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  • Korg's New OT-12M Tuner Supports Orchestral Instruments

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    Korg presents the OT-12M Orchestral Tuner, the latest in its line of world-renowned tuning products. The new tuner boasts a wide calibration range (from 349Hz to 499Hz), an extremely broad tuning spectrum (A0 to C8), and a host of unique features specifically designed to meet the tuning needs of all orchestral instruments.

    The OT-12M's multi-temperament function provides eight frequently used historical temperaments. A transpose mode (up to 12 notes) is provided for wind instruments. Two types of tuning modes are offered--Manual and Auto. The Auto mode offers an adjustable needle response speed (slow, medium, fast). The user can also select an audible reference tone, or call up the OT-12M's Sound Back mode, which produces the reference pitch closest to the one played into the external microphone. That reference pitch is also displayed on a dual readout consisting of a VU-style meter and an LCD screen for maximum visibility.

    The new tuner features a silver housing and 1/4" input and output jacks. It provides two output volume settings for reference pitches, an extended battery life (approximately 100 hours), and includes an external microphone. An optional AC adapter is also available.

    The OT-12M is currently available for a suggested retail price of $140.00.

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