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  • SoundSwitch Announces 2.1 DJ Lighting Control Software Release

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    Leading developer of DJ lighting control adds Art-NET output and MIDI Clock/MTC input and output, new 3rd-Party hardware integration, along with support for Virtual DJ's Open Sound 2 Light (OS2L) protocol.


    CUMBERLAND RI, USA (September 5, 2019) - SoundSwitch (www.soundswitch.com), the leading provider of DJ lighting control software and hardware, today announced the introduction of their new SoundSwitch 2.1 software. This release includes support for Art-NET output and MIDI Clock/MTC input and output, support for the ENTTEC USB Pro, HEX color mixing with Amber, White and UV added to the color picker along with support for Virtual DJ's Open Sound 2 Light (OS2L) protocol. These new additions expand the creative possibilities for all DJs.


    Some of the key SoundSwitch 2.1 additions are highlighted below.


    SoundSwitch now broadcasts Art-NET which opens up a large range of connectivity options. Any software or hardware that takes Art-NET in can now receive SoundSwitch lighting information. This includes lighting desks, 3rd party USB-DMX Art-NET interfaces and 3rd Party visualisers such as Realizzer.


    MIDI Clock/TimeCode Input
    Enables syncing of Autoloops to any software or hardware that sends MIDI Clock or MTC, including DJ mixers, DAWs and MIDI instruments.


    MIDI Clock/TimeCode Output
    Converts incoming time signal from Serato DJ, Engine Prime, Virtual DJ and Ableton LINK into


    MIDI Clock or MIDI TimeCode allowing synchronization between DJ Software/Hardware, lighting and MIDI devices across the performance environment. The output is Fader Position responsive, meaning as you cross fade between different tracks with different BPMs, external devices will sync accordingly.


    HEX Color Mixing
    Support for Amber, White and UV has been added to the Color Picker.


    Virtual DJ OS2L
    We have removed the need to use the plugins with VDJ. Virtual DJ now connects using the OS2L

    protocol, allowing for local and network connections to SoundSwitch.


    3rd-Party Hardware
    Support for the popular ENTTEC USB Pro interface.


    “The SoundSwitch 2.1 release and related hardware support means DJs can easily add impressive lighting to their performance,” said SoundSwitch’s CEO, Zak Meyers. “SoundSwitch 2.1 provides more connectivity and enhanced 3rd-party compatibility, which opens up a huge range of possibilities for DJs and lighting techs alike.”


    SounSwitch 2.1 release video -



    About SoundSwitch

    SoundSwitch bridges the gap between industry standard DJ software and lighting systems. It offers DJs the ability to seamlessly integrate DMX lighting with live audio, through easy-to-use software-hardware packages. It is a technology that gives DJs greater creative control and enhanced performance capabilities, in multiple environments.

    SoundSwitch is the newest member of the inMusic family of premier music companies. Follow SoundSwitch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.



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