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  • JLH Technologies Introduces Drop Clutch For Use With Roland VH-Series Hi Hats

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    JLH Technologies Introduces Drop Clutch For Use With Roland VH-Series Hi Hats




    JLH Technologies, the parent company of AxeTrak Isolation Cabinets, is proud to introduce a brand new product for the electronic drum market, the JLH-DC001 Hi Hat Drop Clutch. This device was solely created for use with Roland VH-11, VH-12, and VH13 Hi Hats. It allows drummers to get a closed hi hat sound without having to apply any foot pressure, just hit the clutch lever with your stick and the cymbal drops to the closed position. This makes it possible to play closed hi hats and double bass simultaneously. Press down on the pedal and the clutch latches itself to the cymbal for normal hi hat operation. This device comes complete with heavy-duty lever/latch mechanism and JLH clutch holder guide assembly, which is made in the USA. The feature that sets this device apart from other drop clutches on the market is the fact that all lateral motion is restricted due to the vertical guide channel, which ultimately keeps the cymbal from spinning. For electronic drum sets, it is crucial when playing hi- hats or any other cymbal, that you maintain the position on the striking edge of the cymbal. The JLH- DC001 Hi Hat Drop Clutch does not require any modifications to the original Roland parts; it simply replaces the existing clutch holder that comes stock on all Roland VH-Series Hi Hats. This is the perfect device for electronic drummers that play double bass and use Roland’s VH-Series Hi Hats.


    For more information and a detailed description of this product please visit our website at www.axetrak.com or call 949-859-7293.


    Factory Direct Price: $64.99






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