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  • Metropolitan Drum Company Introduces Zero Buzz Clubster Cocktail Drum

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    This is a first for cocktail drums, a snare that doesn't rattle when you hit the kick drum on the bottom head. We've been perfecting this drum, and through the work with our mechanical engineers and the help of a physicist to get the air volume movement aligned; We did it. Says owner Matthew Belyea. We truly are amazed you can hit the kick as hard as you can, and the snare is silent.

    Ever since cocktail drums were invented, snare fans rattled and buzzed, even new cocktail drums that attempted to solve the problem fell short. We knew it, and we were determined to solve the problem. The design is proprietary, and I won't go into the details of how we accomplished a no buzz snare, but we'll guarantee it works to every customer who purchases a Clubster.

    Making it groove with a kick/snare/hat, is the ultimate beauty of the minimalist Clubster model. With a Retail Price of $999, MAP of $699, this is one of the most affordable, pro level cocktail drums

    Now drummers looking for the ultimate in a portable drum kit can get a snare/kick/hihat kit that really performs, can be carried in one bag to a gig, and gets the job done. "It's our commitment to being the leader in Cocktail Drums, we innovate and push the envelope all the time. "

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