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  • VariPhrase Sound Library Expanded with Sax, Trumpet, and Trombone

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    Roland is pleased to announce the addition of two new VariPhrase Sound Library disks for VariPhrase-based instruments like the VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor. These new sound libraries, consisting of VP-Z-05 Solo Instruments Vol. 1 "Sax" and VP-Z-06 Solo Instruments Vol. 2 "Trumpet & Trombone," offer musicians instant access to high-quality sounds in Zip100 format. All samples are Solo-Encoded for immediate playback on the VP-9000 and have been tempo adjusted for easy MIDI sync.

    A proprietary technology, VariPhrase is capable of independently manipulating the three most fundamental elements of audioPitch, Time, and Formantusing an encoding process called "Wave Training." Once encoded, music and audio can be played back at any pitch, key, and tempo.

    The VP-Z-05 "Sax" disk contains 208 saxophone sounds including tenor, alto and soprano. Many different samples are provided including long notes and special effects. In addition, there are sampled phrases played in different chord progressions and styles ranging from ballads to pop and swing.

    The VP-Z-06 "Trumpet & Trombone" disk, on the other hand, offers 234 sounds including trumpet, trombone and flugel horn. Phrases were played in several musical styles, making this disk useful for a variety of applications. In particular, the Blues and Swing styles include the mute sounds characteristic of these genres. A variety of short licks and falls are also provided.

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