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  • SoundSwitch Announces Version 1.9 In Support Of The Prime 4 And Prime Hardware

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    Leading developer of DJ lighting control software introduces StagelinQ support for the Denon DJ Prime series along with several major feature upgrades.




    CUMBERLAND RI, USA (May 16th, 2019) - SoundSwitch (www.soundswitch.com), the leading provider of DJ lighting control software and hardware and the newest member of the inMusic family of premier music companies, today announced the introduction of their new SoundSwitch 1.9 software. This release includes StagelinQ support for the Denon DJ Prime Series, including the impressive Prime 4, along with important updates to SoundSwitch’s Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW).


    StagelinQ Support – Prime Series Including New Prime 4


    SoundSwitch 1.9 officially supports all Denon DJ Prime hardware, enabling users to connect the desktop SoundSwitch software directly to their DJ setup running in standalone mode. DJs will be able to create light shows for songs stored on their USB drive or SD card as well as with the SoundSwitch Autoloop feature. The onboard analysis provided by Engine Prime allows for accurate Beatgrids, which help to sync lighting effects in SoundSwitch on the fly without needing to enter SoundSwitch's Edit Mode.


    Denon Prime DJs can also expect the same functionality as users of DJ software, with the added bonus of running SoundSwitch over a wired or wireless network connection. This enables SoundSwitch to be installed in any club environment alongside any Denon Prime hardware.


    Key SoundSwitch 1.9 Features

      • StagelinQ Support for Denon DJ Prime 4 and SC5000/M

      • Sync Offset Adjustment

      • Connection Status Indicator

      • Video Playback Window for MP4 files



    Release video - 


    “The SoundSwitch 1.9 release delivers tighter integration with the Prime Series, which means DJs can easily add impressive lighting to their DJ performance when using this hardware. This kind of lighting- music coordination is unparalleled across the industry,” said SoundSwitch’s CEO, Zak Meyers.




    About SoundSwitch

    SoundSwitch bridges the gap between industry standard DJ software and lighting systems. It offers DJs the ability to seamlessly integrate DMX lighting with live audio, through easy-to-use software-hardware packages. It is a technology that gives DJs greater creative control and enhanced performance capabilities, in multiple environments.


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