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  • Musopia’s Updated Ukeoke App Tracks And Accelerates Learning

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    Musopia’s Updated Ukeoke App Tracks And Accelerates Learning




    Helsinki, Finland – May 2nd, 2017 - Musopia is pleased to announce their Ukulele Karaoke Ukeoke App (iOS, AppleTV and Android) has been thoroughly revamped and now includes a modern chord detection system which listens to users playing and gives engaging, valuable feedback based on performance.


    The Ukeoke App’s new chord detection system identifies when a user plays a chord correctly. Then every time the user plays an incorrect chord it recognises this and informs the player they should slow their tempo down and give themselves time to place their fingers correctly.


    The newly updated app can make a difference in how people learn to play instruments by simplifying popular songs into an easy-to-play version with only a few chords. Ukeoke also features a karaoke style lyric display, adjustable backing tracks and high-quality tutorials by the World´s best guitar and ukulele teacher JustinGuitar.com, making learning faster and even more fun for absolute beginners.


    Topi Löppönen, the CEO of Musopia, the developer of Ukeoke explains “when someone starts to learn an instrument timing to the millisecond is not important, the joy of learning and advancing is. Ukeoke allows users to track their learning, and gives them valuable feedback. For the price of one ukulele lesson we can help the player for a year and offer great songs to practice with.”


    Finland-based Musopia’s creative music software provides teachers with plenty of songs which students love and enables them to engage with different skill levels. These distinctive features have enabled Musopia to forge strategic partnerships with leading music education organisations such as Little Kids Rock, Guitars in the Classroom and Musical Futures.


    To download the new, updated Ukeoke please go to: -
    iTunes App Store: 2nd May 2017
    Google Play Store: Coming Soon


    To find out more about Musopia and its other products please go to https://musopia.net/


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