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New Loops releases Monotone Pro Expansion (Monotone Presets)



New Loops has released Monotone Pro Expansion - 65 expressive presets for Propellerhead's Monotone synthesiser. Whilst primarily a bass synth, Monotone is also capable of making excellent leads, plucks, sound effects, and even some mono-pads.


Here's what they say:


We've created 65 new and inspiring Monotone presets including 22 deep basses, 18 synth mono leads, 18 punchy plucks, and 7 creative sound effects. All presets are organised by type, level matched, and have the mod wheel assigned.


These Monotone presets are suitable for a wide range of dance music genres and would work well in trance, techno, house, dubstep, trap, drum and bass, and other edm styles. They will also be useful for many other electronic styles including, soundtrack and cinematic.


Intro Price: £9.90 until end of August (Reg. £14.98).


A free demo pack available from https://newloops.com/products/monotone-pro-expansion


Audio demo: https://youtu.be/lYvsj84ehj0



<![CDATA[Antelope Audio Announces Availability Of Goliath HD | Gen 3 Audio Interface With Edge Duo Modelling Mic]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/antelope-audio-announces-availability-of-goliath-hd--gen-3-audio-interface-with-edge-duo-modelling-mic Tue, 23 Jul 2019 14:05:37 GMT


Antelope Audio announces availability of Goliath HD | Gen 3 audio interface with Edge Duo modelling mic as flagship studio set



SANTA MONICA, CA, USA: trailblazing pro audio manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to announce availability of Goliath HD | Gen 3 — advancing its formidable flagship offering as the world’s most powerful audio interface with brand-new, state-of-the-art AD/DA converters to achieve a stunning 136dB DNR (dynamic range) on its mastering-grade monitor outputs, offering the most comprehensive connectivity available anywhere, and also including a complimentary Edge Duo microphone with switchable polar patterns and realtime mic modelling via its impressive studio partner’s onboard FPGA-powered emulations and Accusonic mic preamps — as of July 23...


As implied by the ThunderboltTM|USB 3.0|HDX Port|MADI wording boldly blazoned across a facelifted front panel that is sure to stand out in the most demanding studio setups that the top-tier audio interface itself is duly designed to handle, Goliath HD | Gen 3 works with any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), connecting to Mac and Windows computers with 192 kHz audio over Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, HDX (available as a separately-purchasable, optional upgrade), and MADI (to Dante Bridge). As an Antelope Audio innovation, Goliath HD | Gen 3’s proprietary HDX Compensation Delay technology ensures that any analogue or digital input entering Pro Tools arrives as a fully-sample-accurate signal source, while the company’s custom-created, ultra-fast Thunderbolt driver delivers 64 channels of simultaneous playback and recording at up to sub-millisecond (imperceptible) latency. Additionally, a latency-free direct monitoring environment encompassing four independent internal mixers, each with 32 assignable inputs, is always at hand. Having said that, Goliath HD | Gen 3’s digital and networking connectivity is established by industry-standard AES, MADI, ADAT, S/PDIF, Thunderbolt, USB, and HDX connections combining to total an astronomical 346 digital I/O channels, certainly living up to its name!


Needless to say, Goliath HD | Gen 3 also excels in the analogue domain. I/O includes 16 Accusonic mic preamps (M/L 1 through to M/L 16) with mic modelling support for the included Edge Duo microphone’s 11 emulations — namely, Berlin 47, Berlin 49T, Berlin 57, Berlin 87, Berlin 67, Berlin M103, Tokyo 800T, Vienna 12, Vienna 414, Oxford 4038, and Sacramento 121R (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/edge-duo/#description); two analogue INSERTS; and four instrument inputs (G1 through to G4) alongside an additional 16 analogue inputs (ANALOG IN) via two D-SUB 25 connectors (with 124dB DNR), while 32 analogue outputs (ANALOG OUT) over four D-SUB 25 connectors (with 129dB DNR), two transformer re- amp outputs (R1 and R2), and two independently-assignable headphone outputs (HP 1 and HP 2) bring the total to 38 analogue outputs.


Of course, no studio production project is complete without audio effects; again, as implied by the ZERØ-latency FPGA Engine and AFC Clocking Technology wording also boldly blazoned across its control feature-laden front panel, Goliath HD | Gen 3 does not disappoint. Indeed, it includes 36 realtime FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) hardware-based effects (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/ goliath-hd-gen3-real-time-fx/#fx) valued at over $3,000.00 USD, taken from Antelope Audio’s acclaimed AFX library — namely, AuraVerb (reverb); BA-31 (mic preamp model); ClearQ (linear EQ); FET-A76 (FET-based compressor); Gyraf Gyratec X (true tube stereo compressor); PowerEx (in-house expander); PowerFFC (feedforward compressor); PowerGate (noise gate); VCA-160 (VCA-style compressor); VEQ-1A (vintage tube EQ); VEQ-HLF (Pultec-style high- and low-pass filter); VMEQ-5 (midrange EQ); Stay-Levin (American tube compressor); and x903 (natural-sounding compressor), plus 11 guitar amps and 11 guitar cabinets. Coupled with Antelope Audio’s latest 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking jitter management system, those Class-A mic preamps and audiophile-grade AD/DA conversion combine to deliver top-tier, studio- quality sound. Saying that, the acclaimed clocking can be distributed to suitably-equipped external studio equipment via Goliath HD | Gen 3’s twin WC OUT (Word Clock outputs) on BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connectors. Additionally, Antelope Audio’s 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock can be used for reference (connected on BNC via the dedicated 10M IN input).


Thanks to those brand-new, state-of-the-art AD/DA converters achieving a stunning 136dB DNR on its mastering-grade monitor outputs while retaining the centrepiece 3.5-inch high-resolution TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) display with 262,000-colour capacitive touchscreen panel enabling immediate access to metering, preferences, gain adjustment, and mission-critical functionality, the world’s most powerful audio interface has become even more powerful, as Antelope Audio’s improved and refreshed Goliath HD | Gen 3 clearly demonstrates. Designed to handle working with the most demanding studio setups, it offers the most comprehensive connectivity the pro audio industry has yet seen... and heard!


Goliath HD | Gen 3 is available for purchase — priced at an RRP of $5,995.00 USD, including an Edge Duo modelling microphone — through Antelope Audio’s growing global network of authorised dealers (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/dealers/). Or order online directly from Antelope Audio via the dedicated Goliath HD | Gen 3 webpage (https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/goliath-hd-gen3/), which also includes more in-depth information.


Explore Goliath HD | Gen 3’s full FPGA FX library here: https://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/goliath-hd-gen3-real-time-fx/#fx



About Antelope Audio (www.antelopeaudio.com)

Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional audio equipment. Founded in 2004 and reinventing the industry with its flawless master clock technologies and versatile multi-channel interface solutions, the company has been steadily expanding its portfolio over the years under the guidance of visionary engineer and CEO Igor Levin. Antelope Audio’s products offer the best of both analog and digital technologies. Among its most recent innovations are compact interfaces with discrete mic pres, FPGA-based FX plug-ins for all DAWs, and next-generation modeling microphones.These are distributed through Antelope Audio offices in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and highly acclaimed by users all over the world.The company’s customers include GRAMMY® award-winning sound engineers, top-tier producers, world-class artists, and some of the most renowned, recording, mastering, and post-production facilities around the globe.


© 2019 Antelope Audio



<![CDATA[Fredric Effects Announce The Regent 150 Preamp]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/fredric-effects-announce-the-regent-150-preamp Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:55:02 GMT


Fredric Effects are proud to announce the Regent 150 Preamp



Fredric Effects Regent 150 Preamp (£120 RRP)

The Fredric Effects Regent 150 Preamp is an accurate recreation of an obscure East German preamp, using a charge pump to match the voltage of the original ampifier and real NOS 40 year old East German transistors.

The Regent 150 Preamp uses the preamplifier and EQ circuit from the Vermona* Regent 150K amplifier of the 1970s, a staple of Eastern bloc rehearsal studios, stages and bedrooms. When first prototyping this circuit we'd expected an interesting lo-fi curio, something punky, scrappy or perhaps thin sounding, however the result has far surpassed expectations. The treble control adds a clean sound which is glassy and precise, and the boosted bass is warm without being flubby. Overall the effect also adds a little welcome compression. Use it as an EQ, boost, or just leave it on all the time because it sounds so good.

*Vermona is a trademark of HDB electronic GmbH

Info, demos and buy-it-now buttons on the Fredric site. 


About Fredric Effects

Based in North London, Fredric Effects has grown since 2011 to become one of the UK's most highly regarded effects manufacturers. We build high quality handmade boutique pedals at realistic prices working musicians can afford. Fredric Effects pedals have found their way onto the pedal boards of many well-known and ground-breaking guitarists and bassists around the world.  
<![CDATA[Pro Sound Effects Releases Richard King's First Ever Sound Effects Library]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/pro-sound-effects-releases-richard-kings-first-ever-sound-effects-library Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:49:55 GMT


Pro Sound Effects Releases
Richard King's First Ever Sound Effects Library
Available now - King Collection: Volume 1, an exclusive sound library from the Academy Award®-winner
Brooklyn, NY (July 23, 2019): Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, today released King Collection: Volume 1 – the first exclusive sound library from their partnership and collaboration with Academy Award®-winning sound editor, Richard King (Dunkirk, Inception, The Dark Knight, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World).
Curated in direct collaboration with King, Volume 1 delivers a powerful and compact collection that will empower sound artists everywhere with the same tools used in a multiple Oscar®-winning career. From Ambiences to Low Rumbles, Vehicles, Winds and more – each high-quality recording was masterfully captured for feature film projects with a dedication to King’s sonic aesthetic of realism and emotive power.
“Sound in film can be, and should be, a three-dimensional experience where you’re feeling the world as one feels the world in life,” says Richard King. “A sound is particularly useful when it’s recorded with passion behind it. It makes a much more vivid color in the sonic painting that you’re making.”
  • 3,461 Broadcast .wav Files: 113GB delivered via download
  • 157 Categories: From everyday essentials to specialty elements
  • Rich Metadata: Optimized for fast, pinpoint search
  • Total Length: 74 hr, 2 min, 55 sec
  • Average Recording Length: 1 min 17 sec
  • Search Software: Instant workflow integration
  • Full Online Access: 24/7 from any computer
  • 100% Royalty-Free license for use in any project
  • Flexible Access: On hard drive, online, or on your server
  • 1-User Perpetual License: $495
  • Multi-User License: Starting at $670
Learn more and get a quote at prosoundeffects.com/king-collection-volume-1
Pro Sound Effects® develops word-class sound effects libraries and search software for sound artists, editors, designers, audio engineers, media companies, schools and nonprofits. Award-winning creators and companies in film and television, video games, virtual reality, and advertising rely on PSE libraries every day to fuel creativity, finish projects faster, and deliver their best sound always. Based in Brooklyn since 2004, PSE crafts comprehensive General Libraries, high-quality Specialty Libraries, and intuitiveLibrary Management Software.
<![CDATA[SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite Has Arrived]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/sound-forge-pro-13-suite-has-arrived Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:47:27 GMT


SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite has arrived!


Alongside an update for the current SOUND FORGE Pro 13, MAGIX releases the new SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite including Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6.



Berlin (Germany), 07/23/2019 – Together with a free update for SOUND FORGE Pro 13, released in April 2019, MAGIX is proud to introduce the eagerly anticipated SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite. This professional software package for recording, editing and processing high-quality audio files includes exclusive plug-ins like the brand new, award-winning Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6 and Melodyne essential 4, and sets a new standard in the pro audio sector.

For over 25 years, SOUND FORGE Pro has offered one of the leading professional software solutions for recording, audio editing and mastering. MAGIX now also offers a comprehensive update with new features and bug fixes for Version 13 of the program. A detailed overview of all new functions for the SOUND FORGE Pro 13 release of April 2019 can be found here.

The new SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite offers all the advantages of SOUND FORGE Pro 13, and also includes coreFX plug-ins for precise dynamic control, spectrum editor Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6 for professional audio editing and Melodyne essentials 4 for correcting sound recordings. In addition, users can access an oscilloscope that offers new options for visualizing waveforms.

New functions in SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite:

  • Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6
    Transform sound into a multidimensional world of audio data and work with like a visual designer using Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 6. Version 6 of the spectrum editor features redesigned architecture and is ARA2 compatible with SOUND FORGE Pro 13 and other DAWs.
  • Melodyne essential 4
    Melodyne essential, the market leader for correcting audio recordings, forms part of the editing workflow in both SOUND FORGE Pro and Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro and is seamlessly integrated thanks to ARA2.
  • coreFX plug-ins
    The new SOUND FORGE Pro Suite contains a wide range of coreFX mastering effects for precise dynamic control, delay effects for creating the perfect echos and the VolumeFormer for creating a pumping effect.
  • Oscilloscope
    The oscilloscope offers users new options for visualizing waveforms. Use the oscilloscope to measure the period of a signal, display the effects of the plug-in chain and monitor analog oscillators in realtime.
  • VST engine and ARA2 support
    The VST2/3 engine in SOUND FORGE Pro has been redeveloped further and is impressive in terms of its enhanced stability and speed when scanning and using plug-ins. In addition, the ARA2 interface extension allows for more comprehensive information exchange between SOUND FORGE Pro and its plug-ins.


Prices and availability:

  • SOUND FORGE Pro 13 – $399.00
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Suite – $599.00


Learn more at www.magix.com/us/music/sound-forge/sound-forge-pro-suite/




In May 2016, MAGIX acquired the SOUND FORGE product line, along with other video and audio products. The choice of audio professionals the world over, SOUND FORGE continues to provide the essential tools needed to record, edit, enhance, and deliver high-resolution audio with speed and accuracy.



<![CDATA[Yamaha Now Shipping New Enterprise Sound Bar And Collaboration Kit]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/yamaha-now-shipping-new-enterprise-sound-bar-and-collaboration-kit Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:45:22 GMT


Yamaha Now Shipping New Enterprise Sound Bar and Collaboration Kit

The Easy-to-Deploy UC Solutions Empower Organizations With Flawless Audio and Intelligent Video Demanded in Today's Conference Rooms



SUDBURY, Mass. — July 23, 2019 — Yamaha has announced its new ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar and Collaboration Kit are now shipping. Available in North America, the Yamaha Collaboration Kit bundles an AI wide-angle USB camera from Huddly, a leading manufacturer of award-winning, AI-powered conference cameras, with the ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar.


"Moving into the future, the key to successful collaboration will focus on two things: the clearest possible audio and flawless video that intelligently responds to those in the room," said Michael Fitch, vice president of global sales and marketing at Yamaha Unified Communications. "With our new sound bar, we've made it incredibly easy to achieve the great, uncompromised audio that every meeting hinges upon. By bundling that with a video camera brought to by experts in AI, we eliminated the complicated purchase, deployment, and operation process so organizations can achieve their unified collaboration strategy faster and more cost effectively."


The ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar provides clear, dynamic, full-range speaker output for conference rooms via two built-in subwoofers, a bass-reflex port, two dome tweeters, and two woofers. Its conference mode preset is specialized for installation in conference room spaces with enterprise-demanded functions tailored for easy administration. The compact and elegant design, automatic sound optimization, and versatile mounting options make it ideal for various enterprise needs and designs. The Yamaha ESB-1080 is available as a perfect sound solution for any enterprise room to provide or expand speaker output, or as part of the bundled solution with the Huddly IQ AI-powered conference camera.


The Yamaha Collaboration Kit's Huddly camera provides 150-degree wide-angle 1080p video, an embedded mic array, automated AI features, and the Huddly InSights analytics API. With the Genius Framing feature, the camera can automatically detect and frame participants in its field of view, eliminating the need to manually control the camera.




About Yamaha Unified Communications

Audio and video conferencing solutions from Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. streamline collaboration and boost productivity wherever people work. Yamaha's renowned and rigorous approach to development and manufacturing of enterprise-grade microphone systems, conference phones, and video sound bars ensures superior audio quality, reliability, and flexibility. With both wired and wireless options, Yamaha's unified communications (UC) products enable users to have natural, clear conversations in every meeting space.


More information can be found at uc.yamaha.com.


All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners


<![CDATA[Alesis Includes Avid's Pro Tools|First And Eleven Lite Plugin In All Its Keyboard Controllers]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/alesis-includes-avids-pro-toolsfirst-and-eleven-lite-plugin-in-all-its-keyboard-controllers Tue, 23 Jul 2019 13:40:12 GMT





Industry-standard Pro Tools music software bundle and Eleven Lite plugin gives artists unprecedented creative options with the most realistic virtual instruments/effects anywhere.



Cumberland, RI USA (July 23, 2019)—Alesis (alesis.com), the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and components for today's musicians, today announced that they are partnering with Avid to offer the world-renowned Pro Tools | First software bundle of virtual instruments and effects with their line of keyboard controllers—the V Series, the VI Series and the Vortex Wireless 2. In addition, the Eleven Lite plugin, with over 20 high-quality guitar, amp and effect models is also included. Together, they give artists and producers a nearly unlimited range of creative and versatile options with incredibly realistic virtual instruments and effects.


Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording software and the teams at Alesis and AVID have crafted a version of this terrific collection specifically tailored for Alesis hardware. This amazing audio and MIDI recording software helps inspire any artist, musician or singer-songwriter to create, record and share all their ideas across the world at any time.


Pro Tools | First Alesis Edition features Unlimited Busses, Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch, Offline Bounce and 1 GB of free cloud storage space for collaboration or accessing projects from any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet, plus compatibility with all the included AIR Music Tech Virtual Instruments.


This truly amazing software recording package is primed to get the artist’s ideas out of their imagination and into the musical world for everyone to hear.


Also included are two great virtual instruments, the Mini Grand and DB-33 Tonewheel Organ.
Mini Grand is a simple-to-use yet powerful virtual piano instrument with seven different acoustic piano sounds to suit a broad range of musical styles and production needs.
DB-33 is a virtual organ that recreates the sounds and controllability of classic tonewheel organs such as the Hammond B3, and the rotary-speaker cabinets they are often played through. It includes 122 preset sounds plus an extra-realistic convolution rotary cabinet and tube overdrive emulation.


Controllers with the Included Software:

• VMini

• V25 • V49 • V61 • VI25

• VI49
• VI61
• Vortex Wireless 2 (black and red)


Get the new software by registering an eligible MIDI controller in your Alesis account at www.alesis. com.




About Alesis

Since the 1985 unveiling of the affordable XT Reverb, Alesis (alesis.com) has led the charge to create inventive electronic products that benefit every stage or studio musician. Alesis innovation continues with electronic percussion, keyboards, monitors, recording gear, amplifiers, as well as professional products based on Bluetooth technology. Alesis is a proud member of a premier family of brands known as inMusic (inmusicbrands.com).

<![CDATA[PreSonus Includes Fat Channel Collection Plugins With StudioLive Series III S Consoles And Rack Mixers]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/presonus-includes-fat-channel-collection-plugins-with-studiolive-series-iii-s-consoles-and-rack-mixers Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:38:57 GMT


PreSonus Includes Fat Channel Collection Plug-ins with StudioLive Series III S Consoles and Rack Mixers
PreSonus Everest C100A Tube Leveling Amplifier plug-in from the Fat Channel Collection.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 2019... PreSonus® is now including its entire Fat Channel Collection Volume 1 plug-in collection free with every StudioLive® Series III S console and Series III rack mixer. When they register their StudioLive Series III S or Series III rack mixers in their My.PreSonus app or online account, customers will be able to download all 11 plug-ins in the collection, in addition to the 4 PreSonus Bundle Fat Channel plug-ins that are included with all Series III digital mixers.

Fat Channel plug-ins are virtual signal processors that load in any StudioLive Series III console or rack mixer’s Fat Channel, expanding the Fat Channel processor library much as plug-ins do in a DAW. PreSonus Fat Channel Add-ons are state-space modeled by world-class engineers with Ph.D.’s in analog signal processing to faithfully produce the sound and response of classic hardware processors. Each Add-on comes in both StudioLive Series III format and Studio One® format so you can use your new processors in both your mixer and your DAW. Fat Channel add-on models can be used on every StudioLive Series III input and bus simultaneously, thanks to the mixer’s powerful FLEX DSP engine.

Fat Channel Collection, Volume 1, includes the Classic Studio, Modern Classics, and Vintage Channel Strips bundles—a total of 11 EQs and dynamics processors. The individual bundles and the entire collection remain available for purchase from authorized PreSonus dealers or from shop.presonus.com.

For more information about the Fat Channel Collection, Volume 1, see www.presonus.com/products/Fat-Channel-Collection. For more about StudioLive Series III digital mixers, seewww.presonus.com/products/Mixing-Systems.
PreSonus The Tube P1B Compressor from the Fat Channel Collection.
PreSonus StudioLive 64S Series III digital mixer. 
About PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.
Founded in 1995, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of audio-recording and live-sound software, hardware, and related accessories. PreSonus's software, microphone preamps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, digital mixers, control surfaces, loudspeakers, and other products are used worldwide for recording, sound reinforcement, broadcast, sound design, and Internet audio.
<![CDATA[Audio-Technica Now Shipping Updated MicroSet® Microphones]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/audio-technica-now-shipping-updated-microset-microphones Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:34:37 GMT


Audio-Technica Now Shipping Updated MicroSet® Microphones
Stow, OH, July 22, 2019 Audio-Technica is now shipping the BP892x, BP893x and BP894xMicroSet® headworn microphones – updated versions of its BP892, BP893 and BP894 models. Primary improvements include detachable cables and more secure ear loops for comfort and fit. All models will be available with a variety of terminations for wired, Audio-Technica and third-party wireless systems, and in black or beige. 
Audio-Technica’s high-SPL BP892x MicroSet microphone features a subminiature omnidirectional condenser capsule that delivers extremely intelligible, natural audio with a flat, extended frequency response that is ideal for stage and television talent, lecturers and worship leaders. The ultra-lightweight and inconspicuous BP892x hooks securely behind either ear and can be worn for hours without fatigue. For maximum stability and comfort, the included AT8464x dual-ear adapter kit converts the MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit.  
The BP893x MicroSet, with its extremely unobtrusive 0.2" boom, is a high-SPL omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone that offers inconspicuous, under-the-ear placement, along with clear, natural vocal pickup. Its lightweight, low-profile design makes the microphone ideal for use by stage and television talent, lecturers, worship leaders and others.   
The innovative, high-SPL, low-profile BP894x MicroSet subminiature cardioid condenser headworn microphone hooks behind either ear for a secure, comfortable fit and delivers a flat, extended frequency response, resulting in extremely intelligible, natural audio. The microphone features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator for perfect polar pattern placement and provides excellent rejection of outside noise, with exceptional gain-before-feedback when used with live sound systems and stage monitors.  
These models are now available with U.S. pricing as follows:
BP892x $349.00-$449.00 MAP
BP893x $299.00-$399.00 MAP
BP894x $399.00-$499.00 MAP 
For more information, please visit www.audio-technica.com.
Audio-Technica’s new BP892x, BP893x and BP894x MicroSet® headworn microphones
See more here:
  • Audio-Technica Promotional Video: “Always Listening to the Music That Moves Us”
  • Audio for Video Techniques Videos
  • Recording Techniques Videos
  • Drum Miking Techniques Videos
  • Additional News Releases
Celebrating over 50 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and turntables for the audio industry.
Web: www.audio-technica.com

<![CDATA[Eventide Audio Introduces “Harmadillo” for the H9 Harmonizer® Pedal - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/eventide-audio-introduces-harmadillo-for-the-h9-harmonizer-pedal---summer-namm-2019 Fri, 19 Jul 2019 15:41:13 GMT


Eventide Audio Introduces “Harmadillo” for the H9 Harmonizer® Pedal

51st Algorithm for guitar and bass players, a mind-bending harmonic tremolo



Summer NAMM 2019 – July 18, 2019, Little Ferry, NJ - Eventide Audio is pleased to introduce the 51st algorithm for the popular H9 Harmonizer® pedal for guitar, bass, and keyboard players, called “Harmadillo”. Harmadillo is a flexible harmonic tremolo algorithm, offering everything from lush, soulful tremolos to psychedelic, mind-bending weirdness. Complete with a player-centric feature set that allows musicians to sculpt sound in powerful ways, the Harmadillo algorithm offers a wide variety of LFO shapes, drive and tone, and three controls that respond to your playing dynamics.


Harmadillo is now available as a free update for H9 Max users, and for $19.99 as in-app purchase for H9 and H9 Core users on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Android. This update also includes new presets for H9’s SpaceTime, Sculpt, PitchFuzz and HotSawz algorithms.




“Harmadillo draws inspiration from classic tube-amplifier harmonic tremolo circuits and analog harmonic tremolo pedals. We noticed that the harmonic tremolo circuit on one of our vintage tube amps has a ‘scoop’ in the midrange at the crossover.  It’s imperfect as a crossover, yet it also happens to sound great, and we’ve seen similar scoops in other harmonic tremolo circuits.  To bring these nuances to the digital world, we designed controls in Harmadillo that allow musicians to model these types of variations — and a whole lot more.  The result is an algorithm that is instantly playable and has a powerful feature set which rewards experimentation.” 

Peter McCulloch, Eventide

Harmadillo for H9 features three ENV (envelope follower) controls that use the player’s dynamics to affect the tremolo's rate, depth, and crossover frequency to create psychedelic and stimulating sounds. Musicians and producers can adjust not only the frequency of the crossover, but also the amount of overlap between the low and high bands, creating the flexibility to adjust the character of the tremolo in subtle or dramatic ways, great for auto-wah or phaser effects. Harmadillo features a drive control so players can add a little extra warmth, as well as a tone control to shape the low or high end. Harmadillo also includes a custom user interface for the desktop and tablet versions of H9 Control that provides animated feedback. 


Features of Harmadillo, the H9’s 51st Algorithm:


-Three ENVELOPE Follower controls:  

  • DEPTH– Positive values increase the depth of the tremolo at the attack of a note, negative values make sustained notes more expressive over time. Use large negative values to create tremolos that only appear when the input is soft.

  • RATE – Set the modulation rate of the tremolo or, in tap tempo mode, multiply the tapped BPM value. 

  • SHAPE – Multiple waveform shapes can be chosen to produce morphing effects as the crossover frequency changes to create subtle, smoothed, fattened, lumped, plucked, ramped, sloped or pulsed sounds with: Sine, Fat Sine, Phat Sine, Triangle, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, and PulsX.


-X-OVER – Sets crossover frequency of the low and high bands. Modulate X-OVER for sweeping filter effects similar to auto-wah and phaser.

-X-OVERLAP -  Amount of overlap between the high and low bands. Negative values produce a cut at the crossover frequency while positive values produce a boost – great for dialing in classic sounds.


-DRIVE Adds warmth to the signal by mimicking the behavior of a tube amplifier's harmonic tremolo.


-TONE Shape the output’s high or low-end. Negative values roll off high frequencies (HICUT), positive values roll off low frequencies (LOCUT).


Price and Availability: 

Harmadillo is a free update for H9 Max pedal registered users, and also available for H9 and H9 Core users as an in-app purchase for iPad, iPhone, Mac/PC and Android for just $19.99. 


Customers may also demo Harmadillo for free by downloading the latest version of the H9 Control app for iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC and Android devices.


Download the H9 Control App from the App Store: https://etide.io/H9iOS


Download the H9 Control App for Android from the Google Play Store: https://etide.io/H9Android


Download the H9 Control for Mac/PC: https://etide.io/H9Desktop


To watch the full demo video for Harmadillo on H9, please visit: https://etide.io/HarmadilloFull


For more information on Harmadillo, the 51st algorithm for the H9 please visit: https://etide.io/Harmadillo




Eventide Releases VSig 3.0 as a Public Beta - A Free Visual Editor for Creating H9000 Algorithms 


Summer NAMM 2019 – July 18, 2019, Little Ferry, NJ – Eventide is proud to announce the public beta of its visual editor app, VSig, that enables the creation of custom algorithms and presets for the Eventide H9000 Harmonizer®. This tool, the very tool that we use, is now available to sound designers as a public beta, giving them free reign to explore their sonic imagination by creating new algorithms. Not for the faint of heart but gratifying for any H9000 user with an understanding of basic digital audio techniques and a dream. 




VSig is a Visual Editor. It was the app that Eventide first built as a way to create new effects for the DSP4000, DSP7000, H8000. VSig lets the sound designer create new effects using Eventide’s library of building blocks. Users can add and connect these building blocks (EQs, delays, compressors, reverb, pitch shifters, etc.).

This public beta release is the version of VSig that Eventide is currently using in house for algorithm development for the H9, H9000, etc.. It is available now as a free download for H9000 owners. For system compatibility and support information, please visit: https://etide.io/VSig




Eventide Releases Rose® Software Update

More presets, more control, more sounds 


Summer NAMM 2019 – July 18, 2019, Little Ferry, NJ -  Eventide is proud to announce a public beta of updated Rose software. Rose is Eventide’s latest stompbox for guitarists, bassists, producers and musicians of all genres. 


New features include: more presets, enhanced MIDI control, additional tap tempo features, and new detune effects.




New features:

-Increased number of presets to 25 (5 banks of 5 presets)

-Kill Dry mode

-MIDI clock receive

-MIDI tap tempo

-New tap tempo divisions: 8th, dotted-8th, triplet

-AUX switch bypass control

-New detune effects in Envelope mode 


Price and Availability:

The beta release is available as a free update for registered Rose pedal owners. 


Rose is available from EventideAudio.com or from your favorite music retailer for just $349. For more information, please visit the Rose product page: https://etide.io/Rose





<![CDATA[Gamechanger Audio Showcases Third Man Plasma Coil, Plasma Rack And Motor Synth - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gamechanger-audio-showcases-third-man-plasma-coil-plasma-rack-and-motor-synth---summer-namm-2019 Fri, 19 Jul 2019 15:32:41 GMT


Summer NAMM 2019: Gamechanger Audio Showcases Third Man Plasma Coil, Plasma Rack and Motor Synth



Gamechanger Audio [Booth 1259] announce that they are showcasing their three newest products at the Summer NAMM 2019 show in Nashville, TN: The Plasma Coil, the Plasma Rack unit and the electro-mechanical synthesizer Motor Synth. These products demonstrate Gamechanger’s continued commitment to creating intriguing and unorthodox musical tools that utilize innovative technology to provide artists with inspiring new sounds.


Plasma Coil



Plasma Coil is a collaboration between Jack White’s Third Man Records and Gamechanger Audio.At its heart is Gamechanger’s innovative High Voltage Distortion technology that expresses audio signal as a series of electrical discharges. Even though they’ve been printing the words: "High Voltage Rock’n’Roll" on t-shirts since 1973, PLASMA Distortion is the first commercial musical device that literally amplifies audio signal to 3500 Volts.


Plasma Coil takes High Voltage distortion to new heights by adding multiple Octave-style circuits, and an additional Effects foot switch that can be toggled as latching or momentary.


Features include

  • High Voltage PLASMA Distortion circuit converts audio signal into a series of Electrical discharges at 3.5 kV.
  • 2 EQ Controls to boost or cut LOW and HIGH frequencies;
  • VOLTAGE Knob - adjusts the amount of electrical current sent to the PLASMA Tube
  • EFFECT Knob allows you to select 1 of 6 different Special EFFECT types:
  • Volume Boost
  • 2 Subharmonic modes (Bitcrush-style Octave Down)
  • 1 Upper Harmonic mode (Octafuzz-style Octave Up)
  • 2 Mixed modes (Upper and Lower harmonics combined)
  • EFFECT Foot switch - engages the PLASMa COIL’s special effect circuit.
  • Master VOLUME Knob - cuts or boosts the Output Signal level.
  • ON/OFF silent foot switch.
  • Effect Foot switch TOGGLE - configure EFFECTS Foot switch as a latching ON/OFF switch or as a Momentary switch.


The Plasma Coil in stock and available for purchase at Third Man Records online store and showrooms at a price of $350 USD.


Plasma Rack


The Plasma Rack is a progression of Gamechanger’s original Plasma Pedal, which won Best in Show at Summer NAMM 2018 for its innovative distortion circuit that transforms the player’s input signal into high-voltage plasma discharges for its signature sizzling sound. Plasma Rack brings this technology to a 1U sized rack effects unit for both live and studio applications with a larger xenon tube than the original that is able to conduct audio signals at up to 5500 volts – suitable for use with guitar and bass as well as synthesizer and drum tracks.



 Additional new features of the Plasma Rack include:

  • Input Gain control to fine-tune the Plasma Rack for any type of input signal.
  • Sustain Mode allows the user to achieve long sustained notes even at Low Voltage settings.
  • Oversaturate Mode which overpowers the Plasma tube to achieve Octave Up / Overtone effect.
  • Built-in Plasma Tremolo which creates unique Tremolo and Ring Mod effect with adjustable Depth and Dynamic response.
  • Built-in Distortion Channel that adds High-Class Op Amp dirt to the Dry Signal.
  • 3 Effects loops at different parts of the signal chain and work with line and instrument levels.
  • Connectivity of two inputs (unbalanced and balanced with PAD
  • Full MIDI control that gives the user control of all parameters and values via CC Messages and Program Change Messages with 8 Preset slots.
  • Expression input allows the user to assign expression pedal to any parameter of Plasma Rack.
  • Default Savable Boot-Up Settings to make the Rack gig-ready.


The Plasma Rack is in stock and available for purchase for $1499 USD both through the Gamechanger Audio online store and approved dealers.


Motor Synth

Gamechanger’s revolutionary electro-mechanical synthesizer Motor Synth, which recently completed crowdfunding after raising nearly $350,000 on a stated goal of $50,000, was debuted earlier this year at SuperBooth2019 and has already received the enthusiastic endorsement of artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and Richard Devine. The four-note polyphonic synthesizer uses innovative drone motor technology to generate its otherworldly synthesizer textures, producing sound by precisely accelerating and decelerating its motors to RPMs that correspond with specific musical notes, generated either by pressing the synthesizer’s keys or tracking to a monophonic signal from a guitar or bass via ¼ inch mono input.




Motor Synth includes analogue envelopes and filters alongside arpeggiation, cross modulation, LFO, sequencing, and multiple polyphonic mode facilities as well as loop station functionality, which gives the player the ability to create a near-infinite variety of new sounds and sonic textures. The synthesizer is expected to ship December of 2019 and will retail for $1299 USD.


For more information about Gamechanger Audio, please visit:https://www.gamechangeraudio.com/ 




About Gamechanger Audio

Gamechanger Audio was founded by four friends committed to exploring the uncharted territories music electronics, to create devices that provide real value while stretching the imagination of both musicians and engineers.


The company has been praised for innovation in creating its inaugural PLUS Pedal, the world’s first sustain and sostenuto pedal for all melodic instruments, based around a proprietary audio algorithm that lets users capture and sample small parts of the connected instrument’s signal in real time and loop them into a seamless, warm, and responsive sustained tone; and its PLASMA Pedal follow-up, forming the basis of a unique approach within the realm of overdrive and distortion by transforming the connected instrument’s live signal into a series of continuous high-voltage discharges within a xenon-filled tube. The latter has since been applied to a 19” Rack format and Eurorack modular format. 


The company intends to continue this path with its next product, Motor Synth, the world’s first electro-mechanical desktop synthesizer.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1259






<![CDATA[Gibson Returns Oberheim Trademark And Brand]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gibson-returns-oberheim-trademark-and-brand Fri, 19 Jul 2019 14:05:06 GMT


NASHVILLE, TN (Friday, July 19, 2019) In a gesture of good will for the music instrument industry, Gibson and its President and CEO, James “JC” Curleigh, have granted possession of the Oberheim brand and intellectual property back to its original owner and company founder, synthesizer pioneer Tom Oberheim.
Gibson has owned the Oberheim brand name for several years as it sought to expand into other categories. With the renewed focus on its core business, Gibson is rationalizing their legacy portfolio accordingly, but the Oberheim brand deserved special attention. A chance encounter at Winter NAMM turned into a quest to return the Oberheim brand name back to its original owner and founder.
“Of the many stories I have heard and decisions I have made since joining Gibson, this situation seemed simple,” says James ‘JC’ Curleigh, President and CEO of Gibson. “Let’s do the right thing by putting the Oberheim brand back in the hands of its’ namesake founder Tom Oberheim.”
The team have been working on this solution for the past few months, and recently, JC and Tom had a discussion to ‘seal the deal’.  
“After over thirty years of being without it, I am thrilled to once again be able to use the Oberheim trademark for my products,” said Tom Oberheim. “I am very grateful to the new leadership team of Gibson for making this possible.”
Tom Oberheim continues to make classic analog synthesizers that are direct decendants of the legendary machines from the ‘70s and ‘80s that first carried his name (http://www.tomoberheim.com). In the spirit of collaboration and working together to create a healthy music industry, the new team at Gibson is excited to have Tom Oberheim officially be able to use his trademark once again and wish him the best for the future.
Above: Tom Oberheim pictured with his original Oberheim DMX drum machine, introduced in 1981.
For more information on Gibson, visit:
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger andGibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 623
<![CDATA[The Return Of The Electro Harmonix Dirt Road Special - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/the-return-of-the-electro-harmonix-dirt-road-special---summer-namm-2019 Fri, 19 Jul 2019 13:10:06 GMT


The Return Of The Electro Harmonix Dirt Road Special



The much-anticipated remake of our venerable 1970s Dirt Road Special amp is here. It features modern enhancements to its electronics and mechanical design for improved durability, plus four reverbs from our Holy Grail Max reverb pedal.

The new Dirt Road Special features a 40W and a 12" speaker, as well as spring, hall, plate and reverse reverbs from the EHX Holy Grail Max pedal that can be selected with the included footswitch. 


“The Dirt Road Special has an amazing, wide open, airy sound. We all love this amp.” Mike Matthews







Dirt Road Special Webpage: http://www.ehx.com/dirtroadspecial


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1035 





<![CDATA[NUGEN Audio Announces MP3 And SoundCloud-Supporting MasterCheck Update - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/nugen-audio-announces-mp3-and-soundcloud-supporting-mastercheck-update---summer-namm-2019 Fri, 19 Jul 2019 12:42:23 GMT


NUGEN Audio announces availability of MP3- and SoundCloud-supporting MasterCheck mix optimisation plug-in update



LEEDS, UK: award-winning professional audio plug-in and software provider NUGEN Audio is proud to announce availability of MasterCheck v1.7.0.1 — updating its music streaming auditioning plug-in to include MP3 and SoundCloud support as the complete optimisation solution for today’s delivery services — as of July 19...


As a NUGEN Audio mainstay, MasterCheck optimises mixes for today’s delivery services, revealing problems ahead of time to enable its users to audition and deliver masters perfectly tuned for today’s playout systems — a plug-in providing the tools to make sure that music reaches the listener as intended, in other words. With the timely introduction of the v1.7.0.1 update, MasterCheck now includes an Opus preset for SoundCloud — the online audio distribution platform and music sharing website based in Berlin, Germany, that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio — and also adds support for MP3, a coding format for digital audio.


