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  • Encore: The Recording Custom Heritage Drum Set Reissues The Most Recorded Drums In History

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    45th Anniversary Limited Edition Run of 45 High-End Drum Sets


    To celebrate the upcoming 45th anniversary of the first edition of the vaunted Recording Custom drum set, Yamaha Drums is manufacturing 45 kits built to the original specifications of the most recorded drums in of all time in the most popular colors from the past, including 15 each of Mellow Yellow, Piano White and Hot Red. Each individually numbered drum set will include a certificate to honor the proud history of this groundbreaking kit, which is widely regarded as one of the finest sets of drums ever manufactured. "The Recording Custom Heritage drums will be an exciting offering for long-time fans of this renowned series," said Dave Jewell, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums. "Built to original specifications, with 60-degree bearing edges and pre-YESS mounts, this limited edition run will be in high demand from studios, collectors and pro drum shops."


    For drummers of the classic rock era, the Recording Custom kits set the benchmark for excellence and enjoy an unparalleled history of success and innovation. Trends may come and go, but the Japanese Hokkaido birch shells on the Recording Custom and pristine interior and exterior finishes deliver a sound that discriminating ears considered to be "pre-EQ'd," making them perfect for the studio or for using multiple microphones in any situation. They even hold their own when used without microphones, with power and tone to spare. For more information on the new Recording Custom Heritage Drum Sets, visit www.yamaha.com.



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