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  • Garritan Orchestral Strings Released

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    Gary Garritan announced the release of Garritan Orchestral Strings, a comprehensive and musically expressive string-ensemble sample library. This library consists of 16 CD-ROMs (or 2 DVDs) and includes a full violin ensemble, 1st violin section, 2nd violin section, viola section, cello section, double-bass section, and a full string orchestra.

    Recorded at the world-renowned Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the stringed instruments in this collection are among the finest in the world (Stradivarius, Guarneri, Montagnana, Testore, among many others). The players are world-class musicians whose mastery is captured in over 8,500 samples. To do justice to these extraordinary instruments and players, some of the best high-resolution (24-bit) audio equipment was used during the recording sessions.

    Each string section comprises a wealth of articulations, techniques and special effects: staccato, marcato, spiccato, ricochet, pizzicato, sul ponticello, portamento, glissando, tremolo, trills, harmonics, and avant-garde effects, among many others. Sampled chromatically at multiple dynamic levels, these were meticulously programmed with the utmost musical control in mind. For example, one can increase the warmth of the sound by sliding a GPC fader, crossfade from non-vibrato to vibrato with a nudge of the Mod wheel, and impart dynamic expression to a sustained tone or a sweeping line, also with the Mod wheel.

    Garritan Orchestral Strings also incorporates an exclusive utility, called MaestroTools, to enhance the playability of the library, specifically for legato playing and detache playing (alternating bow strokes). MaestroTools and each of the hundreds of instrument patches have undergone rigorous beta testing. A comprehensive informative Maestro's Manual, elegantly bound for ease of use, is included. This library will also be evolving, with updates provided for registered users.

    Garritan Orchestral Strings is currently available in the GigaSampler/GigaStudio format. Akai and other popular formats are being developed and should be released later this year.

    The regular price for Garritan Orchestral Strings is $1,399 (U.S.), but for a short period its special introductory price will be $999. The library is available for purchase online.

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