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  • New Educator Violin from Zeta

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    ZETA Music Systems, inventor of the original MIDI Violin, has released a new Educator Violin with digital MIDI capabilities and enhanced electronic features for teaching and practice. Available in both the distinctive ZETA "Modern" and "Classic" body shapes, the new Educator Violins feature an internal active electronics system with a headphone mini-jack, auxiliary input, and multi-pin MIDI output jack.

    The Educator Violins excel as a teaching tool. Headphones can be used for silent practice. Students can "play-a-long" with the music by connecting a CD, MP3, cassette player or other music source into the auxiliary input jack and blend the volume to get the perfect "practice mix". The standard 1/4" analog output jack can be used with ZETA's AE-12 amplifier to fill the concert hall with feedback-free sound.

    In a revolutionary leap into the new millennium, students and teachers can now explore the world of digital music through the Educator's MIDI output jack and the separate Synthony II MIDI controller-synthesizer. Students can practice along with pre-recorded MIDI songs, or access synthesizers. Teachers can utilize electronic MIDI applications including computer software notation programs, create MIDI files and scores, and access synthesizer sounds and features.

    "MIDI is not just for keyboards," says Mike Replogle, President of ZETA Music Systems. "String teachers and students can now access all of the newest digital technology. The age of MIDI strings is truly here."

    Manufacturer's suggested retail is $1,195. The digital Educator Violins are available from ZETA Music Systems, 2230 Livingston St., Oakland, CA 94606, Phone (510) 261.1702.

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