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  • ATV Announces aDrums Artist Electronic Drums

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    ATV announces an innovation in electronic drums; aDrums artist


    Drummers, your wait is over! aDrums artist delivers new sensing and extended dynamics technology, ease of use, immediate playability, and pristine drum sounds to drummers looking for an acoustic playing experience. ATV has achieved a great balance of old-world artisan workmanship and forward-thinking technical design. Our engineers and designers are responsible for bringing musicians nearly every electronic drum innovation in the past 30 years. ATV’s team has once again raised the bar.


    aDrums artist will be available in two configurations; aDrums artist Standard aD5 Kit and aDrums artist Expanded aD5 Kit, shipping Q3. Non-drum module configurations will also be available. In Q4, aDrums individual drum pads, cymbals, and hardware will be available for purchase. Additional aD5 Drum Instruments are available via the online ATV Sound Store.


    aDrums artist - Standard & Expanded aD5 Set configurations:


    aD5   Sound Instrument

    aD-K18    Kick

    aD-S13    Snare

    aD-T10    Rack Tom

    aD-T13    Floor Tom

    aD-H14   Hi-Hat

    aD-C16    Crash

    aD-C18    Ride

    ADA-SS    Snare Stand

    ADA-TCS Tom/Cymbal Stand

    ADA-CS   Cymbal Stand

    ADA-MPC aD5 Mount




    Rack Tom  aD-T10

    Crash    aD-C16

    Tom/Cymbal Stand  ADA-TCS



    ATV Corporation is a developer of innovative electronic musical instruments know for superior quality, expressive playability, exceptional sound, and industry leading technology.


    For more information visit ATV online. www.atvcorporation.com store.atvcorporation.com



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