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    When You Need To Turn The Page, Put Your Foot Down

    By HC News |

    IK Multimedia's iRig BlueTurn - the backlit Bluetooth page turner

    for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac - is now shipping

    Now everyone can turn pages and scroll through set lists, scores, lyric sheets, slides and more with hands-free, high-visibility convenience in any venue with iRig BlueTurn
    March 10, 2016 - IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that iRig® BlueTurn, the compact foot-controlled backlit Bluetooth page turner for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android devices, is now shipping. iRig BlueTurn is a hands-free page turning foot pedal that features two backlit buttons that are visible in even the darkest of environments, making it an ideal companion on the stage. It can be used with the free app iKlip Stage or any other set list manager or document viewer to turn pages in sheet music, scroll through tablature, swap slides during a presentation and more.



    Turn the page

    iRig BlueTurn provides effortless hands-free control from the floor. Once paired with an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Mac, its two buttons can be used to turn pages and scroll through documents. It transmits standard HID messages via Bluetooth low energy technology - a standard that works with IK's own iKlip® Stage set list management app for iPad and Android, as well as many other popular document viewing apps and software. iRig BlueTurn's two buttons can be used in three different modes: Page Up/Page Down for page navigation, Arrow Up/Arrow Down for scrolling line by line and Arrow Left/Arrow Right for page turning.


    See the light

    iRig BlueTurn is at home on stage. It's been made with the needs of performers in mind. Its two backlit soft-touch buttons provide an unobtrusive-yet-visible glow that's ideal for situations with a low amount of ambient light - great while performing on stage, in an orchestra pit or giving presentations with digital slideshows.


    Ready to travel

    Beyond its ease-of-use, iRig BlueTurn is also extremely portable. It has a compact enclosure with a small footprint that's tough enough to stand up to the rigors of the road. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and doesn't have any wires or cables to tie it down. It can be packed into any small bag or backpack for use anytime and everywhere.


    A system for success

    iRig BlueTurn works great on its own, but it can also be used with iKlip Xpand as a part of a full stage-ready set list management and page turning system. iKlip Xpand is a microphone stand mount for tablets with four expandable grips, a rubberized backing and a positionable ball joint design. It can be used to secure an iPad or Android tablet for use while performing with iRig BlueTurn. The new Tablet Page Turning Bundle featuring iKlip Xpand and iRig BlueTurn can now be preordered. Put together with the iKlip Stage app, performing on stage is now truly effortless.


    Pricing and availability

    iRig BlueTurn is available now from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for just $/€69.99*. iKlip Stage is a free app available for iPad and Android available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The IK Tablet Page Turner Bundle containing iRig BlueTurn and iKlip Xpand can be preordered now for just $/€99.99.


    * All prices excluding taxes


    For more information about iRig BlueTurn, please visit irigblueturn.com


    To learn more about iKlip Stage, please visit ikmultimedia.com/iklipstage


    To learn more about iKlip Xpand, please visit ikmultimedia.com/iklipxpand

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