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  • Now Available: The Ultimate Hands-on Controller for Ableton Live

    By HC News |

    New Novation Launch Control

    Produce the Perfect Mix

    Our ultimate controller for Ableton Live is now available in your area! Click here to find a dealer

    It's called Launch Control XL and its 24 knobs, 16 buttons and 8 faders integrate seamlessly with Live to give you total hands-on control.

    Check out Ivan Corraliza, aka. ill Factor (Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Kelly Rowland), using one alongside his Novation 25 SL MkII. He controls everything in Ableton without ever touching his mouse or looking up at his screen:

    Launch Control XL Video

    If you fancy recreating this session for yourself, click here now to download his Ableton Live Lite session and find a tutorial video here. It's a great way to get started and shows you how all the controls are entirely re-assignable, so you can easily create your own layouts.

    Thanks for reading,

    The Novation Team.  http://us.novationmusic.com/

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