“A SoundCloud preset was added so that SoundCloud content creators can use MasterCheck with the same ease and convenience as people creating content for Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube, etc.” So says NUGEN Audio Solutions Specialist Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe, before adding: “It’s effectively one click, rather than having to create a custom preset.” Prior to the v1.7.0.1 update, it was effectively ‘possible’ to use MasterCheck to monitor for SoundCloud, but because its settings were different to other superficially similar platforms — notably not applying any loudness normalisation — this was a comparatively painful process!


“MP3 has fallen out of favour in recent years, but it is still something that customers have frequently asked us to include in a MasterCheck update,” Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe continues. “The majority of online radio stations still use MP3 codecs, so this new support is really useful for anyone mastering a track that might end up on Internet radio.”


v1.7.0.1 is a recommended free update for all existing owners of MasterCheck — also available to purchase (as a 32- and 64-bit-supporting AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in) for Mac (OS X 10.7 and above) and Windows (Vista and above) directly from NUGEN Audio for a time-limited introductory promo price of $149.00 USD until August 22, 2019, rising thereafter to $199.00 USD.


For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated MasterCheck webpage here: https://nugenaudio.com/mastercheck





About NUGEN Audio (www.nugenaudio.com)

NUGEN Audio provides award-winning professional audio plug-ins and software for the creative music producer and sound designer. Founded in 2004 when current Creative Director Jon Schorah and Technical Director Paul Tapper discovered a shared passion for music and innovative design, the launch of Visualizer in 2005 cemented the company’s future direction, bringing it to the attention of audio producers worldwide while quickly gaining a reputation for innovation and high-quality execution. Indeed, it has subsequently developed a product range that continues to attract attention across all major platforms and editing environments, conforming to today’s Audio Unit, RTAS, and VST standards, available for both MacOS and Windows operating systems. So, with products in everyday use within thousands of broadcast, film, mastering, and music studios, the results clearly speak for themselves.


© 2019 NUGEN Audio Ltd


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 160



<![CDATA[Gretsch Announces New Brian Setzer Signature Models - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gretsch-announces-new-brian-setzer-signature-models Fri, 19 Jul 2019 12:21:55 GMT





Scottsdale, Ariz. (July 18, 2019) – Gretsch is thrilled to be a part of Brian Setzer’s lasting legacy with new additions to the Professional Collection Hollow Body Brian Setzer lineup.


Without a doubt, Setzer is one of the most exciting and impressive musicians of our time. He created a remarkable and indelible legacy — from spearheading the rockabilly revival with the Stray Cats to jumpstarting Big Band Swing with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Throughout his decorated and storied career, he has sold over 13 million records, won three Grammy Awards and received the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award for his work as a guitarist.



Honoring this pivotal rock ‘n’ roll legend, the G6120T-BSSMK Brian Setzer Signature Nashville® Hollow Body ’59 “Smoke” with Bigsby® is a recreation of Setzer’s main stage guitar since retiring the famed ‘Stray Cat.’ A painstaking homage to one of Setzer’s most treasured guitars, Smoke delivers vintage ’59 vibe with powerhouse performance.


Period-correct details abound including the ’59 headstock shape and logo, pickguard shape, size, and bracket, volume, tone and switch locations and a beautifully rich “Smoke Orange” semi-gloss lacquer finish.


Beneath its vintage hood however, Smoke is a true workhorse with features accumulated over a prolific span of Setzer’s career. Stage-veteran specs include a single-cutaway hollow body with arched laminated maple top, 1959 trestle bracing and oversized F-holes for improved sonic projection. The maple neck has a 9.5"-12” radius ebony fingerboard and a vintage ‘V’ neck shape for comfortable chording or lightning leads. The rolled fingerboard and body edges couple with the semi-gloss finish to create an unparalleled broken-in feel found only in the prized G6120s from the 1950s.


Dual TV Jones® Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity pickups provide timeless tone with excellent bass response and shimmering Filter’Tron™ sparkle. For complete roadworthy stability, Smoke is equipped with an Adjusto-Matic™ bridge with pinned rosewood base, Bigsby® B6CGH vibrato tailpiece, Delrin® nut and Gotoh® locking tuning machines.




The G6120T-BSNSH Brian Setzer Signature Nashville® Hollow Body with Bigsby® is a truly rocking instrument that boasts as much swagger as the showman who inspired it.


The single-cutaway hollow body in stunning Black Lacquer is equipped with an arched maple top with 1959 trestle bracing and oversized F-holes for improved sonic projection. The maple neck has a 9.5"-12” compound radius ebony fingerboard with rolled edges for comfortable chording or speedy riffing across 22 medium frets and mother of pearl Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays. Dual TV Jones® Brian Setzer Signature Filter’Tron™ pickups deliver tight and punchy lows with a slightly hotter output that captures Setzer’s iconic lively tone.


Other performance-enhancing features include period-correct control locations with a three-position pickup toggle switch, three-position tone switch, master volume control with treble bleed circuit and individual bridge and neck pickup volume controls, Adjusto-Matic™ bridge with pinned rosewood base, Bigsby® B6C vibrato tailpiece, Delrin® nut and Gotoh® locking tuning machines.


The G6120T-BSNSH duly impresses with period-correct gold pickguard shape, size and bracket, white body and neck binding, nickel hardware and rocking, seven-come-eleven dice knobs.




Dressed to the nines in either a Candy Blue Burst, Candy Magenta, Extreme Coolant Green Sparkle or Lime Gold finish with nickel hardware, the single-cutaway G6120T-HR Brian Setzer Signature Hot Rod Hollow Body with Bigsby® has an arched maple top with ’59 trestle bracing and oversized F-holes for improved sonic snap and projection. The maple neck features a 9.5”-12” compound radius rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges for comfortable chording or speedy riffing across 22 medium frets and pearloid Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays.


Dual TV Jones® Brian Setzer Signature Filter’Tron™ humbucking pickups replicate Brian’s tight and punchy lows with a slightly hotter output that captures his unmistakably lively tone.


His bare-bones Hot Rod controls include only a three-position pickup toggle switch and master volume control with treble bleed circuit. The pinned Adjusto-Matic™ bridge with rosewood base, Bigsby® B6C vibrato tailpiece, Delrin® nut and Gotoh® locking tuners ensure bullet-proof performance night after night.


For more information about the new Brian Setzer models, please visit gretschguitars.com




ABOUT BRIAN SETZERIconic guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and 3-time Grammy-award-winnerBRIAN SETZER is a "Musician's Musician" credited with continually taking chances with innovative and daring musical styles.  Setzer is widely credited for taking two forgotten genres, rockabilly and swing, adding his own blend of gunpowder and rockin’ style, and completely reinventing and single-handedly resurrecting them in the process.  Along the way, he has scored chart-topping hits, sold 13 million records and received the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award throughout his decorated career as founder/leader of the Stray Cats, his 19-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra, and as a solo artist. He is consistently cited as one of the world’s greatest living guitarists, and has a best-selling, extensive line of elite Gretsch signature model guitars bearing his name. BRIAN appeared in the 1987 film, La Bamba,portraying rockabilly pioneer Eddie Cochran. In 2002, BRIAN earned the privilege of being one of the few musicians to be animated in an episode of “The Simpsons.” That same year, SETZER was personally requested to induct Chet Atkins into the 17th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  SETZER had the honor of being invited in 2006 to perform at the White House for the President of the United States. In 2014, SETZER received the distinct honor of being asked by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. to donate a replica of his original 1959 Gretsch 6120 “Stray Cat” guitar, joining an elite collection of iconic treasures at the museum.


ABOUT GRETSCH®: With roots in the past while maintaining an eye to the future—from the cavernous clubs of Liverpool to the main stages of festivals around the world, Gretsch has been the voice of inspiration, personal expression and musical invention. It’s no accident that the sound of a Gretsch has been heard loud and proud on some of the most pivotal recordings ever created. The instrument of choice for musical revolutionaries due to their rich, full sound, smooth playability and boldly classic visual style, Gretsch and rock ‘n’ roll have been—and always will be—inseparable partners.


ABOUT FENDER® MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION: Since 1946, Fender® has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends.



Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1020


<![CDATA[D’Angelico Guitars Releases Signature Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Atlantic Solidbody Guitar]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/dangelico-guitars-releases-signature-brandon-taz-niederauer-atlantic-solidbody-guitar Fri, 19 Jul 2019 12:10:24 GMT


D’Angelico Guitars Releases Signature Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Atlantic Solid-body Guitar


NEW YORK—July 19th, 2019—Earlier this year at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, D’Angelico Guitars debuted the new Brandon Niederauer Atlantic—a signature model version of the standout Atlantic single-cutaway solid-body—co-designed with rising rock guitarist Brandon Niederauer.  


Available in both the Premier and Deluxe Series, the Brandon Niederauer Atlantic signature model boasts high output in both sound and aesthetic. Imbued with the energy of one of music's most electrifying young players, the Niederauer Atlantic comes in a custom sonic blue finish paired with satin chrome hardware for an irresistible aesthetic. The Deluxe Series offering comes strapped with a Seymour Duncan custom DA-59 in the neck and an Antiquity humbucker in the bridge for searing vintage tone, while its Premier Series counterpart sports Duncan Designed humbuckers. Both boast c-shape neck profiles and sleek body design, guaranteeing performance comfort for players at every level. Both models are now available at select dealers. 


Watch Brandon’s full interview and demo here.


Premier Brandon Niederauer Atlantic — $999 MAP

Deluxe Brandon Niederauer Atlantic — $1849 MAP



Founded in 1932 by master-luthier John D’Angelico, D’Angelico Guitars is a New York City-based guitar brand built on the history of one of the most revered luthiers of all time. Revered for making some of the finest guitars in the world, D’Angelico is in the midst of a modern resurgence. New designs broaden its line every year and the community of artists bringing the guitars to the world's biggest stages continues to grow. Committed to maintaining the legacy of its original founder, D’Angelico intends to honor its roots while building ambitiously toward the future.



Sixteen-year-old Brandon Niederauer, nicknamed “Taz” for his ferocious guitar playing, is living proof that dreams really do come true. Having performed in some of the most legendary venues in America with many of the most prominent musicians of our time, the young guitarist, singer, and songwriter has already earned himself quite the reputation.


It all started at eight years old, when Brandon watched the movie School of Rock. Already inspired by his father’s record collection, Brandon instantly realized he was destined to play guitar. From that moment on, his guitar rarely left his hands. Just four years later, Brandon was cast in the principal role of guitarist “Zack Mooneyham” in the Tony Award-nominated Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway production, School of Rock the Musical.


Based in New York City, Brandon has had the opportunity to play with many of his musical idols. In recent years, he’s shared the stage with multiple members of the Allman Brothers Band, including Gregg Allman, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, Butch Trucks, and Oteil Burbridge, as well as a variety of other notable musicians, including Buddy Guy, Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Slash, Jon Batiste, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Gales, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Dr. John, Gary Clark Jr., Col. Bruce Hampton, Eric Krasno, George Porter Jr., Robert Randolph, Karl Denson, Doug Wimbish, and John Popper. He has also performed with Tedeschi Trucks Band, The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey&#39;s McGee, The Revivalists, Dumpstaphunk, Blackberry Smoke, Galactic, and countless other bands.


Since making his national television debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at just ten years old, Brandon has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Good Morning America, and The View. In 2018, Brandon reunited with Andrew Lloyd Webber, performing in January with Sarah Brightman at The Phantom of the Opera’s 30th Anniversary celebration, and in April alongside Sara Bareilles, Alice Cooper, and John Legend in NBC’s live broadcast production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Brandon is currently featured in Spike Lee’s Netflix series, She’s Gotta Have It, and performs concerts for audiences across the country and around the world.


<![CDATA[Casio Unveils Revamped Casiotone Series At Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/casio-unveils-revamped-casiotone-series-at-summer-namm-2019 Fri, 19 Jul 2019 11:48:11 GMT



New Models Feature Modern Design and Enhanced Features!


NASHVILLE, TN, July 18, 2019 – In 1980, Casio released the Casiotone (CT-201) electronic keyboard, designed to provide consumers of all ages with a simple and fun way to learn and play music without any special training or rigorous practice. Today, almost 40 years later, Casio is proud to unveil its revamped Casiotone series – including the CT-S200, CT-S300 and LK-S250 – at the 2019 Summer NAMM Show. Casio’s new Casiotone keyboards, as well as its extensive lineup of electronic musical instruments including the PRIVIA PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 digital pianos, are on display in the Company’s booth (#431) during Summer NAMM at Music City Center, from July 19-20, 2019.


“We are excited to introduce the newest evolution of the Casiotone series to a new generation of music lovers,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument Division. “After almost four decades of successfully delivering musical products made with cutting-edge technology and musical artistry that create authentic piano sound quality, we couldn’t be happier to continue to bring music into the lives of enthusiasts of all ages.”



Revamped to hit a high note with music lovers of all ages, the new Casiotone series of keyboards consists of three models including the CT-S200 (black, red and white), CT-S300 (midnight blue) and LK-S250 (black). Weighing in at just six pounds, the new models offer a refreshed design including a slim chassis and 61 keys, ideal for playing at home or on the go. Each keyboard is jam-packed with 400 tones, 77 rhythms, 50 patterns for Dance Music Mode, USB Midi, a rechargeable battery, adaptor and more! Additionally, all three models are compatible with the Chordana Play app, while the LK-S250 also boasts Casio’s Step-Up lesson system. The Casiotone CT-S200 (MSRP: $109), CT-S300 (MSRP: $139), and LK-S250 (MSRP: $159) will be available at select music dealers nationwide later this year.









In addition to the new Casiotone line, Casio’s latest Privia models - the PX-S1000/S3000 – are also on display during Summer NAMM. The Privia models deliver innovations that make playing piano more enjoyable than ever. While their slim profile makes them the slimmest digital pianos in the world*1, these pianos earn the Privia moniker by providing authentic grand piano sound and feel. The newly developed Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard is what makes the slim 232mm depth possible. Going beyond the accepted standards for hammer-action keyboards, the new design reproduces the individual response characteristics of each of the 88 keys on a grand piano. In addition to the size advantage, the PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 weigh in at roughly 25 pounds, allowing performers to transport them to gigs with ease. Casio's new proprietary Sound Source delivers authentic grand piano sound, including multiple types of resonance and mechanical sounds. A free app allows complete control via an Android or iOS device, and also offers PDF score viewing. Other features include 192-note polyphony, integrated Bluetooth audio, optional 6xAA battery power, MIDI recorder, and more. The Privia PX-S1000 (MSRP: $899.99) and PX-S3000 (MSRP: $1199.99) are available now at select music dealers nationwide.



Privia PX-S1000


Privia PX-S3000



To learn more about Casio’s full portfolio of electronic musical instruments, please visit www.CasioMusicGear.com


*1 Among digital pianos with 88 hammer-action keys and built-in speaker, Casio survey as of January 24, 2019.




About Casio America, Inc.

Casio America, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions. Established in 1957, Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, digital cameras, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio has strived to fulfill its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. For more information, visit www.casiousa.com.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 431



<![CDATA[Gibson Announces New Collaborations]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gibson-announces-new-collaborations Thu, 18 Jul 2019 20:23:21 GMT


Gibson Announces New Collaborations
NASHVILLE, TN (Wednesday, July 17, 2019) Gibson is pleased to announce newcreative collaboration agreements with key boutique guitar makers and music inspired partners.
Gibson announced today that it has entered into multi-year collaboration agreementswith Jimmy Wallace Guitars, Banker Custom Guitars and Echopark Guitars. Under these collaboration agreements, Gibson will give these key boutique builders and luthiers a license to use Gibson trademarks, including the Les Paul Body Shape Design® (U.S. Reg. No. 1782606), Explorer Body Shape Design® Trademark (U.S. Reg. No. 2053805), ES-335 Body Shape Design® Trademark (U.S. Reg. No. 2007277),Firebird Body Shape Design® (U.S. Reg. No. 4107670), Flying V Body Shape Design® Trademark (U.S. Reg. No. 2051790), Flying V Headstock® (U.S. Reg. No. 3976202), Headstock Design® (U.S. Reg. No. 1567052), FLYING V® (U.S. Reg. No. 1216644), FIREBIRD® (U.S. Reg. No. 5628009), EXPLORER® (U.S. Reg. No. 2641548),Firebird Headstock TM (collectively “Trademarks”).
Gibson has also committed to help showcase, promote and amplify Jimmy Wallace,Banker Custom and Echopark Guitars’ pursuit for craftmanship through Gibsonchannels and events. “We are excited about these collaborations; Orville Gibson started as a boutique builder in 1894 in his workshop in Kalamazoo, MI, and these new collaborations are a way to pay tribute to Orville’s legacy in support of boutique builders and luthiers,” said Cesar Gueikian, Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson Brands.
Jimmy Wallace Guitars was conceived by Jimmy Wallace in 1978 bringing over 40 years of experience in his “life pursuit of tone,” paying tribute to American craftsmanship and design. In addition to his personal musical career, Jimmy Wallacehas been an ambassador for musicians for decades. He started the Dallas International Guitar Show in 1978 and has since become a respected voice within the dealer and collector community. Wallace has been instrumental in music education and promotion of young artists, including the “Young Guns of Guitar 10 Under 20” competition, which has been supported by Gibson and is a melting pot for many young artists to reach the main stage. “I’m thrilled to reunite with Gibson through this exciting collaboration,” said Jimmy Wallace. “The opportunity granted to me by the new Gibson team brings authenticity back to Jimmy Wallace Guitars in a way I would have never imagined. I’m looking forward to the future with Gibson.”
Banker Custom Guitars, started by Matthew Hughes, was born out of his love for vintage guitars and old school American Craftsmanship. When it comes to guitars,Matthew thinks there is an element of magic, passion, and artistry that goes into creating a guitar. Everything Matthew creates is done using the methods employed during the advent of the electric guitar, by hand. He is obsessed with tone and classic designs. “Banker Guitars was conceived from a passion for the rugged, innovative spirit of the guitar craftsmen whose pioneering handwork inspired the advent of Rock and Roll,” saidMatthew Hughes. “Gibson’s influence on the inception of electric guitar is deeply embedded in American history,” adds Hughes. “We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to partner with them and utilize their iconic electric guitar designs to further the legacy of quality, playability and artistry that has inspired the greatest music of generations past, present, and future.”
Echopark Guitars was conceived in 2008 when Gabriel Currie started to make his individual mark in the guitar building community by hand-crafting instruments for various players. Currie uses his hands, eyes and ears to select and build every part of every instrument. He prides himself on his knowledge of tones and the history of the finest guitars ever built. Each and every instrument that is created by Gabriel Currie and his team is the product of a deeply bred lineage of American craftsmanship. They are instruments built with love, pieces of art that have been coddled and cared for from their inception; he makes practical, dynamic tools that are second-to-none for making music. It’s not a coincidence that Echopark Guitars is based in Detroit, Michigan, just hours away from Gibson’s birthplace in Kalamazoo. “Everything that is perfect about the instrument had already been developed by Gibson long before any of us got here!” saysGabriel Currie. “My goal is to help preserve this legacy and take part in building inspiring instruments,” adds Currie.
Gibson has also announced that they have entered into multi-year collaborationagreements with Thalia Brands and Aviator Nation. Thalia Brands was conceived byChris Bradley and his daughter Thalia in 2010 when 8-year old Thalia was playing guitar and envisioned a beautiful capo, one that would perfectly match the Hawaiian Koa & Abalone inlaid guitar she loved. Today, Thalia designs and manufactures a full range of guitar accessories and lifestyle products in their California studio. They are known for high quality, customer service and amazing custom inlay work. “Thalia and I have been longtime fans of Gibson,” says Chris Bradley, Founder and CEO of Thalia Brands, Inc. “My favorite guitar is my 1938-Reissue Gibson SJ-200 and Thalia’s is her Epiphone Hummingbird. The opportunity to collaborate with Gibson to create co-branded capos, phone cases and other high-quality accessories is a dream come true for us,” adds Chris Bradley. “We have ambitious plans for the future as we extend our reach into other guitar accessory categories and this collaboration with Gibson will enable us to make even better products that Gibson Guitar fans will surely love”.
Aviator Nation is a 1970’s inspired California lifestyle brand. It was born in Paige Mycoskie’s garage in Venice Beach, 2006, and has since grown into a global lifestyle brand. Paige’s passion for 1970’s fashion and the music that defined that time period inspired her to create her own clothing stitched by hand. While working at a surf shop in Southern California, she purchased a sewing machine and spent nights after work teaching herself to sew, determined to create garments with the same look and feel of the vintage pieces she had been collecting for years. Paige believes in the universal power of music to unite people for positive change. Her garments are all handmade in California, in the Aviator Nation factory where each item is distressed to a degree of perfect imperfection, creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Keeping the garments Made in America is a core value of Aviator Nation which will be available late 2019.
Over the last few months, Gibson has also entered into over 40 fee-free IP licenses in support of TV and movie productions, some of which are expected to become global feature film releases. “We are honored by the demand for use of our IP by renowned producers and directors around the world and we look forward to more collaborations with the creative industry,” said Cesar Gueikian.
For more information on Gibson, visit:
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger andGibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook andInstagram.
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Avid Expands Audio Control Surface Portfolio to Better Address Needs of Smaller Facilities and Project Studios


New Avid S1 and Avid S4 control surfaces provide the industry’s most compact and affordable solutions for fully integrated immersive mixing



Avid Connect Live, NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 18, 2019 – At Avid Connect Live Nashville at Summer NAMM 2019, Avid®(Nasdaq: AVID) unveiled two new audio control surfaces—the Avid S4 and Avid S1— for professionals at smaller facilities and project studios. These products provide the industry’s most integrated, powerful yet affordable solutions and will be available in late 2019.


Avid S4 brings the power and workflows of Avid’s industry-leading Pro Tools | S6 control surface to budget-conscious audio professionals and small- to mid-size music and audio post facilities in an ergonomic and more compact package. The Avid S1 delivers the unparalleled speed, rich visual feedback, and software integration of Avid’s high-end consoles in a portable, slimline surface that’s an easy fit for any space or budget.


“The Avid S4 and S1 control surfaces open up a world of capabilities never before possible for music mixers, smaller studios and educational facilities, answering our customers’ calls for the power, workflows and key functions of Pro Tools | S6 in more streamlined and affordable in-studio solutions,” said Rob D’Amico, Director, Audio and Video Segment at Avid. “Avid control surface, software, audio I/O, and monitoring capabilities combine to create a professional system with control and flexibility at the user’s fingertips.”


World-class mixing for smaller studios with Avid S4

Designed for small- to mid-sized music studios and audio post facilities, Avid S4 delivers industry-standard S6 workflows to any editor or mixer. It acts and feels like a physical extension of software, providing an exceptionally integrated experience with any EUCON-enabled DAW, such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, Cubase, and other audio software. S4 also enables engineers to quickly assign and control talkback, listenback, and speaker sources and levels right from the surface to handle everything from simple cue mixes for music recording to monitoring immersive audio projects.


S4 provides extensive visual feedback, with the ability to display everything from channel meters, groups, EQ curves, and automation data, to scrolling high-res Pro Tools waveforms, which can be edited right from the surface. The easy-to-configure, semi-modular surface gives users the flexibility to build the ideal system for a specific workflow, from 8 to 24 faders, with the ability to add displays, joystick, post, and knob modules. When paired with Pro Tools | Ultimate, S4 brings the most efficient hands-on Dolby Atmos mixing in the industry to any room.


Mix big in any space with Avid S1

Avid S1 gives audio professionals the hands-on speed, precision, and software integration needed to deliver better sounding mixes faster. From recording and editing tracks, to mixing and monitoring in stereo or surround, S1 provides the comprehensive control and visual feedback to accelerate any music workflow. Like the S6 and S4, the new S1 is powered by EUCON to offer deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for third-party applications such as Logic Pro, Cubase, Premiere Pro, and more.


With S1, users can easily scale the surface as their needs grow. Audio professionals can connect up to four units together—and even add Pro Tools | Dock—to create a single extended and integrated surface. From responsive motorized faders and knobs to fast-access touchscreen workflows and Soft Keys for completing complex tasks with a single touch, S1 provides the speed and versatility to accelerate any music, audio post, or video project.


Join the Celebration of the Global Music Community

Avid’s Connect Live Nashville event celebrates the music community that creates, produces, performs, and distributes its music with Avid creative tools and solutions. It includes free training classes for attendees, with topics covering studio session recording techniques, live recording technology for gigs, recording your own demo, and going from sketch to song. Breakout panel discussions will cover Dolby Atmos, music creation, audio engineering, audio mixing, and music production.


The music community globally is invited to join in these events through a live stream on Avid Link, where viewers can participate in Lounges and meet like-minded artists. Avid Link can be downloaded for free. The live stream also will be available at avid.comand on Avid’s social media handles at www.youtube.com/avid, www.facebook.com/avid, www.facebook.com/avidprotools,www.twitter.com/avid, and www.twitter.com/avidprotools.




About Avid

Avid delivers the most open and efficient media platform, connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution, and consumption. Avid’s preeminent customer community uses Avid’s comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and monetize the most watched, loved and listened to media in the world—from prestigious and award-winning feature films to popular television shows, news programs and televised sporting events, and celebrated music recordings and live concerts. With the most flexible deployment and pricing options, Avid’s industry-leading solutions include Media Composer®, Pro Tools®, Avid NEXIS®, MediaCentral®, iNEWS®, AirSpeed®, Sibelius®, Avid VENUE™, FastServe®, and Maestro™. For more information about Avid solutions and services, visit www.avid.com, connect with Avid on FacebookInstagram, TwitterYouTubeLinkedIn, or subscribe to Avid Blogs.



<![CDATA[Avid Brings Music Distribution To A Quarter Million Avid Link App Users With AvidPlay - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/avid-brings-music-distribution-to-a-quarter-million-avid-link-app-users-with-avidplay---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 20:06:16 GMT

Avid Brings Music Distribution to a Quarter Million Avid Link App Users


AvidPlay empowers artists to distribute their music to the world’s most popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, NetEase, Gaana and many more


Avid Connect Live, NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 18, 2019 – At Avid Connect Live Nashville at Summer NAMM 2019, Avid®(Nasdaq: AVID) introduced AvidPlay, a new music distribution service for its Avid Link app that enables artists, producers and music labels to easily and affordably get their music heard on the world’s most popular streaming services.


With AvidPlay, artists can distribute their music tracks and albums to hundreds of streaming services worldwide, including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, NetEase, Gaana, Anghami, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and many more, and keep 100 percent of the rights and earnings. Music creators simply purchase their music distribution plan on the Avid Link Marketplace, and then intuitively upload their completed tracks and artwork. Artists can then use the AvidPlay dashboard to easily manage the tracks and albums being streamed, and see how much money they’ve earned from each song—all from within Avid creative tools or from the free Avid Link app for mobile devices.


“Providing a way for creators to get their works heard and viewed by the right people is critical to the success of music, audio and video producers around the world,” said Rob D’Amico, Director, Audio and Video Segment at Avid. “Avid Link provides artists the ability to promote their works and gain exposure within community Lounges, along with building up their personal networks by connecting with other content creators. With Avid Link available to everyone—not just Avid customers—music creators now have the ability to easily expand their creative possibilities, distribute their music and, most importantly, get paid for the content they produce.”


Avid Link 2019.7 is available now as a free app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, and is accessible from within Pro Tools®,Media Composer®, and Sibelius®. AvidPlay subscriptions start at just $4.99/year and are available for purchase through the Avid Marketplace within Avid Link.


The Avid Link app, which debuted in January and has more than 260,000 users, enables community members to expand their creative possibilities by connecting with other artists, producers, mixers, composers, editors, videographers, and moviemakers, letting them grow their network and gain valuable exposure. With access to top artists, award-winning music professionals, and resources users can share their work, get feedback and advice, and collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the world—no matter which creative tools they use.


Join the Celebration of the Global Music Community

Avid’s Connect Live Nashville event celebrates the music community that creates, produces, performs, and distributes its music with Avid creative tools and solutions. It includes free training classes for attendees, with topics covering studio session recording techniques, live recording technology for gigs, recording your own demo, and going from sketch to song. Breakout panel discussions will cover Dolby Atmos, music creation, audio engineering, audio mixing, and music production.


The music community globally is invited to join in these events through a live stream on Avid Link, where viewers can participate in Lounges and meet like-minded artists. Avid Link can be downloaded for free. The live stream also will be available at avid.comand on Avid’s social media handles at www.youtube.com/avid, www.facebook.com/avid, www.facebook.com/avidprotools,www.twitter.com/avid, and www.twitter.com/avidprotools.


About Avid

Avid delivers the most open and efficient media platform, connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution, and consumption. Avid’s preeminent customer community uses Avid’s comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and monetize the most watched, loved and listened to media in the world—from prestigious and award-winning feature films to popular television shows, news programs and televised sporting events, and celebrated music recordings and live concerts. With the most flexible deployment and pricing options, Avid’s industry-leading solutions include Media Composer®, Pro Tools®, Avid NEXIS®, MediaCentral®, iNEWS®, AirSpeed®, Sibelius®, Avid VENUE™, FastServe®, and Maestro™. For more information about Avid solutions and services, visit www.avid.com, connect with Avid on FacebookInstagram, TwitterYouTubeLinkedIn, or subscribe to Avid Blogs.


© 2019 Avid Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. Avid, the Avid logo, Avid Link, AvidPlay, Avid NEXIS, FastServe, AirSpeed, iNews, Maestro, MediaCentral, Media Composer, Pro Tools, Avid VENUE, and Sibelius are trademarks or registered trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Product features, specifications, system requirements and availability are subject to change without notice.



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TEC Nominees Announced – Industry Celebrates Creative Luminaries in Each Category 
NASHVILLE – July 18, 2019 – Earlier today at Summer NAMM, the 35th Annual TEC Awards celebrated the pro audio and sound production nominees across the 23 Technical Achievement and eight Creative Achievement categories. A special product showcase from several nominated brands including Yamaha, Avid, BOSS, iZotope, Line 6, Rupert Neve Designs, PreSonus, Steinberg, and Eventide, served as a gathering point for the leaders in pro audio to acknowledge and celebrate the many innovative nominees.  
"There was a deep pool of TEC Awards nominee submissions this year, indicating growth in many of the categories TEC recognizes," shared Eric Greer, TEC Entries & Nominations Supervisor. "As the industry has grown and evolved, the TEC Awards has adapted by adding and modifying categories, and it's good to see that those introduced over the last decade post a strong number of entries. These innovations showcase the future trends found across sound production—from the evolution of signal processing hardware to the rise of products for both sound professionals and audio enthusiasts—truly fueling this new generation of recording."
The products and technologies represent those chosen by masters of their profession as best-in-class—and in demand. Retailers have taken note too, looking to the TEC Awards to make those important purchasing decisions.
Presented annually by The NAMM Foundation as a part of The NAMM Show, the TEC Awards recognize the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games and multi-media. In total, 23 Technical Achievement and eight Creative Achievement categories were evaluated by a group of industry experts from all facets of the pro audio and sound production industries. Final nominees are those products and projects that, in the opinion of the nominating panel, represent superior accomplishment in their respective fields. 
Final voting begins this November and winners will be announced at TEC Awards at The NAMM Show, on Saturday, January 18, 2020 in Anaheim, California.
Congratulations to the 35th TEC Award nominees: 
Amplification Hardware - Studio & Sound Reinforcement  
Auratone A2-30
Lab.gruppen FAD2402
Linea Research 48M20
Powersoft T-Series
QSC MP-A Series
XTA Electronics DPA Series
Audio Apps & Hardware/Peripherals for Smartphones/Tablets      
Apogee HypeMiC
Avid Link
Genelec Aural ID
Shure MV88+ Video Kit
Steinberg Cubasis
Audio Education Technology            
Drumeo App
iZotope Pro Audio Essentials
Mix With the Masters 2019 Edition
Sennheiser Pro Talk Series - Season 2
SoundGym The Gym for Your Ears
Universal Audio Apollo Artist Sessions Volume XIII
Computer Audio Hardware    
Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II
Flock Audio The PATCH System
Merging Technologies Anubis
PreSonus Studio c-Series
RME M-32 Pro
Universal Audio Apollo x16
DJ Production Technology - Hardware / Software   
Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP - Turntable
Audionamix XTRAX Stems 2
Denon DJ SC5000 Prime
KORG minilogue xd
Numark Scratch
Roland Serato TR-SYNC
Headphone / Earpiece Technology   
64 Audio N8
ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5
Clear Tune Monitors Da Vinci X
InEarz Audio Zen Universal IEM With ADEL Technology
Neumann NDH 20
Sennheiser IE PRO Series
Large Format Console Technology  
Allen & Heath dLive Mixing System Firmware V1.8
API 2448 Console
Avid VENUE S6L-24C Control Surface
DiGiCo SD Series KLANG Integration
Solid State Logic L550
Yamaha Rivage V3.0
Microphone Preamplifiers     
API 312 50th Anniversary
Black Lion Audio B173Quad
Metric Halo ULN-8/3d
Royer Labs dBooster In-Line Preamplifier
Rupert Neve Designs 5211 Dual Mic Pre
Useful Arts Audio SFP-30
Microphones - Recording      
Chandler Limited TG Microphone
sE Electronics sE2300
TELEFUNKEN Alchemy Microphone Series
Townsend Labs Sphere L22 v1.3
Vanguard Audio Labs V1S+LOLLI
Microphones - Sound Reinforcement           
Aston Microphones Stealth
Audio-Technica ATM350GL - Mic With Guitar Mount
DPA d:fine 6066 Headset Mic
Earthworks SR314
Electro-Voice RE520
Shure TwinPlex
Musical Instrument Amplification and Effects         
Blackstar HT20R MkII
BOSS Nextone Guitar Amps
Eventide Rose
Line 6 HX Stomp
Strymon Engineering Volante
Musical Instrument Hardware           
Akai Professional Force
Erica Synths Sample Drum
Moog Music Matriarch
Moog Music Moog One
Nord Grand
PreSonus ATOM: Pad Controller
Musical Instrument Software
Bitwig Studio 3: The Grid
EastWest Sounds Hollywood Pop Brass
PreSonus Notion 6.5
Softube Monoment Bass
SoundMagic Neo Piano
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5
Waves Inspire Virtual Instruments Collection
Production Essentials           
Cable Wrangler
Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus Master Engineer Series eChair
Drawmer CMC7 Surround Monitor Controller
Fredenstein meterHUB
Triad-Orbit Starbird SB-1 Large Format Stand
Sound Credit Publisher/Tracker
Signal Processing Hardware
Bettermaker Mastering Compressor
Gyraf Audio G23-S Ambler Tilt Equalizer
Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer
Solid State Logic Fusion
Thermionic Culture The Kite - Stereo EQ with Attitude
Whitestone Audio P331 Tube Loading Amplifier
Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules)
API 550A 50th Anniversary Edition
Black Lion Audio PBR8
Phoenix Audio Gyrator EQ/500
Pulse Techniques Pultec EQP-500X Equalizer
WesAudio _dione
WesAudio _prometheus
Signal Processing Software (Dynamics / EQ /Utilities)        
Apogee FX Native Plugins
FabFilter Pro-Q 3
iZotope Neutron 3
iZotope RX 7
Kazrog True Iron 7
Sonarworks Reference 4.3
Signal Processing Software (Effects)           
Acon Digital Verberate 2
Eventide SP2016 Reverb
iZotope Nectar 3
Leapwing Audio StageOne
Universal Audio Capitol Chambers
Valhalla DSP ValhallaDelay
Small Format Console Technology  
Allen & Heath SQ Digital Mixer Series V1.3
PreSonus StudioLive 64S
Solid State Logic SiX
Tree Audio Roots 500 Console
Yamaha TF Console V4.0
Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers           
Clair Brothers C10
d&b audiotechnik KSL Line Array
JBL Professional VTX A8 Line Array
L-Acoustics ARCS A Series
Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40
PreSonus CDL12
Studio Monitors         
ATC Loudspeaker Technology SCM12i Pro
Augspurger Monitors Treo 1015-V
Focal Trio11 Be
Genelec S360A SAM
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM
Neumann KH 750 DSP
Wireless Technology
Audio-Technica 5000 Series (Third Generation)
Electro-Voice RE3 UHF Wireless
Lectrosonics D Squared System
Line 6 Relay G10S
Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital
Shure Axient Digital ADX Transmitter
Workstation Technology / Recording Devices          
Avid Pro Tools 2019
Magix ACID Pro Next
Merging Technologies Pyramix 12.0
MOTU Digital Performer 10
PreSonus Studio One 4.5 Professional
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10
Film Sound Production          
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
“A Star Is Born”
“Avengers: Endgame”
“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"
Interactive Entertainment Sound Production           
Apex Legends
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Battlefield V
Call of Duty - Black Ops 4
Marvel Spider-Man
Tom Clancy's The Division 2
Record Production/Album     
A Star Is Born (Soundtrack), Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
Begin Again, Norah Jones
Egypt Station, Paul McCartney
Electric Lady Sessions, LCD Soundsystem
It's About Time, Chic
Record Production/Single or Track  
Always Remember Us This Way, Lady Gaga
Bad Guy, Billie Eilish
Back in Brazil, Paul McCartney
Be Nice, Black Eyed Peas feat Snoop Dogg
Talk, Khalid
Remote Production / Recording or Broadcast         
34th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
2018 CMT Music Awards
61st Annual Grammy Awards
Sir Paul McCartney Live at ACL 2018
Television Sound Production            
“Better Call Saul”
“Black Mirror”
“Game of Thrones”
“The Orville - Identity,” Part 2
“Saturday Night Live”
Tour/Event Sound Production          
An Evening With Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac
Farewell Yellow Brick Road, Elton John
Freshen Up, Paul McCartney
Pink World Tour, Pink
This Is America Tour, Childish Gambino
Studio Design Project 
Battery Lane Music, Steven Durr Designs, LLC
Old Mill Road Recording, Francis Manzella Design Ltd.
One Union Recording Studios, Yanchar Design & Consulting Group/Carl J. Yanchar
Noise Match Studios, Horacio Malvicino - Malvicino Design Group
Stitcher Studios, Walters-Storyk Design Group
Zhejiang Conservatory Of Music (ZJCM), Walters-Storyk Design Group
The TEC Awards will also honor two individuals for their contributions to music and recording. Soon to be announced, an honoree who embodies the creative, innovative and enterprising spirit of Les Paul will be honored with the Les Paul Innovation Award. Past Les Paul recipients include Peter Frampton, Jackson Browne, Joe Perry (Aerosmith, Hollywood Vampires), Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Don Was (Was, Not Was), Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Pete Townsend, Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren and others. The NAMM TEC Hall of Fame, which was created 35 years ago to honor the industry’s most pioneering producers and audio recording professionals, will again induct an industry luminary to its list of honorees. Past recipients include Leslie Ann Jones, Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Miles Davis), Skunk Baxter (Steely Dan, Elton John), Ed Cherney (Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan) and others. 

