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  • Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar Debut HUG Ukulele Mahogany Series

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    Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar Embraces Industry Trends
    with Debut of HUG Ukulele Mahogany Serie

    5194c86256b7743977346c86766a3dea.jpegWAIKOLOA, HAWAII (Jan. 17, 2019) — The debut of the HUG Ukulele Mahogany Series from Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar proves that high-quality materials that are rich and resonant can also be warm and sweet. Inspired by recent trends in the acoustic guitar market, the HUG Ukulele Solid Mahogany Series offers all-solid sapele construction and styling that’s classically refined and sleek. Any one of these ukuleles is an ideal addition to a guitar collection, especially for the discerning acoustic player.

    Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar has been a retailer of fine handcrafted instruments on the Big Island since 2011, and is thrilled to unveil its very own product lines at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. As a new brand, HUG Ukulele bridges the divide between time-honored traditions and modern preferences, as evident in the selection of the sapele body. This African tonal wood is closely related to mahogany both in appearance and sound. All-mahogany acoustic guitars have been trending as players discover their comparatively warmer tone and full rich mid-range. In a ukulele, sapele translates to a rich, clear, bright tone that is both full and sweet. To enhance this tone, HUG Ukulele & Guitar uses a matte nitrocellulose finish, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance.

    Balancing strength and symmetry, Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar uses a fanned top-bracing pattern and sturdy C-shaped mahogany neck. Mahogany is also used for the beautiful bridge and 18-fret fingerboard with 3 mm mother-of-pearl dot inlays, along with a bone saddle and nut. Each ukulele is crowned with HUG’s signature etched Ocean Wave headstock. The natural wood is finished in a matte nitrocellulose, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance.

    As the HUG brand implies, Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar wants the player to embrace the sound and individuality of the ukulele that’s right for them. That’s why the HUG Ukulele Mahogany Series offers multiple styles, including Pineapple, Pineapple Aumakua, Soprano, Super Soprano, Soprano Aumakua, Concert, Super Concert, Concert Aumakua, Concert Cutaway EQ, Tenor Aumakua and Tenor Cutaway EQ. On each model, enclosed-gear tuners have the proper tuning ratio for the Aquila 10U New Nylgut Tenor Ukulele Strings. These strings are made in Italy from a patented synthetic material that’s close in sound to authentic gut strings.

    To learn more, please visit www.hugukulele.com

    RETAIL $299-$569



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