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  • New Band & Orchestral Courses Launch on SABIAN U

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    MEDUCTIC, Canada – (August 1, 2011) As a result of the tremendous success of SABIAN U, SABIAN has just announced the launch of a Band & Orchestral curriculum. Comprised of 4 brand new courses, the new curriculum is specifically designed for retailers who sell Band & Orchestral instruments.


    SABIAN U was launched in 2010 as an online school of higher learning developed for SABIAN retailers around the globe. With a series of 4 B&O training modules, SABIAN U is packed with the unique insight required for retailers to help customers choose the right cymbal, driving their sales upward. The 4 new courses are designed to help drive B&O sales.


    -          B&O 101: A B&O Primer

    -          B&O 102: Hand Cymbals

    -          B&O 103: Suspended Cymbals

    -          B&O 104: More Than Cymbals


    Like all SABIAN U courses, the B&O curriculum is entirely video-based. Retailers interested in participating simply register online and work through the video courses at their convenience. Pop-up quizzes appear throughout the course, and viewers must answer the multiple-choice-style questions before continuing.


    At the conclusion of the course, students are given a grade, and the grades are registered in their personal account section, a great tool for store managers to keep track of staffers’ grades.


    Students who pass the 4 core SABIAN B&O courses will be sent a certificate of their designation as SABIAN B&O Specialist. A SABIAN Sound Specialist certificate is also available for those who pass the 7 core SABIAN U Drumset courses.


    For more information, please visit www.SabianU.com.

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