Presented annually by The NAMM Foundation during The NAMM Show, The NAMM TEC Awards recognizes the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live performances, films, television, video games and other media in 23 Technical and eight Creative Achievement Categories. The Les Paul Award is given at the event in tribute to musical artists and others whose work has exemplified the creative application of audio technology. Through its Hall of Fame, The TEC Awards also honors the pioneers of audio technology and the music industry’s most accomplished producers and audio technicians. The NAMM Foundation’s TECnology Hall of Fame celebrates innovations and groundbreaking technical achievements of the past. For more information, visit tecawards.org.

About The NAMM Foundation
The NAMM Foundation is a non-profit supported in part by the National Association of Music Merchants and its 10,400 members around the world. The NAMM Foundation works to advance active participation in music maapking across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs. For more information about The NAMM Foundation, please visit http://www.nammfoundation.org.

<![CDATA[Charvel Announces New Pro-Mod DK24 PT HH CM Models And A Pair Of Limited Edition Offerings - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/charvel-announces-new-pro-mod-dk24-pt-hh-cm-models-and-a-pair-of-limited-edition-offerings---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 18:33:32 GMT





Scottsdale, Ariz. (July 17, 2019) – Charvel® today announces the all-new Pro-Mod DK24 HH 2PT CM models, as well as a pair of limited edition offerings with the Limited Edition Super Stock Model 2 and Limited Edition Super Stock SC1.


Turning modern high performance on its head, the new Pro-Mod DK24 HH 2PT CM andPro-Mod DK24 HH 2PT CM QM are brazen instruments for progressive guitarists searching for an unparalleled spectrum of sound.


Featuring a sculpted shredder’s cut heel and a scalloped lower back bout for easy upper access to the fingerboard, the alder body in the classic Dinky™ style is paired with a graphite-reinforced bolt-on caramelized maple “speed neck.”  Its 12”-16” compound radius caramelized maple fingerboard features comfortable rolled edges, 24 jumbo frets, Luminlay® side dots, pearloid dot inlays and Graph Tech® TUSQ® XL nut.


Brimming with versatility courtesy of the mini two-way toggle switch for series and parallel, these axes feature an HH pickup configuration consisting of a direct mount Custom Seymour Duncan® Full Shred SH-10B bridge pickup and direct mount Seymour Duncan® Alnico II Pro APH-1N neck pickup. The bridge pickup radiates a crisp top-end with low-end articulation, while the neck pickup has incredible range with soaring highs and silky lows.


Blending sophisticated style with assertive tone, the DK24 HH 2PT’s also offer premium modern features such as a five-way blade pickup switch, Stratocaster®-style skirt knobs for the volume (with 500K EVH® Bourns® low-friction potentiometer) and no-load tone controls, heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel, Gotoh® Custom 510 recessed tremolo bridge, locking tuners, chrome hardware and more.


The Pro-Mod DK24 HH 2PT CM comes in several new stage-stealing finishes — Gloss Black, Matte Blue Frost, Satin Burgundy Mist or Three-Tone Sunburst, while the Pro-Mod DK24 HH 2PT CM QM features a quilt maple top cloaked in a Chlorine Burst finish.


See these guitars in action in our new video featuring Thomas Griggs.




A tonal blast from the past, the Limited Edition Super Stock Model 2 takes DNA from the original Model 2 from 1986-87 and melds it with modern enhancements.


The San Dimas®-style alder body of the Limited Edition Super Stock Model 2 is shrouded in an original Skull and Bones graphic; ideal for the take-no-prisoners rocker. The graphite-reinforced bolt-on maple neck features a scarf joint and hand-rubbed urethane back finish, while the speedy 12”-16” compound radius ebony fingerboard has comfortable rolled edges, 22 jumbo frets and white dot inlays.


A single Seymour Duncan® TB-6 Distortion humbucking bridge pickup packs plenty of upper mid harmonics, ideal for classic rock ‘n’ roll or metal.


Simple yet fierce, this limited edition beast also includes a reverse Jackson®-licensed pointed 6-in-line headstock with Charvel logo, heavy knurled flat-top knob for the volume control, top-mount Floyd Rose® 1000 Series double-locking tremolo bridge system, die-cast tuners, black hardware, Charvel neckplate and more.




Old-school rock ‘n’ roll DNA gets supercharged in the all-new Limited Edition Super Stock SC1, a stylish and modified for high-performance tonal machine that’s ready to conquer.


The Limited Edition Super Stock SC1 comes loaded with plenty of classic Charvel attitude. Its So Cal-style alder body sports a heavy Black Relic finish that looks like it’s been to hell and back. The bolt-on maple neck and pau ferro fingerboard have been distressed for that well-worn baseball glove feel.


Graphite reinforcement rods provide optimal stability for various climate changes, while the heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel makes for convenient neck relief tweaks. Built for speed, the 12”- 16” compound radius fingerboard features comfortable rolled edges, 22 jumbo frets and cream dot inlays.


Tone bases are thoroughly covered with an HS pickup configuration consisting of an EVH® Wolfgang® humbucking bridge pickup and Seymour Duncan® SLSD-1N Li’l Screamin’ Demon™ Strat® single coil-sized humbucking neck pickup. Topped with parchment covers, the EVH Wolfgang humbucker delivers sublime balance, while the Seymour Duncan SLSD-1N Li’l Screamin’ Demon Strat adds plenty of open tone with a subtle hint of glass.


Sporting vintage style with modern tone, the Limited Edition Super Stock SCI also features a three-way toggle pickup switch, heavy knurled flat-top knob for the volume control, Floyd Rose® 1000 Series double-locking tremolo bridge system, die-cast tuners, top-mount output jack, Charvel neckplate, three-ply white pickguard, chrome hardware and more.


For more information on our new Charvel products, visit www.charvelguitars.com





ABOUT CHARVEL®: Charvel® guitars are the very embodiment of high-performance tone machines, and discerning players who prize superior sound and feel have turned to the company's finely crafted guitars as their weapons of choice for more than 30 years. From metal masters including Warren DeMartini and Jake E Lee to instrumental fusion legends such as Allan Holdsworth and Shawn Lane to modern day virtuosos like Guthrie Govan, musician's musicians worldwide have long relied on Charvel for exceptional guitar design. For more information, visit charvel.com


ABOUT FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION: Since 1946, Fender® has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends.




<![CDATA[Line 6 Announces Spider V MkII Guitar Amplifiers And 412 Cab - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/line-6-announces-spider-v-mkii-guitar-amplifiers-and-412-cab Thu, 18 Jul 2019 18:23:42 GMT

Line 6 Announces Spider V MkII Guitar Amplifiers and 412 Cab


The Spider V MkII series delivers organic tone and feel via plug-and-play amps that also offer deep tone-crafting capabilities.


CALABASAS, Calif. July 18, 2019 — Line 6 today introduced the Spider® V MkII series of amplifiers for practicing and performing guitarists. From the compact Spider V 30 MkII practice amp to the full-featured gigging machine that is the Spider V 240 MkII combo to the Spider V 240HC MkII head with built-in stereo speakers for standalone use—there’s a Spider V MkII model to inspire every type of player and at all skill levels. The Spider V 412 MkII speaker cabinet is also included in the new line.


All of the amps let players plug in and immediately rock a traditional amp tone, or enjoy tweaking parameters until they’ve devised a unique and awe-inspiring sound. All-new presets—including vintage amp presets voiced by a renowned tube-amp maker, and Artist and Iconic Song collections—deliver classic sounds with all the character and vibe players demand, while the new Classic Speaker mode provides an organic sound and feel.


“The all-new Spider V MkII amplifiers have been meticulously designed to deliver outstanding tones and provide countless hours of smiles and satisfaction,” said Adrian Haselhuber, Director of Product Management, Line 6. “And they are the only products of their kind with two distinctively different speaker modes: Classic for traditional tones, and Full-Range for acoustic guitars and music playback. Whether practicing or performing, or both, there’s a Spider V MkII amp for every guitarist.”


Players who prefer to craft their own tones will appreciate that Spider V MkII amps come loaded with more than 200 amps, cabinets, and effects, as well as 128 presets that serve as great starting points. Users also get an onboard tuner, metronome, and jam-along drum loops; compatibility with the optional Line 6® FBV™ 3 Foot Controller; a USB interface (along with the freeSpider V Remote app); and the ability to trade presets with the Spider V community at CustomTone.com.


All Spider V amps from the 60 MkII up also include built-in wireless receivers that pair with the optional Relay® G10T wireless transmitter (or other Line 6 RF2 transmitter), and the Spider V 120 MkII, Spider V 240 MkII, and Spider V 240HC MkII feature stereo XLR direct outputs for easy connection to a mixer or sound system. Furthermore, the Spider V 240HC MkII head contains a dedicated 50-watt amp for its two onboard 4" speakers, making it unnecessary to have a separate speaker cab for uses such as rehearsals, recording dates, and impromptu jam sessions. For gigging, combine the Spider V 240HC MkII head with the Spider V 412 MkII speaker cabinet to create a powerful half-stack.


Whatever drives an individual guitarist’s creativity, Spider V MkII amplifiers will get them there with all the ease or complexity that defines their personal musical mantra.



Pricing & Availability

Spider V 30 MkII ($307.99 USD MSRP)

Spider V 60 MkII ($447.99 USD MSRP)

Spider V 120 MkII ($601.99 USD MSRP)

Spider V 240 MkII ($769.99 USD MSRP)

Spider V 240HC MkII ($699.99 USD MSRP)

Spider V 412 MkII Cabinet ($419.99 USD MSRP)


Spider V MkII amplifiers will be available worldwide in Q3 of 2019.


Learn more at line6.com/spider-v-mkii/


About Line 6, Inc.

For more than two decades, Line 6 has created products that empower modern musicians to create, perform, and record in ways they never thought possible. Line 6 products are feature-rich, easy to use, and leverage groundbreaking digital technology that inspires musicians to achieve their full creative potential. With a long history of firsts, Line 6 has a proven track record of creating category-defining products—from the first modeling amplifier to POD®, Spider® amps, Variax® guitars, Relay® digital wireless, AMPLIFi®, and more. Recently, the Line 6 Helix® family of guitar processors have received numerous accolades and awards, including the Guitar World “Platinum Award”, the Premier Guitar “Premier Gear Award”, and the Guitar Player “Editors’ Pick” award. For more information, visit line6.com.



<![CDATA[Line 6 Introduces The Powercab 212 Plus Active Stereo Guitar Speaker System - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/line-6-introduces-the-powercab-212-plus-active-stereo-guitar-speaker-system Thu, 18 Jul 2019 18:14:16 GMT


Line 6 Introduces the Powercab 212 Plus

Active Stereo Guitar Speaker System


A 2x12 speaker system for modelers offering a choice of Flat (FRFR) mode or proprietary Speaker Modeling mode for authentic “amp-in-the-room” sound and feel.



CALABASAS, Calif.—July 18, 2019 — Line 6 today introduced the Powercab® 212 Plus active stereo guitar speaker system—the premier amplification system for modelers. The Powercab 212 Plus looks, sounds, and feels like a guitar amp because it is a guitar amp. And Powercab 212 Plus operates in two distinct modes.


If a guitarist is happy with their modeler’s onboard cabinet models and just wants to hear the sound of their presets amplified, they can simply connect their modeler to Powercab 212 Plus, select Flat mode, and play. Custom lightweight neodymium coaxial speakers with high-frequency compression drivers provide the benefits of a full-range, flat-response (FRFR) speaker system—but with the rapid transient response of guitar speakers, resulting in a more authentic and familiar feel.


Or, guitarists can bypass the cabinet models in their presets (freeing up valuable DSP) and switch to Speaker Modeling mode on the Powercab 212 Plus. This enables them to take advantage of 12 proprietary onboard speaker models—which are not the same as cabinet models or impulse responses—for a more organic, “amp-in-the-room” playing experience. The modeled speakers range from classics such as “Greenback” and “Blue Bell” to modern designs, and may be mixed or matched. And because Powercab 212 Plus is a stereo amp, ping-pong delays, expansive reverbs, spacious modulation effects, and even dual-amp setups will sound the way they were intended to be heard.


“Many touring professional guitarists are now choosing modelers for their live rigs due to their unparalleled flexibility, but many of those guitarists also still want the experience of air being moved by a guitar cabinet,” said Brandon Frenzel, Product Owner, Line 6. “With Powercab 212 Plus, we aimed to create the premier active guitar speaker system for guitarists who wish to realize their modeler’s maximum potential when performing live—and hear themselves in stereo.”


The Powercab 212 Plus speaker system’s 500-watt stereo amplifier (2 x 250 watts) produces up to 13dB SPL—enough power and volume to handle nearly any musical situation—yet it weighs only 47.6 lbs (21.6 kg). Also, unlike many FRFR speaker systems, the Powercab 212 Plus is constructed of wood rather than plastic and tuned like a traditional guitar cabinet for enhanced acoustic resonance. Additionally, foldout kickstands enable the Powercab 212 Plus to be angled up toward the player, and an optional heavy duty cover is available.


Other professional features include a 2" LCD, 128 user preset locations, XLR direct outputs, MIDI In/Out, AES/EBU and L6 LINKTM I/O, a multipurpose second input, and a USB audio interface. Third-party IRs may also be loaded and saved within presets.


Finally, although Powercab 212 Plus was engineered to deliver superb results with any modeler, it is the perfect sonic complement to Line 6® Helix® guitar processors, completing the chain from guitar input to guitar speaker. Combining a Helix with Powercab 212 Plus via L6 LINK multiplies the power of both, resulting in a truly state-of-the-art, professional rig.



Pricing & Availability

Powercab 212 Plus ($1959.99 MSRP) will be available worldwide in Q3 of 2019. Learn more at line6.com/powercab










About Line 6, Inc.

For more than two decades, Line 6 has created products that empower modern musicians to create, perform, and record in ways they never thought possible. Line 6 products are feature-rich, easy to use, and leverage groundbreaking digital technology that inspires musicians to achieve their full creative potential. With a long history of firsts, Line 6 has a proven track record of creating category-defining products—from the first modeling amplifier to POD®, Spider® amps, Variax® guitars, Relay® digital wireless, AMPLIFi®, and more. Recently, the Line 6 Helix® family of guitar processors have received numerous accolades and awards, including the Guitar World “Platinum Award”, the Premier Guitar “Premier Gear Award”, and the Guitar Player “Editors’ Pick” award. For more information, visit line6.com.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booths 611 and 643



<![CDATA[MONO Introduces The Stealth Backpack And Messenger Bag - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/mono-introduces-the-stealth-backpack-and-messenger-bag---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 16:17:11 GMT


MONO introduces the Stealth backpack and messenger bag


The Stealth Alias Backpack and Stealth Relay Messenger Bag are thoughtfully designed for creators who need to move FAST. 



NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE; JULY 17, 2019 – MONO (monocreators.com), the IDSA-award-winning designer of instrument cases and accessories, (SUMMER NAMM BOOTH 921) today announced two new bags in its Stealth line: the new Stealth Alias Backpack and Stealth Relay Messenger Bag.

Building on the runaway success of the iconic FlyBy backpack and MONO’s well-loved DJ messenger bags, MONO is excited to launch two new models that represent the peak of gear protection and sleek design. The Stealth Alias Backpack and Stealth Relay Messenger Bag are the ideal lightweight, yet sturdy bags for DJs, beatmakers and music lovers alike. Offering the combination of protection and innovative design for which MONO is known, both bags are designed to fit everyday essentials – with space to spare for vinyl, tablets and devices.

The Alias has a minimalist profile, designed with DJs and beatmakers in mind. Being 50 percent lighter than the FlyBy, the Alias is the ideal model for creators who refuse to compromise on organization.

Meanwhile, the Relay is a modern essential for producers who want to travel lighter, but keep their gear secured, thanks to the bag’s ample compartments and attachment points.

The Alias and Relay are both ergonomically designed with adjustable shoulder straps to fit most musician's bodies. 

Randy Couvillon, Senior Manager, Global Channel Sales says, “The Stealth Alias and Relay bags are built for musicians and travellers who want to worry less about transporting their gear, and more on delivering their best work. No matter where you're going, gigging in the city, or touring internationally, the latest from the Stealth line has you covered."

“Diving into the details of both bags: the hard case shell is designed to be super lightweight, and the bag straps are padded with hi-density foam for extra comfort. Inside the bags are hidden pockets and compartments, so everything you need is easily within reach. The pass-through belts are another neat design touch that lets you secure your bag on top of your luggage with no stress,” says Couvillon.

The Stealth Alias Backpack will retail for US$149.99, and the Stealth Relay Messenger Bag will retail at US$129.99. Both will be available in Fall 2019 through top dealers worldwide and at www.monocreators.com. To stock this line or find out more, please contact Randy Couvillon (USA Dealers) and Gerald Hooper (Global) at global.sales@bandlab.com.


Key Product Features:

MONO Stealth Alias Backpack

Product Dimensions:
BP compact: 17” (h) x 11” (w) x 4.5” (d)
BP expanded: 17” (h) x 11” (w) x 6” (d)
Min volume 〜13.7L
Max volume 〜18.4L

Weight <800g (half the weight of the Flyby)

+ Slim pack to fit up 15” laptop

+ Lightweight, less than 800g

+ Fits additional tablets or devices

+ An ideal everyday backpack for essential gear

+ Pick up and go – ready for your DJ gigs

+ Expandable main compartment for extra 4L volume

+ Hidden zipper pocket for valuable items

+ Water-resistant sharkskin shell

+ Riveted luggage pass-through belt

+ Ergonomically designed padded shoulder straps, with riveted reinforcements

MONO Stealth Relay Messenger Bag

Product Dimensions:
13” (h) x 16” (w) x 4” (d)
Volume 〜 13L

Weight 1.1kg = the lightest messenger bag by MONO to date

+ Slim pack to fit 15” laptop

+ Fits multiple tablets or devices

+ Your everyday messenger - carries your essential gear    

+ Pick up and go – ready for your DJ gigs

+ Hidden zipper pocket for valuable items

+ Water-resistant sharkskin shell

+ Luggage pass-through belt

+ Ergonomically designed and padded shoulder sling, with riveted reinforcements



About MONO

Designed for musicians on the move, MONO is an IDSA award-winning company that creates the most innovative and inspiring instrument cases and accessories in the world. MONO's focus on product innovation has been the driving force behind its growth, establishing the brand worldwide as one trusted by serious musicians to help them on the move, on thestageand behind the scenes.

MONO was founded in San Francisco in 2007, and is now headquartered in Singapore as part of BandLab Technologies. Visit monocreators.com for more info or follow MONO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.





<![CDATA[Fishman Releases TriplePlay® Connect™ Guitar Controller For iPad - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/fishman-releases-tripleplay-connect-guitar-controller-for-ipad Thu, 18 Jul 2019 16:04:01 GMT


Fishman Releases TriplePlay® Connect™ Guitar Controller for iPad




Nashville, TN––Fishman is releasing the eagerly anticipated TriplePlay Connect, a MIDI controller that installs easily and non-invasively on most electric and acoustic guitars and allows users to plug into their iPad and create new sounds, instruments, write and record songs and much more.


Following an exceptionally positive response from a variety of players at a special NAMM preview, TriplePlay Connect is now available for anyone who wants to enhance their creative potential, grow musically and explore new soundscapes.


TriplePlay Connect is the creative bridge between a player’s guitar and their iPad. They simply download the free TriplePlay Connect iOS app from the App Store to discover and interact in a universe of exciting new musical possibilities.


Designed to inspire and engage with a guitar in a whole new way, TriplePlay Connect empowers anyone to play and control virtual instruments, perform songs and share them online, create, share and play loops and audio files, or turn their guitar into a whole band.


When the TriplePlay controller, app and guitar are combined, users can blend virtual instruments, add effects, generate complex rhythms, trigger loops and audio file backing tracks, create loops from multiple instruments, add personal loops and audio files from other projects, record performances and share them online with friends.


TriplePlay Connect also works as a MIDI controller for Mac and PC apps and sound libraries. Features include easy and non-invasive installation on any 6-string guitar; low-latency pitch tracking technology; and easy connections. Sound libraries can be easily expanded with in-app purchases. It also can be used with Garage Band® to add effects to TriplePlay Connect sounds.


The TriplePlay Connect includes a controller, an easily mounted hexaphonic pickup, lightning and USB cable for connection to iPad, magnetic mounting brackets & hardware.


Designed to open a world of sound and creativity in making music, TriplePlay Connect lets players at all levels have fun and rediscover the guitar in a whole new way.


TriplePlay Connect: Connect to the possibilities™.






For more information about the Fishman TriplePlay Connect, stop by and see us at Booth #933, Music City Center or visit https://www.fishman.com/connect/





About Fishman:

For over 35 years, Fishman has been dedicated to helping musicians of all styles achieve the truest sound possible wherever and whenever they plug in. Our ongoing commitment to professional sound and quality has helped our company grow to become an industry leader in amplification, effects, and pickups for acoustic and electric instruments, MIDI control, and other product categories.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 933



<![CDATA[MXL Microphones Releases New Complete Bundles - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/mxl-microphones-releases-new-complete-bundles---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 14:37:40 GMT


MXL Microphones at Summer NAMM 2019!
Booth #300 July 18 - 20, Nashville, TN
Meet the MXL team and experience our latest products
New Complete Bundles
MXL 990 Complete
The MXL 990 Complete Recording Bundle gives you our renowned high-quality studio condenser, the MXL 990, that features a FET preamp and large diaphragm for truly professional sound, along with two included accessories.
MXL 770 Complete
The MXL 770 Complete Recording Bundle includes our workhorse MXL 770 microphone, known for its wide dynamic range with bass roll off-switch and -10dB attenuation pad to eliminate rumbles, along with two included accessories.
New Bundle for Podcasting
MXL APS Bundle
The MXL APS Bundle is meant for high-quality audio for podcasters. It includes the MXL BCD-1 Live Broadcast Dynamic Mic known for its professional, clear sound, along with two included accessories.
See You at the Show!
<![CDATA[Eventide Releases Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay And MicroPitch For iPhone And iPad - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/eventide-releases-blackhole-reverb-ultratap-delay-and-micropitch-for-iphone-and-ipad---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 14:25:21 GMT


Eventide Releases Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay and MicroPitch for iPhone and iPad

Three incredible iOS plug-ins and standalone apps for 

music and sound design in every genre



Summer NAMM 2019 - July 18th, 2019, Little Ferry, NJ – Eventide Audio is proud to release three new iOS music creation and live performance effects apps from their legendary catalogue of studio hardware and software: Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay, and MicroPitch™ for iPhone® and iPad®. Blackhole Reverb, a reverberation effect for sound design and creating out-of-this-world ambiance on instruments and vocals, is available for just $19.99. UltraTap Delay, a rhythmic audio effect for stylistic glitchy delays on drums, pads, vocals and guitars is now available for just $14.99. MicroPitch, a pitch-shifter capable of deep pitch dives, slap-backs, and unparalleled detuned delays, is available for just $9.99. 


Eventide’s Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay and MicroPitch are all available now as standalone apps and as AUv3 plugins for use in popular iOS DAWs, ready for download from the App Store®. 



“Entering into the iOS music creation ecosystem is an exciting new horizon for Eventide! Beginning years ago with our ‘Factor’ series of guitar pedals, our mission has been to put studio-quality performance effects within the grasp of all artists. A decade ago audio production techniques evolved from the exclusive world of the recording studio and expensive consoles to working ‘in the box'. Eventide is now focused on partnering with Apple to help take the next step – moving music creation and audio production from ‘in the box’ to ‘in the hand.’ We also believe that each effect should be a ‘playable’ instrument in its own right and so we’ve developed our innovative ‘Ribbon’ to unleash a new level of instant creative control. Our first three releases for iPhone and iPad - Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay and MicroPitch - offer just that, playable effects and sound design tools for mobile musicians and producers, in every genre, from beginner to professional.”  

~ Richard Factor, Eventide Founder


Blackhole Reverb, a reverb effect as big as the cosmos, is poised to create out-of- this-world ambiance for iPhone and iPad.


Derived from the original hardware versions of Eventide’s flagship studio processors and the popular “Space” pedal, the original Blackhole Reverb was created as "an abnormally large reverb, sucking everything into a bottomless chamber.” Later in the Mac/PC plug-in version, the Ribbon and Hotswitch meta-controls enabled musicians to musically manipulate multiple parameters in real time for enhanced playability.  Blackhole Reverb’s remarkable otherworldly sound designs have been used on hundreds of recordings and in sci-fi films. For example, inPrometheus it created the large cavernous soundscapes that evoked eerie, unsettling sensations. Skywalker Sound has used it on numerous film productions and it can be heard throughout Blade Runner 2049’s soundtrack enhancing the film’s disturbing atmosphere.


Blackhole Reverb for iOS breaks the rules by allowing musicians, producers and sound designers for film and game audio to create virtual spaces on their iPhone and iPad that could never exist in reality. At large sizes, Blackhole Reverb’s soft attack and lingering, harmonic tails allow it to shine on guitars, strings, vocals and pads. At small sizes, those very same qualities can add an angelic sheen to vocals or turn a simple drum track into an otherworldly rhythm section.



- Incredibly easy-to-use with over 50 presets; many created by Eventide artists, such as Black Violin, Vernon Reid, John Agnello, Jakob Haq, MIKNNA, and many more.

- Ability to create extremely musical effects useful for highlighting key instruments

- Supernatural settings for abstract spatial effects and drones

- Subtle settings for ambient washes and track highlighting

- Unique “Gravity” control reverses the arrow of time by inverting the reverb's decay

- Innovative Ribbon and Hotswitch allow for ‘playing’ the effect by changing any combination of parameters seamlessly and simultaneously

- Fully flexible mono and stereo options bring new realms of stereo imaging to mono instruments

- Use “Mix Lock” to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant

- Available as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and as a standalone app for iPhone / iPad



UltraTap Delay is an audio effect for rhythmic delays, great for reverbs, huge volume swells and modulation



With origins in the studio classic H3000, UltraTap Delay for iPhone and iPad is a versatile, multi-tap delay effect capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, wacky comb-filtering and huge pad-like volume swells by employing extraordinary and innovative modulation techniques. Creative controls like "Slurm" for juicy tap slurring, glitched auto-volume chopping and enormous swell features for breakbeats or atmospheric rises make it the perfect tool for creating drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords and other evolving effects. UltraTap for iOS can create everything from reversed reverbs to a massed church choir singing a Gregorian chant in a cathedral!  With playable Ribbon and Hotswitch meta-controls, it’s a must-have for sound designers, DJs, EDM, Trap, Hip-Hop producers and musicians for creating, enhancing and performing music.



- Up to 64 taps to create simple repeats or morph delays into choruses and reverbs

- Speed up or slow down the rhythmic spacing between taps using the Spread knob

- LFOs and envelopes to chop sound sources into stuttered rhythms

- "Slurm", an innovative parameter, to smear taps together or modulate them to create truly unique reverbs and ‘mushy’ stutter effects

- Stereo image control of taps to alternate between hard-panned and mono

- Over 150 presets designed to inspire, including artist presets by Chris Carter, Colin Newman, Sasha, Jakob Haq and many more

- Innovative Ribbon and Hotswitch allow for ‘playing’ the effect by changing any combination of parameters seamlessly and simultaneously

- Use “Mix Lock” to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant

- Available as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and as a standalone app for iPhone / iPad



MicroPitch is a fine-resolution pitch shifter for subtle tone fattening, with delays for interesting slap back effects, chorusing, depth creation and more 



MicroPitch is one of the effects that put Eventide on the map - with origins in Eventide’s legendary studio hardware - the H3000, H949 and H910 Harmonizer®. MicroPitch for iOS allows musicians to mix in detuned and delayed versions of a signal. It creates depth and dimensions, with expanded controls for deep pitch dives, haunting echoes, and pristine chorusing effects. MicroPitch’s included playable Ribbon and meta-controls make it the perfect companion app for live performance, or as a plug-in with popular iOS DAWs for use in the studio.



- Two voices of pitch shifting, one from unison to -50 cents, the other from unison to +50 cents, each with up to 2 seconds of delay

- Create classic stereo-spreading effect

- Create slap back effects using longer delay times

- Depth and Rate provide chorusing effect on each voice

- Feedback control to perform pitch dive/rise effects

- Incredibly easy-to-use with included presets

- Innovative Ribbon and Hotswitch allow for ‘playing’ the effect by changing any combination of parameters seamlessly and simultaneously

- Use “Mix Lock” to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant

- Available as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and as a standalone app for iPhone / iPad



Price and Availability: 

Eventide Audio’s Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay and MicroPitch for iPhone/iPad are available for download from the App Store™. 


Blackhole Reverb is available for direct download at just $19.99, please visit: https://etide.io/BlackholeiOS

UltraTap Delay is available for direct download at just $14.99, please visit: https://etide.io/UltraTapiOS

MicroPitch is available for direct download at just $9.99, please visit: https://etide.io/MicroPitchiOS



Video link to all Eventide Music Creation Apps / AUv3 plugins for iPhone and iPad:  https://etide.io/iOSPlaylist


Blackhole Reverb for iPhone and iPad demo video:



Blackhole Reverb on iPhone and iPad – presets for keys, drums and vocals by MIKNNA: https://etide.io/MIKNNABlackhole


Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap and MicroPitch for iPhone and iPad - preset demo for Guitar by Vanny Tonon: https://etide.io/VannyTononiOS



About Eventide Audio:

For over 48 years, Eventide has remained at the forefront of recording and music technology. In 1975, they revolutionized the audio industry by creating the world’s first commercially available digital audio effects unit. Since then, their legacy continues to reign with legendary studio processors, stompboxes and plug-ins that have been used on countless hit records, and continue to be used by millions of musicians in studios worldwide.Blackhole Reverb, UltraTap Delay, MicroPitch™, Harmonizer® and Eventide® are registered trademarks of Eventide Inc. iPhone®, iPad® and Mac® are registered trademarks, property of Apple Inc. All other registered trademarks or names are property of their respective owners.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1135




<![CDATA[Good Fortune Industries Unveils Phil The Tip Jar - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/good-fortune-industries-unveils-phil-the-tip-jar Thu, 18 Jul 2019 14:14:31 GMT


Good Fortune Industries Unveils Phil the Tip Jar


The World’s First Interactive Card-Dispensing Tip Jar with Lights/Sounds for Musicians and Bands



HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. July 17, 2019—For musicians and bands looking for a little more monetary “love” from their audiences prior to playing “Mustang Sally” for the hundredth time, Good Fortune Industries today announced Phil the Tip Jar, the world’s first interactive card-dispensing tip jar complete with LED lights and sound effects.  

A vast improvement over using a dirty pitcher from the bar or mason jar like most bands do, Phil isn’t just another accessory or piece of gear, Phil is an excellent front man for any band or act. Phil helps bands and musicians engage and delight audiences, increase the amount of tips they receive, enhance their performances and provide their contact information (leading to even more gigs) with every single tip.

Phil the Tip Jar Features:

  • Professional design with Phil the Tip Jar branding (custom branding will be available in late 2019)
  • Money Drop Slot with infrared motion sensor
  • LED Light Effects illuminates blue, red and green or cycles through all colors
  • Contact card storage slot
  • Special sound effect – with audible “cha-ching” sound when a tip is received and contact card is dispensed. (this can be disabled when necessary)
  • Power cord


Pricing and Availability:

Phil the Tip Jar is now available online at www.tipfortipjar.com/phil for $199.00.  




About Good Fortune Industries, Inc.

Good Fortune Industries, Inc. is a California-based company that was founded in 2017 with the mission to ignite and promote the positive aspects of paying good fortune forward generating smiles and happiness everywhere. The company makes its original TipforTip Jar for retail businesses and now has added its new Phil the Tip Jar just for musicians and bands. For more information, please visit www.tipfortipjar.com


 Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 31



<![CDATA[KRK Launches Groundbreaking Audio Tools App - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/krk-launches-groundbreaking-audio-tools-app---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 11:50:50 GMT




App Provides a Wide Array of Useful Tools for any Studio Setup, and Environment Acclimation Assistance for the New ROKIT G4 Monitors



CHATSWORTH, CA, JULY 18, 2019 KRK Systems, part of the Gibson family of brands, introduces its revolutionary KRK Audio Tools App for iOS and Android. This free suite of professional studio tools includes five useful and professional analysis-based components that work with any monitor setup, and one powerful tool (EQ Recommendation) that helps acclimate the new KRK ROKIT G4 monitors to their individual acoustic environment.


In addition to the EQ Recommendation tool, the app also includes a Spectrum Real Time Analyzer (RTA), Level Meter, Delay and Polarity Analyzers, as well as a Monitor Align tool that helps users set their monitor positioning more accurately to their listening area. Within the app is a sound generator giving the user sound analysis options of sine, continuous sine sweep, white noise and pink noise—all of which can help the analysis process in different conditions.


“We wanted to build something game-changing for the new ROKIT G4 line that enables our users to achieve better final mixes overall,” explains Rich Renken, Product Manager—Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands. “In terms of critical listening, the G4 monitors are completely different, and a major upgrade from the previous G3 line. Our intentions with the EQ Recommendation tool are to suggest a flatter condition and help get the user to a better starting point. Ultimately, it still comes down to preference and using your musical ear, but it’s certainly great to have this feature available along with the others in the app.”


Five of the app tools work with any monitor setup. This includes the Level Meter, which assists with monitor level calibration to ensure all monitors are at the same dB level, as well as the Delay Analysis feature that helps calculate the time from each monitor to the user’s ears. Additionally, the app’s Polarity function is used to verify the correct wiring of monitors, minimizing bass loss and incorrect stereo imaging reproduction—the results of monitors being out of phase, while the Spectrum RTA and Sound Generator are great for finding nuances in any environment.


Also included is an unprecedented Monitor Alignment feature, which is used to determine the best placement of multiple monitors within proximity. This is accomplished by placing a smart device on each monitor separately and then rotating to the correct angle degree. A sixth tool, exclusive to ROKIT G4 owners, is the EQ Recommendation tool that helps acclimate monitors to an environment by analyzing the app-generated pink noise and subsequently suggesting the best EQ preset, which is set manually on the back of the G4 monitors.


“We are extremely excited to offer this app to the recording music community. Our team has put a great deal of energy and research into the development of the app which, in combination with the G4 monitors, offers something never before released in the market—at any price point,” says Jimmy Landry, Global Director of Marketing—Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands. “The feedback we’ve received on the new, and more professional sound of the ROKIT G4s has been overwhelmingly positive. With the release of the KRK Audio Tools app, we are excited to hear what people create on the G4s moving forward.”




About KRK Systems:

Over the past three decades, KRK Systems, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division, has become synonymous with quality design and unparalleled performance in the world of studio monitors, subwoofers and headphones. KRK offers products that meet the diverse needs of home studios and professional studios alike no matter the style of music or application. For more information, visit www.krksys.com.


About Gibson:

Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



<![CDATA[Yamaha Brings Back The Red Label Line Of Acoustic Guitars - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/yamaha-brings-back-the-red-label-line-of-acoustic-guitars---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 10:29:03 GMT


Yamaha FG Red Label Acoustic Guitars Merge

Timeless Design with Cutting-Edge Technology



NASHVILLE (July 18, 2019) — Yamaha today showcased the FG Red Label folk guitar line, expanding the award-winning FG series with eight new models in FG Western and FS Concert body sizes. Designed in response to the needs of contemporary singer/songwriters, FG Red Label guitars provide a warm and well-balanced acoustic tone, a remarkably natural-sounding pickup system, and elegant-but-understated aesthetics rooted in tradition. FG Red Label guitars were created to complement any voice and inspire any vocalist, whether played during a solo performance or with an acoustic band.


“Yamaha’s ‘red label’ folk guitars from the 1960s have inspired countless guitarists with their warm tone and timeless design—and new FG Red Label guitars capture the essence of that iconic sound and look,” said Osamu Ito, Yamaha brand director, Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. “FG Red Label guitars are built using premium components, and their traditional semi-gloss finishes instantly recall the golden age of folk guitars.”


FG Red Label guitars feature premium-grade Sitka spruce tops and mahogany backs and sides. The tops are treated with the company’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) process, which imparts the tone and sustain characteristic of genuine aged wood. A new proprietary scalloped bracing pattern results in deeper lows and richer harmonics. Vintage-style headstocks are matched with chrome Gotoh open-gear tuning keys and fitted with custom “Since 1966” truss-rod covers. Naturally, renowned Yamaha craftsmanship is evident throughout.


FGX and FSX model FG Red Label guitars include the company’s unique new Atmosfeel three-element pickup and preamp system, providing uncolored natural acoustic sound when the guitars are amplified. An under-saddle piezo pickup transmits low frequencies, while high frequencies are transmitted by an innovative new top-mounted transducer that is extremely sensitive to vibration. An internal microphone captures midrange and low-mid frequencies, which may be added using the Mic Blend control. There are also controls for Bass EQ and Volume.


Grounded in tradition, yet incorporating groundbreaking Yamaha technologies, Yamaha FG Red Label guitars offer a new generation of guitarists the best of both worlds.


Pricing and Availability

The FGX5 and FSX5 (MSRP: $2,320.00), the FG5 and FS5 (MSRP: $1,900.00), the FGX3 and FSX3 (MSRP: $1,585.00), and the FG3 and FS3 (MSRP: $1,275.00) are now shipping.


The FG3 and FGX3 models will ship with a hard bag; the FG5 and FGX5 models with a hardshell case.


For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth (#643) at the 2019 Summer NAMM Show in the Nashville Music City Center, July 18-20, or visit https://yamaha.io/YAMAHAFGREDLABEL



About Yamaha

Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) is one of the largest subsidiaries of Yamaha Corporation, Japan and offers a full line of award-winning musical instruments, sound reinforcement, commercial installation and home entertainment products to the U.S. market. Products include: Yamaha acoustic, digital and hybrid pianos, portable keyboards, guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, band and orchestral instruments, marching percussion products, synthesizers, professional digital and analog audio equipment, Steinberg recording products and NEXO commercial audio products, as well as AV receivers, amplifiers, MusicCast wireless multiroom audio systems, Blu-ray/CD players, earphones, headphones, home-theater-in-a-box systems, sound bars and its exclusive line of Digital Sound Projectors. YCA markets innovative, finely crafted technology and entertainment products and musical instruments targeted to the hobbyist, education, worship, music, professional audio installation and consumer markets.



<![CDATA[Yamaha Launches STORIA Acoustic Guitars - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/yamaha-launches-storia-acoustic-guitars---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 10:26:31 GMT


Yamaha Launches STORIA Acoustic Guitars

Featuring Distinctive Look for Recreational Players


NASHVILLE (July 18, 2019) — Yamaha today showcased STORIA, a series of three acoustic-electric guitars that are as fashionable as they are enjoyable to play. Designed with beginning and potential players in mind, their inviting body contours, slim necks, comfortable string height, and smooth fingerboard edges make them easy to pick up and play when inspiration arises, while at the same time their stylish color combinations make visual statements that enhance any living space.


