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  • EKS Introduces Otus DJ Controllers

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    EKS is proud to announce the launch of its latest addition to the controller family. Known for its previous portable DJ controllers XP10 and XP5, EKS will now introduce the revolutionary Otus model range.

    EKS Otus will bring fresh thinking to the DJ controller world. Otus are designed with both usability and technological progress in mind. While the controllers will feel familiar to users of current DJ tools they will also allow better use the software features of tomorrow.

    The first one in the family — Otus dualdeck — is a professional 2-in-1 DJ controller. The revolutionary virtual audio technology enables the use of multichannel soundcard inside Otus with different DJ software. This makes it possible for a DJ to play two audio channels simultaneously with just one controller. Otus is equipped with a big, configurable 7.5" jog wheel and new features for effects control, including touchpad and two motion sensors. Otus also brings you an innovative switch key which enables the DJ to flexibly use two layers of controls. To add more show into the mix, the effects controls are placed to make performing more visual. All this combined with the state of the art space age design, solid aluminum build and fully configurable controls makes Otus a true next generation DJ controller. With the advanced MIDI support and Midi mappers it will be easy to configure Otus with just about any software application imaginable, be it audio, video or something else altogether, leaving the boundaries to be defined only by artist's imagination. Otus dualdeck will be available june 2008 for a suggested retail price of €699.

    A more rugged single deck controller Otus RAW will be added to the Otus product line during the summer of 2008. Otus RAW has a more traditional approach to controlling software and will be the perfect bridge between the CD players of today and digital possibilities of tomorrow. Otus RAW will feature 7 1/2 inch jog wheel, high quality physical pitch slider, touchpad for effect and mouse control and 4 velocity pads for effect/sample/cuepoint launch.

    Otus dualdeck features:

    • High resolution 7.5" wheel with touch sense (position/speed LED indicated)
    • 2 Near Field Motion -sensors
    • 17 low trave
    • buttons
    • 6 touch buttons
    • 10 assignable control-knobs
    • A built-in touchpad/assignable X/Y control-surface for mouse or effect control
    • 80mm touch sensitive pitch slider, with position LEDs
    • Switch button for virtual>dualdeck play
    • Al
    • controls LED backlit
    • Integrated 24-bit 4ch audio interface
    • Two stereo RCA outputs
    • Headphone output


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