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  • Artificial Ear Releases Violin ReFill

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    Artificial Ear has released Los Angeles Film Session: Virtuoso Violin, the first sample CD in their Los Angeles Film Session series, designed exclusively for use in the NN-XT sampler in Reason 2.0 and higher by Propellerhead Software.

    Los Angeles Film Session: Virtuoso Violin offers Reason users over 1,300 violin samples programmed in over 200 patches and packaged as a Reason ReFill. In addition to the patches included in LAFS: Virtuoso Violin, Artificial Ear offers registered users the ability to download new and updated patches.

    The more common articulations and violin playing techniques included in LAFS: Virtuoso Violin include: sustained notes (both long and short), staccato, saltando (spiccato), pizzicato, marcato, tremolo, tremolo sul ponticello, and major and minor trills (long and short).

    Los Angeles Film Session: Virtuoso Violin also contains some less common articulations and playing techniques: up and down glissandi (long, medium, short), up and down tremolo glissando, up and down minor 3rd glissando, col legno tratto, col legno battuto, behind the bridge tremolo, open (natural) and artificial harmonics, and wide vibrato.

    Additionally, a considerable portion of LAFS: Virtuoso Violin is dedicated to 16th note and triplet arpeggiando and patterns samples, giving the user even more tools to make their Reason-based midi performances more realistic.

    The LAFS: Virtuoso Violin CD-Rom is available from the Artificial Ear online store for US$49.00. Audio demos are available on-line as well.

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