STORIA Series guitars are more than simply attractive instruments for beginners, however. In addition to their appealing finishes, tasteful inlay work, and champagne gold tuners, they feature superb workmanship, solid tops, brass bridge pins, and Yamaha® SRT passive undersaddle pickups, which provide a warm and natural-sounding acoustic tone when the guitars are amplified. All three STORIA models have FS (Concert) body shapes with mahogany backs and sides, nato necks with walnut fingerboards, urea nuts and saddles, and 25" scale lengths. Complementary inside colors and sound hole inlays complete the designs.


STORIA I has a solid Sitka spruce top with an off-white semi-gloss finish and ivory body binding. The mahogany back and sides have a natural finish, the inside is light blue and the rosette is inlaid with ivory and mahogany. The guitar has a clear yet rich sound.


STORIA II has a solid mahogany top with a natural semi-gloss finish and a 3/16" (5mm) beveled edge. The mahogany back and sides also have a natural finish, the inside is ultramarine and the rosette is inlaid with ivory and abalone. The mahogany top, sides, and back give the guitar a warm yet well-balanced sound.


STORIA III has a solid mahogany top with a chocolate-brown gloss finish and black body binding. The mahogany back and sides also have a chocolate-brown finish, the inside is wine red and the rosette has ivory, red wine, and black inlays. The mahogany top, sides, and back give the guitar a warm yet well-balanced sound.


“There is a segment of today’s younger generation that craves an outlet for creativity and self-expression without aspiring to be the next guitar hero,” said Shannon McKee, product marketing manager, Yamaha Guitar Group. “STORIA answers that need with aesthetically-pleasing guitars that appeal to fashion-conscious, casual new players.”


All STORIA guitars include a one-month subscription to FourChords, a guitar-learning app for iOS® and Android® that offers chord charts, lyrics, backing tracks, tutorials, and a tuner.


Pricing and Availability

Yamaha STORIA acoustic guitars are now shipping. Pricing is $653.00 (MSRP).


For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth (#643) at the 2019 Summer NAMM Show in the Nashville Music City Center, July 18-20, or visit https://yamaha.io/STORIA






About Yamaha

Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) is one of the largest subsidiaries of Yamaha Corporation, Japan and offers a full line of award-winning musical instruments, sound reinforcement, commercial installation and home entertainment products to the U.S. market. Products include: Yamaha acoustic, digital and hybrid pianos, portable keyboards, guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, band and orchestral instruments, marching percussion products, synthesizers, professional digital and analog audio equipment, Steinberg recording products and NEXO commercial audio products, as well as AV receivers, amplifiers, MusicCast wireless multiroom audio systems, Blu-ray/CD players, earphones, headphones, home-theater-in-a-box systems, sound bars and its exclusive line of Digital Sound Projectors. YCA markets innovative, finely crafted technology and entertainment products and musical instruments targeted to the hobbyist, education, worship, music, professional audio installation and consumer markets.


<![CDATA[iCON Pro Audio Announces Availability Of Platform Nano Small Footprint MIDI/Audio Control Surface With Motorised Fader]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/icon-pro-audio-announces-availability-of-platform-nano-small-footprint-midiaudio-control-surface-with-motorised-fader Thu, 18 Jul 2019 10:08:59 GMT


iCON Pro Audio announces availability of Platform Nano small footprint MIDI/audio control surface with motorised fader



NASHVILLE, TN, USA: following a successful showcase at The 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA (January 24-27), high-quality, professional-grade musical equipment provider iCON Pro Audio is proud to announce availability of Platform Nano — an aptly-named addition to its critically-acclaimed modular Platform series of MIDI/audio control surfaces (and associated add-ons), this time aimed at engineers, home studio enthusiasts, and producers who want hands-on control of their ‘in the box’ digital music production with a small footprint — as of July 18...


Weighing in at an easily transportable 1.3kg/2.8lb, the compact — 19.5 cm/7.8” (W) x 21.5 cm/8.5” (D) x 5.5 cm/2.1” (H) — Platform Nano neatly lives up to its name to bring tactile control to the most popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) with a single, full-size, touch- sensitive motorised fader (with 10-bit resolution) alongside an accessible selection of hands-on controls logically laid out across a top panel that’s as easy on the eye as it is to use, including four rotary dual-function (rotate-and-enter) encoder knobs (generally used for controlling the track pan position, aux send levels, and EQ of the DAW being controlled), while an 11-segment LED (Light Emitting Diode) surrounds the main knob control to indicate its rotating position; a Jog shuttle wheel, for fast search, scrub, and control; eight colour- coded function buttons coordinating with five different colour layers, for switching a variety of function controls; illuminated buttons for channel control, including Mute, Solo, and record; six illuminated transport buttons, including play, stop, record, rewind, fast-forward, and loop; illuminated Zoom buttons with two directional (left/right and up/down) keys, for use in combination with the Jog wheel; two illuminated track buttons, for easy selection of individual channels; and two illuminated bank buttons, for shifting groups of eight channels at a time.


Testament to iCON Pro Audio’s acuity, Platform Nano does this as a durable desktop design delivering high-speed connectivity via a USB 3 Type B connector — which functions as a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) port to the connected computer and compatible software, while also providing power to the Platform Nano itself — without compromising its inherently security-conscious, superior build quality, courtesy of a robust metal casing with inbuilt Kensington lock.


Aided by a backlit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), for showing the parameter values as adjusted, and also providing feedback about channel selections, operating modes, and more, Platform Nano naturally supports MCU (Mackie Control Universal) and HUI (Human User Interface) protocols for seamless integration with all compatible music production software. Indeed, it comes complete with overlays for the most popular DAWs, including Ableton Live, Audition, Bitwig, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Reaper, Reason, Samplitude, Sonar, and Studio One, as well as a self-explanatory User Define one.


Obviously not content with ‘universal’ DAW compatibility, iCON Pro Audio also includes its proprietary iMapTM self-MIDI-mapping software for the user-defined (MIDI Learn) mode, making mapping MIDI functions to Platform Nano’s helpful hands-on controls a breeze. As such, adventurous users could conceivably assign that motorised fader or those encoder knobs to control specific virtual instrument or effect plug-in functions for lending a less automated aesthetic to their productions.


Platform Nano stylistically sits well when positioned alongside other Platform family members, such as the Platform U22 (ProDrive III), a 24- bit, 96/192kHz 2-in/2-out USB 3.0 audio interface designed to match other Platform series devices. Future firmware upgrades are available via USB, including wireless USB over BlueTooth connectivity courtesy of the coming-soon (optional) PN-1 module that will also provide (rechargeable battery) power when connected to the Platform Nano’s rear-sited Power/Recha. (recharge) Mini-USB connector.


Remaining rearward, User A and User B 1/4-inch inputs allow for DAW function selection via connected foot switches, while it is recommended that Platform Nano is used with the (optional) Platform D2 modular display unit connected to the D/D2 port for optimal track and parameter monitoring via its large LCD.


Larger and smaller optional additions apart, any engineer, home studio enthusiast, or producer who wants hands-on control of their ‘in the box’ digital music production with a small footprint should surely seriously consider iCON Pro Audio’s aptly-named Platform Nano. Needless to say, its diminutive dimensions bely its impressive MIDI/audio control capabilities!


iCON Audio’s class-compliant — with Windows XP, Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), and Mac OS X — Platform Nano is available through the company’s growing global network of distributors (https://iconproaudio.com/distributors/), affordably priced at $229.99 USD.


For more in-depth info, please visit the dedicated Platform Nano webpage here: https://iconproaudio.com/product/platform-nano/ 


Watch iCON Pro Audio’s illuminating introductory video for Platform Nano here: https://youtu.be/7Gxw0Bywecw

Connect with iCON Pro Audio’s Platform Nano setup video here: https://youtu.be/Z5iNJBJ9aPU






About iCON Pro Audio (www.iconproaudio.com)

iCON Pro Audio’s products power creative projects in studios all over the world.With operations in the United States, Europe, China, and Hong Kong, its goal is to provide high- quality, professional-grade musical equipment at affordable prices. Presently manufacturing over 150 products that are sold in over 60 countries, professionals worldwide trust those products’ proven build quality and innovative design day in, day out. Originally founded as iCON Digital Limited in 1997 by a group of music technology veterans from the US, Hong Kong, and Germany, their mission was to create a company that would manufacture quality gear at an economical cost for all musicians. Mission accomplished, today iCON Pro Audio owns and operates development, manufacturing, and administrative facilities in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, while the US location in Nashville, Tennessee, manages international marketing, customer support, and development teams. The future looks bright, thanks to a unique international development team and an industry-leading product portfolio ranging from MIDI control surfaces and keyboard controllers, audio interfaces, studio monitors, and microphones through to a myriad of accessories, all catering to performance and studio setups of all shapes and sizes. Stimulated by musicians, engineers, and enthusiasts, product ideas are brought to reality through a unique R&D effort involving in-house engineers in the US, Europe, and Asia. Aligned with an unwavering commitment to customer service and support, the company collectively strives to provide an unmatched customer service experience for musicians and media professionals everywhere.


© 2019 iCON Pro Audio



<![CDATA[IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Reference Monitors Are Now Available - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/ik-multimedia-iloud-mtm-reference-monitors-are-now-available---summer-namm-2019 Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:51:17 GMT
IK Multimedia iLoud MTM reference monitors are now available

Compact monitor with high-end design re-invents nearfield monitoring for professional and home studios

July 18, 2019 - IK Multimedia announces the availability of iLoud® MTM, a compact, no-compromise, reference monitor designed to deliver pristine sound and an unprecedented level of accuracy for the modern professional and home studio. It delivers sound quality that rivals monitors several times the price and provides innovative features not found anywhere else.
iLoud MTM offers an ultra-flat frequency response, but more importantly, a truly linear phase response - a premiere feature in this price segment available only on a handful of products costing considerably more. This gives iLoud MTM a natural, true-to-life sound made possible by IK's advanced DSP expertise.

Building upon IK's acclaimed iLoud Micro Monitors, iLoud MTM delivers unsurpassed accuracy, power and bass, with a generous 100W RMS power and a class-defying 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response. The symmetrical MTM design provides point-source performance for superior imaging, even at close distances, so users can create mixes that will translate across multiple playback systems, with no ear fatigue.

iLoud MTM also offers self-calibration derived from IK's award-winning ARC™ System, with an included reference microphone to easily adjust to any room's acoustics.
Incredible accuracy and transparency, deep and defined bass, precise stereo imaging at any distance, and automatic room calibration, all in a monitor that's small enough to fit on any desktop. This makes iLoud MTM the ideal monitor for nearfield work and a workhorse monitor for use in a home or project studio.

Reference-class, ultra-linear response
The primary role of any studio monitor is to deliver accurate, uncolored sound for easier mixing decisions that will translate across multiple playback systems. iLoud MTM uses the most advanced DSP techniques to provide total control of the speaker's performance, delivering results not obtainable with traditional analog designs. Highs are neutral and defined; mids and lows are clear and balanced. Users can mix for hours with no ear fatigue, and their work will translate better than ever.

And of course it's loud, with 100W RMS total power per speaker and 103dB SPL maximum sound pressure, delivering the exceptional volume the iLoud name is known for.

Digitally-controlled for precision audio
iLoud MTM uses audiophile-grade, high resolution algorithms and top-of-the line A/D converters to carefully manage cross-overs, filtering, time alignment, equalization, dynamics control and auto-calibration. Totally DSP-controlled and precision time-aligned, iLoud MTM also manages the off-axis response to minimize the effects of room reverberation.

Extended low-end that rivals larger systems
iLoud MTM offers bass response down to a surprising 40Hz, ideal for modern music styles. It also debuts IK's new patent-pending Physical Response Linearization (PRL™) system that uses a precise model of the enclosure's design, construction and materials, combined with electro-mechanical measurements of the real units, to correct the system's performance in real time. The result is a stunningly "firm," balanced and defined low end, to surpass the sound of speakers even twice iLoud MTM's size.

A new phase in precision sound reproduction
iLoud MTM leverages IK's two decades of DSP experience to offer a true phase coherent response across the useful frequency spectrum, for realistic, natural sound. Users will hear instruments and dialogue as if they were happening live, discover more detail in their tracks than ever before, and avoid wasting hours trying to EQ away issues that were never there. This linear phase response is rarely found in speakers even several times iLoud MTM's price.

Symmetrical design for superior imaging and precision
iLoud MTM uses a midrange-tweeter-midrange symmetrical design, with a pair of 3.5" high performance woofers and one 1" high definition tweeter, which provide ultra-precise, defined, point-source sound that can't be achieved by traditional 2-way systems at close distances.

The result is a more natural, life-like sound that minimizes the ear fatigue caused by traditional 2- or 3-way designs where different frequencies arrive at the listener's ears at different times, so users can mix longer with less effort.

iLoud MTM's design also offers exceptional sound dispersion, enhancing the transparency and neutrality. The controlled dispersion minimizes the impact of room acoustics, for truer monitoring.

Instantly adjust to the acoustic environment
To help optimize the monitoring for any room's particular acoustics, iLoud MTM monitors feature built-in, one-touch acoustic auto-calibration derived from IK's award winning ARC™ System, with IK's reference ARC™ microphone included, to easily adjust the frequency response to their positioning. iLoud MTM also offers a low-frequency extension control and low and high-frequency trim controls to adjust the response to suit individual tastes.

Always get the perfect angle
iLoud MTM includes a tilting mount that helps isolate it and also adjusts from 0° to 20° for correct positioning in a wide range of setups. It's higher than most "tilting" monitors that often can't reach the required angle for desktop or other close-listening setups. Also included is a rubber base for horizontal shelf-placement and a bottom thread for convenient mic stand mounting.

With its symmetrical design and phase-coherent response, iLoud MTM offers ultra-focused, accurate monitoring anywhere.

Price and availability
iLoud MTM is available from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide at a MSRP of $/€349.99* each or $/€699.99* per pair.
*All prices excluding taxes
For more information, please visit: www.iloudmtm.com

To see it in action, visit: www.iloudmtm.com/video
<![CDATA[Renaissance for Repro-1]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/renaissance-for-repro-1 Wed, 17 Jul 2019 17:34:30 GMT


Renaissance for Repro-1



128 millennial sounds for Repro-1 by The Unfinished


This soundset was partly inspired by a series of futuristic racing games (“Wipeout”) which were chock full of classic tracks by the likes of Orbital, The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, Sasha, The Prodigy, Fluke, Photek and Future Sound of London.


Renaissance is a fond tribute to an era of dance music that was a formative part of the author’s musical heritage. Although unashamedly nostalgic for that late ’90s / early millennial vibe, to add further colour it also dips its toes into Berlin School and Synthwave.


Taking full advantage of Repro-1’s stellar analogue modelling, flexible sequencer and lush effects, Renaissance focuses on punchy low end, crunchy leads, hard-driven riffs and basslines.


30 €


Get Renaissance



<![CDATA[Puremagnetik Releases Fathoms - Spectral Ambient Processor]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/puremagnetik-releases-fathoms---spectral-ambient-processor Wed, 17 Jul 2019 17:31:23 GMT


Puremagnetik Releases Fathoms - Spectral Ambient Processor




Fathoms is an ambient processor that can turn anything into a glacial soundscape, harmonic drone or endless pitch-shifted space. It spectrally processes incoming audio and routes it through a resonating, physically modeled space. Within the defined dimensions, it can pitch shift and send audio through a complex delay matrix. The sound can be further augmented through filtering, spectral freezing and amplitude modulation. You can dive into deep sound design or simply use Fathoms as a reverb effect.

Spectral Pitch Processor
Fathoms spectrally analyses all incoming audio so that you can pitch shift or freeze it.

Tone sculpt the post-processed audio with simultaneous high and low, Moog style ladder filters.

Delay Matrix
Pre-reverb, all audio is sent through a delay matrix with amplitude modulation and feedback controls. The amplitude modulation is a variable random amount (adjustable with "Swell") to give the effect a sense of natural modulation before it is routed into the resonant reverb.

Fathoms is currently offered as part of Puremagnetik's Spark subscription for $8 per month. After one month it will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

Minimum Requirements
• OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
• Audio Units or VST compatible audio host

Video: https://youtu.be/vzUnGRfS-D0
Learn more: https://puremagnetik.com/fathoms

<![CDATA[Freedom Of Movement For Guitarists And Bassists From Sennheiser]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/freedom-of-movement-for-guitarists-and-bassists-from-sennheiser Wed, 17 Jul 2019 17:28:02 GMT


Freedom of movement for guitarists and bassists

XSW-D Pedalboard Set Shipping Now




Wedemark, July 17, 2019 – Sennheiser’s new XSW-D Pedalboard Set is now available and completes the audio specialist’s new XS Wireless Digital series. The Pedalboard Set provides an ideal entry-level wireless system for guitar and bass players. Like all XSW-D sets, it works on 2.4 GHz for worldwide, license-free operation, and comes complete with a transmitter, pedalboard-style receiver with guitar tuning function, instrument cable, belt clip as well as powering and charging accessories.


“The Pedalboard Set perfectly rounds off our XS Wireless Digital series, which provides the ideal easy-to-use solution for first-time wireless users,” said Tobias von Allwörden, Head of A/V Portfolio Management. “It is a perfect choice for guitarists and bassist wishing to integrate their wireless solution into their pedalboard.”


The XSW-D Pedalboard Set gives guitarists and bassists freedom of movement for their performance


An instant connection

The XSW-D transmitter plugs directly into your instrument. For those who find that the transmitter gets in the way of their style of playing, or when the shape of the guitar does not allow direct connection, the transmitter can be linked to the guitar or bass with the included instrument cable and worn on the belt. The receiver, which is additionally fitted with a guitar tuning function, can be accommodated in and powered by the pedalboard. As an alternative, it can be powered by the included power supply unit.


The XSW-D instrument transmitter plugs directly into your guitar or bass or can be connected via an instrument cable and worn on the belt


Once the receiver is powered, it will automatically search for the transmitter. With a brief press of the button on the transmitter, the two are linked and you’re ready for the gig.


Tuning in to great sound

By pressing the receiver's foot switch, you can mute audio transmission and enable the instrument tuner. Thanks to clear white-on-black letters, the display is easy to read even in dim lighting conditions. When tuning is completed, simply hit the foot switch again to reactivate audio.


Hitting the foot switch on the pedalboard receiver activates the guitar tuner


The transmitter has a battery life of around 5 hours, and can simply be recharged from the powered receiver during pauses in use.

The receiver is fitted with a balanced XLR audio output and an unbalanced jack output for connection to the amp or the mixing desk. Up to five XSW-D systems can be used at the same time, and coloured stickers are included for easier identification.

The XSW-D Pedalboard Set is available now and comes complete with an instrument transmitter (6.3 mm [1/4”] jack), a pedalboard receiver, belt clip, instrument cable (6.3 mm [1/4”] jack), charging cable (USB-A to USB-C), coloured identification stickers, and a receiver power supply. All items can also be ordered separately.

The Pedalboard Set retails at EUR399 / GBP339 / USD399.95 (MSRP including VAT).


XSW-D technical data

Frequency range: 2,000 – 2,483.5 MHz
Transmission power (EIRP): max. 10 mW
Modulation: GFSK with TDMA
Codec: aptX® Live
Audio frequency response: 10 – 18,000 Hz
Audio ouput: max. 12 dBU
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 106 dB
THD: < 0.1 %
Audio latency: < 4 ms
Battery pack: Li-Ion, 3.7 V nominal voltage, 850 mAh cell capacity
Operating time: up to 5 h
Charging time: typ. 3 h
Input voltage of USB-C charging interface: typ 5.0 V
Charging temperature: 0 °C – 60 °C (32 °F – 140 °F)
XSW-D INSTRUMENT TX: approx. 122 x 24 x 28 mm
XSW-D PEDALBOARD RX: approx. 130 x 82 x 51 mm

Sennheiser's Product Page Link
<![CDATA[EVH Introduces New Guitars And Amps - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/evh-introduces-new-guitars-and-amps---summer-namm-2019 Wed, 17 Jul 2019 17:18:38 GMT





Scottsdale, Ariz. (July 17, 2019) – EVH® is proud to present the all-new 5150® Series Standard and Deluxe guitar models, an all-new Limited Edition Wolfgang® Special Ash, stylish new finish for the Wolfgang® WG Standard and a pair of all-new 50W EL34 combo amp offerings. 



Engineered for speed, comfort and full-throttle attitude, the reimagined 5150® Series Standard and 5150® Series Deluxe guitar models are iconic blasts from the past that blend both throwback and modernized features.


Like its predecessor, the 5150 models feature a modified Strat®-style basswood body with a deeper upper body curve. The graphite reinforced bolt-on quartersawn maple neck features a comfortable modified “C” profile, hand-rubbed urethane back finish and heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel. Built for smooth and speedy playability, the 12”-16” compound radius fingerboard has 22 jumbo frets and dot inlays.


The 5150 guitars are outfitted with dual EVH Wolfgang® humbucking pickups, controlled by a quick access three-way toggle on the lower bout. The custom designed Wolfgang alnico 2 humbucker bridge pickup delivers the perfect amount of punch and articulation with sweet sustain and thick chunky rhythms in a perfectly balanced EQ curve. The EVH Wolfgang humbucker neck pickup serves up no-nonsense overdrive and endless sustain without skimping on articulate cleans when the volume is rolled down. A high-friction tone knob provides unmatched tonal performance, while the custom designed EVH-branded low friction volume knob creates even-volume tapering for the smoothest volume swells.


Decked out with a “dive-bomb” certified EVH-branded top-mount Floyd Rose® bridge, each locking nut tailpiece features fine tuners and a patented EVH D-Tuna® for switching back and forth from drop-D to standard tuning in an instant.


A high-octane, high performance axe, the 5150 Standard boasts battle-ready style in either a Matte Army Drab, Rocket Red or Satin Primer Gray finish with a maple fingerboard, while the 5150 Deluxe is sure to stun with a rippling quilt maple top that is elegantly dressed in Tobacco Burst or Transparent Blue Burst with an ebony fingerboard. All finishes feature matching “hockey stick” headstocks with an EVH® logo decal and chrome hardware.





Road-tested in arenas around the world, the Limited Edition Wolfgang® Special Ash is a purebred music-making machine, designed with stunning style, giant sound and high-speed playability.


This limited edition model features a new ash body with an arched top and a robust graphite-reinforced bolt-on quartersawn maple neck, carved and rolled to Eddie Van Halen’s exacting specifications and with a hand-rubbed urethane back finish. Primed for high performance, energetic riffing and blazing leads, its 12”-16” compound radius ebony fingerboard has 22 jumbo frets and pearloid dot inlays. Truss rod adjustments have also never been easier thanks to a spoke wheel conveniently located at the base of the neck.


A pair of flagship custom designed EVH® Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbucking pickups are mounted directly to the body, providing dynamic yet articulate voicing, as well as endless sustain for powerful chords and melody lines. A sturdy and dependable EVH-branded Floyd Rose® locking trem and locking nut work in tandem for precise tuning even with extreme changes in pitch, while the EVH D-Tuna® retunes to drop-D and back with strict accuracy at the flick of a finger. A low-friction volume control allows for smooth swells, while a high-friction tone control prevents accidental tone shifting.


Spotlight-ready, the Limited Edition Wolfgang Special Ash is offered in a striking Natural finish with a matching headstock, attractive single-ply black body binding and black hardware.

The affordably priced Wolfgang® WG Standard gets a new show-stopping Gold Top finish with black headstock and black hardware.


Offering many of the blazing features as its more expensive brethren, the Wolfgang WG Standard has a basswood body with special “comfort cut” forearm contour for maximum playing ease, along with attractive masked-off natural body binding. Its bolt-on maple neck with graphite reinforcement rods hold strong against the ravages of temperature and humidity, while a conveniently located spoke wheel at the base of the neck makes for quick and painless truss rod adjustments. Designed for comfortable playability and speed, the Wolfgang WG Standard also features an oiled neck back finish and a 12”-16” compound radius maple fingerboard with rolled edges, 22 jumbo frets and black dot inlays.


Dual EVH® Wolfgang humbucking pickups mounted directly to the body increase resonance transfer, resulting in sustain for days on end. Two black speed control knobs have been dialed-in to Van Halen’s exacting specifications—the smooth-feeling 500k pots make it easy to find a unique sound while retaining the crisp high-end sparkle of the Wolfgang pickups. The EVH-branded Floyd Rose® Special bridge and R2 locking nut consistently keep the guitar in tune.




The all-new EVH® 5150III® 50W EL34 1x12 Combo and EVH® 5150III® 50W EL34 2x12 Combo deliver signature harmonic overtones with increased dynamic compression and saturation to evoke a more modern “British” sound, all with the sustain and versatility expected from an amp bearing Eddie Van Halen’s name.


Designed with flexible and independent dual-concentric controls that allow for gain and volume level matching, these 50-watt tube combo amps boasts three channels for any playing style—sparkly cleans, tight crunch or soulful leads.


Delivering a full-spectrum of tone, channel one features pristine cleans and compressed tone, channel two kicks in with overdrive and heavy gain and channel three oozes with liquid distortion. Channels one and two each have dual concentric gain/volume controls, with shared EQ (low, mid, high). Channel three has its own gain, volume and EQ (low, mid, high) controls. All three channels also have global presence, resonance and reverb controls.


Loaded with either a single 12” custom special designed EVH Celestion® speaker in the EL34 1x12 Combo or a pair of 12” custom special designed EVH Celestion® speakers in the EL34 2x12 Combo, these combo amps also have seven JJ ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes, two JJ EL34 power tubes and front-panel adjustable power output from 50 watts down to one watt.


Other premium features include an ultra-high-gain preamp design custom-voiced for maximum output, single instrument input, rear-panel selectable output impedance (4, 8 or 16 ohms) with a pair of parallel speaker outputs, rear-panel MIDI input and preamp output, rear-panel effects loop and headphone jack (mutes power amp), and a four-button footswitch that controls reverb plus all three channels for easy onstage switching.


The cabinet is constructed out of birch with special internal baffling for tight and increased bass response. Sporting a slick black and gold striped motif on the control panel, these combo amps are finished off with black vintage-style chicken knobs, red LED jewel indicator, molded black plastic top handle and pop-out casters. A high-quality fitted cover is available as an EVH accessory.




For more information, please visit evhgear.com




ABOUT EVH®: Two of the most important and recognizable names in rock ‘n’ roll joined forces in 2005 to develop and launch the EVH brand of guitars, amplifiers and musical products. Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen combines more than 35 years of unparalleled instinct and innovation in instrument and amp design with the expertise of the craftsmen and engineers at Fender® to create some of the highest quality, best sounding and most durable musical instrument products available today.


EVH brand products are the embodiment of Eddie Van Halen’s legendary sound crafting abilities created in partnership with Fender, one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Notable products include EVH 5150III® amplifiers and cabinets, Frankenstein™ replica guitar, Striped Series and Wolfgang® guitars in addition to high-quality EVH guitar and amp accessories. For more information, visitwww.evhgear.com.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth D1


ABOUT FENDER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION: Since 1946, Fender® has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends.



<![CDATA[Gretsch Announces New Electromatic And Limited Edition Models - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gretsch-announces-new-electromatic-and-limited-edition-models---summer-namm-2019 Wed, 17 Jul 2019 17:07:18 GMT





Scottsdale, Ariz. (July 17, 2019) – Gretsch® today announces new Electromatic® Double Jet™, Electromatic® Center Block and limited edition Electromatic® Hollow Bodymodels, as well as the G2622TG-P90 Limited Edition Streamliner™ Center Block P90 with Bigsby® and Gold Hardware and G5021E Limited Edition Rancher™ Penguin™ Parlor.


The G5232T Electromatic® Double Jet™ FT with Bigsby® captures essential Jet power and fidelity at a great price.


Classic Jet tone begins with a double-cut chambered mahogany body with arched maple top that produces full lows and mids with a well-defined, yet smooth high end. The result is a strong and balanced acoustic foundation fit for a variety of tones. The mahogany neck and laurel fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and pearloid Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays are the ideal surface for endless rock ‘n’ roll riffing.


New Black Top Filter’Tron™ pickups in the bridge and neck amplify and accentuate the chambered body to produce a wide, balanced and transparent tone. Loud and punchy, this Jet sounds out with remarkable definition at any level of gain.


Spotlight-ready in either Casino Gold, Dark Cherry Metallic, Midnight Sapphire or Tahiti Red, the G5232T also features an anchored Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, Bigsby® B50 tailpiece, aged white body binding with multi-ply purfling, silver pickguard, silver pickup bezels and chrome hardware.



Alive and loud, our popular G5622T Electromatic® Center Block Double-Cut with Bigsby® has been refreshed with new pickups and finishes. 


The G5622T features a double-cutaway maple body with chambered spruce center block for dynamic resonance, high gain power and lightweight comfort. Designed for comfortable playability, the lower set maple neck features a laurel fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and pearloid Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays.


New Black Top Broad’Tron™ humbucking pickups in the bridge and neck deliver chiming highs with dynamic and articulate tone for enhanced sonic punch. Sonic power can be flexibly harnessed with a versatile control layout consisting of a master volume control with treble bleed circuit, master tone, bridge and neck pickup volume controls and three-position pickup toggle switch.


Other fine features include an anchored Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, Bigsby® B70 vibrato tailpiece for added shimmer, Graph Tech® NuBone® nut and G-arrow knobs.


The G5622T dons multiple show-stopping finishes including Aspen Green, Dark Cherry Metallic or Georgia Green with silver pickguard and silver pickup bezels, as well as Imperial Stain or Orange Stain with gold pickguard and gold pickup bezels. All colors feature nickel hardware.  


A new offering for lefties, the G5622LH Electromatic® Center Block Double-Cut with V-Stoptail sports a double-cutaway maple body with chambered spruce center block for dynamic resonance, high gain power and lightweight comfort.


New dual Black Top Broad’Tron™ humbucking pickups deliver chiming highs with dynamic and articulate tone for enhanced sonic punch. Its sonic power is harnessed with a versatile control layout consisting of a master volume control with treble bleed circuit, master tone, bridge and neck pickup volume controls and three-position pickup toggle switch.


Other features include an anchored Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, V-Stoptail, Graph Tech® NuBone® nut and G-arrow knobs.


This lefty model comes in a lush Georgia Green finish adorned with silver pickguard, aged white body binding with multi-ply purfling and nickel hardware.





Boasting thundering twang, the G5420TG Limited Edition Electromatic® ’50s Hollow Body Single-Cut with Bigsby® pays homage to the cherished Gretsch hollow bodies of the mid-1950s.


The arched maple top features sound-post bracing and oversized F-holes for renowned acoustic breadth, while the maple neck with rosewood fingerboard is the ideal surface to fly through classic licks with ease.


Dual Black Top Filter’Tron™ pickups create a thundering, versatile sonic palette that can cover a versatile range of classic jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll tones. Authentic sounds are within reach with a flexible control layout consisting of master volume with treble bleed circuit, master tone, bridge and neck pickup volume controls and three-position pickup toggle switch.


The G5420TG also offers a secured Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, Graph Tech® NuBone® nut, G-arrow knobs and Bigsby® B60G tailpiece.


Serving up classic twang and thump like no other, the G5420TG is available in a classic Black finish with an early-’50s enlarged headstock, pearloid Hump Block inlays, tortoise pickguard with matching pickup inserts and gold hardware.





The G5422TG Limited Edition Electromatic® Hollow Body Double-Cut with Bigsby® and Gold Hardware has a thinner, fully hollow build with a true Filter’Tron™ tone that captures resonant hollow body sound with a chiming voice.


The arched maple top features sound-post bracing and oversized F-holes for increased acoustic projection, while the smooth maple neck hosts a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and pearloid Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays.


From jazz to blues to British Invasion tones, dual Black Top Filter’Tron™ pickups create an ideal, versatile sonic palette radiating bright, warm tones with distinctive punch. Tone is customizable with a flexible and upgraded control layout consisting of master volume with treble bleed circuit, master tone, bridge and neck pickup volume controls and three-position pickup toggle switch.


A rare bird, the G5422TG is dressed to impress in a limited edition Midnight Sapphire finish with other fine classic vintage Gretsch appointments including aged white body binding and multi-ply purfling, gold pickguard, vintage-style open back tuning machines, gold hardware, secured Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, Graph Tech® NuBone® nut, stylish G-arrow knobs and Bigsby® B60G vibrato tailpiece.




Available in a stunning Candy Apple Red satin finish, the impressively affordable G2622TG-P90 Streamliner™ Center Block P90 with Bigsby® and Gold Hardware is designed for three simple things — high gain-friendly performance, slick, easy playability and spectacular style.


Tone from the G2622TG-P90 is the perfect blend of brash and brawn with a chambered spruce center block driven to the limit by dual P90 pickups. The single-coil P90 Soap Bar pickups offer up a more transparent tone than a traditional humbucker, while retaining a thick midrange for a unique, muscular voice.


The lightweight spruce center block runs the length of the body, reinforcing the top while eliminating undesired feedback for volume-friendly performance on modern stages. The gold Bigsby®-licensed B70 vibrato tailpiece adds shimmer and expression to playing.


Easy to play while rocking out, the G2622TG-P90 is a phenomenal instrument for the modern musician who wants to control the stage and the audience while standing out from the pack.




One of the most fabulous Gretsch birds ever to take flight, the G5021E Limited Edition Rancher™ Penguin™ Parlor in a majestic Midnight Sapphire finish with gold hardware delivers classic Penguin style and appointments in a richly resonant parlor-size acoustic guitar.


The Fishman® Presys III pickup/preamp system provides a modern sonic complement to classic touches including a solid spruce top with maple back and sides, gold sparkle neck and body binding, Neo-Classic™ thumbnail inlays, gold plexi pickguard, “vertical wing” Gretsch headstock logo and much more.


For more information about these new models, please visit gretschguitars.com





ABOUT GRETSCH®: With roots in the past while maintaining an eye to the future—from the cavernous clubs of Liverpool to the main stages of festivals around the world, Gretsch has been the voice of inspiration, personal expression and musical invention. It’s no accident that the sound of a Gretsch has been heard loud and proud on some of the most pivotal recordings ever created. The instrument of choice for musical revolutionaries due to their rich, full sound, smooth playability and boldly classic visual style, Gretsch and rock ‘n’ roll have been—and always will be—inseparable partners.

Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1020


ABOUT FENDER® MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION: Since 1946, Fender® has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends.

<![CDATA[Dwarfcraft Devices Brings Back The SheFuzz]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/dwarfcraft-devices-brings-back-the-shefuzz Tue, 16 Jul 2019 16:57:59 GMT


Dwarfcraft Devices Brings back the SheFuzz


Eau Claire, WI – July 8, 2019 – Dwarfcraft is bringing back another old friend. The SheFuzz is a wild fuzz, much loved by guitarists like Wata from Boris. SheFuzz is ready to work for anyone looking for a rough and tumble new sound or some intense, noisy exploration. SheFuzz (the pedal) will be followed closely by the SheFuzz zine and mixtape! 10% of proceeds from all SheFuzz projects will be donated to fund abortions where they are most needed. These are limited to 50 units, hand-printed by Pinebox Customs. They will go up for sale on July 23, 2019 at dwarfcraft.com and select retailers.


  • Grinding fuzz with short to medium decay
  • Vintage tinged octave up sounds activated by toggle
  • Power starve activated by toggle switch or momentary foot-switch
  • Bizarre compression effects via toggle
  • Gate control varies decay time in all settings, changes oscillation pitch in starved settings
  • 125B size enclosure
  • Runs on the industry standard 9v DC power supply
  • True Bypass switching
  • MSRP $179


Watch the demo here: https://youtu.be/y4qtStTPk0A




                                             *                  *                *                 *


Zealously commanded by Ben and Louise Hinz, Dwarfcraft Devices has been fighting the good fight since 2007.  They are on an endless quest for new sounds, good beer, and hugs.






<![CDATA[One Control Introduces BJF-S66 Compact Amp Head]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/one-control-introduces-bjf-s66-compact-amp-head Tue, 16 Jul 2019 16:52:46 GMT


One Control Introduces BJF-S66 Compact Amp Head




June 21, 2019 – Japanese switcher and effect pedal company One Control, in collaboration with renowned electronics designer Björn Juhl, has introduced its first ever guitar amp head: the BJF-S66.


Over the past few decades, Juhl has crafted and designed amplifiers for famous players and studio performers all over the world, but the price points of his hand-made amplifiers have put them out of reach of the majority of guitarists. The BJF-S66 makes Bjorn's designs attainable for players on any budget.


For the BJF-S66, Juhl identified the legendary American black-face amps built in the mid-1960's as the basis for his tonal palette. These amps have long been celebrated as great "plug & play" amplifiers, as well as fantastic pedal platforms for guitarists who enjoy having a lot of tonal variety at their feet.


BJF-S66 uses an extremely efficient Class D power amp design, and the preamp is a discrete, solid-state all analog signal path for pure tone.


The ultra compact BJF-S66 features 2 channels - rhythm and lead, with adjustable lead boost - plus 3-band EQ controls, a bright switch, channel-specific reverb level and decay controls, and tremolo controls.


On the rear panel, you'll find an Effects Loop Send/Return, Preamp Out, Speaker Out and footswitch inputs. Channel select, FX loop (on/off), and tremolo (on/off) are all optionally controllable via footswitch, either separately or using the custom FS-P3 3-way footswitch (sold separately).


The BJF-S66 can drive speakers from 4 ohms to 16 ohms. Power output: 100W @ 4 Ohms / 66W @ 8 ohm / 30W @ 16ohm.


With modern design and build techniques, the BJF-S66 captures the essence of that famed mid-60's sound, while being small and light enough to fit into a gig bag and robust enough to handle the rigors of the road.


Street: $599 USD  



<![CDATA[Slate Digital Introduces Smoothinator ]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/slate-digital-introduces-smoothinator Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:51:48 GMT



Slate Digital Introduces Smoothinator 





Everyone loves brittle, cold, harsh tracks.

There’s nothing better than listening to a vocal that has so much fizzy overtones that it rips into your eardrums like a razor blade.

However, if you are some kind of odd duck that does NOT enjoy harsh tracks, I have good news for you.

Smoothinator is a new featured plugin preset for the Kilohearts Multipass that will make your tracks smooth and silky just like Mom used to make them. And it is super easy to use! 

Check out the video where I walk you through this fantastic new processor.

Smoothinator can be found in the Slate Sigital preset folder of the Kilohearts “Multipass” custom multiband plugin. 




<![CDATA[Drum Channel Introduces $3.99/Month Entertainment Membership]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/drum-channel-introduces-3.99month-entertainment-membership Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:46:05 GMT


Drum Channel Introduces $3.99/Month Entertainment Membership.


Leading drum education and entertainment content provider, Drum Channel, has introduced a new membership tier that allows members to view DC’s entire library of new and previously produced shows and events for $3.99 (USD) per month. The highly-affordable DC “Entertainment” membership provides access to hours of Drum Channel’s most popular and exclusive programming, including “The Chad Smith Show”, Terry Bozzio’s “The Art Of Drumming” and “DC Live” as well as interviews, concerts and more.


