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  • K2600 Now Standard with Orchestral and Contemporary Sound Blocks

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    At Winter NAMM, Kurzweil announced the addition of RM1-26 Orchestral Sound Block and RM2-26 Contemporary Sound Block as standard equipment for all new K2600 models. The standard amount of sound ROM is now 28 MB.

    Sounds in the Orchestral ROM Soundblock include Ensemble Strings; Solo Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass; Woodwinds; Brass; Percussion; and Plucked Strings. Orchestral sounds are available as realistic instrumental samples, layers, splits, combinations, sections or synth programs.

    The Contemporary ROM sounds cover Industrial, New Age, Analog, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz and Other Contemporary Music styles. Featured sounds include a variety of Electric Guitars, Ethnic Percussion, New Drum Sounds, a large collection of Classic Synth sounds, Hammond Organ, Muted Trumpet, Alto Sax - and much, much more!

    All K2600 models also feature:

    • 88 note fully weighted or 76 note semi-weighted action with monophonic aftertouch
    • True 48 voice polyphony with 192 oscillators
    • Fluorescent 64 x 240 backlit LCD display
    • Up to 128 MB of sample memory
    • Architecture Synthesis Technology with 60 DSP functions. Triple Modular Processing offers 126 sound shaping algorithms for per-voice processing
    • KDFX 5 stereo bus, 24-bit digital effects using the same DSP from the acclaimed KSP8 effects processor
    • KB-3 Organ Mode provides powerful tone wheel organ synth models
    • Live Mode, real-time processing of live inputs thru both V.A.S.T. and KDFX engines simultaneously
    • Extensive sample-processing capabilities, including time and pitch shifting, compression, beat mixing, and more
    • Full MIDI controller capabilities including eight sliders, optional ribbon controller, footswitches, pedals and breath controllers all assignable
    • 32 track sequencer with 768 ppq resolution, and Complete Event and Track Style editing
    • RAM Tracks technology allows recording of live instrumentation and vocals along with your MIDI tracks
    • 16 MIDI channel multitimbral; each channel can support programs up to 32 layers deep
    • Sampling option with analog and digital inputs and sample-while-play capability
    • Flash memory for OS and ROM storage. Software updates are available at no charge at the Kurzweil website
    • 8 balanced analog audio outputs and stereo headphone output
    • Floppy disk and SCSI port The updated K2600 is available now.

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