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  • Who Doesn't Want To Make Their Stringed Instrument Louder, Better And Easier To Play?

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    String Instrument Setups: 10 Setups That Will Make Your Instrument Louder, Better, And Easier To Play


    Master luthier Charlie Traeger passed away in 2016 - his final book is a parting gift for string musicians worldwide 
    MONTCLAIR, N.J. - All string instruments share a common denominator: everything is vibrating. This is the maxim at the root of master luthier Charles Traeger's lifetime of learning. Traeger, a double bassist in the Big Band era, who performed alongside the who's who of NY jazz musicians, like of Louie Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, realized, "When a string instrument is being played, everything is vibrating, from the top of the scroll to the tip of the endpin."
    The Traeger Principal says that all elements of the bass vibrate and thus play a role, however large or small, in the sound of the instrument. This simple formula holds the key to configuring string instruments to custom specifications and it is at the crux of Traeger's third and final book: String Instrument Setups: 10 Setups That Will Make Your Instrument Louder, Better, and Easier to Play. The book is the culmination of forty-five years of acoustic research involving every string instrument with a moveable bridge and a moveable tailpiece, or one that can be made moveable.
    Charlie Traeger, one hip cat and a regularly frustrated client of NYC's instrument repair shops, began his pursuit of sonic perfection in the Big Band era. He opened his first repair shop in 1969, and before he knew it, he found himself handling the instruments of school band novices and the New York Philharmonic alike. On his seventieth birthday, Traeger retired from musicianship and devoted himself to comprehensively documenting all he had learned about his craft. Two decades later, shortly after he put the finishing touches on String Instrument Setups, Chuck Traeger passed away on November 9, 2016 at the age of 90. 
    Albeit with a heavy heart, Hal Leonard Books are proud to present this remarkable man's parting gift to generations of current and future musicians.
    About the Author:
    Charles Traeger had an impressive reputation in the world of bass making and bass restoration.  His long career began when he was a musician in the Big Band era looking for someone who could help with his own instrument.  Noticing the need for literature for repairing and restoring double basses, he created the Traeger Principal. Chuck dedicated his entire career to improving sound.
    Available at BackwingStore.com
    $19.99 MSRP
    Publisher: Hal Leonard 
    Series: Music Pro Guides
    Format: Softcover
    Page Count: 138 pages
    Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
    ISBN:  9781495064999
    Hal Leonard Books is an imprint of Hal Leonard Corporation

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