“While our premium membership is perfect for serious players who want to work on improving their drumming skills, many drummers— as well as fans and other musicians— just want to watch performances and interviews of their favorite players,” explains Drum Channel founder, Don Lombardi. “Our new ‘Entertainment’ membership offers unlimited access to hundreds of videos with the world’s best drummers that you won’t find on YouTube… or anywhere else.”


Sign-up and learn more today at www.drumchannel.com/entertainment.




<![CDATA[Gibson New ‘Vintage Reissue,’ ‘Brite Wire’ And ‘Acoustic’ String Collections Premiere Worldwide - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gibson--new-vintage-reissue-brite-wire-and-acoustic-string-collections-premiere-worldwide Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:43:36 GMT


New ‘Vintage Reissue,’ ‘Brite Wire’ And ‘Acoustic’ String Collections Premiere Worldwide
Factory Spec, High-Quality String Line Developed And Tested By Gibson Master Luthiers
Strings engineered and inspired by our new Original, Modern, and Acoustic Collections.
NASHVILLE, TN (July 16, 2019) The energy continues to build around the revitalizedGibson, who has been synonymous with creating, shaping and inspiring sound across generations of artists and multiple genres of music for the past 125 years. By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into the innovative future, Gibson has set the stage for the next era of essential gear that Gibson guitarists covet. After several rounds of experimental development, Gibson is pleased to announce that today, July 16 it will launch three new ranges of guitar strings to players worldwide.
Recognizing the large demand for top quality strings that are fitted to all Gibsoninstruments produced in Nashville and Bozeman, Gibson will now offer three lines of ‘Factory spec’ strings. With its new Vintage Reissue Guitar Strings, Brite Wire ‘Reinforced’ Electric Guitar Strings and Acoustic Guitar Strings, Gibson has players around the world covered from the beginner to collector. Developed and tested by our team of Master Luthiers, these strings are the exact same as those used in production since the launch of the new Original and Modern Collections, including new Gibson acoustic guitars, and are the best possible strings to adorn a Gibson guitar.
“I am very excited to bring these unique Gibson Factory spec strings to guitarists around the world,” said Jim De Cola, Master Luthier of Gibson Brands. “Guitar fans now have access to Strings that meet the Gibson standards of quality and sound for their guitar collection.”
Gibson Vintage Reissue Guitar Strings:
The Gibson Golden Era continues with the Gibson Vintage Reissue Guitar Strings, which are perfect for those players looking for a vintage vibe and sound. The strings are crafted exactly the way they were in the 50’s and are made from the purest nickel wrapand finest quality core wire. Vintage Reissues are wound at the perfect speed under optimal conditions to ensure long-lasting quality and the coveted true vintage tone thatGibson engineered in the 50’s in Kalamazoo, MI which has shaped sound and music for decades.
Gibson Brite Wire ‘Reinforced’ Electric Guitar Strings:
Already loved by fans and artists around the world, Gibson Brite Wire ‘Reinforced’ Electric Guitar Strings adorn every electric guitar built in our Gibson USA facility inNashville, TN. Precision-wound and with a nickel-plated high strength carbon core, Brite Wires are the best performing strings for your electric guitar collection.
Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings:
Loved by our acoustic fans and artists around the world, Gibson Acoustic Guitar Stringsare outfitted on every acoustic guitar built in our Bozeman, MT facility. With high-frequency clarity, perfectly balanced tone, and long-lasting performance, Gibson Acoustic Guitar Strings are the best-sounding strings for your acoustic guitar.
The re-energized Gibson brand is delivering compelling, relevant and loved guitars, gear and accessories with a renewed commitment from all of the Gibson Artists.
For more information on Gibson, visit:
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger andGibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands.Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 623
<![CDATA[The Drum & Bass Club]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/the-drum--bass-club Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:38:11 GMT



It’s new release day and this week we’ve got The Drum & Bass Club, a meticulous collection of DnB beats, rhythms, synths and grunt.

Zenhiser Pack: The Drum & Bass Club

Price: $60.00 AUD

Direct Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/the-drum-n-bass-club-samples-sounds.html



<![CDATA[Electro Harmonix Introduce New Clip On Tuner - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/electro-harmonix-introduce-new-clip-on-tuner---summer-namm-2019 Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:36:31 GMT




Summer NAMM Show, Nashville, TN, July 18, 2019: The new Electro-Harmonix Clip On Tuner provides a compact and convenient tuning device for musicians with a broad range of tuning modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele C and D. It features:


  • A bright, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Tuning range: A0 (27.5Hz)~C8 (4186.0Hz)
  • A4: 430Hz~450Hz
  • Flat tuning: ♭, ♭♭
  • No-mar pads
  • Power: 3V CR2032 battery (included)



The Electro-Harmonix Clip On Tuner is shipping now and features a U.S.A. street price of $15.00




Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1035



<![CDATA[Cort’s Little CJ Series Offers Compact Acoustics With Uncompromising Sound]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/corts-little-cj-series-offers-compact-acoustics-with-uncompromising-sound Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:30:56 GMT


Cort’s Little CJ Series Offers Compact Acoustics with Uncompromising Sound



SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA— As interest in smaller-sized acoustic guitars continues to grow, Cort introduces the Little CJ Series to meet the desires and needs of modern players. Designed with classic and premium features in a compact package, the Little CJ does not compromise in sound or playability. Players with a smaller physique or those simply looking for an extremely portable option will find that the Little CJ is a high-quality instrument that’s made for years of musical enjoyment.  


When downsizing a guitar, compromises are inherent in volume, pitch stability, and bass response. To enhance these critical areas of overall performance, Cort thoughtfully chose materials and design components, starting with the Little CJ’s ¾ jumbo body. An arched back has been implemented to improve tactile response and to provide a fuller and richer sound that's often lacking in shorter-scale guitars. The mahogany back and sides provide a bright, yet natural tone with a strong and warm midrange. This wood choice is complemented by a solid Sitka spruce top, which provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, and has a versatile sonic character that’s suitable for a variety of genres and playing styles. The 20-fret mahogany neck with ovangkol fretboard furthers this guitar’s adaptability.  


The Little CJ has a 597 mm (23.5’’) scale length that provides enhanced playability for guitar players with small hands and physique. The comfortable V-neck shape is commonly used on downsized acoustics and is easier for smaller hands to grasp and maneuver. Cort’s exclusive scooped surface bridge enhances sustain with greater string angle from the saddle to the body while reducing tension on the strings across the neck for less finger fatigue and improved comfort. The nut width is a standard 43 mm (1 11/16’’).


Small in stature but fully stage ready, the Little CJ has a Fishman Presys II Preamp with 2-band equalization, built-in tuner and a phase switch for effective tone shaping and noiseless operation during live performances. Vintage and relatively lightweight open gear tuners (18:1 tuning ratio) on the specially sized headstock help make the tuning process a breeze.


The Little CJ is available in three attractive wood options — mahogany, blackwood and walnut — each with black binding and white purfling. A gig bag is included.


Learn more about the Little CJ and other recent additions to Cort’s collection at www.cortguitars.com.


MSRP $599.99 USD




About Cort Guitars

Cort designs, manufactures and delivers some of the finest guitars and basses to musicians and music enthusiasts all around the world. Over the past 50 years, the company has worked with some of the largest and most well-recognized guitar companies in the industry, as well as artists of international recognition. Cort remains focused on providing instruments that will last generations with the best workmanship possible, the best materials and components, and the best service long after the instruments have been purchased. For more information, visit www.cortguitars.com.



<![CDATA[Source Audio Introduces The C4 Synth, A Eurorack Modular Synth In A Pedal For Guitar And Bass]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/source-audio-introduces-the-c4-synth-a-eurorack-modular-synth-in-a-pedal-for-guitar-and-bass Tue, 16 Jul 2019 14:26:57 GMT


 Source Audio Introduces the C4 Synth, A Eurorack Modular Synth in a Pedal for Guitar and Bass.


Boston, MA - Source Audio, creators of the extremely popular Nemesis Delay and Ventris Dual Reverb, are releasing the C4 Synth, a four-voiced synthesizer pedal for guitar and bass. The C4 Synth unites all the sound creation tools of a classic Eurorack modular synthesizer and packages them in a compact and easy-to-use effects pedal. Out of the box, the C4 features six dynamic synth effects, with unprecedented tracking abilities, and lightning-fast response. For those looking beyond the six onboard effects, the Neuro Desktop Editor (a free download for Mac and Windows) and Neuro Mobile App (free for iPhone and Android) offer a diverse library of presets created by the the Source Audio team as well as the ever-growing C4 Neuro community. 
"Synth pedals need lots of different sounds, because personal taste is everything in this space," says Source Audio President Roger Smith.  "Most synth pedals have a relatively narrow range of sounds - that is not enough. The C4 has over 120 presets today, and we estimate it will grow to 1000 a month from now. Our innovation with this pedal is not just flexible sound creation tools - more importantly, it is the simple means by which any user can browse and play the library of sounds, burn a handful of favorites directly to the pedal, and then bring them to their next gig in a small, simple to use package. No other synth pedal in history offers this." 
Burning presets to the C4 Synth is a straight-forward process. The C4 connects to the Neuro Editor via the pedal's mini USB port or the Neuro Mobile App via the phone's headphone jack and Input 2 on the pedal. Once connected, musicians can easily browse presets on the pedal for testing. Favorite presets can then be saved with a single click to one of C4's six toggle switch positions or 128 MIDI accessible positions. It's a fun process that allows users to create the perfect synth pedal for their needs.

-C4 Synth logo designed by Jamie Bulmer
On the surface, the C4 features a simple 4-knob control panel (two of the knobs are dual-function) that includes Input Level, Envelope Sensitivity, Wet/Dry Mix, Master Output Level, and two knobs labeled "Control 1" and "Control 2" that adjust different parameters depending on the preset. The C4 comes pre-loaded with six dynamic synth presets that range fromvintage analog to the thoroughly modern. The pedal also includes powerful 56-bit signal processing, a compact anodized aluminum housing, stereo inputs and outputs, and a mini USB port that receives MIDI messages from DAW (digital audio workstation) software as well as external MIDI controllers with USB host support. The C4 can also receive MIDI CC messages when connected to the Neuro Hub (also sold by Source Audio).

For those who wish to explore the deep editing abilities of the C4, the Neuro Desktop Editor and Neuro Mobile App offer a comprehensive set of modular synth inspired sound sculpting tools. The Sound Editor includes four assignable voices, three oscillator wave shapes (sine, square, saw), ten-plus envelope followers, twenty-plus modulating filters, distortion, tremolo, pitch shifting, intelligent harmonization, FM synthesis, two programmable sequencers and more. After dialing in a sound users can either burn the preset directly to any of the pedal's 6 toggle switch positions (and 128 MIDI accessible positions) or publish the preset for other C4 owners to try.

While still developing the C4, Source Audio tried something unique by releasing fifty limited-edition, hand-painted C4 Synths to the public. With nearly no promotion the fifty units sold out in minutes. "We wanted to get the C4 in the hands of some highly motivated users," said Smith. "We knew this especially engaged group would give us some excellent feedback and create a swath of awesome presets for the official release." The result is a large and growing collection of thoroughly compelling user presets.

Reaction to the C4 from this core group of limited-edition owners was outstanding. Simon Francis (bassist for Ellie Goulding & Kylie Minogue) said, "The C4 brings a depth of sound and a responsive feel/tracking that I have not encountered before. Its compact form factor coupled with an editor that deftly balances simplicity with deep sound design possibilities makes this a game changer." Jason Richards (session guitarist and Ableton programmer) said, "The C4 is everything I didn't know I needed in a synth pedal. Finding the perfect synth engine has a been a long search for me, and the intuitive hardware layout with software integration makes this pedal far beyond anything else in that family of gear." 
The Official Source Audio C4 Synth Demo Video
Nathan Navarro Demos the C4 Synth on Bass
The street price of the C4 Synth is $239.  For more info and a list of authorized dealers, visit www.sourceaudio.net or call Source Audio directly at 781.932.8080 (ext. 206).
In 2006, Source Audio released its flagship product, the Hot Hand Motion-Sensing Ring. Since that time, Source Audio's delay, EQ, distortion, filter, modulation, reverb, and Hot Hand products have found their way onto the stages and recordings of David Bowie, David Gilmour, John Mayer, Aerosmith, Phish, King Crimson, My Morning Jacket, The Cure, and Victor Wooten to name a few. Source Audio was also recognized through multiple awards from Premier Guitar, Guitar Player, Sound on Sound, Guitar World, Bass Player, and Electronic Musician Magazines.
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Gibson Foundation Re-Launches Worldwide
Dendy Jarrett Appointed To Executive Director
NASHVILLE, TN (Tuesday, July 16, 2019) For 125 years, Gibson has been creating, shaping, and inspiring sound across all generations, genders and genres of music. Gibson is proud to announce the re-launch of the Gibson Foundation--a 501(c)3) committed to introduce, inspire and amplify the power of music--and the appointment of Dendy Jarrett to Executive Director, Gibson Foundation.
Since 2002, the Gibson Foundation has provided thousands of guitars and donations in excess of $30 million. Working directly with partner affiliations to drive future action, the goal of the Gibson Foundation is to make music matter to more people across the globe, one guitar at a time. Gibson will also engage with their artists and various industry partners to support and grow music culture by ensuring that guitarists and guitars remain a driving force in music forever.   
As a starting point, Gibson have committed to giving a guitar-a-day away over the next 1000 days. 100% of donations to the Gibson Foundation go directly towards giving the gift of music, re-affirming Gibson’s commitment to giving back, empowering music culture and encouraging the creation of music.
“The Gibson Foundation is core to our past, present, and future,” says James ‘JC’ Curleigh, President and CEO of Gibson. “The combination of a new foundation mission, amazing foundation partners, and new foundation leadership with Dendy sets us up to make a meaningful impact in the world of music going forward.”  
The Gibson Foundation works directly with strategic partner affiliations to fund and deliver direct support to music development programs. This includes legacy partners likeNotes for Notes, The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum™, The Grammy Foundation and MusiCares, as well as new organizations, to help achieve their mission. “We’re so very grateful to the Gibson Foundation for the Gibson Guitars provided today for our newest studio location,” expressed Philip Gilley, CEO and Director, Notes For Notes.
In his new role, the 30-year music industry veteran Jarrett--who joins the Gibson Foundation from Harmony Central--will bring his passion for creating, sharing, and supporting music to the new Gibson era. Jarrett will join the Gibson team in their Nashville-based headquarters and will report to the newly formed Foundation Board. 
“The power of music has enriched every part of my life,” explains Dendy Jarrett. “To be able to create music programs and share the gift of music on a worldwide scale through the Gibson Foundation is a lifelong dream.”
For more information and to donate to the Gibson Foundation,
Pictured above: Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director, Gibson Foundation
For more information on Gibson, visit:
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger andGibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands.Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook andInstagram.
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Supro brings back the Silverwood guitar



July 15, 2019 (Port Jefferson Station, NY) – The Supro Silverwood is a high-performance recreation of the instrument referred to as “Supro’s Finest Electric” when it was introduced in the 1960 catalog. In keeping with the flagship mentality embodied in the original model, the new Silverwood is constructed with select tone woods, ergonomic body contours and premium hardware. The 2019 Supro Silverwood is offered with a choice of transparent finishes over a mahogany or ash body with a glued-in, set-neck joint for superior stability and easy access to the upper frets. The 24 ¾”-scale maple neck has a smooth black satin finish on the back and Pau Ferro fretboard on top, with matching headstock, body and neck binding for maximum player comfort. The Silverwood’s authentic Supro Gold Foil pickups provide high-output, broadband, single-coil tone with extremely low noise—offering up a sonic palette that covers a wide range of rock, blues, funk and R&B styles.


Multi-instrumentalist Johnnie Luca rocks the Silverwood on “Wash My Supro"


Originally referred to as “Clear Tone” pickups when they were introduced by Supro in the mid 50s, the Gold Foil pickups found in the Silverwood guitar deliver hi-fidelity articulation at all frequencies, letting the character of the wood and the musician’s hands shine through. 50’s wiring on the Volume and Tone controls allow the player to use the volume knob without losing the top-end sparkle of the pickups, even when playing quietly. Every element of the Silverwood guitar has been carefully considered and selected to achieve world-class performance, while retaining the vibe of the mid-century American classic that set the standard for Supro electric guitars.



This top-of-the-line Supro model was later adopted by Mississippi-born Chicago bluesman Jimmy Reed, the legendary American blues artist whose songs have been covered by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Etta James and the Grateful Dead.







1296 Silverwood Specifications:

• Ash or mahogany body

• Set neck with black satin finish

• 2x Supro Gold Foil pickups

• 24.75″ scale length

• Pau Ferro fretboard

• Block acrylic inlays





The Silverwood is available now from Supro dealers everywhere. The Daphne Blue and Ash Natural versions are priced at $899 USD, and the Mahogany versions in British Racing Green and Transparent Red are $849.


Official product page: https://suprousa.com/silverwood/


 Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 1353



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Recording Academy™ Producers & Engineers Wing® to Present Panel at Summer NAMM Show in Nashville
"The Road to Great Recordings: Meeting Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles" will take place on Friday, July 19, 2019, at 1 p.m.
Santa Monica, Calif. (July 15, 2019) — At the upcoming Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, the Recording Academy™ Producers & Engineers Wing® will host a timely and informative panel on Friday, July 19, 2019, at 1 p.m., titled "The Road to Great Recordings: Meeting Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles" (Music City Center, Level 3, Hall C, 153).   
Panelists will include Leslie Richter (engineer; Ben Folds, Dierks Bentley, Kings of Leon) and Dave Way (GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer; Christina Aguilera, Fiona Apple, Ziggy Marley), with additional panelist TBA. Shannon Sanders (GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer/composer/arranger; India.Arie, Jonny Lang, John Legend, Robert Randolph) will serve as moderator. GRAMMY-nominated engineer/producer Jeff Balding, known for his work with a wide array of music icons including Don Henley/The Eagles, Taylor Swift, Maren Morris and Megadeth, helped organize the panel and hand-selected the panelists and moderator.  
Balding remarks, "The P&E Wing has made its Summer NAMM panel an annual event. We view it as a great opportunity to share perspectives and knowledge straight from some of the most successful Nashville-based producers and engineers working today. This year's offering has the subtitle 'Meeting Challenges, Overcoming Obstacles,' and attendees will get an informative and entertaining look at the different ways these studio professionals approach problem-solving and new technologies."  
Sanders adds, "This is an opportunity for producers and engineers to 'talk shop' and exchange stories, methods and unique practices with each other and with attendees. I find that everyone does things a little bit differently, and the most interesting conversations between producers and engineers are when they can compare approaches and share fresh techniques. I am really looking forward to getting deep with these panelists and discussing what works for them in overcoming obstacles on projects, whether it's budgetary concerns, problems with personnel, things not quite 'gelling' in the moment—even though the clock is ticking— and any number of other issues. I have always said that producers and engineers should strive to be excellent problem-solvers, and that's what this panel is going to explore in detail."
The Recording Academy represents the voices of performers, songwriters, producers, engineers, and all musicprofessionals. Dedicated to ensuring the recording arts remain a thriving part of our shared cultural heritage, the Academy honors music's history while investing in its future through the GRAMMY Museum®, advocates on behalf of music creators, supports music people in times of need through MusiCares®, and celebrates artistic excellence through the GRAMMY Awards—music's only peer-recognized accolade and highest achievement. As the world's leading society of music professionals, we work year-round to foster a more inspiring world for creators.  
For more information about the Academy and its Producers & Engineers Wing, please visit www.grammy.com. For breaking news and exclusive content, follow @RecordingAcad on Twitter, "like" Recording Academy on Facebook, and join the Recording Academy's social communities on Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube
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Breedlove Releases New Tenor Ukulele Body Shape


Professional Sound, Design and Playability Inspired by Kim Breedlove’s Original Tenor Ukulele Design



Bend, OR (July, 2019) - Kim Breedlove was always at his best when he was designing and handcrafting stringed instruments. From walking and exploring the koa forests of Hawaii - to his home workshop in Bend, Oregon where he experimented with nuances in ukulele body design - the ukulele was one of Kim’s true passions.


We have combined Kim’s original tenor body shape with his adoration for Myrtlewood – a tonewood he discovered decades ago growing on the Oregon Pacific Coast - which results in vibrantly stunning tonal energy which delivers more sound than traditional koa ukuleles. For 2019, Breedlove is excited to introduce this new tenor body shape in our Lu’au Ukulele collection. Crafted with Kim’s body design and stunning Oregon Myrtlewood.


About Oregon Myrtlewood: The Tonewood Story Rosewood. Mahogany. Maple. Cedar. Koa. Myrtlewood. As they used to sing on Sesame Street, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong … “ The rest are on the list of common and well-loved musical tonewoods. You probably have some guitars made out them sitting in a case or on a stand nearby. Maybe one’s in your lap right now. But myrtlewood does indeed belong. As Breedlove has discovered, the species— specifically Oregon Myrtlewood, virtually from Bend’s backyard—makes an excellent choice for guitars, even an inspiring one, with a sound as unique and identifiable as a fingerprint. Read more: https://bit.ly/2G4mtI6 






Since 1990, Breedlove Guitars has been rooted in the small mountain town of Bend, Oregon. We chose to live close to nature with an emphasis on outdoor recreation, strong community, a love of music, environmental awareness and an appreciation for all things created by skilled craftsmen. We’ve been crafting guitars in Bend for a long time now, and we are happy to call it home. Our MISSION is simple: to provide the player with the best sounding, best playing, most enjoyable acoustic guitar possible. Visit us at www.breedloveguitars.com



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BOSS Unveils RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station


Song-Based Looper and Smart Rhythm Machine for Modern Music Creators



Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2019 — BOSS introduces the RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station, the latest addition to its long-running family of Loop Station products. Combining song-based looping, organic rhythms, and class-leading sound in a compact package, the RC-10R gives musicians an expressive new tool for developing ideas and making stage performances more dynamic and compelling.


Designed for in-the-moment music creation, the RC-10R brings loops and rhythms together in a powerful, interactive way. The rhythms feature song structures with separate parts, and the two-track loop engine works in a serial fashion that's perfectly synced to the rhythm. This enables users to capture independent song sections, each with their own unique rhythmic backing. Two fill variations bring natural energy to loop transitions, while intro/ending fills bookend pieces in an organic way.


Equipped with over 280 built-in rhythms, the RC-10R supports nearly any musical style. Users can also import their own SMF rhythms and store them in 50 onboard locations. With 16 different kits, any groove can be instantly transformed from heavy rock to light percussion and everything in-between.


While the RC-10R’s loop and rhythm engines work together in complete harmony, they also work equally well apart. It's possible to build two independent loops with no rhythmic backing, or use the RC-10R as a foot-operated drum machine with real-time control over song sections and fills.


The RC-10R features interactive displays and multi-function controls for standalone operation, plus 99 phrase memories for storing loop/rhythm combinations. Two footswitches or an expression pedal can be connected for expanded control, and full MIDI I/O is also provided on space-saving mini TRS jacks.


With the RC-10R’s configurable dual outputs, users can send loops and rhythms to separate amp systems if desired. Unique tone filters are also available to optimize the input and/or rhythm sound for amplification through a single system.


The BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station will be available for $299.99 (U.S. street) at authorized BOSS retailers in the U.S. To learn more, visit www.boss.info.





About BOSS

BOSS, a division of Roland Corporation, has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes amps, compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders, rhythm machines, metronomes, tuners, vocal products, and more. For more information, visit Boss.info.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 821



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BOSS Unveils SY-1 Synthesizer Pedal


Authentic BOSS Guitar Synthesizer Technology in a Ready-to-Play Compact Pedal



Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2019 — With the SY-1 Synthesizer, BOSS brings their latest guitar synth technology to the iconic compact pedal lineup. Equipped with a powerful polyphonic engine, the SY-1 delivers 121 ultra-responsive synth sounds, all ready to play with no programming knowledge needed. Offering easy connectivity via a standard 1/4-inch cable, this versatile pedal makes it simple for any guitarist or bassist to incorporate an authentic BOSS synth into their music.


Backed by advanced tech first developed for the SY-300, the SY-1 packs a wide range of analog-style synth sounds in a pedalboard-friendly size. Leads, pads, organs, basses, and more are included, plus a variety of sound effects and rhythmic synth patterns. Sounds are organized into 11 different types, with 11 variations in each.


Thanks to custom DSP and the latest BOSS innovations, the SY-1 offers latency-free performance for a natural and organic playing experience. Tone/Rate and Depth knobs provide quick adjustment of synth voices, including changing the pitch on some sounds. And with a rear-panel switch, the input circuitry can be instantly optimized for either guitar or bass.


Like any BOSS compact, the SY-1 excels in a typical serial pedal chain. But with the send/return loop and dedicated mix controls, it’s also possible to blend one or more pedals in parallel with the SY-1’s synth voices. The send jack functions as a direct out too, letting a player to route synth and guitar sounds to separate destinations.


The SY-1 offers a numbers of ways to make synth performances more dynamic and expressive. Holding the pedal switch sustains the last-played synth sound, perfect for jamming regular guitar over the top. Users can also connect an external footswitch for tap tempo and octave-shift effects, or plug in an expression pedal for continuous Tone/Rate control.


The BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer will be available for $199.99 (U.S. street) at authorized BOSS retailers in the U.S. To learn more, visit www.boss.info.







About BOSS

BOSS, a division of Roland Corporation, has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes amps, compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders, rhythm machines, metronomes, tuners, vocal products, and more. For more information, visit Boss.info.


Summer NAMM 2019 Booth 821



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Waves Audio and Abbey Road Studios Introduce the Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin, Powered by Waves Nx Technology
— Now, you can produce and mix as if you were inside the Abbey Road Studio 3 Control Room – and hear your music the way the world’s greatest musicians and producers have heard theirs —
KNOXVILLE, TN, July 10, 2019Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and leading maker of audio plugins for mixing, music production, mastering, sound design, broadcast, post-production and live sound, introduces the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, created in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios and powered by Waves Nx immersive audio technology. 
The Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin brings the impeccable acoustics of the legendary Abbey Road Studio 3 Control Room to any set of headphones. For the first time ever, thanks to Waves’ Nx technology, the complete acoustic response of Abbey Road Studio 3, a perfect music mixing room, has been captured for immersive use on headphones. 
The Studio 3 control room is Abbey Road’s flagship mix room, designed by the world’s greatest acousticians to provide the ultimate music production and mixing environment. This unique control room is home to music’s greatest legends. From modern classics by Radiohead, Amy Winehouse and Kanye West, to contemporary mixes of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, to number-one chart toppers by Frank Ocean, Brockhampton and Florence + the Machine: all were recorded, mixed and perfected at Abbey Road Studio 3. 
The Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin brings the perfect acoustics of the Studio 3 control room into your headphones – in glorious three-dimensional sound, powered by Waves’ pioneering Nx technology for immersive 3D audio. This unique plugin, used with any set of headphones, gives you the same stellar audio qualities that make Studio 3 the world’s best studio control room. Now, you can produce and mix as if you were inside Abbey Road Studio 3 – and hear your music the way the world’s greatest musicians and producers heard theirs, with:
  • The same supreme clarity of stereo and surround image.
  • The same acoustic response that unveils every detail in your sessions.
  • The same combination of impeccable room acoustics and state-of-the-art near-field, mid-field and far-field speakers.
  • The same well-balanced sustain across the entire frequency spectrum — the hallmark of expertly treated rooms.
  • The same accurate low-end sustain — notoriously difficult to achieve on headphones. 
With Abbey Road Studio 3 inside your headphones, you can now trust your headphone mixes like never before, and you can produce and mix with greater confidence:
  • You have the ultimate reference environment for your headphone mixes.
  • You can better predict how your headphone productions will translate to speaker systems of all types.
  • You can hear true-to-life spatial depth on your headphones, with the same detail and panoramic sound image you would hear sitting in the sweet spot of Studio 3.
  • You can reliably mix the low end on headphones.  
In addition, this plugin also delivers full 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, modeled after the studio’s original surround setup. You can mix professionally for surround – on any set of stereo headphones. 
Abbey Road Studio 3 is useful in a wide range of scenarios in which many producers and mixers often find themselves:
  • If you’re on the go, you can take Abbey Road Studio 3 with you.
  • If you don’t have a perfectly treated mix room – now you do.
  • If you do have a great room – now you have the world’s best room for more reliable reference.
  • If you collaborate on music with others – now you all have the same acoustic environment to refer to when sending mixes back and forth.
  • If you need to start a 5.1 or 7.1 mix workflow in your DAW without having access to a full set of surround speakers, or if you need to create a 5.1 or 7.1 premix before going into a surround sound mix studio for final tweaks – now you can do so on headphones. 
Mirek Stiles, Head of Audio Products at Abbey Road says: “Abbey Road has historically been very protective of the acoustic properties of its studios for software emulations, and the Studio 3 control room is no exception. After speaking with Yoni Zlotkin (Waves Product Manager) and the Waves team at length over many months, I began to feel more confident these guys had some groundbreaking theories on how such a sensitive task could be realized. Not everything worked first time and we went back to the drawing board on a few occasions. Our breakthrough moment was when Giles Martin came into the Studio 3 control room with some Universal Music executives and we did a playback. The positive reaction from all in the room was immediate and confirmed our suspicions we had created something special and unique. This plugin was probably the most challenging yet and I’m extremely grateful to the Abbey Road engineers for their feedback and input, and to the talented, resilient and patient team at Waves Audio. I hope this plugin inspires music creators worldwide to realize their visions with more confidence than ever before.” 
Mick Olesh, Waves EVP of Sales & Marketing, comments, “The Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 marks a pivotal point in the prolific cooperation between Waves Audio and Abbey Road, which began in 2011. This plugin is not only a technical breakthrough, it faithfully mirrors Waves’ ongoing commitment to serve our user base, by offering them tools that augment and enrich their workflow and especially their creative options. With the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, we have managed to overcome a common yet critical missing factor for many engineers, producers and musicians: not only the ability to obtain a professional-sounding work environment, but easy and affordable access to one of the best-sounding rooms in the world.”  
With the world’s most famous sound studio, right inside your headphones and in immersive 3D audio, you now have the perfect place to produce and mix – anywhere, anytime. No matter how good or bad your current mixing and music production environment is, having Abbey Road Studio 3 to reference your sessions will take your work to the next level. 
Abbey Road Studio 3 features:
  • The acoustics of Abbey Road Studio 3 – in immersive 3D audio over any set of headphones
  • Precision modeling of Abbey Road Studio 3’s stereo and surround soundstage
  • Hear your music the way Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Frank Ocean and Kanye West heard theirs
  • Choose from Studio 3’s three sets of stereo speaker setups: near-field, mid-field, far-field
  • Mix 5.1 and 7.1 surround reliably on your stereo headphones 
  • High-precision head tracking for enhanced realism
  • Personalized head anatomy calibration
  • Headphone EQ calibration for popular headphone models
  • SoundGrid-compatible; for SoundGrid-powered performance, you can offload the plugin’s processing to a SoundGrid server 
Interface for Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (stereo) 
Interface for Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (5.1) 
Interface for Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (7.1)     
About Abbey Road Studios
Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studio in the world and a global music icon.
Home to countless landmark recordings and pioneering advances in recording technology, the legendary studio complex has a phenomenal history spanning over 86 years, encompassing celebrated work by many of the world’s most famous recording artists including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Oasis, Radiohead, Sam Smith,Florence + The Machine, Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, Nile Rodgers, Lady Gaga,Frank Ocean, Brockhampton and Adele
Since the score for Raiders of The Lost Ark was recorded at the studios in 1980, Abbey Road has developed into one of the world’s premier destinations for movie scoring. Blockbuster films such as The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Skyfall, most of theHarry Potter series and the Oscar-winning Gravity feature scores recorded here, while recent projects include Black Panther, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and the multi award winning The Shape of Water. Additionally, a number of high-profile video games such as Halo 5 and Call of Duty have recorded in-game music at Abbey Road Studios. 
In Spring 2017, in the biggest transformation since opening in 1931, Abbey Road launched two new contemporary studios - The Gatehouse and The Front Room - making the magic of Abbey Road accessible to a whole new generation of recording artist.  The new studios have already played host to artists from James Bay, Jess Glynne, George Ezra, The 1975 and Skrillex to legends like Nile Rodgers and Noel Gallagher plus grime MCs Novelist and Jammer BBK. A new Dolby Atmos Premier accredited Mix Stage also opened in 2017 making Abbey Road the only facility in the UK to offer both scoring and film sound post production, with recent projects including Tim Burton’s much anticipated live action Dumbo and Josie Rourke’s Mary Queen of Scots
Symbolic of the new era, in March 2018, Abbey Road appointed multiple Grammy Award winning producer, guitarist, arranger and composer Nile Rodgers (of The CHIC Organization) to the specially created role of Chief Creative Advisor. The new role sees Nile establish Abbey Road Studios as his primary creative base in the UK and serve as the Studios’ global ambassador within the artist and creative community.  
The studios house a number of state-of-the-art mastering suites. Recent projects mastered or re-mastered by Abbey Road’s award-winning engineers include music fromThe Beatles, Sam Smith, Sade, Abba, Krept & Konan, Graham Coxon, Dido, The Police, Goat Girl, Johnny Marr, Roxy Music, New Order, Frank Turner, Rita Ora,Queen, Brian Eno, The Rolling Stones and Novelist’s Mercury Prize nominated debut. 
Abbey Road Studios is accessible no matter where an artist is located, offering online mixing and mastering, audio products for professional and home studio music producers and live concert recording.  
In 2016, Abbey Road launched Abbey Road Red, Europe’s first music-focused technology incubator which supports the endeavours of entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. Inspired by the original in-house Record Engineering Development Department of the 1950s to 1970s, the programme is now expanding with in-house R&D activities within the music creation space, including explorations in spatial audio. 
The Abbey Road Institute is another new initiative, offering vocational diplomas in music production and audio engineering to students at the studio complex in London and state of the art facilities in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Sydney. 
Finally, the Abbey Road Shop, located next door, sells exclusive gifts and souvenirs to the 300,000+ music fans who make a pilgrimage to the zebra crossing each year and write on the wall outside the studios.  
Abbey Road Studios is part of Universal Music Group, the world leader in music-based entertainment.
About Waves Audio Ltd.:
Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio DSP solutions for the professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Since its start in the early '90s with the introduction of the Q10 equalizer plugin, Waves has gone on to develop a comprehensive line of over 150 audio plugins, including industry standards like the L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, popular vintage console models, and innovative mixing tools like Vocal Rider and the Artist Signature Series. For its accomplishments, Waves received a Technical GRAMMY® Award in 2011, and the Q10 was selected as an inductee into the TECnology Hall of Fame. In 2016, Waves released the eMotion LV1 mixer, a revolutionary live digital mixing console that provides real-time audio mixing for front-of-house, monitor, studio and broadcast engineers. Waves technologies are now used to improve sound quality in virtually every sector of the audio market, from recording, mixing, mastering and post-production to broadcast, live sound, and consumer electronics. Waves has over 25 years of expertise in the development of psychoacoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge of human auditory perception to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of hit records, major motion pictures, and top-selling video games worldwide. Waves offers computer software and hardware-plus-software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. The company’s WavesLive division is a market leader in all live sound sectors, spearheading the development of solutions for all live platforms. Under its Maxx brand, Waves offers semiconductor and licensable algorithms for consumer electronics applications. Waves technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders such as Dell, Google, Fitbit, Acer, Asus, Hisense and more.

All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Waves. 
<![CDATA[Celestion Adds The New BN10-200X To Their Line Of Bass Impulse Responses ]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/celestion-adds-the-new-bn10-200x-to-their-line-of-bass-impulse-responses Wed, 10 Jul 2019 14:28:44 GMT


Celestion Adds the New BN10-200X to Their Line of Bass Impulse Responses  


New Digitally Downloadable Bass IR Delivers Rich Bass Tone with Powerful Low-End Thump 



Ipswich, UK (July 10, 2019) — Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers whose classic guitar tones have made the company famous as the voice of rock and roll, is pleased to add the popular BN10-200X bass speaker to their impressive line of Bass Impulse Responses. The new Bass IRs, along with the complete collection of other genuine Celestion guitar speaker tones, is available for audition and download at CelestionPlus.

Knowing that not every player wants a super-clean, high-fidelity bass sound, Celestion used their unrivalled knowledge of neodymium motor structures to design and build the 10-inch BN10-200X bass speaker to be characterised by extended low-end tone and extreme amounts of linear excursion. Light in weight but not in performance, the BN10-200X delivers a rich bass tone with a powerful low-end punch, and is ideal for high-powered rock performances that require a full-bodied warm, defined bass tone. Now the popular BN10-200X has been accurately replicated as a digital impulse response. Using the same meticulous recording techniques used for Celestion’s entire huge range of guitar speaker impulse responses, the company’s expert sound engineers have made the Celestion BN10-200X bass impulse response available in a 2×10 (closed) and 4×10 (closed) cabinet configurations or as a BN10-200X Bass Bundle. The BN10-200X Bass Bundle, includes both the 2×10 and 4×10 cabinet configurations and the addition of ‘Playing Style’ mixes – enhanced for a variety of different playing techniques, including Finger basic, Finger warmth detail, Plectrum (Pick) basic, Plectrum (Pick) aggressive and Slap.

The BN10-200X single cabinets can also be included in a Pick & Mix selection. The Pick & Mix option allows customers to select combinations of either 3 or 5 cabinets from the company’s full range of original IRs, offering flexibility in building a personal IR library at a significant savings compared to purchasing individual IRs.
Each of the new bass speaker impulse responses are downloaded in .WAV format for compatibility with most DAWs, IR plug-ins and amp modelling software.
The new  BN10-200X Impulse Responses join other Bass IRs including the BN15-300X,PULSE10, PULSE12 and PULSE15, as well as all the other genuine Celestion acclaimed guitar speaker Impulse Responses such as the:  A-TypeCelestion BlueCelestion Cream, Celestion Gold, Classic Lead 80, Heritage G12H 55Hz, Heritage G12M, G12 EVH, G12K-100, G12-35XC,G12T-75,  G12-50GL Lynchback,   G12-H150 Redback, G12M Greenback, G12M-65 Creamback,G12M-75 Creamback, G12H Anniversary, G12-65, Neo Creamback, V-TypeVintage 30 and other models.
About Celestion Impulse Responses 
Celestion IRs, which capture the essential behavior of the cabinet in the specific space in which it was recorded, including the frequency and phase response of single drivers as well as the interaction of multiple speakers, offer the user significant benefits. In both recording and live production, Celestion IRs enable the desired tone to be precisely and consistently reproduced regardless of the music recording or live sound environment. And IR users can escape the limitations of a single mic and cabinet setup and explore a universe of possibilities to create the perfect tone. Once you find a tone that you love, it can be precisely recreated, in the studio or on the road, time after time. And the IRs allow Celestion customers to audition specific models before purchasing one or more physical speakers.
Celestion IR digital downloads are available in uncompressed, industry standard .WAV format at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz sample rates at 24 bit depth, in lengths of 200 and 500 milliseconds Once the files are downloaded and unzipped, users simply load the IRs into a convolution plug-in in their DAW or into other processing hardware. These formats will work in all known hardware capable of loading IRs, and for the most popular hardware Celestion have already grouped together the correct formats. Guitar processor manufacturers supported include (but are not limited to) Atomic Amps, Fractal Audio Systems, Kemper, Line 6, Logidy, Positive Grid, Two Notes, Headrush and Yamaha. The Celestion IR files may be downloaded in the sample rate and length appropriate for the hardware being used or as a complete package of all rates and lengths. Certain third party hardware requires the files to be converted into a proprietary format before use.
Celestion Plus.
About Celestion and Celestion Guitar Speakers
An important element to essential British guitar tone since the birth of Rock & Roll, Celestion Guitar Speakers are famous for their lively and vocal midrange character with plenty of sparkle and chime. With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar and bass loudspeakers, and high-quality professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over. Contact Celestion at: info@celestion.com and visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/celestion.
<![CDATA[Zenhiser Releases Circuits - Techno]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/zenhiser-releases-circuits---techno Tue, 9 Jul 2019 15:12:53 GMT




It’s new release day and this week we’ve got Circuits - Techno, taking producers Techno tracks to new limits.

