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  • Samplemodeling Ships "The Trumpet" Sound Library

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    Dr. Giorgio Tommasini, the mastermind of the Stradivari Violin and the Gofriller Cello, and Peter Siedlaczek, a worldwide acknowledged guru of classical orchestral sampling (Advanced Orchestra, Classical Choir, Smart Violins, Orchestral Colours, Classical Collection, String Essentials), are pleased to announce that "The Trumpet" is now shipping. Or, more precisely, downloading. In fact, this revolutionary, 300 MB Kontakt 2 Player — based instrument can be directly downloaded from the company website

    The Trumpet package consists of seven instruments belonging to the same family: three different Bb trumpets, suitable for solo or sections, Cornet, Flugelhorn, German and Piccolo Trumpet.

    The three Bb trumpets may be played with several mutes, including Straight, Bucket, Cup, Harmon (with or without stem). Two different plungers are also available for wah-wah effects.

    The Trumpet reaches unprecedented realism and expressiveness by incorporating proprietary "Harmonic Alignment" and "Modal Resonances" technologies into an "Adaptive Model" based on the physical properties of the instrument, whose aim is to minimize the differences between the real phrases and those played by the virtual instrument. Innovative techniques for sample modulation, along with advanced Artificial Intelligence midi processing, are used for real time construction of all articulations and morphing across dynamics, vibrato, legato, portamento, falls. Keyswitches yielding modeled (rather than sampled) articulations and phrasing, greatly facilitate the task of the player. The result is a user-friendly virtual instrument with few MIDI controllers, which can be played in real time or from a sequencer, in standalone mode or as a plug-in, for PC or Mac. The played phrases are now virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. For a video demo of the Samplemodeling Trumpet go to:http://www.samplemodeling.com/en/products.php Additional audio demos can be found here: http://www.samplemodeling.com/en/demos.php

    The Trumpet is available now for a price of €149 + VAT (if applicable). It can be purchased only through the company's order website at: http://www.samplemodeling.com/en/order.php by direct download (approximately 5 to 20 min with a fast Internet connection). A backup CD is also provided as an option, for an additional €12.5.

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