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  • Korg Adds To Growing Accessories Line

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    KORG Launches New Products to Growing Accessories Line



    Melville, NY – September 10th, 2018 – KORG has released two more accessories as part of their growing initiative to dominate the tuner and metronome catagory. KORG has taken the sleek design and impeccable accuracy of the Rimpitch and has released the Rimpitch C2; an evolution of KORG’s innovative acoustic guitar tuner, now in an even more compact package. Also new to the line is the MA- 2, an electronic metronome further improved on from its predecessor, the MA-1.




    The Rimpitch C2 has been designed specifically for the acoustic guitar, fitting perfectly in the instrument’s sound hole. This unique construction allows for high visibility and limited distraction as it’s placed within the player’s natural field of vision. In addition, the Rimpitch C2 comes equipped with a highly visible LED display, making the player’s tuning experience easier and more convenient than ever. Acoustic guitarists everywhere will relish in the slim and compact design that has made guitar tuning an effortless necessity.




    The MA-2 performs all key functions of a standard metronome, this time with a larger display and enhanced volume for easier detection. It provides user-friendly features including ‘timer mode’, a helpful tool for prolonged practicing, and ‘sound out mode’, which provides various tones for tuning. With up to 400 hours of continuous use, the MA-2 is a necessity for all musicians.


    “KORG has been a leading force in the tuner industry for over 40 years and has continuously manufactured top of the line accessories for musicians,” says Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at KORG USA, Inc. “The release of the Rimpitch C2 tuner and MA-2 metronome are no different. Both models are high-quality products essential for any guitarist or musician looking to master their craft,” Piccolo continues.


    Both products will be available Fall 2018 for $29.99 For more information on KORG, visit www.korg.com.



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