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  • DisCover 5 RealTime Orchestrator Now Available as a Module

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    Roland has announced the DisCover 5M Realtime Orchestrator, a sound module and arranger capable of re-arranging Standard MIDI Files on the fly. With its icon-based interface, easy song management system and unique "Cover" function, musicians can find, play and re-arrange SMFs using Roland sounds. A powerful Vocal Harmonizer and lyric display function make this module ideal for vocalists and karaoke applications as well.

    The DisCover 5M's 72 preset Covers (30 for instruments, 18 for drums, 24 for bass) make it possible to instantly change the orchestration of songs on the icon-based touchscreen, or edit detailed song parameters like tone, velocity, reverb and chorus, etc.--using the Song Makeup Tools. A powerful Vocal Harmonizer adds realtime harmonies and effects using four modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Tune and Singer. It can also automatically transpose songs to fit any singer's range.

    A handy Song Finder makes managing large SMF libraries easy using classifications like genre, author and title. And songs always load fast--thanks to convenient SmartMedia storage and an innovative Next Song Reserve function that keeps the next song "on deck." A helpful Song Chord Extractor displays chord changes onscreen with lyrics, making it easy to follow along while performing.

    Connections to the DisCover 5M include 1/4-inch Harmonizer inputs and outputs, stereo 1/4-inch Master outputs, two stereo Headphones jacks, MIDI In/Out/Thru, Expression Pedal and Footswitch inputs, plus a Video output.

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