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  • Drummer Doug Meola To Head KickPort’s New “Sound Specialist” Program

    By HC News |

    KickPort International has unveiled its “Sound Specialists” drummer support/education program and announced that leading drummer and drum educator Doug Meola has been tapped to lead it. The new program has been developed to share information about the nature of drum sound— and the ability of KickPort’s bass drum, snare drum and tom-tom devices to improve it— with drummers as well as teachers and dealers.

    “Traveling around the world and talking to players, I’ve learned that every drummer has their own theories and beliefs about drums and drum sounds,” Doug says. “However, very few really understand what I like to call ‘The Science Of Sound’. During my presentations I explain the differences between opinions and facts and why sound matters in every playing situation. The more a drummer knows about the basic principles of drum sound and tuning, the easier it is for him or her to get a great drum sound and take advantage of the proven acoustic benefits of KickPorts and FX Ports.”

    Before recently relocating to Edmonton, Canada, Meola gained extensive experience as a session and touring drummer and drum teacher in Los Angeles and New York City. He purchased his first KickPort 2 years ago and, since then, has become one of the leading advocates of Kickport’s sound enhancing drum accessories. In addition to his ongoing playing and teaching career, as the head of KickPort’s growing team of Sound Specialists, Meola is responsible for meeting with drum dealers, teachers and players as well as training other Specialists.

    To learn more about the Kickport Sound Specialist program contact specialists@kickport.com. For general information about Kickport International and its products, visit  www.kickport.com, email  info@kickport.com or call 707.762.2100.


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