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  • 50 Years At The Bottom And Loving It

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    The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom
    2nd Edition, by Paul D. Boyer
    Montclair, NJ (Sept 15, 2017) - This second edition of the popular The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom features 16 bonus pages with up-to-date information on Rickenbacker's latest electric bass models, more photo coverage of artists playing Ricks, and some eye-popping custom-built iterations of the classic Rickenbacker electric bass.
    With the introduction of the two-pickup 4001 model in 1961, the Rickenbacker bass became a phenomenon. The Beatles's use use of Rickenbacker instruments was pivotal: teen groups everywhere wanted to have the same instruments the Beatles used so they could achieve the "right" sound. With its ultra-modern design that made the classic Fender precision bass look downright old-fashioned, the Rick quickly became a darling of progressive bands that loved its look as much as its different sound. 
    The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom is the first book to trace the history of the iconic guitar, from its prototypes through its explosion of popularity in such bands as the Beatles, Yes, Deep Purple, and Motorhead, to name but a few. Lavishly illustrated with archival shots, this is a must-have book not only for anyone who plays the Rick but also for anyone who plays the bass guitar. 
    About the author:
    As a life-long lover of music and a career writer and editor, Paul was naturally drawn to creating a much-needed reference book on Rickenbacker bass guitars. While participating in the on-line Rickenbacker Resource Forum (www.rickresource.com/forum), he saw the need for a book that would clearly describe and illustrate all the different bass models from each other and correct once and for all a lot of misperceptions about their features, availability, and production timelines. He started the effort in 2004, first attending many Rickenbacker collectors' "confluences" around the United States and photographing hundreds of basses. With the help from Rickenbacker factory insiders and informed collectors around the world, enough information was gathered to form the clear and concise text of the book.
    Available at  Backwingstore.com
    Publisher: Hal Leonard Books
    Format: Softcover
    Page Count: 160
    Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
    ISBN: 9781495095214

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