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  • Serato DJ Now Supports The Denon DJ Prime Series

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    Control of Serato DJ software further enhances Denon DJ’s Prime Series creative performance possibilities.



    Cumberland RI, USA (November 6, 2017)—Denon DJ (www.denondj.com), a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, today announced that their revolutionary SC5000 Prime media player and X1800 Prime club mixer are now fully Serato DJ Upgrade Ready. The SC5000 Prime unlocks the new controller mode giving artists natively-mapped control over Serato DJ software functionality with an effective and attractive visualization of all essential performance information on the SC5000’s touchscreen, while the X1800 Prime steps up to becoming the centerpiece of any DJ’s rider with DVS and Audio Interface support added.


    A quick re-cap of the stunning Denon DJ SC5000 Prime media player: Winner of two DJ Mag Tech Awards for ‘Innovative New Product’ and ‘Ultimate Club Deck,’ the SC5000 Prime sets a new standard for ease of use and comprehensive creative features. It is a professional unit with 7-inch multi-touch display that enables gestures and swiping for the ultimate DJ expression and immediacy of interaction. Adding dual-layer playback on a single unit, making it possible to mix a full DJ set on just one player, plus on-board trigger pads for expressive live performance, the SC5000 represents the future of professional DJ performance, right here, right now.


    The new Serato Controller Mode delivers numerous powerful and seamless interaction features:

      • Controls primary navigation, track-load and playback workflow from a single SC5000 Prime unit

      • SC5000 on-board HD touchscreen shows Serato track collection, waveform overview and vital

        DJ performance data

      • Addresses and controls up to 4 Serato DJ ‘decks’ using just one SC5000

      • SC5000 performance trigger pads enable expressive manipulation of standard Serato DJ pad


      • X1800 Prime mixer acts as Serato DJ audio interface, introduces DVS to DJs with the Serato DJ and DVS Licenses (sold separately) offering a full hardware DJ mixing experience


    Controller Mode integration is the latest example of Denon DJ’s commitment to continuous improvement for their revolutionary Prime Series equipment. It is available via Serato DJ 1.9.10


    Digital DJ Tips says, “This [the SC5000] is the singularly most impressive piece of DJ technology we’ve ever reviewed and ushers in a new era of DJing.”


    Serato Controller Mode will be part of SC5000 Prime media player and X1800 mixer, starting in November 2017.


    U.S. retail pricing for the SC5000 Prime Media Player and X1800 Prime Club Mixer is $1899. They are available globally now.




    About Denon DJ

    Denon DJ (www.denondj.com) is a leading manufacturer of equipment for professional and mobile DJs. Since the introduction of their first dual-rackmount CD player in 1992, Denon DJ has provided premium, innovative solutions for world-class performances night after night.

    Denon DJ is a member of the premier family of brands known as inMusic.


    About Serato

    Serato (www.serato.com) makes audio software for music lovers worldwide. In 1999 Serato launched with Pitch ‘n Time, still the world’s foremost studio plugin for time-stretching and pitch-shifting technology. On the strength of Pitch ‘n Time, Serato moved into the DJ industry, changing the game with the release of Serato Scratch Live, and later Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro. Serato has recently returned to the diverse world of music production with the release of Serato Sample, a high-quality sampling plugin for producers.



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