acoustic Percussion Collection: The Cornerstone Sessions

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    Natural Grooves announced today the latest addition to its downloadable loop sets. The Cornerstone Sessions offer traditional percussive instruments in traditional and modern rhythms, great for pop,¿rock, folk, Latin, film scores, or your own unique application. In addition to staples like tambourines, shakers, and conga and bongo drums,¿¿the latest collection also includes¿repiniques, surdos, djembes, udus and more.

    This diverse and versatile¿collection of percussion¿rhythms is designed to¿¿inspire¿as well as inject traditional rhythmic flavor into your next project. ¿Unlike many percussion collections available, these rhythms are authentic and played by well-respected players. ¿If your music requires nothing less than the¿real thing, this latest collection from Natural Grooves will satisfy your rhythmic need.¿

    Organized by tempo and style,¿users will¿quickly¿put these percussion parts to work into¿new or existing music.¿¿The acidized files also¿allow the user to easily mix and¿to¿layer different instruments from different folders and to build¿unlimited¿¿variations.¿The Natural Grooves Cornerstone Sessions download sets have been created to give users a powerful authentic collection of hard-to-find percussion instruments and rhythms.

    Key Features Include:

    • 165¿different loops available (16-bit acidized .wav)
    • All loop sets available in our Instant Download¿Store¿
    • Tempos range from 70-140 BPM
    • Quick and easy organization
    • Mix and match¿different loop sets¿for extensive layering¿and rhythmic variations
    • Beautifully¿natural ambience
    • Royalty Free


    Complete, instant download sets begin at $4.99.

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