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  • Drummer Directory Makes It Easier To Find The Right Drummer To Study With

    By HC News |


    Drum Channel’s New “Drummer Directory” Makes It Easier

    Than Ever To Study With The World’s Greatest Drummers.




    Whether it's technique, time-keeping, tuning or virtually any other drumming-related subject, the award-winning Drum Channel website contains the widest variety of educational drum videos on the internet. Plus, with nearly 1000 lessons, courses, classes and play-alongs available from more than 150 of the world’s top drummers and percussionists, Drum Channel also offers the largest quantity and highest quality of online drum instruction.


    And now, with the addition of its advanced “Drummer Directory” to the site, Drum Channel has taken another step forward by giving drummers a quick and easy way to choose their teacher and topic. The Directory features an alphabetical listing of every drummer on the DC site— from legends like Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart, Jim Keltner and Charlie Watts to modern stars such as Luke Holland, Thomas Lang, Tony Royster, Jr. and Dave Elitch— with sublinks to individual pages for each player showing all of their available content. Drummers can merely select the instructional videos they want to watch and access the content from the Drum Channel store.


    “Drum Channel has a huge range of relevant content drummers want to study,” says founder Don Lombardi. “With the ‘Drummer Directory’, we now have a faster, easier way for them to choose the artists they want to study with.”


    For more information, visit www.drumchannel.com.




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