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  • Audio Impressions' Chris Stone Granted DVZ Realtime Orchestrator Patent

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    Audio Impressions' award-winning composer/CEO Chris Stone is proud to announce that US patent 7,109,406 has been granted for Ai's DVZ™ technology. DVZ™ Realtime Orchestrator enables the composer to automatically orchestrate sampled instruments by dividing and assigning the chords played on a keyboard, them to the proper instrument sections in real-time.

    Stone first conceived DVZ™ technology to overcome the limitations of sample playback when computers were in their infancy. According to Stone, computers have finally come of age, and after several millions of dollars in research and development he's able to realize a life-long dream of creating the first music libraries that actually perform and sound like a real orchestra using "off the shelf" hardware. To create performances that reflect the natural expressiveness of human players, Stone meticulously recorded Stradivarius and other prized instruments individually for Ai's sample libraries. This enables DVZ™ to divide chords among like or non-like instruments. For example, the top note of a chord could be a trumpet, the middle a saxophone and the bottom a trombone, allowing the conductor dynamic control of orchestra size. DVZ™ can adjust to assign notes proportionately to the number of instruments desired. This allows the size of an orchestra to be varied from a solo instrument to a symphony or anything in between, while maintaining a natural orchestral balance and eliminating the unrealistic organ effect.

    Comprehensive, efficient and intuitive design and user interface allow for smooth, realistic ensemble performance with all possible playing styles. Effects and articulations are available on the fly and can automatically adjust to subtle tempo and note duration changes without key-switching or having to load and unload samples. Articulations and effects include: Legato, Crescendo/Decrescendo, Staccato, Pizzicato, Bart_k Pizzicato, Col Legno, Tremolando, Measured Tremolando , Harmonics, Ricochet, Martellato, Flautando, Glissando, Portamento, Clusters, Marcato, Vibrato/Non-vibrato, Spiccato, Jete, Trills, Con Sordino, Sul Tasto, and Sul Ponticello.

    Audio Impressions will demonstrate the DVZ™ Realtime Orchestrator technology with playability at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, January 2007.

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