Zenhiser Pack: Circuits - Techno

Price: $60.00 AUD

Direct Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/circuits-techno-samples.html



<![CDATA[e-instruments Introduce Vibrant Electric Piano Suite For HALion]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/e-instruments-introduce-vibrant-electric-piano-suite-for-halion Tue, 9 Jul 2019 14:43:09 GMT


e-instruments introduce Vibrant Electric Piano Suite For HALion


Discover the ultimate suite of iconic electric pianos: Vibrant brings the warm, vintage, soulful sound of the Rhodes Stage Mark I, the Rhodes Suitcase, the Wurlitzer 200 A and the Hohner Clavinet D6 together in one authentic, accessible plug-in for Steinberg HALion and HALion Sonic.




e-instruments lab GmbH; Hamburg, 9th July, 2019: Introducing e-instruments Vibrant, an authentic and accessible instrument for HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and the free HALion Sonic SE 3 which brings the legendary Rhodes Stage Mark I, Rhodes Suitcase, Wurlitzer 200A and Hohner Clavinet D6 electric pianos together in one beautifully-sampled package. With 24 GB of samples (12 GB lossless compressed) and 40 presets for different genres, you can add truly iconic sounds of vintage soul to your music.


HALion Powered Interface

Perfectly integrated with Cubase but equally usable on any other DAW, Vibrant has a clean, intuitive interface, enabling musicians to switch easily and without distraction between almost every vintage electric piano sound you could think of. Enjoy the authentic evocative sound of world-class electronic keyboards, all in one place.

The Fantastic Four

At the heart of Vibrant are four great sounding classic electric pianos;

  • Rhodes Stage Mark I - From Lounge to Fusion, from Jazz to Electro: across the genres the Stage Mark I ‘s unique sound is instantly recognisable, with its clear, bell-like character and smooth tone producing everything from mellow soundscapes to barking riffs. 
  • Rhodes Suitcase - Nothing embodies the evolution of the electric piano better than the 1973 Suitcase: a killer package of keyboard, amp and speakers. 
  • Wurlitzer 200 A - The Wurli is the sound of some of the most iconic hits of the last few decades and helped define the very characteristics of Fusion, Disco, Funk, and Pop. 
  • Hohner Clavinet  - One of the most sought-after vintage keyboards, the Clavinet is an unmistakable sound on countless classic recordings from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin, its punchy, percussive feel lending itself perfectly to every genre.


Availability and Prices:

Vibrant Electric Piano Suite for HALion is now available in the online shop of e-instruments at the introductory price of 99 € / 99 $. Ends July 31st 2019. Normally priced at 129 €/ 129 $





  • Size: 24 GB (Download size: 12 GB lossless compressed)
  • 24-Bit, 44,1 kHz
  • Requires the HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 or the free HALion Sonic SE 3


Further product information, audio demos and videos: 


Vibrant product page




<![CDATA[sE Electronics Announces New V PACKS For Drums]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/se-electronics-announces-new-v-packs-for-drums Tue, 9 Jul 2019 14:41:03 GMT


sE Electronics Announces New V PACKS for Drums
July 9th, 2019 – At the Winter NAMM Show in January 2019, sE Electronics introduced the V SERIES for drums, consisting of the V KICK, V BEAT, and V CLAMP. Since their introduction, they have already been seen on stage with artists including Chris Stapleton, In Flames, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, The Wailers, Big Sean, and many others. New for Summer 2019, sE has announced special bundles of these mics, called the V PACKS.

The V PACK ARENA is sE’s top of the line drum pack, consisting of one V KICK for bass drum, three V BEATS and V CLAMPS for toms, one V7 X for snare, and a factory-matched stereo pair of sE8 condensers for overheads. All mics and their accessories come securely packaged inside a robust and distinctive sE flight case, with an empty space included to accommodate a hi-hat microphone. The V PACK ARENA retails for $1199 USD MSRP ($999 USD MAP) and is now shipping worldwide.

The V PACK CLUB is designed for more minimal drum mic requirements, and configuration and pricing may vary from country to country. For more information, sE recommends contacting a local authorized sE distributor or reseller.

For more on the new V PACKS and V SERIES drum microphones from sE Electronics, please visit: http://seelectronics.com




- - - -

Founded in 2000, sE Electronics is a manufacturer of high-end studio & stage microphones and accessories used by some of the world’s biggest artists, the inventor of the industry-standard Reflexion Filter® Pro, and the only company to develop a microphone series with audio legend Mr. Rupert Neve. By dedicating their resources to hand-crafting their equipment with excellence and care, sE seeks to blur the line between “affordable” and “professional”, bringing a higher standard of recording and performance quality to all.

<![CDATA[Alesis Announces Strike Amp 12 Powered Drum Amplifier]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/alesis-announces-strike-amp-12-powered-drum-amplifier Tue, 9 Jul 2019 14:36:44 GMT




2000-watt electronic drum amplifier has powerful 12-inch woofer and horn-loaded tweeter for amazing clarity and punch, plus all the inputs and controls required by the most demanding musician.



Cumberland, RI USA (July 9, 2019)—Alesis (alesis.com), the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and components for today's musicians, today announced their new Strike Amp 12 powered drum amplifier for use with electronic drum kits. Alesis developed this high-performance drum amplifier because they recognized the need for drummers playing electronic kits to be able to amplify their sound with power and clarity in order to satisfy the sound requirements of any performance or practice scenario.


First and foremost, the Strike Amp 12 delivers great sound, fully in keeping with the Alesis Strike Series drum tradition. Its 2-way design—a specially-voiced, long-excursion 12-inch woofer and a 1- inch high-frequency compression driver in a computer-optimized waveguide—accurately reproduces the kit’s sound with all the clarity and lifelike detail that any drummer would need. But the value and attraction of the Strike Amp 12 doesn’t end there. It has all the hookup versatility needed to meet virtually any use-case scenario, such as (2) XLR/TRS 1⁄4-inch combo inputs with independent volume controls and a special EQ switch to tailor the sound to the drummer’s exact needs.


The thoughtful touches continue with the XLR output that enables the signal to be sent to another Strike Amp 12 for double the output and a lightweight, angled cabinet that can be used in either vertical upright or horizontal tilt-back position. The Strike Amp 12 can even be pole-mounted with its threaded inserts. Regardless of the usage situation, Strike Amp 12 will fit, no problem.



    • 2000 watts of peak power delivers clarity, punch and more than enough headroom for any

      performance or practice space

    • Specially-voiced 12-inch woofer and high frequency compression driver deliver your drum

      sounds with precise, full response across the entire frequency range without any artificial


    • (2) XLR/TRS 1/4-inch combo inputs with independent volume controls and clip indicator

    • XLR output to link another Strike Amp 12 or send your performance to another input device

    • Lightweight and flexible tilt-back cabinet design that can also be pole-mounted

    • Contour EQ switch to control your sound

    • Ground-Lift switch eliminates unwanted noise



“The Alesis Strike Amp 12 gives any drummer playing an electronic kit all the power and clarity they need to project their sound out to even the largest audiences,” said John Emrich, Director of Drum Development for Alesis. “With a full complement of inputs and outputs plus the mounting versatility to fit anywhere, the Strike Amp 12 is going to quickly become an indispensable part of every drummer’s toolkit!”


The Alesis Strike Amp 12 will be available Summer 2019. U.S. pricing is $299.00.







About Alesis

Since the 1985 unveiling of the affordable XT Reverb, Alesis (alesis.com) has led the charge to create inventive electronic products that benefit every stage or studio musician. Alesis innovation continues with electronic percussion, keyboards, monitors, recording gear, amplifiers, as well as professional products based on Bluetooth technology and Apple’s iOS platform. Alesis is a proud member of a premier family of brands known as inMusic (inmusicbrands.com).



<![CDATA[Erica Synths Announces Three New Eurorack Modules And Graphic VCO Firmware Update]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/erica-synths-announces-three-new-eurorack-modules-and-graphic-vco-firmware-update Mon, 8 Jul 2019 15:38:55 GMT


Erica Synths Announces Three New Eurorack Modules and Graphic VCO Firmware Update


Pico LFO/S&H, Pico Mixer and PSU Input Module now shipping; New Graphic VCO firmware update features 'drum' mode'


Riga, Latvia, July 8, 2019 — Erica Synths announces three new Eurorack modules, available immediately. The new modules include two Pico units — an LFO/S&H and Mixer — as well as a new power supply unit (PSU) input module. Additionally, the company announced a firmware update to its Graphic VCO, which adds significant new features requested by customers and also includes minor bug fixes.


Pico LFO/S&H 

Pico LFO/S&H is full analogue modulations source — including both LFO and Sample and Hold —  providing a new dimension of controlled randomness to your modular setup in a small package.


Features of the Pico LFO/S&H include:

  • Full analogue circuit
  • LFO with triangle and square wave outputs
  • Highly stable S&H circuit based on AS1100CK2 IC
  • Input and output protection against over-voltage
  • Protection against reverse PSU connection 


Pico Mixer

Meantime, Pico Mixer is simple 3 channel DC coupled mixer intended to mix audio signals and CV signals in order to obtain more complex modulations. The unit may also serve as a CV and audio attenuator. The Pico Mixer Features:

  • 3 inputs
  • Diode protection against over-voltage


PSU Input Module

If you would like to use rack ears to mount an Erica Synths 84HP enclosure in a studio rack, you may want to access the PSU connection from the front of the case rather than the top side. Then the 4HP PSU connection module is a solution for this.


Recommended retail pricing for each new module is as follows:

  • Pico LFO S&H - 80 EUR (VAT excl.)
  • Pico Mixer  - 50 EUR (VAT excl.)
  • PSU Input Module - 15 EUR (VAT excl.)


New Graphic VCO firmware update

Erica Synths also announces the Graphic VCO firmware 1.1, available by following simple steps here and using the Erica Synths firmware updater app. By updating the firmware, users will be able to access the following new features and upgrades:

  • DRUM mode (allows to use GVCO as a drum voice)
  • Fine tuning
  • Calibration
  • Minor bug fixes





Erica Synths team of visionaries, engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring you modules and instruments that will set your modular system apart from mass in terms of how it sounds, looks and functions.



<![CDATA[Supro Reissues Legendary Ozark Guitar]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/supro-reissues-legendary-ozark-guitar Mon, 8 Jul 2019 15:33:42 GMT


Supro reissues legendary Ozark guitar




July 8, 2019 (Port Jefferson Station, NY) – Supro has recreated one of the most iconic guitars from its long, storied history: the Ozark. Most famous as Jimi Hendrix’s first electric (purchased in about 1959 at Myers Music Shop in Seattle by Jimi’s father Al), the late-50’s Ozark was also renowned as a slide guitar. Historically accurate body dimensions and 25” scale length—as well as the signature pinstripe line art from the original instrument—have all been meticulously recreated in this limited-edition Ozark for 2019.


Slide master Matt Smith wails on the new Supro Ozark


Given the opportunity to re-imagine the Ozark, Supro has taken a number of steps to improve the playability and intonation of the original design while still capturing the sound of this classic American guitar. In the new version, a string-through-body hardtail bridge is mounted directly to the steel control plate, allowing individual intonation of each string while delivering the robust sustain of the original instrument. The new model features a black satin-finished maple neck that is glued into a mahogany body at the 14th fret, preserving the geometry of this iconic guitar while vastly improving its playability and tuning stability. A custom-made Aluma 90 pickup developed for Supro by Lace Music captures the tonal splendor of the original Valco lap steel pickup, while eliminating the physical limitations of the vintage string-through design. The new Ozark delivers unmistakable Supro tone in an instrument that can be set up and intonated like a modern guitar, yet still sounds and feels like a vintage classic.


In order to capture the sonic glory of this WWII-era pickup design, Supro worked with Lace Music to recreate the sought-after tone of the vintage Supro lap steel pickup found on the 1958 Ozark that inspired the new model for 2019. Heard on recordings by Aerosmith, Jackson Browne and Ry Cooder, the ancient, humbucking pickup that was used by Supro for the Ozark guitar of the late 50s was borrowed directly from lap steels going all the way back to the 1940s. This unique pickup was mounted on a large, steel baseplate along with the volume and tone controls and bridge, all integrated into a single assembly. In the 1958 catalog, Supro referred to the pickup on the Ozark as a “powerful Western-Unit” with “extra response that Western Stylists require.” Put more simply, this axe was designed from the start to be a monster slide guitar. The magic of the original Supro lap steel pickup has been harnessed by such artists as David Lindley, Jason Isbell and Blake Mills. 


1261AW Ozark Specifications

•Mahogany body

•Set neck with black satin finish

•Lace Alumitone pickup

•Pau Ferro fretboard

•24.75″ scale length

•Dot inlays



Each Supro Ozark guitar for 2019 is hand-numbered and comes with a signed COA plus a Supro Deluxe Gig Bag. The 2019 Supro Ozark is now available from Supro dealers worldwide for $899 USD.


Official product page: www.suprousa.com/ozark



<![CDATA[TransAudio Group To Showcase New Drawmer 1974 Stereo Parametric EQ And Drawmer 1976 Stereo 3-Band Processor - Summer NAMM 2019]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/transaudio-group-to-showcase-new-drawmer-1974-stereo-parametric-eq-and-drawmer-1976-stereo-3-band-processor---summer-namm-2019 Mon, 8 Jul 2019 15:26:29 GMT






LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JULY 2019: TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of high-end professional audio recording equipment, is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Drawmer 1974 Stereo Parametric EQ and Drawmer 1976 Stereo 3-Band Saturation and Width Processor are now shipping. In addition, both units will be on prominent display at TransAudio Group’s Summer NAMM Booth #220, allowing audio professionals to hear for themselves why these pure analog units are getting so much hype.


“Ivor [Drawmer] and his team have been at the forefront of gorgeous analog signal processing for a long time,” said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “The 1974 Stereo Parametric EQ is a great example of a Drawmer tool that superficially shares functionality with products made by other manufacturers, but that imparts a unique sound using intuitive and unique functionality. At the other end of the spectrum, the 1976 Stereo 3-Band Saturation and Width Processor is unlike anything else on the market. The 1976 is a godsend for anyone who wants to bring their digital tracks to life. If you’ve ever wanted a ‘make-it-awesome’ button on your mixer, the 1976 will do the trick! And it’s also certainly worth mentioning that like all Drawmer products, the 1974 and 1976 are designed and manufactured in the UK.”


The 1974 Stereo Parametric EQ uses one set of controls for both channels via dual-channel precision-stepped potentiometers. It has four bands with features that provide complete equalization control. Variable high pass (10 – 225Hz) and low pass (4kHz – 32kHz) filters let users focus just on the frequency range of the instrument they’re working with. After that, the low and high bands use variable frequency, steepness, and gain settings. The low-mid and high-mid bands provide frequency, bandwidth, and boost/cut controls. All of the 1974’s pots are stepped to make recall and documentation easy and reliable.


The 1976 Stereo 3-Band Saturation and Width Processor includes three identical sections separated by two variable-frequency crossover filters. Within each section, users can dial in a custom degree of saturation, change the volume, and readjust the stereo signal from mono to stereo to wide or anywhere in-between. Three bands of analogue saturation allow users to add warmth and grit only where it’s needed, for example on a bass line or on a shimmery vocal. The width processor will open up the stereo image and provide a more three-dimensional feeling of space and presence. That flexibility, multiplied by the crossover’s ability to define those bands as needed for a given situation, make the Drawmer 1976 a versatile, one-of-a-kind sonic sculpting tool.


Both units are each priced at $999 MAP in the USA.



Drawmer 1974


Drawmer 1976




TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.





<![CDATA[Make Professional Songs Easily: The New Music Maker Is Out]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/make-professional-songs-easily-the-new-music-maker-is-out Fri, 5 Jul 2019 15:18:20 GMT



Make Professional Songs Easily: The New Music Maker is Out!


Thanks to a new, customizable design, optimized arranger and improved MIDI workflows, Music Maker makes it even easier to create songs with real studio sound.


Berlin (Germany), 07/04/2019 – Making Music has never been so easy. MAGIX has made Music Maker even more intuitive so that both new and experienced beat producers can take full advantage of the creative possibilities. The legendary software for loop-based music production now features a new, customizable user interface, an optimized arranger for increased clarity and improved MIDI editing.

"Since the introduction of the free Music Maker in March 2017, we have attracted more than 3 million new users to Music Maker. That's why it was particularly important for us to make workflows more intuitive. With the new Music Maker you can produce your own songs at a professional level in no time at all – with or without prior knowledge," says Matthias Trautwein, Music Maker Product Owner.

New look and customizable interface

The Music Maker is now available in a new modern flat design. Additionally, the program offers a individually customizable user interface. The window layout in the Music Maker can be selected and adjusted to arrange Soundpools, instruments and effects according to personal preference and needs.

Optimized arranger

Thanks to the optimized arranger, loops can now simply be dragged beneath an existing track to create a new track. The track header now includes volume control and can be minimized in size to create even more space in projects.

Even better MIDI editing

Thanks to MIDI optimizations, MIDI devices can be connected to a PC or laptop and melodies can be played on the MIDI keyboard or beats with the drum pad controller in a matter of seconds. Using the MIDI editor, notes can then easily be added, moved or deleted. Music Maker's new Trimming function makes it possible to combine a looped MIDI object into one object. This way, melodies and beats can be adjusted in a song at lightning speed.

New start dialog with tutorials, tips and tricks

The completely redesigned start dialog now includes introductory videos, tutorials as well as valuable tips and tricks in order to help learn Music Maker's functions and workflows even better. Users can expand their knowledge on how to use Soundpools, instruments and effects or how to unlock additional functions and editions from the store – clearly arranged at a glance when starting the program.

Exclusive content starting from the Plus Edition

Plus Edition users benefit from numerous additional Soundpools, features and instrumentswith a total value of over € 260.


Starting with the Premium Edition, all music producers can enjoy exclusive content worth over € 900. The two new coreFX bundles allow control of the finest sound nuances. The bundles contain five mastering and three delay effects, which provide even more possibilities to change the tone of sounds, loops, instruments or vocals. Additionally, Premium users receive the full version of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – a professional audio editor for cutting and editing sounds, loops and audio tracks with high-quality studio effects and for creating seamless transitions without noise. Furthermore, it is possible to create custom samples for use directly in Music Maker.


Preise und Verfügbarkeit:

  • Music Maker – free
  • Music Maker Plus Edition – $59.00 / £49.00
  • Music Maker Premium Edition – $129.00 / £109.00
  • Music Maker Control Edition – $169.00 / £139.00
    (Music Maker Premium Edition + USB-Keyboard)
  • Music Maker Performer Edition – $199.00 / £169.00
    (Music Maker Premium Edition + novation Launchkey Mini)

Find out more at www.magix.com/int/music/music-maker/




MAGIX is an international provider of multimedia software. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers beginners and professional users a technologically advanced and at the same time user-friendly range of products for editing and publishing videos, photos, websites and interactive VR experiences. According to sales figures (Gartner market research), MAGIX sits in the top five successful companies in its sector.

MAGIX see.hear.feel.create

<![CDATA[Vintage Launch Paul Brett Statesboro’ ‘Whisky Sour’ Series Acoustic And Electro-Acoustic Guitars]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/vintage-launch-paul-brett-statesboro-whisky-sour-series-acoustic-and-electro-acoustic-guitars Fri, 5 Jul 2019 15:15:07 GMT


Vintage launch Paul Brett Statesboro’ ‘Whisky Sour’ series acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars. 




There’s an aura of 1930's blues about the new Vintage Statesboro’ Whisky Sour Series of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, designed by English guitarist and blues historian Paul Brett. 


Harken back to the Great Depression era in the USA, when so many classic songs were written about money problems and job losses, on what in reality, were just functional guitars amiss of luxurious appointments like exotic tonewoods, bindings or elaborate inlays. 


The new Vintage Statesboro’ Whisky Sour acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, (available in dreadnought, concert and parlour body sizes) all share the same ‘bluesman on a budget’ theme, looking authentically cool in a satin matt, Whisky Sour finish highlighting the natural grain pattern of the all-mahogany construction and subtle soundhole rosette. 


It’s Paul Brett’s keen eye for design and expertise that’s cleverly created a series of acoustic and electro acoustic guitars, that not only have that ‘feel it in your bones’ innate blues emotion, there’s also a modern approach within playability and sound that amateur and professional players will appreciate. 


The warm, crisp resonant tone of the handpicked mahogany for example and palm friendly neck profiles, smooth frets and a great action, make the Statesboro’ Whisky Sour Series acoustics not merely an emotionally inspiring thrill for blues players, they’re also well-suited to a wide range of playing styles. 


Like all Statesboro’ acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, the parlour model alone has a big sound and is perfect as a travel companion, while both dreadnought and concert models are also available as electro-acoustic guitars with single cutaway bodies and an additional Vintage preamp with controls for volume, bass, middle and treble, phase switch, tuner display and low battery indicator. 




All Vintage Statesboro’ acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars have smooth operative chrome, die-cast tuners, ABS saddles and tech wood bridges for accurate and stable tuning. 


The new Vintage Statesboro’ Whisky Sour Series acoustic and electro acoustic guitars are stylish, loud and lively, with improved performance and qualities than the instruments they are modelled on. With optional electronics, these acoustic guitars are well suited for a host of playing styles….and still wouldn’t look out of place on the porch of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 


Vintage Statesboro Whisky Sour Series Acoustic-Electro Acoustic Guitars.  


Vintage Statesboro Series - Orchestra Whisky Sour 


Vintage Statesboro Series- Dreadnought Whisky Sour 


Vintage Statesboro Series - Parlour Whisky Sour 


Vintage Statesboro Series - Orchestra Electro Whisky Sour 


Vintage Statesboro Series - Dreadnought Electro Whisky Sour 




Vintage Guitars are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHS. 



<![CDATA[Zero-G Announce The Release Of Beat Master]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/zero-g-announce-the-release-of-beat-master Fri, 5 Jul 2019 15:11:25 GMT


Zero-G announce the release of Beat Master – Old Skool Classics Perfect for Groove Junkies – with a 20% intro offer until 19th July get it for £36.95+vat/€39.95+vat/$47.95!!




If you love beats, breaks and drum loops, Beat Master is for you! It’s packed full with 4,000 sliced loops, ranging from old skoolclassics, abstract beats, EDM to funk and urban and much more - it has the lot and it’s highly addictive!


Create unique drumloops ‘on the fly’. You might have a blank canvas or need to add a loop to your current project, Beat Master quickly initiates inspiration and within minutes you will have exactly what you need! With a huge selection of included genres, it has something for everyone and the ability to manipulate the loops in to something new, makes this incredible Kontakt instrument infinite!


Simply load Beat Master in to Kontakt and open one of the 14 NKI presets and from there you can browse through the huge selection of 4000 beats, breaks and loops. Tempo is instantly synced with your DAW! This is when the fun starts! Once you have chosen a loop, you can then manipulate it to create something truly exciting and unique! Beat Master also comes with a full FX rack with over 100 convolution reverbs, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, overdrive and amp simulators that allow you to completely change sound of the drumloop!



  • 4000 loops and 3GB of 44.1KHz compressed samples.
  • Fourteen nki patches covering a huge range of styles and tempos.
  • Independent control of random, reverse, tune, volume, attack, stretch, zigzag, pan, feel, speed, octave and part parameters of each slice.
  • User-friendly interface equipped with a complete FX rack.
  • Drag and drop MIDI to DAW function.
  • Synchronization to host tempo.
  • Real time change of tuning and phrases with key switches.


For full product details please visit: https://www.timespace.com/products/zero-g-beat-master





A little bit about Zero-G…… 

During the early 90's Time+Space rapidly became the largest distributor of soundware in the UK and Zero-G one of the most critically acclaimed sound developer brands in the world.


Zero-G's fanaticism for creating and presenting sounds in ways that will inspire fresh creativity has always spawned sample libraries that help musicians, producers and consumers to create cutting edge music of the highest quality, individuality and integrity.


<![CDATA[Singular Sound Introduces New Looper Pedal: The Aeros Loop Studio]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/singular-sound-introduces-new-looper-pedal-the-aeros-loop-studio Fri, 5 Jul 2019 14:59:23 GMT


Singular Sound Introduces New Looper Pedal: The Aeros Loop Studio



The latest pedal from Singular Sound promises to redefine what people expect from a looper pedal just like the BeatBuddy redefined what was possible for drum machines.


About the Aeros Loop Studio

The Aeros Loop Studio is a 6 track, stereo looper pedal with touch enabled screen, hands-free mixing, and simultaneous parallel and sequential looping. It goes beyond what’s expected of a looper pedal and blurs the line between looper and audio workstation.


Featuring the ability to create more than 36 unique loops per song, add unlimited overdubs for each loop, and record up to 48 hours (when using an SD Card), your creativity will never be limited.


Additionally, with the built in hands-free mixer, and ability to save/export songs, you’ll be able to save and share your best loops and upload them for your fans.


With its small form factor (at just under 8” wide and 5.6” deep), you’ll be able to add powerful looper functionality to any pedalboard. 


Singular Sound is taking pre-orders for the Aeros Loop Studio with the pre-order price at $590, and deliveries starting in September. Visit the Singular Sound Online Store to learn more and get yours.


Aeros Looper Pedal Full Spec Sheet

  • Quantize your tracks in any time signature or play in freeform mode
  • 6 parallel tracks and 6 song parts for a total of 36 distinct loops per song and in an industry first, simultaneous parallel and sequential looping
  • Unlimited overdubs enable you to create layers and depth in your loops without worrying about restrictions
  • Save your loops and performances with the USB port or an SD card
  • 3 hours mono, 1.5 hours stereo recording time using internal storage and up to 48 hours storage when using an SD card
  • 32-bit floating point, 24-bit recording circuitry, professional DACs, <1ms latency, and 20hz - 20kHz range for studio quality recordings
  • Digital dry through bypass
  • Wifi compatibility for over the air updates and exciting, yet to be announced features.
  • Bluetooth for reasons
  • Four built-in footswitches with our comfort+ switch tops (perfect for playing barefoot or in socks)
  • Built-in scroll wheel for hands-free mixing during a performance
  • MIDI in/out ports for syncing seamlessly with the BeatBuddy, other drum machines, effects, and more
  • Compatible with any external expression pedal
  • I/O: two 1/4" inputs, two 1/4" outputs, one 1/4" stereo aux input, one 1/4" stereo aux output
  • 9v (center negative), 360mA power supply included
  • 4.3" touch-enabled display
  • Small form factor: 7.8" x 5.6" x 2.2" (198 x 142 x 56 mm)
  • Lightweight: 2lbs 4oz
  • Aluminum construction with chip resistant black coating




About Singular Sound

Singular Sound are the creators of the BeatBuddy Drum Machine pedal and Cabli Cable Management Device. Originally bringing the BeatBuddy to market in 2014, they’ve developed a reputation amongst performing and recording artists for their creation of high quality gear.







<![CDATA[Decoded Drum & Bass]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/decoded-drum--bass Wed, 3 Jul 2019 15:03:49 GMT



It’s new release day and this week we’ve got Decoded Drum & Bass, an indispensable pack for Drum & Bass producers

Zenhiser Pack: Decoded Drum & Bass

Price: $60.00 AUD

Direct Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/decoded-drum-n-bass-sample-pack.html


<![CDATA[Focusrite Launches 3rd-Generation Scarlett Range]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/focusrite-launches-3rd-generation-scarlett-range Wed, 3 Jul 2019 15:01:29 GMT


Focusrite Launches 3rd-Generation Scarlett Range
Los Angeles, CA, July 2, 2019 – Focusrite announces the 3rd generation of its Scarlett range of USB interfaces. The Scarlett range has already helped make more records than any other in history, and with the 3rd generation, you’ll sound better than ever. Featuring six configurations of ins and outs with the best performing Scarlett mic preamps the range has ever heard, now with Air, high headroom instrument inputs, and high-performance converters, Scarlett is enabling millions of musicians, songwriters and producers to record, mix and play back audio in studio quality everywhere, all the time.  
Scarlett 3rd Gen takes everything a step further:
Upgraded audio performance
Focusrite has been making mic preamps for 30 years, and the 3rd Gen mic pre is the best Scarlett has ever experienced. The 24-bit/192kHz converters give your recordings clarity, whilst Air mode breathes life into vocals, adding unique high-end detail. Our decades of experience mean Scarlett sounds just like you.  
An interface for everyone
The 3rd Generation of Focusrite’s best-selling interface range includes I/O configurations to suit almost any situation. Choose from Solo, 2i2, 4i4 8i6, 18i8 or 18i20. The new 4i4 and 8i6 add more line I/O vs the 2nd Gen 2i4 and 6i6. New Solo and 2i2 Studio Packs are also available, with Scarlett HP60 MkIII headphone and CM25 MkIII condenser microphone included - perfect for starting your recording journey.  
Breathe life into your recordings
The upgraded mic preamps can reproduce the Air effect of Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp, giving vocals and acoustic music a brighter and more spacious sound.  
New interactive Quick Start
The easiest interfaces on the market to get up and running – Focusrite’s Quick Start tool will speed you through registration and guide you through setting up software and drivers.  
Low-latency rock-solid USB driver
USB latency so low you won't notice it: record and monitor everything in real time with many of your favourite plug-ins in place.  
Type-C USB connection
Utilising the latest USB connectivity for greater versatility: just plug into your laptop using the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable whenever and wherever you want to record.

Improved inputs and outputs
Instrument inputs with impressive headroom, additional line-level inputs for flexible recording setups, and balanced TRS outputs to eliminate speaker hum.   
Intuitive monitoring features
Focusrite’s iconic gain halos light up to indicate input levels, making it easy to get distortion-free recordings.  
On top of Scarlett’s new features, musicians and engineers can of course still rely on the peace of mind and added extras they’ve come to expect from Focusrite. Every Scarlett interface comes with a whole range of software tools including:
  • Ableton® Live Lite™
  • Pro Tools® | First Focusrite Creative Pack
  • Free three-month Splice Sounds subscription
  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys
  • Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite
  • Softube Time & Tone Bundle. 
  • Plus a two-year warranty and membership of the Focusrite Plug-In Collective, offering regular free software downloads and generous discounts.  

Focusrite third-generation Scarlett range

For further information, head to www.focusrite.com 
About Focusrite 
Focusrite Audio Engineering has pioneered professional audio recording technology spanning four decades. Starting from the delivery of 12 sonically unrivalled music-recording consoles, Focusrite has gone on to become the leading name in music recording products. The Focusrite brand offers audio interfaces and other solutions for recording musicians, music producers and audio professionals alike. Today the company is famous for offering unprecedented sonic performance at every price point, notably the ubiquitous Scarlett range of USB interfaces. Focusrite relentlessly pursues opportunities to inspire creativity through technology, constantly seeking new ways to eliminate technological barriers, without compromising on sound quality.
<![CDATA[SpectraLayers Pro 6 Now Available ]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/spectralayers-pro-6-now-available Wed, 3 Jul 2019 14:55:49 GMT


SpectraLayers Pro 6 Now Available with New Power and More Features


Now part of the comprehensive Steinberg product portfolio, SpectraLayers Pro 6 comes with exciting new features and workflow integrations, providing an innovative way to edit audio in the spectral domain.



HAMBURG, Germany — Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of SpectraLayers Pro 6. First distributed by Sony Creative Software and then by Magix Software, the developers behind SpectraLayers have now joined forces with Steinberg to release its sixth iteration.


Unlike other audio editors, SpectraLayers offers a novel approach to audio editing, allowing users to visualize audio in the spectral domain (in 2D and 3D) and to manipulate its spectral data in many different ways.


With its 25 advanced tools, SpectraLayers Pro 6 provides precision-editing within the spectral domain, comparable with the editing capabilities applied in high-performance photo editing software: modification, selection, measurement and drawing.


The features newly introduced in SpectraLayers Pro 6 include ARA 2 support; next to the standalone application, version 6 offers an ARA plug-in that seamlessly integrates into every ARA 2 compatible DAW, such as Nuendo and Cubase, to be used as a native editor. Fades along the selection border are one of the innovative features in SpectraLayers, and Pro 6 now includes visible fade masks and allows users to select from the many available fade types. SpectraLayers’ advanced selection engine now comprises nine revamped selection tools — including the new Transient Selector — making selections more flexible to use. The new Move tool helps users transform audio intuitively: grab layers to activate and move or scale them. What’s more, SpectraLayers Pro 6 provides external editor integration, allowing users to include other editor software so that any selection can be processed by them as well.


“This new version of SpectraLayers offers a refined and more intuitive user interface inspired by picture editors, and a brand-new selection system combining multiple fade masks, bringing spectral editing and remixing to a whole new level. We're also excited by the possibilities unlocked by the new ARA connection between SpectraLayers, Cubase and Nuendo, bringing spectral mixing and editing right within your DAW,” said Robin Lobel, creator of SpectraLayers.


The user interface of SpectraLayers Pro 6 has completely been redesigned to build on the original use of image editing software, and the result is a powerful, intuitive program that feels familiar right away. The menus have been redesigned and the panels are collapsible; the Layers panel is customizable; and users can now refer to comprehensive tool tip documentation and a new user manual.


Steinberg’s Marketing Manager Luis Dongo commented: “We are very excited to welcome SpectraLayers to our product portfolio. SpectraLayers nicely complements the other Steinberg products and can be integrated into Cubase and Nuendo as an ARA extension. This allows users to delve deeper into their audio files and edit them in the spectral domain without ever having to leave their DAW. And it even works together with WaveLab and HALion. With SpectraLayers, we can now offer every single tool necessary to make the most out of any audio signal!”


Availability and pricing

The full retail version of SpectraLayers Pro 6 is available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop at the suggested retail price of $399.99, together with various downloadable updates from previous versions.


Key features

Surgical and intuitive spectral editing with 25 real-time tools

Advanced Selection Engine

Selection-based effects

The only visual transformation system for sound

Tracks, Regions and Clips separated as Layers

ARA 2 and AAX compatibility

Integration of other audio editors, such as WaveLab or iZotope RX

12 remappable surround channels

2D and 3D visualization of the Spectrogram

Native restoration effects, spectral noise reduction and reverb removal 



Product page: www.steinberg.net/spectralayers

YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/steinberg



About Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Steinberg is known the world over for its music and audio software and hardware solutions. The company has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative products for musicians and producers in the music, film, post production and multimedia industries since 1984. Steinberg products are used by Grammy and Oscar award-winning composers, engineers and producers. The company also offers business customers license-management and copy-protection systems.


Visit www.steinberg.net for further details.


All trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners.


<![CDATA[IsoAcoustics Release ISO-PUCK mini]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/isoacoustics-release-iso-puck-mini Wed, 3 Jul 2019 14:28:05 GMT


IsoAcoustics reveal ISO-PUCK mini, an innovative and cost-effective tool for boosting performance of smaller speakers and monitors




Markham, Ontario – Following on from its award-winning ISO-PUCK and ISO Stands, IsoAcoustics introduces the ISO-PUCK mini, another innovative and convenient approach to speaker isolation. Designed for smaller speakers and studio monitors, ISO-PUCK mini is a versatile and cost-effective isolation tool that will eliminate vibrations to improve the clarity and focus of speakers and monitors both in the studio and at home.



Sitting between the speaker or monitor and the supporting surface, the ISO-PUCK minifeatures an upper flange suction cup that adheres to the underside of the speaker or monitor cabinet and a lower isolator that anchors to the supporting surface.


By decoupling the speaker from the surface and damping the transfer of energy between the two with its patented isolators, the ISO-PUCK mini reduces smearing, while improving stereo imaging and sound clarity. It can be used on any surface including meter bridges, floor stands, consoles, desktops, millwork, or soffit mounts.


The lightweight, low-profile design makes the ISO-PUCK mini a perfect portable solution for the travelling producer or sound engineer. Each puck measures only 1.7-inches (44mm) across and 0.9-inches (24mm) in height, but with a weight cap of  6 lbs (2.75kg) each it takes only three to fully isolate a speaker up to 18 lbs (8.25kg) in weight. More pucks can be used in the case of heavier speakers.


The IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini will be available in the UK and US in July 2019, with a pack of eight priced at £99.99/$99.99.


For more information visit www.isoacoustics.com



<![CDATA[PreSonus Eris XT Monitors Now Available]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/presonus-eris-xt-monitors-now-available Tue, 2 Jul 2019 14:06:09 GMT


PreSonus Eris XT Monitors Deliver Superior Frequency Response and Wide Dispersion
PreSonus Eris E8 XT. 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana—July 2019… PreSonus is now shipping the new Eris XT active studio monitors, featuring an all new elliptical waveguide design that provides a wider sweet spot and more focused vertical dispersion, making them a perfect fit for any nearfield mix environment. Larger enclosures afford an extended low-frequency response that complements the new high-frequency design.

The new custom elliptical waveguide design provides superior high-frequency response with a broad 100° horizontal dispersion to expand the sweet spot. The tightly focused 60° vertical dispersion minimizes early reflections, helping to eliminate one of the most common sources of environmental interference, creating a more consistent response both on- and off-axis. The result is greater detail and depths that reveal subtle transients, delicate reverb trails, and a consistent listening experience in any mix environment. In addition, the XT models’ ported enclosure is larger than that of the original E5 and E8, allowing them to reproduce significantly lower frequencies.

Available in addition to the original Eris E5, the E5 XT features a 5.25-inch woven composite woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter, backed by 80W of biamped, Class AB power to deliver up to 102 dB SPL. Its frequency response ranges from 48 Hz to 20 kHz. Replacing the original Eris E8, the E8 XT is equipped with an 8-inch woofer and 1.25-inch tweeter powered by 140W of biamped, Class AB amplification and can crank out up to 105 dB SPL. Its frequency response ranges from 35 Hz to 20 kHz. Like all PreSonus studio monitors, Eris XT monitors provide acoustic tuning controls that allow you to configure the speakers perfectly for your room. You get Low-cut, Mid, and High controls, as well as 3-way acoustic space tuning that allows you to easily compensate for the sonic consequences of speaker placement against a wall or in a corner.

