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  • DrumFire Introduces New Line of Drums

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    DrumFire, supplier of quality percussion products from the makers of On-Stage Stands, is pleased to introduce two new drum kit models: the full-size DK7500 and the junior-size DKJ5500, available in a choice of colors. These new DrumFire kits are intended for entry-level and intermediate players needing an all-inclusive, affordable, and easily maintained instrument without sacrificing musical tone and performance. The DK7500 is a 5-piece kit comprised of a 22" kick drum, 14" snare, 16" floor tom, and 12" & 13" rack toms. These standard sizes make the DK7500 suitable for all styles of music and help provide students with a well-rounded experience in the art of drumming. 6-ply poplar shell construction is durable enough for aggressive playing, yet light enough for lively tone and easy tuning. Cymbals are included in the form of a 16" ride and 14" set of hi-hats, each paired with a heavy-duty double-braced stand. The snare drum stand is also double-braced, a feature not often found on kits in this price range. Supplied accessories include a drum throne, kick drum pedal, drum key, and 15.5" Birch drumsticks. The DK7500 is available in a Gloss Black or Wine Red Metallic finish. Both models list for $675.99. Like its full-size counterpart, the DKJ5500 features 6-ply poplar shell construction, but each drum has been scaled-down for the younger player. The 5-piece kit is comprised of a 16" kick, 12" snare, 13" floor tom, and 10" & 11" rack toms. The included 9.5" solid brass hi-hats are paired with a durable hi-hat stand, while the 12" ride cymbal mounts directly to the bass drum via a telescoping rod. A kick drum pedal, drum key, and junior-size pair of Birch drumsticks are included. The DKJ550 is available in a Gloss Black or Wine Red Metallic finish. Both models list for $499.99.

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