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  • Get GigaStudio 32 Free with Tascam's US-224 and US-428 Controllers

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    Musicians now have another reason to purchase TASCAM's USB-based US-224 and US-428 DAW controller / interface products: free GigaStudio software. Compatible with GigaStudio's GSIF interface standard since their introduction, both the US-224 and US-428 will now include a free copy of TASCAM's GigaStudio 32 sampling workstation software (a retail value of $99 USD).

    "Including GigaStudio 32 in both products creates an attractive incentive for musicians getting into DAW-style recording and music production with their computers," says Jim Mack, TASCAM division manager. "This offer provides a tremendous value by giving purchasers a free copy of the world's most powerful soft sampler. The use of samplers as sophisticated musical instruments continues to grow in popularity, and this package is an ideal setup for people who are just getting into computer based production or even the most seasoned pro."

    TASCAM's US-224 ($375.00 MSRP USD) and US-428 ($625 MSRP USD) are USB-based tactile control surfaces for the most-used functions in DAW applications from Steinberg, Digidesign, MOTU, Cakewalk and other manufacturers. Both units feature transport, mute/solo and locate keys, unlimited banks of fader control, EQ and sequencer control functions and offer 24-bit A/D and D/A converters for sound qualify.

    TASCAM's GigaStudio 32 ($99.00 MSRP USD) is an introductory version of their popular hard-disk sampling software. GigaStudio 32 features 32 voices of polyphony, 16 MIDI channels and the same professional production features found in the GigaStudio 160 and GigaStudio 96 packages.

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