Eris XT monitors provide balanced XLR, balanced ¼-inch, and unbalanced RCA line-level inputs, so you can hook them up to an audio interface, analog or digital mixer, monitor controller, or almost any other line-level source. Eris monitors also have safety features to reduce the chance of accidental damage including protection against RF interference, output current limiting, over-temperature protection, power on and off transients, an external mains fuse and subsonic protection. 

Suitable for any audio mix or production application that demands consistent, accurate performance, the new Eris XT monitors are available now at PreSonus dealers at U.S. street prices of: Eris E5 XT $149.95 each; Eris E8 XT $249.95 each. For more information please visit www.presonus.com/products/Eris-Studio-Monitors.
PreSonus Eris E8 XT front view.
PreSonus Eris E8 XT rear view. 
PreSonus Eris E5 XT front view. 
PreSonus Eris E5 XT rear view. 
About PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.
Founded in 1995, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of audio-recording and live-sound software, hardware, and related accessories. PreSonus's software, microphone preamps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, digital mixers, control surfaces, loudspeakers, and other products are used worldwide for recording, sound reinforcement, broadcast, sound design, and Internet audio.
<![CDATA[IMSTA FESTA Atlanta To Feature Keynote By Dave Pensado And Herb Trawick Of 'Pensado's Place']]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/imsta-festa-atlanta-to-feature-keynote-by-dave-pensado-and-herb-trawick-of-pensados-place Tue, 2 Jul 2019 13:56:49 GMT


IMSTA FESTA Atlanta to Feature Keynote by Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick of 'Pensado's Place'


July 27 Event Will Celebrate Music Technology With Exhibitions, Demonstrations, Master Classes, Workshops, and Panel Discussions


TORONTO — July 2, 2019 — The International Music Software Trade Association (IMSTA) today announced that Grammy®Award-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado and veteran manager/executive producer Herb Trawick, hosts of the weekly audio engineering-themed talk show "Pensado's Place," will present the keynote at IMSTA FESTA Atlanta. The celebration of music technology will take place July 27 at the SAE Institute Atlanta.


"Building on their wealth of knowledge about both the craft and business of audio and music, Dave and Herb together bring our community an incredibly valuable — and entertaining — educational resource," said Ray Williams, managing director at IMSTA. "They put tremendous thought and energy into 'Pensado's Place,' and I know we can expect a great keynote from them in Atlanta."


Pensado's mix credits include work with stars such as Kelly Clarkson, AfroJack, Beyonce, Elton John, Christina Aguilera, and Jill Scott. Trawick founded his own management firm, working with artists such as Brian McKnight, Robin Thicke, and Tyrese Gibson, and has consulted with top labels including Mercury, Island, and Def Jam. On "Pensado's Place," they pair up to offer viewers an array of interviews, technique demonstrations, and other segments dedicated to audio engineering and the music business.


Along with the keynote by Pensado and Trawick, IMSTA FESTA Atlanta will feature panels, workshops and master classes, song critiques, demonstrations, and networking opportunities in an environment where music makers can network, interact, and learn from one another face to face.


In addition to hosting IMSTA Master Class sessions, full-time music professionals and experts from the industry's top music production technology companies will offer technology demos and exhibitions. Featured companies include Accusonus, Antares, Arturia, Avid, Celemony Software, Eventide, FabFilter, FL Studio, Focusrite, IK Multimedia, MAGIX, Native Instruments, NUGEN Audio, PreSonus, Reveal Sound, Roland Cloud, Serato, Softube, sonible, Sprkle, Steinberg, u-he, xils lab, and Yamaha. Exhibitors will offer product-specific tips and techniques and also provide prizes for hourly raffle giveaways.


Live song reviews at IMSTA FESTA Atlanta will give attendees the chance to present their work to experienced industry professionals for one-on-one appraisal. As the day concludes, the most exceptional of these songs will be judged along with other regional entries for the 2019 IMSTA FESTA Songwriting Contest. The regional winner will move on in the competition, earning the chance to win a free trip to Santorini, Greece, to be part of a song camp at Black Rock Studios.


IMSTA FESTA Atlanta will begin at 11 a.m. and run until 6 p.m. at the SAE Institute Atlanta, located at Suite 300 at 215 Peachtree St. in Atlanta, Georgia.


Further information about IMSTA, IMSTA FESTA, and the IMSTA FESTA Songwriting Contest is available at www.imsta.org.




A global nonprofit association of music software companies, IMSTA is dedicated to conducting public education about piracy in the music software space. IMSTA exposes the public to the industry and to the organization's "Buy the Software You Use" slogan through initiatives and events, including its popular IMSTA FESTA music technology events across North America.


Product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.



<![CDATA[Electro Harmonix Introduces The Tri Parallel Mixer]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/electro-harmonix-introduces-the-tri-parallel-mixer Tue, 2 Jul 2019 13:54:00 GMT






New York City, NY, July 2, 2019: EHX’s new Tri Parallel Mixer is a powerful effects creation and mixing hub. Three separate FX loops with flexible controls allow for multiple configurations, as follows:


  • Run up to three FX Loops in parallel and create sounds that are not possible by connecting effects in series.
  • Switch seamlessly between FX Loops in XOR mode
  • Send one instrument out to three separate amplifiers
  • Mix three instruments into a single output.


The Tri Parallel Mixer is surprisingly compact considering the level of functionality it provides, while its intuitive controls and I/O make it easy to operate. The Tri Parallel Mixer comes with an EHX 9.6DC power supply and is shipping now. It carries a US street price of $138.70.





<![CDATA[Gibson Announces New G-45 Series - A New Entry Point For A Gibson Acoustic]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gibson-announces-new-g-45-series---a-new-entry-point-for-a-gibson-acoustic Tue, 2 Jul 2019 11:31:41 GMT


G-45 Series Collection
A New Generation Of Gibson Acoustic Guitars
And A New Entry Point For A Gibson Acoustic
NASHVILLE, TN (July 2, 2019) Gibson is pleased to announce that today, July 2, the new G-45 Series Collection is available in North America and China. The same skilled artisans who build our most cherished and iconic acoustic models have put their heart and soul into this new collection of hand-crafted G-Series acoustics.
Created in our acoustic facility in Bozeman, Montana, the new G-45 series offers a superior sounding acoustic guitar at a compelling price, designed and crafted in the U.S.A. Each G-Series represents Gibson’s commitment to creating the world’s most relevant, played and loved guitars, which have shaped sound for 125 years, sought-after by countless artists, with the highest quality in both tone and appearance. The G-Series offer players of all levels, the perfect mix of tone, performance, traditional Gibson style and value. The G-Series acoustic integrates traditional build techniques that continue to separate Gibson from other major guitar makers, like a hot hide glue dovetail neck-joint, domed top bracing, blended with modern features, such as a slimmer body depth, and modern neck profile. The solid walnut back and sides are married to asolid Sitka spruce top, delivering a crisp sound with plenty of wonderful overtones andGibson’s definitive mid-range, the G-45 Series is outfitted with a Fishman Sonitone pickup for easy plug and play at home, in-the-studio or on stage.
The new Gibson G-45 Series Collection brings a premium line of new high-quality acoustic guitars hand-crafted by the same team that create our iconic J-200 and J-45’s. Priced at $999 and $1299 respectively, the new G-45 Series Collection’s first offerings, the G-45 Studio and G-45 Standard, provide superior access aimed to all generations of players to shape sound for the next 125 years.
G-45 Studio: A New Point of Entry into a Gibson Acoustic
The G-45 Studio is designed to provide the perfect mix of tone, performance, and traditional Gibson style for all players and every stage. It is hand-built in our Bozeman, Montana factory using time-tested Gibson build techniques like hide-glued dovetail neck joints and domed top braces along with modern features like slimmer body depths andAdvanced Response neck profiles. A solid Sitka spruce top and solid Walnut backand sides deliver crisp sounds with plenty of wonderful overtones while a Fishman Sonitone pickup captures every nuance for easy plug-and-play at home, in the studio or on stage. It represents a new point of entry into Gibson acoustics and a new precedent for sound and quality. 
Gibson: G-45 Studio (pictured below):
G-45 Studio spec sheet: Here.
G-45 Standard: The Voice of Generations
The G-45 Standard builds on the revolutionary new G-45 series platform to provide theperfect mix of tone, performance, and traditional Gibson style for all players and every stage. It is hand-built in our Bozeman, Montana factory using time-tested Gibsonbuild techniques like hide-glued dovetail neck joints and domed top braces along with modern specs like slimmer body depths and Advanced Response neck profiles. The G-45 Standard also features a gloss top finish, dense Richlite fingerboard, Soft Diamond inlays, and top and back binding. A solid Sitka spruce top and solid Walnut back and sides deliver crisp sounds with plenty of wonderful overtones while aFishman Sonitone pickup captures every nuance for easy plug-and-play at home, in the studio or on stage.
Gibson: G-45 Standard: (pictured below):
G-45 Standard spec sheet: Here.
For more information on Gibson, visit:
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger andGibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
<![CDATA[EarthQuaker Devices Presents The Plumes Small Signal Shredder]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/earthquaker-devices-presents-the-plumes-small-signal-shredder Tue, 2 Jul 2019 10:37:12 GMT


EarthQuaker Devices Presents the Plumes Small Signal Shredder.



AKRON, OHIO, July 2019 – Plumes™ is a low to medium gain overdrive based on the trusty lime-green overdrive that has been an industry staple since its inception. This is the kind of overdrive that works in conjunction with a good valve amp to create the warm saturation people like to call “transparent”. While this circuit has been the foundation of countless other overdrives available today, we feel the Plumes has a few twists and turns to make it unique enough to stand out.

Plumes does away with the trusted JRC4558 OpAmp and the BJT buffers and replaces them with low noise JFET OpAmps for a more robust and precise signal with a significantly lower noise floor. The 9v power input is internally converted to +/- 9v for more headroom and a clarity that is almost three-dimensional. We’ve raised the input impedance to a whopping 10 megaohms for a stronger signal with more clarity and chime. We’ve also adjusted the cutoff of the tone control to deliver a more useful range of travel with more booming bass on the low end without sacrificing the cutting midrange and bright top end.

Last, but certainly not least, the Plumes offers three different clipping options to ensure that it will work with a wide variety of gear and playing styles. Mode 1 is symmetrical clipping utilizing a pair of light emitting diodes. This is the crunchiest setting the Plumes has to offer. When played through a clean amp, it’ll deliver a reasonable facsimile of that classic crunchy valve amp tone. Mode 2 is clean boost mode. This eliminates the soft clipping diodes altogether and leaves you with straight OpAmp drive. This is perfect for pushing your clean tone out in front or driving the preamp of an already overdriven amp into tasteful breakup territory. Mode 3 is an asymmetrical silicon diode arrangement similar to the stock screamer but with more output and clean clarity; the tone some people describe as “transparent”.

The Plumes features EarthQuaker Devices relay-based “soft touch” Flexi-Switch™ Technology for both momentary and latching footswitch operation as well as a very low 25 mA current draw. Each and every Plumes is built one-at-a-time by delightful little hands in Akron, Ohio; the charred, black heart in the heart of it all…

Plumes is available to pre-order through authorized EarthQuaker Devices dealers, and will be in stores on August 3, 2019.





About EarthQuaker Devices:

Akron, Ohio-based, hand-crafted effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices, top-six in the U.S. and one of the top-10 in the world, create products that are available in over 865 retail locations in approximately 50 countries. Its key retailers include Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweetwater and Thomann. The company has sold approximately 250,000 units. 

The company's current workforce reaches over 50 individuals, and has been praised for its commitment to inclusion, diversity and cooperation with other pedal manufacturers by Best Guitar Effects. The company also has an in-house global marketing team fluent in seven languages (Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Czech, and Polish), and, in 2018, rolled out a live dealer training program, which has been completed in 31 cities. 

EarthQuaker Devices also has recent distribution partnerships with Yamaha Australia and Yamaha Asia. The company also sponsored a week long, mid-May tour of Japan including legendary punk/metal crossover act Boris, Crypt City, Ohio's Lisa Bella Donna, and Stillman's band, Relaxer. The tour offered attendees an opportunity to play and purchase EarthQuaker products.

Stillman also holds a U.S. patent (Patent no: US9,.899.013BI, issued February 20, 2018) pertaining to an effects pedal implementing a switching mechanism between forward and reverse delay effects.

On May 6, EarthQuaker Devices founder and president Jamie Stillman and his wife, Chief Executive Officer, co-owner Julie Robbins, received honors as Exporter of the Year 2019 from the U.S. Small Business Administration during an awards ceremony at the National Institute of Peace. The presentation was part of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Small Business Week activities. National Small Business Week is a national recognition event to honor the country’s top entrepreneurs. EarthQuaker Devices was selected for this national award amidst candidates from each of the 50 states, as well as District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam.






<![CDATA[Gibson Announces World Premiere Of New Joan Jett ES 339]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gibson-announces-world-premiere-of-new-joan-jett-es-339 Mon, 1 Jul 2019 14:30:29 GMT


Announces World Premiere Of New
‘Joan Jett ES 339’
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Summer U.S. Tour Starts July 4 (Here)
Stream Joan Jett & the Blackhearts’ Music (Here)
Joan Jett performs with her new ‘Joan Jett ES 339.’
Watch and share Joan Jett’s interview and guitar demo: Here.
NASHVILLE, TN (June 28, 2019) By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into the innovative future, Gibson, the legitimate leader in professional instruments proudly presents the Joan Jett ES-339 in Wine Red. Calling on nearly two years of touring research and development with Joan, the signature Joan Jett ES-339 guitar premieres asGibson approaches the next era of shaping sound for past, present and future generations. See Authorized Gibson Dealers for information and visit: www.gibson.com.
Joan Jett is an icon for all that is righteous in rock ‘n’ roll. From her pioneering spirit,to her visionary outlook on what it means to be an artist, Joan continues to inspirehuman beings from all walks of life. The new Joan Jett ES-339 guitar features athermally-engineered chambered maple centerblock and thermally-engineeredAdirondack Spruce bracing, a radical first for Gibson ES guitars. The control assembly is hand-wired with Orange Drop capacitors and is paired with our Burstbucker 2 andBurstbucker 3 humbucking pickups. From sweet to rude, the tonal capabilities of theJoan Jett ES-339 guitar are truly limitless. The stunning AAA figured maple veneers are finished in Wine Red for a look that will always make a statement. The Joan Jett ES-339 will be produced in a very limited run of only 150 guitars available worldwide, with the first 50 hand-signed by Joan. Each instrument will come with a Gibson Joan Jett Signature hardshell case and custom Joan Jett certificate of authenticity. Listen and stream Joan Jett & the Blackhearts music at: https://blackheart.com/listen.
“I have witnessed first-hand the love and personal handcrafting that goes into each of these guitars,” explains Joan Jett. “I’m so very proud my signature 339 is one of the last designed and produced in Memphis and amongst the first from Gibson Nashville.”
Watch and share the clip as Joan Jett talks about her new Joan Jett ES-339: Here.
Above, the Joan Jett ES 339.
Catch Joan Jett and the Blackhearts on tour this summer for headlining dates as well as performances with Heart and Elle King at: https://joanjett.com/tour/.
For more information on Joan Jett, visit:
For more information on Gibson:
About Joan Jett & the Blackhearts:
Joan Jett is an originator, an innovator, and a visionary. As the leader of the hard- rocking Blackhearts, with whom she has become a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, she’s had eight platinum and gold albums and nine Top 40 singles, including the classics “Bad Reputation,” “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” and “Crimson and Clover.” Her independent record label, Blackheart Records, was founded in 1980 after she was rejected by no less than 23 labels.Blackheart is one of the longest running indie labels and continues to give voice to new bands. Jett has acted in movies and television, including 1987’s Light Of Day, and in aTony-nominated Broadway musical, The Rocky Horror Show. She has appeared on such acclaimed television shows as “Oprah” (the last season) and “Law and Order.”
As a producer, she has overseen albums by Bikini Kill, Circus Lupus, as well as theGerms’ LA punk masterpiece, GI.
Since co-founding the Runaways, the pioneering all-girl punk quintet, at age 15, Jett’sdetermination and drive have kept her in the public eye. Jett was able to see her story told in The Runaways, the film based on (lead singer of The Runaways) Cherie Currie’s bookNeon Angel starring Kristen Stewart as Jett, and her fellow A-lister Dakota Fanning asCurrie. Jett was close to the project: She served as an executive producer. Jett and the Blackhearts released their latest record, Unvarnished, in 2013 and continue touring the globe to throngs of adoring fans.
Joan Jett has spent her lifetime breaking barriers and challenging expectations--this is, after all, a woman who is both a spokesperson for PETA and a devoted supporter of theU.S. Military. She’s fought hard for all of her historic accomplishments, yet she remains humble and appreciative.
“I’ve had a blessed career,” she says. “I consider myself so lucky to have been able to do things my own way.”
About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brandsportfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger andGibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
<![CDATA[Celestion CDV1-1757 Compression Driver Designed For Optimum Vocal Clarity Now Shipping Worldwide]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/celestion-cdv1-1757-compression-driver-designed-for-optimum-vocal-clarity-now-shipping-worldwide Mon, 1 Jul 2019 14:23:29 GMT


Celestion CDV1-1757 Compression Driver Designed for Optimum Vocal Clarity Now Shipping Worldwide

Driver Designed for Vocal Applications Including Mass Notification Systems, Voice Alarms, Emergency Evacuation Systems and Long-Distance Call to Prayer Loudspeakers


Ipswich, UK (July 1, 2019) —Celestion, one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is pleased to announce the availability of the CDV1-1757 compression driver. The CDV1-1757 is designed for optimum vocal clarity across the critical vocal band, which makes this driver especially well suited to applications such as mass notification systems, voice alarms and emergency evacuation systems as well as long-distance call to prayer loudspeakers.
The new CDV1-1757 delivers enhanced performance in the vocal range for superb clarity and intelligibility. The driver features Celestion technology built in, including a 1.75” (44mm) edgewound copper clad aluminium voice coil; tough, single piece polyimide diaphragm/surround; plus finite element analysis (FEA) optimised magnet assembly and phase plug. This enables the driver to deliver 120W continuous power handling (60Wrms, AES standard) and 107dB sensitivity. It features a next- generation proprietary Sound Castle™ diaphragm clamping system for superb reliability, even in the most demanding of applications.
“Pure vocal applications require a more application-specific approach to compression driver design,” says Celestion Head of Engineering, Paul Cork. “By taking a fresh look at one of our existing designs--modifying the phase plug and optimising the volume of the rear loading chamber­­--we were able to create a device that gave additional focus to the part of the frequency range where the voice sits. This led us to develop the CDV1-1757, a driver with a greater vocal output level together with enhanced clarity.”
A standard 1.38” (35mm) screw fitting on the CDV1-1757 provides maximum compatibility with a range of Celestion and third party horn flares.
About Celestion
With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture high-quality professional audio loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement; premium guitar and bass guitar loudspeakers. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over. Contact Celestion at: info@celestion.com and visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/celestion.
<![CDATA[Gibson Pivots From Confrontation To Collaboration]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/gibson-pivots-from-confrontation-to-collaboration Mon, 1 Jul 2019 14:21:04 GMT



Gibson Pivots From Confrontation To Collaboration
In The Process Of Re-building Over The Past Eight Months, Gibson Has Made Significant Progress And Now Takes On The Challenge Of Balancing Brand Protection With Music Industry Collaboration
(NASHVILLE, TN, Monday, July 1, 2019) Since emerging from bankruptcy less than a year ago, Gibson has made significant progress in the key areas that matter most to guitarists around the world. With a clear focus on quality, a new collection of Originaland Modern guitars, and a more confident Dealer and Artist base, the new team atGibson have proven they can listen to the market to create new solutions. But there is still more work to be done and the new team at Gibson remain on a mission.
While new management is building on the legacy, quality and craftsmanship that guitarists have come to love and expect from Gibson, they will also continue to manage and attempt to resolve the conflicts of the past.  
Apart from inheriting an iconic brand, the team have also inherited a host of challenges that they realized would take time to achieve proper resolution. A clear challenge has been in the area of brand protection, where a legacy of legal issues exist with both legitimate companies in the industry infringing on iconic trademarks and with illegitimate entities attempting to counterfeit, ‘knock-off’ and pretend to be Gibson in the market. 
Over the past eight months, the team have successfully dealt with over 4,500 counterfeit and ‘knock-off’ guitars coming from overseas that were clearly designed to confuse the consumer into thinking they were buying a real Gibson. Since November (2018), there have been dozens of counterfeit website ‘take-downs,’ also designed to confuse the guitarist into thinking they were entering a legitimate, official website. On a weekly basis, Gibson receives multiple queries and concerns from guitarists mislead into purchasing what they thought was a genuine Gibson that turned out to be counterfeit. Unfortunately, this is a very real dynamic that brands, like Gibson and other iconic brands, need to deal with on a regular basis. The main area of brand protection on these types of issues is with trademark ownership, understanding, and assertion. Hence our recent attempts to communicate our position, which was predominantly focused on these rogue overseas players in the market. If left unchecked, these situations can lead to continued consumer confusion and can ultimately affect the integrity of an entire industry.
Recently, there has been a wide spectrum of both support and criticism with the approach that has been taken by Gibson in the market regarding brand protection. While there are clear lessons to be learned around tone and legal explanations, the past few weeks have provided a ‘real time’ opportunity for Gibson to start making the pivot from less legal leverage to more industry collaboration, with appropriate levels of awareness.
With regards to other guitar brands and companies in the marketplace, Gibson has filed specific lawsuits over the past several years with the intention of protecting its originaltrademark(s) rights and to avoid consumer confusion in the market. All of the recent attention on the few lawsuits in process stem from several years of legal action initiated well before the new leadership arrived in November of 2018. With specific regards to the inherited and ongoing legal dynamic with Dean Guitars, the new Gibsonteam have made several attempts to communicate with them directly to avoid a prolonged legal battle. Gibson has genuine intentions of constructive resolution that could be beneficial to both sides. 
This recent situation has led the team to re-evaluate their approach going forward with the intention of finding more constructive solutions to managing brand protection in the industry. Over the past few weeks Gibson has made significant progress inreducing counterfeit ‘attacks’ and they have entered into creative collaboration agreements with key boutique guitar makers and other related industry parties. A clear indication of their intentions going forward.
“I am proud of the progress we have made with our attention to quality, with the launch of the new collections, and with our renewed engagement to our Gibson authorized dealer base. At the same time, we acknowledge there are still legacy challenges to solve going forward, especially around brand protection and market solutions,” says James ‘JC’ Curleigh, the new President and CEO of Gibson. “It is time to make the modern-day shift from confrontation towards collaboration, whilst still protecting our brands, and we are committed to making this happen starting now”.
<![CDATA[KORG’s minilogue And monologue Get Serious Updates]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/korgs-minilogue-and-monologue-get-serious-updates Fri, 28 Jun 2019 14:26:08 GMT


KORG’s minilogue and monologue Gets Serious Update


New features now available for the wildly popular analog synthesizers



Melville, NY – June 28th, 2019 – KORG is revamping the minilogue and monologue analog synthesizers with a new operating system update that features micro tuning capabilities, sequencer updates and display improvements.


Minilogue users will enjoy creating custom tuning settings using the updated librarian software and can now dive even deeper into sequencing editing with a refreshed motion view and original value indictors for all parameters, expanding any player’s performance. Monologue fans will embrace the synth’s new active step programming, MIDI filter updates, and like the minilogue, an original value indicator for all parameters. Programming has never been easier or more fun for the synthesizer community.


The new 2.0 system will be available for free on June 28th, 2019. Visit www.korg.com for more information and instructions on updating your current minilogue or monologue.



<![CDATA[Native Instruments Releases Massive X]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/native-instruments-releases-massive-x Fri, 28 Jun 2019 14:19:37 GMT




The new flagship wavetable synthesizer from NI is set to define the next ten years of electronic music.



Native Instruments today releases MASSIVE X – the much-anticipated successor to one of the most popular synthesizers in the world. Designed and built from scratch, the new instrument builds on its heritage to rethink and redefine the possibilities of a virtual synth.  


The original MASSIVE, having helped define the sound of modern genres such as dubstep and EDM, became synonymous with an exciting, forward-thinking approach to synthesis that unapologetically embraced its digital DNA. Famous for its intuitive interface and sonic potential – from enormous basslines and soaring leads, to evolving ambient textures – it quickly became a staple part of many production toolkits.


MASSIVE X is Native Instruments’ new flagship synth, built by the same team as its predecessor. Based on a state of the art architecture, it delivers pristine sound, and huge creative flexibility for artists and sound designers alike – allowing them to create, modulate, and experiment with sound from a huge range of sources, in any way they like. 


At the heart of MASSIVE X is a rich new oscillator section with dual wavetable oscillators and 170 wavetables. 10 different oscillator modes, each with their own submodes, provide countless ways to create exciting and dynamic sounds or textures. Three primary sound sculpting controls include wavetable position as a standard control, plus two additional custom parameters for each mode. Two phase modulation oscillators and an auxiliary modulation input mean MASSIVE X is capable of huge variation right at the sound source – even before additional modulation, effects, or routing are used. 


Switchable filters, noise generators, insert effects, and master effects enable real flexibility when building and editing sound, and a comprehensive preset library provides a wealth of production-ready sounds that also showcase the possibilities of the instrument.


Users of the first MASSIVE will recognize the ‘saturn ring’ drag-and-drop modulation workflow that has been carried over into the new instrument.


Routing has been completely rethought in MASSIVE X. Taking its predecessor's semi-modular approach much further, any output can be connected to an input, and audio can be routed to or from multiple components simultaneously. The intuitive routing matrix makes creating complex patches and wild sounds possible with just a few clicks. 


MASSIVE X boasts a huge array of modulation sources – with nine slots for creative LFOs or envelopes, four Tracker modulators, Voice Randomization, as well as an exciting new section with three Performer modulators that allow users to draw in up to eight bars of modulation patterns to assign to a parameter. 


For real playability and variation within a single preset, these patterns can then be assigned to a control octave – great for live performance or recording sessions – surpassing the kind of expression normally reserved for traditional instruments, or for generating and controlling complex movement over long periods of time. 


In the future, free updates to MASSIVE X will introduce new presets, and expand the instrument’s functionality. MASSIVE X will evolve alongside the sounds, music, and sonic cultures it helps to create.


More information

More information about MASSIVE X can be found on the Native Instruments website


Pricing and availability

MASSIVE X is available from the Native Instruments website for €199 / $199. MASSIVE users can upgrade for €149/$149, and MASSIVE X is also included in KOMPLETE 12, KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE, and KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE – COLLECTOR’S EDITION.


About Native Instruments

Native Instruments is the industry leader in innovative, software, hardware and digital services for music creation, production, and DJing. Founded in 1996, the company pioneered the application of real-time sound synthesis on standard computers. 

Today, NI caters to producers, performers, and DJs with a comprehensive ecosystem of connected hardware and software systems: KOMPLETE, the industry-leading collection of virtual instruments and effects, complemented by a range of keyboard controllers and audio interfaces; MASCHINE, a powerful range of beat-making instruments now at the heart of hip-hop and electronic music communities; and TRAKTOR, the first DJ software to conquer the club, and now a range of integrated controllers that power house parties, club booths, and the world’s biggest stages.

In 2018, Native Instruments launched Sounds.com, a market-leading online subscription platform for loops and samples that also creates new revenue and promotion opportunities for individuals, brands, and business across the music industry. Along with recent acquisitions of Metapop and The Loop Loft, these three online platforms further enhance NI’s ecosystem for music creation and community.

Based in the heart of the German capital’s creative hub, the company currently employs more than 500 people in its seven offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Toronto, Paris, and Shenzhen, and works closely with more than 40 international distribution partners to ensure its future growth and success.

<![CDATA[All FabFilter Pro Plug-Ins Now Available As AUv3 On iPad]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/all-fabfilter-pro-plug-ins-now-available-as-auv3-on-ipad Thu, 27 Jun 2019 13:31:01 GMT


All FabFilter Pro plug-ins now available as AUv3 on iPad



AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, June 27, 2019. FabFilter is proud to announce availability of all FabFilter Pro plug-ins in the AUv3 format for iOS on the iPad. They can be used in any AUv3-compatible host, including GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, Auria, and n-Track Pro.


Apple’s iPad has become a more serious music production platform in recent years, thanks to more processing power and the advent of the AUv3 plug-in format. FabFilter has been offering its plug-ins as in- app purchases in the popular Auria host for quite some time, but they could not be used in other hosts. With this release, all FabFilter Pro plug-ins are available to use in any DAW on the iPad that supports AUv3 plug-ins.


As might be expected, FabFilter has put a lot of effort into refining and tweaking the plug-in interfaces with great touch behaviour and support for various interface sizes, including full screen support in all plug-ins.


FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Pro-C 2, Pro-DS, and Pro-G are available individually for $29.99 USD. Pro-L 2, Pro-R, and Pro-MB are available for $39.99 USD. Users can purchase all AUv3 Pro plug-ins for iOS as a Pro Bundle for $129.99 USD. It is possible to purchase one or more AUv3 plug-ins now and upgrade to the AUv3 Pro Bundle later, in which case users will pay just the remaining sum.


For an overview of all available AUv3 plug-ins and bundles, see: www.fabfilter.com/ios


Upgrading to FabFilter Pro-Q 3 (AUv3)

Users who purchased the AUv3 plug-in version of FabFilter Pro-Q 2 for iOS earlier can upgrade to the AUv3 version of Pro-Q 3 by purchasing the Pro-Q 3 Upgrade Bundle. If one already owns Pro-Q 2 AUv3 for iOS, the amount that was paid for it earlier will be deducted from the bundle price, resulting in up to 50% discount for the upgrade.


About FabFilter plug-ins in Auria

Until recently, FabFilter plug-ins were only available on iOS as in-app purchases in Auria. Users of the in-app FabFilter plug-ins in Auria can of course continue to use these and FabFilter will keep supporting them. New plug-ins, like Pro-Q 3, will only be made available in the AUv3 format so they can be used both in Auria and in other hosts.


Unfortunately, App Store limitations make it impossible to offer an upgrade path from the plug-ins bought as in-app purchases in Auria to the new AUv3 plug-ins.




About FabFilter

Beautiful sound. Fantastic workflow. These are the foundations of FabFilter. Continually challenging and rethinking industry standards, FabFilter creates powerful audio plug-ins with superb sound quality and innovative interfaces. FabFilter was founded in 2002 by Frederik Slijkerman and Floris Klinkert, and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


© 2019 FabFilter Software Instruments



<![CDATA[Introducing Synthetic Resistance]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/introducing-synthetic-resistance Thu, 27 Jun 2019 13:21:30 GMT


Introducing Synthetic Resistance



Put your own spin on the golden era of electro, IDM and underground dance music with Synthetic Resistance, our latest expander for Strobe2 and Strobe2 Player!

Available to buy now on FXpansion.com for Strobe2 creators, Synthetic Resistance is packed with dark, dusty and euphoric presets, all inspired by the hardware that drove the evolution of early electronic music to its breakthrough in the late 80s. 

Download today for £11 ($14) — 30% OFF for one week only! Make sure you have the latest version of Strobe2 (v2.5.1.2) before you download:


Use Synthetic Resistance to build tracks for atmospheric home-listening and warehouse raves alike! Hear a sample of the sounds and learn how to give your productions a retro edge in this film: 


Synthetic Resistance joins All About That Bass and Cinematic Synthesis in the growing family of Strobe2 expanders. And for one week only you can get all expanders (including Cypher2 expanders) for 30% less:


The new sounds are exclusive to Strobe2, the critically-acclaimed soft synth rated 4.5/5 by MusicRadar. Buy it today on FXpansion.com — then create a future electronic classic with Synthetic Resistance!

The FXpansion Team



<![CDATA[Cubase And Nuendo Now With ARA2 Support ]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/cubase-and-nuendo-now-with-ara2-support Thu, 27 Jun 2019 13:16:28 GMT


Cubase and Nuendo now with ARA2 support 



Video available: https://youtu.be/lV5mQ1i14Z4


Celemony Software GmbH, Munich, 26.6.2019 (ictw) – With Cubase and Nuendo, two more major DAWs have integrated the ARA Audio Random Access interface extension. As a result, Melodyne is now far easier for Steinberg customers to use.


Steinberg Cubase 10.0.30 and Nuendo 10.1 integrate basic support for the ARA2 interface, which makes significantly improved communication with ARA-capable plug-ins possible. In the case of Melodyne, for example, ARA makes time-consuming transfers unnecessary, allowing you instead to just open the desired audio events directly in Melodyne – almost as though Melodyne were one of the DAW's own editors. Furthermore, Melodyne now also follows automatically whenever you move, shorten, lengthen, copy or mute audio events in the DAW, which considerably simplifies the subsequent rearranging of Melodyne-edited content.


ARA offers Steinberg users far faster and simpler access to Melodyne's powerful audio correction and sound design functions. These include tried-and-tested, musically sensitive functions for the editing of vocals as well as instruments of all kinds, workflow advantages such as Multitrack Note Editing for the simultaneous editing of notes on multiple tracks, and the unique possibilities afforded by the Melodyne Sound Editor for tone coloration and filtering. And all this with the Grammy Award-winning sound quality that is Melodyne's hallmark!


To use Melodyne with ARA in Cubase or Nuendo, you need Cubase version 10.0.30 (or later) or Nuendo version 10.1 (or later) and Melodyne version 4.2.2 (or later). 


You will find further details regarding ARA integration in the Steinberg DAWs in the Melodyne Help Center: http://helpcenter.celemony.com/hc-2/doc/melodyneStudio4/en/M4tour_CubaseARA_IntroHub?env=cubase


Users of Cubase or Nuendo who don't have Melodyne can try out ARA integration with the Melodyne trial version: https://www.celemony.com/en/trial


For more on Melodyne: https://www.celemony.com/en/melodyne/what-is-melodyne



About Celemony

Celemony is the pioneer and market leader in the musical, note-based editing of audio. The company's principal product, Melodyne, inaugurated this type of audio editing in 2001, established itself in the intervening years – for vocal editing in particular – as the standard worldwide, and has gone on pushing out the envelope in innovative audio editing ever since to the limits of what is technically possible. In 2008, for example, Celemony presented its patented DNA Direct Note Access, which extended Melodyne's editing capabilities to polyphonic audio material – right down to individual notes within chords. Other important technologies developed by Celemony include the musically intelligent restoration tool Capstan, the pioneering plug-in interface ARA, the unique Sound Editor introduced by Melodyne 4 and – another Melodyne 4 revelation – Multitrack Note Editing, which facilitates the simultaneous, note-based editing of an unlimited number of audio tracks. Melodyne and Celemony have won numerous awards – among them, in 2012, the Technical Grammy.

<![CDATA[Santos Martinez Launch New Range Of Nylon Strung Acoustic And Electro-Acoustic Classical Guitars]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/santos-martinez-launch-new-range-of-nylon-strung-acoustic-and-electro-acoustic-classical-guitars Thu, 27 Jun 2019 13:13:29 GMT


Santos Martinez launch a completely new range of  
nylon strung acoustic and electro-acoustic classical guitars




Santos Martinez has introduced a completely new range of nylon strung classical guitars, all with enough high appointments within construction, tone and playability to satisfy the most demanding players. 




All models, which include full or single cutaway body designs, are constructed with a choice of high quality tonewoods for the backs, sides and soundboards. Tonewoods that include premium and grade A solid spruce and cedar for the tops, while sapele and mahogany are the chosen woods for the backs and sides. Blackwood body bindings capture the splendour of those classic traditional lines adding a touch of elegance to high gloss, satin and open pore finishes, complete with intricate inlaid soundhole rosettes.  

Open headstocks are in keeping with tradition while higher spec’d models feature stylishly inlaid maple caps, with engraved Santos Martinez initials and gold/black decorative machine heads with black or white pearl buttons. Necks with sculpted heels and super smooth, 22 fret pau ferro fingerboards allow for swift and accurate chord changes and solo runs.   




Whilst all Santos Martinez classical guitars have a naturally dynamic and focused output, Fishman’s Clásica II Onboard Preamp System with an easy to read chromatic tuner, low profile control knobs, volume control, phase button and 2-band EQ, is the ideal choice to electrify and translate the lively full-toned, clear bass, warm mid-range and sweet high end response of the Preludio and Allegro electro-classic cutaways. 



The Santos Martinez classical and electro-classical guitars combine rich, sweet toned performance and effortless playability and are enjoyed by students and professionals on stages all over the world.  


Santos Martinez classical and electro-classical guitars are priced between £99-£349 rrp 


Range line-up: 













Santos Martinez products are distributed exclusively worldwide by JHS. 




<![CDATA[Synchro Arts Update VocALign With ARA2 Compatibility]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/synchro-arts-update-vocalign-with-ara2-compatibility Thu, 27 Jun 2019 13:03:57 GMT


Synchro Arts Update VocALign with ARA2 Compatibility


Epsom, United Kingdom, June 26, 2019: Audio timing and pitch adjustment specialists Synchro Arts have released free updates to both their VocALign Project & Pro instant time alignment VST3 plug-ins. VocALign works by capturing a ‘Guide’ signal with the right timing, capturing a ‘Dub’ signal to be aligned and, at the press of a button, a new aligned ‘Dub’ is generated and returned to your DAW. It’s that simple!

Quietly legendary, VocALign's early life included use in music production ranging from Shania Twain and Steely Dan to Black Eyed Peas; as well as in popular TV shows such as Friends and Seinfeld and in blockbuster films including Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
The newly released VocALign Project and VocALign Pro VST3 plugins both add support for ARA2 (Audio Random Access), the revolutionary audio plug-in extension that enables unprecedented instant communication between ARA-enabled plug-ins and DAWs. 
Adding ARA2 support for VocALign means tighter integration and a faster, easier workflow with the latest versions of;
  • Steinberg Cubase Pro & Nuendo
  • Presonus Studio One Professional
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab
  • Reaper
Full ARA2 support for Revoice Pro, the ultimate toolbox for timing and pitch adjustment from Synchro Arts, has already been released and is available now.
All VocALign Project and VocALign Pro owners can download this free VST3 update now from the Synchro Arts website -  http://bit.ly/VocALign-download   
More info and a free 14-day VocALign Project demo can be found here - http://bit.ly/VocALign-project3 and VocALign Pro here - http://bit.ly/VocALign-pro4 


Release date

Thursday 27th June, 2019


About Synchro Arts:

Founded in 1994 and based outside of London, UK. Directors Jeff Bloom and John Ellwood released Synchro Arts’ first pro-audio plug-in, VocALign, in 1995 and TITAN (for auto-conforming) shortly after that. In 2001, the company created Revoice Studio, which first appeared on the Shrek DVD, and let consumers replace the character voices in a number of DVD films and music videos. Synchro Arts’ flagship product Revoice Pro was introduced in 2012, to wide critical acclaim.



