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  • AES Preview: Miroslav Orchestra Refills Coming

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    Sonic Reality has announced the Miroslav Refill Series: orchestral sound collections in Reason 3 refill format featuring the legendary symphonic samples of Miroslav Vitous. Each title is focused on a specific group of instruments and offers high-end orchestral and choir samples to Reason users at a very affordable price.

    Each Miroslav Refill comes on a DVD and includes samples from the original Miroslav Vitous Symphonic library, plus additional articulations, ensembles and performance elements designed for use with Reason 3's Combinator module and NNXT sampler. The samples were recorded in the Dvorak Symphony Hall in Prague in their true spatial positioning.

    The 6 Miroslav Refill titles for Reason 3 include:

    • Miroslav String Ensembles - Includes the lush string ensembles of the Miroslav Orchestra collection, such as 11 and 23 violins, violas, celli, bass, full string sections and symphonic textures for powerful string orchestra sounds.
    • Miroslav Solo Strings - Includes the solo violin, viola, cello and contrabass of the Miroslav Orchestra archives. An incredible range of performance articulations makes this one of the most beautiful and playable collections of solo strings and small string ensembles around.
    • Miroslav Brass - Instantly playable solo and ensemble Brass featuring trumpets, trombones, French horns, tuba and more from the Miroslav Orchestra archives. Plenty of performance articulations and orchestral layers for a majestic symphonic sound.
    • Miroslav Woodwinds - A complete collection of expressive solo and ensemble woodwinds from the Miroslav Orchestra archives, such as flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, English horn, Bassoon, Contrabassoon and more.
    • Miroslav Choirs - Classical male and female human voice choirs with performance articulations and individual syllables for the ultimate in expression and tonal variation. This is the complete Miroslav choir library that has previously sold for 4 times the price.
    • Miroslav Percussion & Keys - This title covers both orchestral percussion instruments, such as timpani, bells, chimes, vibraphone, glockenspiel, celeste, snare, bass drum, shakers and more, as well as concert grand pianos, cathedral pipe organs, and harpsichord.

    Price and Availability

    Miroslav Refill titles have an MSRP of $199/Euro159. Miroslav Refills work in Reason 3 only. IK Multimedia (www.ikmultimedia.com) is the world-wide distributor of Sonic Reality's Refills for Reason.

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