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    Drummers who want to get their feet wet playing cocktail drums have been limited in options, and Metropolitan Drum Company is happy to help drummers get into it. Metropolitan Drum Company's Cocktail Drum Pedal Brackets can be attached to a floor tom and allow drummers an easy way to convert it to a bass drum. "We are all about getting drummers into Cocktail Drumming," says Matthew Belyea, owner of Metropolitan Drum. You can use your existing floor tom, a side snare and hi hat, and you've got yourself a portable kit that fits into a three by two square foot space on a stage."

    Reverse Pedal Brackets are available for floor toms ranging from 14 to 20 inch diameter. Built from 1" thick cold-rolled steel with offset bends to increase strength, these offer more structural strength than traditional cocktail pedal brackets and add stability to any drum. Finished in a durable rubber coating, they sell for a modest $ 49.99. A reversed pedal is available in top manufacturers models and also starts at $49.99.

    "Innovation and filling the needs of drummers, who find themselves playing on smaller more intimate venues where space is at a premium, find that starting out with this set up really convinces them of the sheer ease of a cocktail kit, and they call us up and order a kit."

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