<![CDATA[ProCo Sound Unveils Industry’s Most Compact Wireless In-Ear Monitor System]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/proco-sound-unveils-industrys-most-compact-wireless-in-ear-monitor-system Thu, 27 Jun 2019 13:00:44 GMT


ProCo Sound Unveils Industry’s Most Compact

Wireless In-Ear Monitor System




ORLANDO, JUNE 27, 2019 ProCo Sound, an ACT/RHC brand, introduces its new wireless in-ear monitor system (W.I.E.M.S.), which made its debut at InfoComm 2019. W.I.E.M.S. is the most-compact in-ear solution on the market today. It features a sleek and simple design, with no external antennas and a seamless plug-and-pair set-up. With up to 30 meters of range (line-of-sight) between the transmitter and belt-pack receiver, the W.I.E.M.S can be used in a variety of applications, including live sound, broadcast and film, as well as in educational and other install-based instances.


ProCo’s new W.I.E.M.S. has four user-selectable channels and features a 3.5-mm headphone jack—enabling users to plug in their preferred earpiece. The receivers are powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is easily rechargeable with a micro USB, ensuring that users don’t lose power when it’s needed most. The receiver automatically pairs to the transmitter, which uses the 5.8GHz frequency band, keeping it isolated from the highly crowded 2.4GHz band. Additionally, with a simple XLR cable, the transmitter works through any Dante-enabled wall-plate or drop-snake, such as ProCo’s latest AoIP solutions.


“We put a great deal of time and energy into designing a wireless in-ear monitor system that is smaller than anything else of its kind,” says Darius Seabaugh, vice president of marketing, RHC. “We showcased the solution at InfoComm and it has been humbling to receive the incredible initial feedback from industry professionals, especially with regards to the system’s high level of audio quality in such a compact design. It’s a small solution with big capabilities.”


This low-latency (less than 5.6 milliseconds) solution has 24-bit audio quality with a 48KHz sampling rate and transmits from a balanced, line-level output.


For more information, visit: https://www.procosound.com/.




About RHC

RHC, located in Jackson, Missouri, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of audio, video, home theater, data and telecommunications interfacing products. Comprising RapcoHorizon, ProCo, RAT, RoadHog, ACT Lighting, Lava Cable and StageMASTER, each RHC brand has developed a reputation in many industries for reliability, and superior sound performance. Used worldwide by concert touring sound companies, video and sound contractors, recording studios, system integrators, audiophiles and musicians, the company’s products provide optimal flexibility and premium performance. RHC also has a state-of-the-art Custom Shop to modify existing products or build new devices to meet any need. 



<![CDATA[Spitfire Audio Releases Hauschka Composer Toolkit]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/spitfire-audio-releases-hauschka-composer-toolkit Thu, 27 Jun 2019 12:41:36 GMT


Spitfire Audio works with world-renowned composer and soundsmith on namesake HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT


LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT — created in close collaboration with world-renowned German composer and soundsmith Volker Bertelmann (a.k.a. Hauschka), best known for film scores such as the Oscar-nominated Lion (2016) and Adrift (2018), as a multifaceted musical toolkit to add dazzling depth, tension, and texture to anyone’s scoring spadework by bottling a sought-after signature sound palette, performed by Hauschka himself on a Steinway Model D grand piano with 40-plus preparations, presented in Spitfire Audio’s advanced Evo Grid layout and masterful Mercury synth engine with mix-and-match multiple signal options as an industry-standard KONTAKT- powered instrument benefiting from the sound-specialising British music technology company’s seasoned sampling expertise, encompassing unique soundscapes from epic industrial rhythms and thundering bass lines to offbeat, atonal plucks and beautiful, shimmering pads that truly capture the sound world and creative spirit of a true innovator — as of June 27...


Although Hauschka has a number of prepared piano compositions to his notable name — not least, appropriately, an album titled The Prepared Piano (released in 2005), his HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT namesake collaboration with Spitfire Audio is not actually a prepared piano sample library in the way that someone hearing those two words out of context could conceive it to be, but rather a creative exchange and an opportunity for its users to effectively collaborate with a one-of-a-kind composer. Clearly uncompromising and unorthodox, who better to formally introduce that sought-after signature sound palette than Hauschka himself — Hauschka being the stage name under which Volker Bertelmann mainly performs and records. “When I started to prepare the piano, I didn’t know much about John Cage,” confesses the innovator in question. “I wanted to create electronic-sounding music with an analogue instrument, instead of using electronics or a computer, and to play the instrument I can play in a new way. The first sound I came up with was a hi-hat created by a Christmas cake wrapper that was given to me by a friend in a studio. That demonstrates the principle of my work, and reflects the idea of how important it is to stay as creative as possible.”


Hauschka continues: “Creative exchange is essential; if you don’t have it as an artist, you get to a very boring place. I always try to work with people who bring me into new territories.” It is for this reason that he ended up working with Spitfire Audio. After all, the sound-specialising British music technology company collaborates with the best composers, artists, and engineers in the world to build musical tools that sound great and are exciting to use. Ultimately, its collective ambition was to capture the sound world and creative spirit of a true innovator, drawn from Hauschka’s 30 years’ worth of experience as a pianist and Oscar-nominated film composer.


Clearly a match made in musical heaven ensued, enhanced by Spitfire Audio’s seasoned sampling expertise and advanced Evo Grid and masterful Mercury synth engine technologies, buoyed by the beautiful blend of vintage equipment and instruments — including a 1972-vintage Cadac G-series fully-discrete, Class A console with mastering-grade inductor EQs on each channel, Studer A80 two-inch 16-track multitrack recorder, and a heritage Steinway Model D concert grand piano — respectively residing in the perfectly proportioned (50m2/540 sq ft) control room and (120m2/1,300 sq ft) live room replete with natural daylight and revered reverb at Berlin-based Vox-Ton, the fully-analogue recording studio where the London-headquartered creative contingent had previously decamped to record the acclaimed ÓLAFUR ARNALDS EVOLUTIONS. It is also the go-to recording space for some of today’s most renowned composers, including Icelander Jóhann Jóhannsson (R.I.P.) — famed for his collaborative film work with French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival), and American pianist and composer Dustin O’Halloran. Here everything essential to creatively crafting HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT’s unique soundscapes — spanning epic industrial percussive rhythms and thunderous bass lines to offbeat, atonal plucks and beautiful, shimmering pads — were carefully captured by team Spitfire Audio, ably captained by Production Manager Harry Wilson, working with Francesco Donadello, in-house engineer at Vox-Ton and longterm Hauschka collaborator, who was instrumental in curating each sound. Saying that, the results mostly sound far removed from the original instrument, despite being performed by Hauschka himself on that heritage Steinway Model D grand piano with which he is so comfortable.


Conceptualising HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT through to those Berlin-based recording sessions, Spitfire Audio worked in close collaboration with Hauschka, perfecting and expanding upon the tried-and-tested preparations used in his existing works to capture both standalone notes and rhythmic performances. “Randomness mixed with intent...” effectively encapsulates Hauschka’s writing and sampling approach — an adventure into the unknown, in other words. With that in mind, Spitfire Audio allowed ample room in the recording process, propelling the piano to places it has never been before, borne out of Hauschka’s signature, multifaceted sound — itself borne out of his endless fascination for the interaction between existing instruments and other materials and textures. Truly inspired by sounds in nature, Hauschka’s sounds are chaotic, unpredictable, and non-repeating — ranging from jarring and noise-like to melodious and spine-tingling, the combination of which creates compelling results, clearly contrasting with the minimalism of his predecessors — including the prolific and influential John Cage.


Creativity abounds as each of HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT’s prepared samples are available as an organic sound while multiple signal options afford additional control to dramatically alter the sound of each sample since users can utilise effects from Francesco Donadello’s desirable modular rig, Hauschka’s pedalboard system, Spitfire Audio’s distortion techniques, and a vintage Binson Echorec tape delay that truly defined Pink Floyd’s classic Seventies sound to take things further. Better still, Spitfire Audio’s interactive and highly-intuitive Evo Grid user interface imparts complete control over how the preparations are used and combined. Positioning ‘pins’ via an onscreen 11 x 12 grid arrangement allows access to recordings across 12 intervals. Instantly select which sound sits on each of those 12 key ranges or explore endless possible combinations and instant gratification with built-in randomisation features. Furthermore, each patch is also available as a warped version in Spitfire Audio’s masterful Mercury synth engine, loading with pedal and modular effects for more extreme warping.


While HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT itself is split into six sections (Plug Hits, Plug Rhythms, Pad Sounds, Pad Hits, Swells, Drum Kits), four are presented as Evo Grid layouts. All are distinctive in their own right, yet designed to compliment each other when layered together. The Plug Rhythms are created from objects jumping and flying off the piano strings, such as tea lights and ping pong balls, resulting in unexpected rhythms. Other objects used span saxophone reeds to toy drums, tambourines to gaffer tape, and light filters to wooden pegs, creating an array of new instruments. Indeed, the Evo Grid layout and multiple signal options allow (almost) endless possibilities for each sound, with different results for every user.


Ultimately, then, HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT is ideal for any composer inspired by the avant-garde or any sound designer looking to explore new sonic territories with sounds that can be applied to a wide range of compositions from leftfield electronica to orchestral scores. Summarises Hauschka: “I would love people to use this library whenever they are stuck and don’t want to use obvious sounds.” Sounds like a good game plan. Time to play... with 40-plus preparations, 50 curated presets, and 16,000 samples!



The 16,000 samples-strong HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT can be purchased and digitally downloaded (24.5 GB) for a time-limited introductory promo price of £199.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$229.00 USD/€229.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until July 11, 2019 — rising thereafter to an RRP of
£249.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$299.00 USD/€299.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — from here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/hauschka-composer-toolkit/


HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT needs Native Instruments’ KONTAKT PLAYER (5.6.8 or higher) — a free version of the KONTAKT sample playback engine (included in the purchase) — to run as a fully NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD®) supporting plug-in instrument for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) or Windows (7, 8, or 10 — latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit),
while Spitfire Audio’s free Download Manager application allows anyone to buy now and download anytime.


For more in-depth information, including some superb-sounding audio demos, please visit the dedicated HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT webpage here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/hauschka-composer-toolkit/


Watch Spitfire Audio co-founder Paul Thomson’s ‘traditional’ video walkthrough of HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT here: https://youtu.be/3k1LdEeSeas


Watch Spitfire Audio’s absorbing HAUSCHKA COMPOSER TOOLKIT introductory video here: https://youtu.be/C5Ck9Sjqwmw




About Spitfire Audio (www.spitfireaudio.com)

Spitfire Audio is a British music technology company that specialises in sounds — sample libraries, virtual instruments, and other useful software devices. It collaborates with the best composers, artists, and engineers in the world to build musical tools that sound great and are exciting to use.


© 2019 Spitfire Audio Holdings Limited



<![CDATA[BOSS Announces Version 2 Update For Nextone Artist And Nextone Stage Guitar Amplifiers]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/boss-announces-version-2-update-for-nextone-artist-and-nextone-stage-guitar-amplifiers Thu, 27 Jun 2019 12:28:50 GMT


BOSS Announces Version 2 Update for Nextone Artist and Nextone Stage Guitar Amplifiers




Free Firmware Update Adds Deep Sound Customization Tools, Accessible via the Nextone Editor Software


Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2019 — With the free Nextone Version 2 update, BOSS brings a host of new sound customization options to the stage-class Nextone Artist and Nextone Stage guitar amplifiers. Combining classic tube sound and feel with next-generation tonal diversity, Nextone amps offer instant panel re-voicing via four Class AB analog power amp types, plus advanced internal tone shaping using the Nextone Editor for Mac and Windows. The Version 2 update adds numerous sound tools to the editor, allowing Nextone players to personalize their amplifier’s voice at a very deep level. 


One of the most potent Version 2 features is Character Shape, located in the heart of the power amp. This allows players to adjust the amp’s feel and response along with the tonal characteristics, providing circuit-level customization with just a few mouse clicks. An Extra Headroom switch is also available, bringing added punch for loud gigs and clean playing styles.


Separate pre/post preamp EQs are now available (including a new 10-band graphic), letting players re-voice the sound and compensate for the gain and tone variations of different guitars. Seven more boost types have also been added, and Nextone’s built-in delay, tremolo, and reverb types can now be set independently for custom mode channels. A graphic EQ option has been added to the system EQ section as well.


Version 2 also brings new usability enhancements to the Nextone Editor. Import/export and librarian functions have been added, making it even easier to work with different Nextone setups. In addition, 20 new presets replicate the behaviors of many classic tube amplifier types, taking full advantage of Nextone’s selectable tone stacks and variable analog power stages.     


The Version 2 update is available as a free download and can be installed by connecting a Nextone Artist or Nextone Stage amp to a Mac or Windows computer via USB.


To learn more, visit www.boss.info.






About BOSS

BOSS, a division of Roland Corporation, has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes amps, compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders, rhythm machines, metronomes, tuners, vocal products, and more. For more information, visit Boss.info.



<![CDATA[Supro Launches The Galaxy Tube Overdrive Amplifier]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/supro-launches-the-galaxy-tube-overdrive-amplifier Wed, 26 Jun 2019 14:33:53 GMT


Introducing the Galaxy Amplifier


Owen Barry shows off the tones of his Supro Galaxy head and matching 4x12 cabinet live at Brooklyn Bowl

Watch Now


The Galaxy is a 50-watt channel-switching tube amp, designed to deliver more clean tone and more tube overdrive than any Supro ever made. The Galaxy amplifier combines the cleanest Supro preamp channel from our pedal-friendly Keeley model, with a Zinky-designed overdrive channel that has more than enough gain to seamlessly transition from the edge of breakup into complex tube saturation and sustain—without sacrificing dynamics or losing tonal balance at stage volume.Mike Hermans blasts off with the Supro Galaxy in this extensive demo

Watch Now





  • 2-channel, all-tube design
  • High-headroom Clean channel
  • Overdrive channel with 3-band EQ
  • Master volume on Overdrive channel only
  • Switchable boost works on both channels
  • All-tube buffered effects loop
  • Wattage: 50 watts Class AB
  • Speaker: 1x12” Eminence CV75
  • Assembled in New York, USA

Learn More


YouTube superstar Ola Englund demos the Supro Galaxy

Watch Now


Ryan "Fluff" Bruce demos the Supro Galaxy in the latest Riffs, Beards & Gear

Watch Now



The Supro 1777 Galaxy 4x12 Extension cabinet uses an oversized, “half-back” design with a partially open, angled top section sitting above an isolated, closed-back bottom.

Learn More



The Supro 1797 1x12 Galaxy Extension cabinet is designed to serve as an ideal match for the Galaxy head or combo and uses a partially open-back design that is directly based on the dimensions of Jimmy Page’s late-50’s modified Supro Coronado.

Learn More



<![CDATA[Impact Soundworks Releases Pedal Steel For Kontakt Player]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/impact-soundworks-releases-pedal-steel-for-kontakt-player Wed, 26 Jun 2019 14:27:18 GMT


Impact Soundworks Releases Pedal Steel for Kontakt Player




FULTON, MD -- Impact Soundworks released today PEDAL STEEL, a sample library for KONTAKT PLAYER featuring a legendary American electric guitar of the same name. The instrument offers composers and producers access to this distinctive sliding guitar sound without complex automation or multi-tracking needed, even for harmonized parts. Pedal Steel is fully NKS compatible for use with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware, and is available now for the introductory price of $149 from Impact Soundworks.



As pedal steel guitars require significant technique using both arms and legs to perform, library developer Dimitris Plagiannis chose to focus on easy playability in creating the Pedal Steel virtual instrument. Core articulations such as glides and vibrato can be performed automatically as the instrument analyzes the user’s performance in real-time. 


The innovative Harmonized Mono feature allows allows musicians to effortlessly add harmonies to a melody part by pressing just a single key. These harmonies intelligently follow the melody in every way without requiring separate MIDI to be sequenced or performed. Multiple harmonies can be triggered just as easily.

See it in action on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mfQPeOu8g0

Pedal Steel includes a large pool of highly-detailed samples across three channels - DI and two amps - allowing the user to experiment with different tones. The built-in Console modular FX rack and mixer further provides a huge variety of FX (reverbs, cabinets, pedals, amps, EQs) which can be added and used in any order, on any channel.


Pedal Steel is available now as a digital download for the introductory price of $149 through July 7, 2019 (MSRP: $199). Audio and video demos, specifications, and more product information is available at the Impact Soundworks website:






<![CDATA[NEW FROM KUSH: AR-1 - Vintage Mµ Compressor]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/new-from-kush-ar-1---vintage-m-compressor Wed, 26 Jun 2019 14:13:44 GMT


NEW FROM KUSH: AR-1 - Vintage Mµ Compressor is available TODAY!




Kush's warmest, weightiest tube compressor is available NOW.




Get the tone heard on Pink Floyd, The Beatles,
and countless other classics, modernized for the DAW producer.


ONLY $99


BUY : $99        DEMO        SUBSCRIBE
<![CDATA[Melodic Deep House]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/melodic-deep-house Wed, 26 Jun 2019 14:07:17 GMT




It’s new release day and this week we’ve got Melodic Deep House, a pack that ticks all the boxes for Deep, Tech & Progressive House

Zenhiser Pack: Melodic Deep House

Price: $60.00 AUD

Direct Link: http://www.zenhiser.com/melodic-deep-house-sounds.html



<![CDATA[Polyverse Music Releases Comet Version 1.0]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/polyverse-music-releases-comet-version-1.0 Wed, 26 Jun 2019 14:05:50 GMT


Polyverse Music Releases Comet Version 1.0




Polyverse Music proudly presents Comet Version 1.0 - a reverb plug-in with unparalleled lushness and versatility. Version 1.0 is the official release of Comet that includes major update which supercharges Comet with powerful modulation capabilities and exciting new features requested by the growing Polyverse user community.

Since its previous beta iteration, Comet already includes the ability to generate decay times from a microsecond to infinity and morph between presets in real time. It can also create spaces from one cubic centimeter to one cubic kilometer, utilize a uniquely rich and musical detune algorithm, and create rhythmic subdivisions for pre-delay and preset morphing speed (glide). 


After a successful three month public beta period, Comet is now capable of modulating all parameters with CV input, playing or controlling reverb pitch with a MIDI keyboard, switching between presets with MIDI notes or CC, abruptly stopping any reverb tail, and more. 

During Comet’s public beta, a massive amount of responses about additions and flexibility were received, which led to the introduction of these new features. Through constant feedback and interaction with the public during its open beta, Polyverse Music has reinforced its motto of “by musicians, for musicians” by upgrading Comet based on the requests and needs of its users. Between refining its already beautiful tone and including even more flexibility, Comet has reached its true form: the apex of a future-forward, cutting edge reverb.


Comet is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats, making it compatible with a variety of host applications including Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, and Studio One. It can be used in 32/64-bit instances with Windows XP and up, as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and up.


Comet version 1.0 is available immediately from Polyverse Music for the introductory price of $99 USD until July 8th 2019. After the introductory period, Comet will be available for purchase at $149 USD. For more information about Comet, please visit https://polyversemusic.com/comet

To celebrate Comet’s release, all other Polyverse products will be discounted by 30% from June 25th 2019 until July 8th 2019.



About Polyverse Music - Polyverse Music is a “by musicians, for musicians” company that creates uniquely powerful tools and instruments for artists on the cutting edge of creativity.



<![CDATA[EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Pop Brass Now Available]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/eastwestquantum-leap-hollywood-pop-brass-now-available Wed, 26 Jun 2019 13:40:42 GMT


Now Available:
EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Pop Brass
Fiery, punchy pop brass recorded in famed EastWest Studios,
engineered by multiple Grammy winner Moogie Canazio
Hollywood, CA - EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP proudly releasesHOLLYWOOD POP BRASS, delivering the sound of a tight, bombastic, and dynamic brass section that will make tracks pop, sizzle, and soar.
For this project, producers DOUG ROGERS and NICK PHOENIX recorded one of the top horn sections in the industry in EastWest's famous Hollywood studios, and brought in multiple Grammy award-winning engineer MOOGIE CANAZIO to craft a sound that's larger than life. MOOGIE CANAZIO has recorded music icons Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Sergio Mendes, Diana Ross, Luis Miguel, Michael Buble, Melody Gardot, and many more. He's been nominated for over 35 Grammy nominations and has won 7 Grammys and Latin Grammys.
HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS features a 4-piece brass ensemble for all main articulations that includes 2 trumpets, a trombone, and a saxophone that alternates between a baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone depending on the note range, and a 5-piece ensemble for all phrases and licks that includes 2 trumpets, a trombone and 2 saxophones that alternate between a baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone depending on the instrument voicing. It includes incredible sounding multi-sampled ensemble sections recorded in the famous Studio 1 at EastWest Studios ("the best brass recording room in the world” according to Michael Jackson engineer Bruce Swedien) as well as stylized phrases and licks in multiple keys recorded in Studio 2, a favorite of many Latin artists going all the way back to Tijuana Brass by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. These phrases will simply blow you away with how easily they slide right into your track, and cover many genres from pure pop to rock, funk, soul, and many distinctive rhythms and melodies from the Latin world.
HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS was created for one simple reason - there's just nothing else out there on the market that instantaneously gives you that fiery, punchy pop brass sound that made songs like Uptown Funk such mega hits.
This library provides something for everyone - whether you want to build deep and detailed orchestrations with one of the world’s top horn sections, or if you just want to "plug and play" using licks and phrases that will inspire you and bring that "it" factor to your song. It's the ultimate ensemble pop/Latin brass collection that will leave you screaming, hollering, and begging for more.
For more information, please visit http://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-pop-brass
HOLLYWOOD POP BRASS is available for purchase athttp://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-pop-brass for $399 and as a free addition for all subscribers of ComposerCloud.
EastWest (www.soundsonline.com) has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality of Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments for more than 30 years, setting the industry standard as the most critically acclaimed sound developer. Find more about EastWest at soundsonline.com.
<![CDATA[ PRS Guitars Announces Private Stock Modern Eagle V Limited]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/prs-guitars-announces-private-stock-modern-eagle-v-limited Tue, 25 Jun 2019 13:28:18 GMT


PRS Guitars Announces Private Stock Modern Eagle V Limited



(STEVENSVILLE, MD) June 25, 2019 – The PRS Private Stock Modern Eagle V Limited Edition celebrates the pursuit of tone with its innovative electronics package and the stunning craftsmanship of the PRS Private Stock team.


When the Modern Eagle was first introduced in 2004, it was a distillation of everything PRS had learned about the electric guitar. Paul Reed Smith described it this way: “We’re in competition with ‘days of grace.’…That’s what I’ve come to realize the Modern Eagle needs to be. You pull it out and it’s competitive with everything that’s ever been made – which is not so easy to do.”*


This fifth installment in the Modern Eagle series pushes the boundaries of guitar design and presents serious players with a truly unique tool. The Private Stock Modern Eagle V utilizes a hum/single/hum (five-coil) pickup configuration. The two paired mini-toggles separate the slug-side coils, turning the humbuckers into true, “TCI-tuned” single coils. The push/pull tone control activates both humbuckers when engaged, allowing players to access all three pickups simultaneously. Finally, there is a third mini-toggle that changes the volume pot value from 500k (traditional on humbucking guitars for brighter output) to 250k (traditional on single-coil guitars for slightly darker output), which allows players to fine tune their pickup output in each setting. This design provides amazing versatility that is perfect for the studio but is intuitive enough to perform with live.


“The Private Stock Modern Eagle V is a sophisticated instrument not only in its craftsmanship but in its electronic and mechanical design,” said Paul Reed Smith. “Modern Eagle models have always been built to stand up to history while celebrating tonewoods and the discovery of new tones. These instruments are the embodiment of the that tradition married with the bold innovation of Private Stock and a new pickup system.”


Only 120 instruments will be made worldwide. For full specifications and to hear the Private Stock Modern Eagle V in action, please go to www.prsguitars.com/privatestock/.


*(historic quote taken from The PRS Electric Guitar Book: A Complete History of Paul Reed Smith Electrics by Dave Burrluck).





About PRS Guitars:

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a leading manufacturer of high quality instruments in Stevensville, Maryland and has provided some of the world’s most renowned musicians with instruments since 1985. The PRS team of highly skilled craftspeople design and build a wide variety of musical instruments and gear for worldwide distribution, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars as well as boutique-style guitar amplifiers. The PRS SE line of products complements the Maryland-made PRS line by offering highly approachable and more affordable electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, John McLaughlin, John Mayer, Jimmy Herring, Orianthi, Mark Tremonti, Zach Myers of Shinedown, Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, David Grissom, Martin Simpson, Tony McManus and Blake Shelton are among the artists currently playing PRS instruments and/or amplifiers.


PRS Guitars Info: www.prsguitars.com



<![CDATA[Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Now Supports AAX DSP]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/townsend-labs-sphere-l22-now-supports-aax-dsp Tue, 25 Jun 2019 13:25:23 GMT


Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Now Supports AAX DSP




Campbell, California, June 25, 2019: Townsend Labs is proud to announce that AAX DSP support is included in version 1.3 of the Sphere plug-in—the software component in the award-winning and best-in-class Sphere L22 microphone modeling system. Ever since its initial introduction, the Sphere plug-in has been available for all major native plug-in formats, as well as on Universal Audio’s UAD-2, Apollo and Arrow platform. With the addition of AAX DSP support in Sphere 1.3, owners of Pro Tools HDX systems can now enjoy perfect integration of the Sphere microphone into their existing DSP-based workflow, and monitor the over 20 included microphone models with near-zero latency while recording.


Since its debut in 2017, the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 has established itself as the best microphone modeling solution in the industry. Its pioneering multi-dimensional modeling technology and unique dual-channel design take microphone modeling far beyond merely mimicking the static on-axis response of the original microphones. The Sphere L22 captures the spatial in-room behavior of the original microphones, including transient response, harmonics, proximity effect, and three-dimensional polar response. The stunning accuracy is what has convinced users from home recordists to seasoned industry veterans, such as Joe Chiccarelli and Allen Sides, that Sphere is the future of microphones.

Sphere L22

The Sphere L22 system is comprised of a dedicated, dual-channel microphone and its software counterpart, the Sphere plug-in. The plug-in currently includes over 20 models of coveted microphones—a collection which would be worth more than a hundred thousand dollars if it was ever up for sale, and to which new microphone models are regularly added. The microphone can be used with any preamp and any digital interface, and the Sphere plug-in is available for all major native plug-in formats as well as on Universal Audio’s UAD-2, Apollo and Arrow platform. 


Version 1.3

With version 1.3 of the Sphere plug-in, Townsend Labs adds support for AAX DSP, which means Pro Tools HDX owners can now use the microphone with near-zero latency in their existing workflow. This does not only make Sphere L22 an even more attractive choice for top-end music producers and high-end commercial studio facilities, but also for audio post and dialog recordists. As such, Sphere is the first and only microphone modeling system available for Pro Tools HDX. 

Producer/engineer Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, Jason Mraz, The Strokes), a long time Sphere owner, explains:
“Working with Sphere as a native plug-in has been great and I’ve been a big supporter of the company from the beginning. Now it fits perfectly into my workflow with Pro Tools HDX at Sunset Sound.”

Erik Papp of Townsend Labs comments:

“The professional community—both in music and audio post—have been requesting an AAX DSP version of the Sphere plug-in. We’re proud we can now add it to the list of available formats. It's important to us that customers can incorporate Sphere L22 in their current workflow, whatever it may be.”

Price and availability

The Sphere plug-in is free of charge and available for download on Townsend Labs’ website. The Sphere L22 microphone can be purchased from most pro audio dealers worldwide, and is offered for $1499 US dollars excluding tax. Anyone interested in exploring the system is invited to download various sound examples recorded with Sphere L22 microphones and try the free, fully-featured Sphere plug-in on their system.





About Townsend Labs

Following more than three years of technical development, Townsend Labs was founded in 2015 by thirteen-year Avid alum and DSP architect Chris Townsend, together with Erik Papp, previously CEO of Summit Audio Inc. Townsend Labs Inc. is a professional audio company in the San Francisco Bay Area region of California. In July 2016, Townsend Labs announced their world-class patented microphone modeling technology, Sphere. Sphere’s analog hardware directly captures spatial and distance information in the sound field, allowing for unprecedented control and multi-dimensional modeling of vintage microphones from within the Sphere plug-in.



<![CDATA[Fender Launches New Vintera Series]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/fender-launches-new-vintera-series Tue, 25 Jun 2019 13:19:15 GMT




In Collaboration with Stylist Heidi Bivens, Fashion Photographer Clarke Tolton and Director Duo Rubberband, Electric Guitar Campaign Showcases Fender’s Timeless Style For Today’s Players





HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (June 25, 2019)— Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced the launch of the Vintera Series, a line of vintage-inspired electric guitar and bass models that embody a period-specific vibe, including: the Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, Jaguar®, Mustang®, Jazzmaster®, Jazz Bass®, Precision Bass® and Mustang Bass. Each model delivers the authentic look and feel of its era, as well as decade-specific tones from the `50s, `60s and `70s.


The creative includes a 30-second digital commercial that introduces the instruments and overall feel of the Vintera Series, plus three artist performance videos, releasing on a later date, featuring contemporary, eclectic musicians. Each performance harkens back to a specific decade to showcase the vintage-inspired guitars and basses as well as the sound and style of the era. In addition to the performance videos, Fender captured each artist’s influences from the era of their performance, individual music style and what compelled them to pick up their first guitar and play.


Christone “Kingfish” Ingram taps into his blues roots, bringing viewers back to the `50s with a classic Seafoam Green Stratocaster and a cover of “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Singer-songwriter Curtis Harding brings back the soul of the `60s playing a cover of Tommy James and The Shondells’ “Crimson and Clover” on the Ice Blue Metallic `60s Jazzmaster. Reminiscent of the Woodstock Era, Mexican garage punk band Le Butcherettes, shredded on the `70s Telecaster Deluxe in Mocha for their punk rendition of "Ever Fallen In Love" by The Buzzcocks.


“The Vintera series celebrates the different vintage eras of Fender with the fundamental design of the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass remaining largely the same, but with each decade assuming its own unique feature sets,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at Fender. “Depending on your feature preferences, bands you love and the era that you grew up in, each of these decades has a different appeal in terms of sound, colors and pickups.”


To truly capture the essence of each decade within the Vintera Series, Fender partnered with a trio of creative experts to lead styling, photography, as well as directing and production design for the campaign’s creative. International fashion stylist and costume designer, Heidi Bivens, whose portfolio of work includes Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid 90’s and HBO’s Euphoria, meticulously curated each artist’s aesthetic to reflect fashions of the decade that inspired their performance.


Drawing inspiration from blues artists of the 1950s, psych rock and folk musicians from the 1960s and punk bands of the 1970s, as well as iconic fashion designers like Nazareno Fonticoli, Nudie Cohn and Kansai Yammamoto, Bivens let the style and sounds of the past inform her approach. From there, Bivens identified pieces that highlighted the Vintera Series in a subtle, authentic way. “The design and aesthetic of each instrument was very important to ensuring that the overall look was balanced and that every choice complemented the other, “ she said.“I especially love how Curtis Harding’s innate style shined through, and the guitar’s Ice Blue Metallic color made his look pop for that genuine `60s vibe.”


Portrait, lifestyle and fashion photographer Clarke Tolton grew up in Southern California and his earliest photographs came from shooting punk and hardcore shows around the region. His impressive roster of work for other global brands like Nike, Kate Spade, Quiksilver and RayBan, paired with his innate love of music, made Tolton an obvious partner to lead photography for the Vintera Series campaign. In addition to shooting the instruments doing what they do best, Tolton favored capturing hidden moments on set noting, “the artists really weren’t aware of my presence during their performances, which allowed me to move freely around them looking for ‘that’ standout shot.” Fender also teamed up with New York-based director duo, rubberband., who directed the motion campaign.


“Our creative brand marketing is about about elevating guitar and giving a voice to artists,” said Jeremy Taylor, VP of Global Brand Creative and Content at Fender. “The Vintera Series campaign romances the cool, vintage look and style of each decade’s best models through a contemporary lens and approach that is less polished and more youthful. We’re thrilled to work with three amazing artists and production partners who have so effortlessly helped us define and showcase what vintage style for the modern era looks and sounds like. We set out to inspire the players who care about style as much as tone, quality, craftsmanship, or specs and believe this campaign will excite players to explore the endless possibilities these guitars offer.”


Fender’s Vintera Series models feature authentic specs from decades past, such as period-correct neck shapes, new pickups with decade-specific tones and a wider breadth of vintage colors, including: Mocha, Fiesta Red, Seafoam Green, Inca Silver, Burgundy Mist and Ice Blue Metallic. For nearly every decade correct model, there’s also a counterpart “modded” version that offers fresh features not available at the time of first release.


The Vintera Series electric guitars and basses feature 15 new models available at local dealers and on www.Fender.com. For additional inspiration, watch the Vintera Series campaign and demo videos here. To learn more about the Vintera Series including detailed product/spec descriptions, click here. Product images can be accessed here. 


Models include:

  • Vintera Series `50s Stratocaster - $899.99 - 949.99
  • Vintera Series `50s Stratocaster Modified - $999.99
  • Vintera Series `50s Telecaster - $899.99
  • Vintera Series `50s Precision Bass - $899.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Stratocaster - $999.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Telecaster Modified - $999.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Telecaster Bigsby ® - $999.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Jazzmaster - $999.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Jazzmaster Modified - $1,099.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Jaguar - $1,049.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Jaguar Modified - $1,149.99 
  • Vintera Series `60s Mustang - $899.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Mustang Bass - $949.99
  • Vintera Series `60s Jazz Bass - $999.99
  • Vintera Series `70s Stratocaster - $949.99 
  • Vintera Series `70s Telecaster Deluxe - $899.99
  • Vintera Series `70s Telecaster Custom - $899.99
  • Vintera Series `70s Telecaster Thinline - $1,049.99
  • Vintera Series `70s Jazz Bass - $1,049.99


For detailed specs, additional information on new Fender products or to find a retail partner near you, visit www.fender.com. Join the conversation on social media by following @Fender.





Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), whose portfolio of brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH® and Charvel®, follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest quality instruments and musical solutions across genres. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of music through electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, pro audio, accessories and digital products that inspire and enable musical expression at every stage, from beginners to history-making legends.


<![CDATA[Harbinger Offers Big Sound To Go With New VARI 2300 Series]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/harbinger-offers-big-sound-to-go-with-new-vari-2300-series Tue, 25 Jun 2019 13:07:58 GMT


Harbinger Offers Big Sound To Go With 
New VARI 2300 Series

Westlake Village, CA-June 2019... Harbinger Pro Audio has expanded its acclaimed VARI Series of live-sound solutions with the VARI 2300 powered portable loudspeakers, which deliver affordable, lightweight power and exceptional built-in connectivity and DSP features. The new series includes the VARI V2312 2-way loudspeaker, with a 12-inch low-frequency driver ($249.99); the VARI V2315 2-way loudspeaker, with a 15-inch low-frequency driver ($299.99); and the VARI V2318S subwoofer ($599.99), with an 18-inch driver.
VARI 2300 Series 2-way loudspeakers feature a high-frequency compression driver, a 2,000W (peak) Class D amplifier that delivers ample power without employing heavy transformers, and onboard DSP and mixing capabilities, packaged in a rugged yet lightweight polypropolene enclosure. The result is impressive output from loudspeakers that anyone can set up and carry: 126 dB SPL for the 35-pound V2312 and 127 dB SPL for the 41-pound V2315. With built-in pole mounts and angled cabinets for use as floor wedges, the V2312 and V2315 are equally valuable as front-of-house or monitor speakers.
Each VARI 2300 Series loudspeaker incorporates a three-channel mixer featuring two mono channels, each with a XLR-¼-inch combo mic/guitar/line input, and a stereo channel with 1/8-inch stereo aux minijack, Bluetooth, and L/R ¼-inch line inputs for a total of eight simultaneous inputs. Onboard two-band EQ is easy to dial in, and a simple button allows you to select among four DSP voicings: Standard, Vocal Boost, Live, and Floor Monitor/Wall. A built-in DSP limiter offers transparent dynamics control for musical-sounding system protection at high volume, and the new Smart Stereo feature lets you run a single XLR cable between two VARI 2300 Series loudspeakers and control them both from the left side.
The V2318S subwoofer offers a whopping 2,400 watts 
of peak power for 134 dB of room-shaking lows in an 86-pound package. It includes inputs and outputs for two speakers, a switchable 90 Hz/120 Hz crossover, phase reverse, DSP limiter, and built-in locking roll casters for easy load-in.
Used separately or as a set, Harbinger's VARI 2300 Series brings high power, light weight, flexible input and mixing options, easy setup, and great sound together in a package any band can afford. For more information, visithttps://harbingerproaudio.com/vari-series.



Harbinger Professional Audio brings together advanced engineering and manufacturing technology to deliver high quality sound reinforcement components that offer performance, power, and reliability in an affordable package. Harbinger products are built with rugged, professional components and construction for dependable, rock solid performance.


For more information on the complete range of Harbinger Pro Audio products, contact Harbinger, P.O. Box 5111, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.



<![CDATA[Laka Announce New VU Series Models]]> https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/laka-announce-new-vu-series-models Tue, 25 Jun 2019 12:53:05 GMT


Laka, a name that has become synonymous with quality ukuleles around the world, is delighted to announce new models to its popular VU Series. 



Offered in three sizes, soprano, concert and tenor, the new Laka VU40 Series ukuleles with all-wood mahogany bodies, tops and okoume necks, impress with striking looks that include decorative soundholes, body bindings and attractive laser etched Laka headstock logos. 





Closed back, silver plated button machine heads and Aquilla strings ensure stable tuning with a 15-fret black walnut fingerboard and bridge that contribute to an overall tonal response that embraces honey sweet highs and a generous warm mid-range. 



Also new to the VU Series is the Soprano VUS5, available in in choice of Red Chocolate, Midnight Blue and Natural finishes with an okoume neck and sapele for the back, sides and top. Like the VU40, closed back silver plated button machine heads are included along with a 15-fret black walnut fingerboard and bridge. Aquila strings are fitted across the range. 


Whilst some would say the ukulele season is almost upon us, others would say they juke their uke all year around, especially if it’s a Laka.    


Laka VU40 Series Ukuleles inc. carry bag 

VUS40 Soprano £49.99 rrp 

VUT40 Tenor £52.99 rrp 

VUC40 Concert £54.99 rrp 

Laka VUS5 Series Ukuleles inc. carry bag 

Soprano £44.99 rrp 

Available in Red, Chocolate, Midnight Blue and Natural.  



Laka Ukuleles are exclusively distributed worldwide by JHS.    

Further info on Laka ukuleles: https://www.jhs.co.uk/brands/laka