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  • Back In Time Records Releases Movie Orchestrals Sample Library

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    Movie Orchestrals Sample Library is a new sample library with a presets bank as expansion for UX3 VST and ws4/5-engine compatible VSTs like Wusikstation.

    The entire orchestra in one piece — perfect for all kinds of movie sound music. A sonic tool for soundtracks, computer animation, intros and interludes of pop and rock music. Versatile orchestral phrases and accents. Recorded in 3 different locations with 3 orchestras. Scenes up to 30 seconds and longer. Everything recorded in stereo with the original room ambience of the real concert halls.

    Legato chords, staccato lines, cluster, swells, counter lines, orchestral landscapes, short licks and orchestra hits. A huge 12 page table documentation is included and provides a clear description of all samples with names, root keys, useful key range, etc. (PDF). This is a perfect archive search tool when looking for specific orchestrals. Many phrases are done in several root keys.

    Visit the product page for more information and to hear demo sounds at: http://www.backintimerecords.de/bitr054.htm

    Price: €39.00. Download product (optional CD), size 410 MB with 150 ready-to-use Presets including layers with combinations of several samples which provide complete sonic scenes by pressing just one key.

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