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  • Ford Drums Presents Product Line-Up For 2006/2007

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    Ford Drums has announced their new product line-up for 2006/2007.

    In late August, the completely renovated Ford website went live. This dynamic site reflects insights garnered from a growing number of drum retailers and players.

    Another introduction at Ford is Genuine Ford Parts. The new patent-pending Ford bass and tom lugs provide the company with a proprietary look in addition offering drummers something that's essential for accurate tuning—true axial alignment. Machined from solid aircraft aluminum and plated in gleaming chrome, 24k gold, copper, black nickel, brushed satin, or powder-coated in any color imaginable, the boat tail-styled lug received its inspiration from the Auburn cars of the 1930s.

    Jay Gaylen defined the lug this way, "While the shape is unique to the industry and mirrors the shape of our new emblem, it's the insert that is truly remarkable. The insert adjusts for inconsistencies in a wood drum shell or the increased diameter created by a wrap or veneered finish. The insert actually moves front to back and side to side whereby allowing perfect alignment, thus extremely accurate tuning." He went on to say, "Alignment is the key to tuning—not how many threads you have on a tension rod.

    Coming later this year in the Ford model lineup is the Organic Series. These drums feature one-piece, solid steam-bent bass, tom, and snare shells in any depth, any diameter. Exotic species such as Macacauba, Bubinga, Spalted Myrtle Wood, Zebrawood, Rosewood and more will also be available in limited numbers.

    Partner Jimmy Ford says: "Plywood shells in maple, birch, and African Mahogany are entry into the custom drum arena. The only glue found in the shell will be at one scarf joint and at the point where the reinforcement rings make contact with the shell. These shells feature almost no measurable glue when compared to a typical ply shell and far less glue than a stave shell."

    This October will mark Ford Drum Company's third appearance at the Hollywood Custom & Vintage Drum Show featuring a Jimmy Ford clinic. Ford is also proud to announce their first appearance at the upcoming NAMM show in January of 2007.

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