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  • Drums On Demand Introduces Line of Drum Sample Instruments

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    Drums On Demand® has just released seven new sample drum kits formatted for Logic, Reason, Kontakt, Pro Tools and Garageband.

    From jazz to heavy metal, each kit features multi-velocity layers on each drum element and as many as nine different snares. The 24-bit/44.1 kHz hits were recorded in the same sessions and on the same drums as the company's best-selling audio loop volumes.



    Drums were laid out very close to the General MIDI map for ease of auditioning and use. Some liberties were taken for the left-right snare hits on all kits (for round-robin), and for some value-added hats, sustains and rolls in the lower and upper registers on many kits.


    "We are excited that users can now have our Drums On Demand sounds with the flexibility of MIDI," says company President Quint Randle. "This exponentially expands the DOD experience."


    Not designed or priced to compete with the overly technical virtual drum programs, the kits were designed with price and flexibility in mind. As little as $9.95 each, the download includes all five formats for those who work across several software platforms.


    On noteworthy example is the jazz drum kit, which uses a vintage 60s Gretsch kit with 10 velocities left and right snare hits on a limited-edition, 75th anniversary Noble & Cooley snare (only 100 made). The virtual instrument includes a stick kit, closed snare kit and a brush kit. The pack is rounded out with bongo, conga, djembe hits and rolls, cymbal sus', as well as snare buzzes and rolls.


    Other kits in the new line -- each with their own unique features -- include: funk/soul, solid rock, crossover brushes, metal, country and a basic Drums On Demand workhorse kit.


    If a musician don't program/play drums on the keyboard, Drums On Demand has also partnered with Groove Monkee to offer 11 volumes of premium MIDI drum loops: rock, jazz, metal, funk and more. These volumes include General MIDI mapped loops for use with the DOD kits, plus mappings for other popular software like Addictive Drums, BFD, EZdrummer, Live Session Drums, Session Drummer, Steven Slate & more. These have been discounted to $19.95 each during the launch of the new drum kits.


    For more information and extensive previews of the new drum sample kits and midi loops, visit www.drumsondemand.com


    Direct links: Sample Drum Kits and MIDI Drum Loops


    About Drums On Demand

    Drums On Demand has been a leading manufacturer of drum loops, samples and music production tools since 2003. DOD products are endorsed by Grammy-winning producers and used on everything from No. 1 Billboard albums, to blockbuster movies, to hit television shows like "Modern Family."

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