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  • Ueberschall Debuts Its Seventh Liquid Instrument: Liquid Trumpet

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    Today Ueberschall announced the availability of their 7th Liquid Instrument, Liquid Trumpet, a plugin for real-feel trumpets. With Liquid Trumpet now it is possible to add authentic trumpet licks, themes and solos to any music production.

    All trumpet themes are professionally played with various grooves and flavours, a variety of styles and trumpets (basic, mute and French horn). Ueberschall Liquid Trumpets are loop-based construction kits (480 licks) adding over 1000 add-on licks and phrases (jazz, funk, pop, soul, afro cuban, buena vista, bebop and electronica).

    Using the timestretch and pitching possibilities of the Liquid Instruments' engine makes them fit perfectly into music productions. Liquid Trumpets are full 24 bit recordings, 1.5 GB library, 1570 licks for MAC and PC supporting RTAS, VST, Audio Units and StandAlone.

    Liquid Features:

    • Control audio material as simply as MIDI data
    • Change notes within the phrase
    • Adapt tempo and key
    • Select from a wide range of musical scales
    • Control all parameters in realtime
    • Pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
    • Easily generate your individual setup
    • High quality Melodyne technology
    • Multiple content management
    • Edit start and ending
    • Quick sound browser
    • All parameters MIDI controllable
    • Save audio of original and modified loops
    • Export to MIDI
    • Sync to host
    • Great bandwidth of styles
    • Highest quality recording equipment
    Ueberschall's Liquid Trumpet is available for US $199.95 and is distributed by: www.bestservice.de, www.timespace.com, www.bigfishaudio.com, www.crypton.co.jp.


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