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  • Add Orchestral Strings to Propellerhead's Reason

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    Propellerhead Software has announced the immediate release of Strings, a Refill sound library title for their award winning virtual instrument rack, Reason.

    Developed in association with PowerFX, Strings is a quality collection of Dr. Rex string phrases and NN19 sampler patches. All string phrases have been edited in Propellerheads ReCycle program, which means that both tempo and pitch can be changed seamlessly for each loop. The ReCycle Rex file format also allow complete reorganisation of the music phrases in Reasons' Dr. Rex editor, all in total real-time.

    Strings also contain 42 patches for Reason's NN19 sampler including Violin, Viola, Cello and Ensemble. The combination of Dr Rex and NN19 material makes Strings not only a great authentic collection but also an incredible inspirational starting point.

    By using one of the 288 Rex loops and adding a few choice notes with the NN19 sampler patches one can experience a brand new side of Reason. All Rex music loops are rhythmic in their character and ideally suited for R'n'B, pop, rock, hip-hop or any music with a drum beat really.

    Reason Strings - The Russian Connection

    The sessions took place in Documentary Studio, Moscow, originally designed as a cinema for Stalin but acoustically perfect for the purpose of orchestral recordings. A total of 23 musicians were involved in the recording sessions, spanning over 2 weeks and ranging from complete orchestral/quartet string recordings to individual instruments.

    The result:

    • 8 - NN19 Violin Patches
    • 8 - NN19 Viola Patches
    • 8 - NN19 Cello Patches
    • 8 - NN19 Quartet Patches
    • 8 - NN19 Pizzicato Patches
    • 2 - NN19 Harp Glissando Patches
    • 35 - Orchestra Strings Dr Rex Loops
    • 40 - Full String Quartet Dr Rex Loops
    • 80 - Solo Violin Dr Rex Loops
    • 40 - Solo Viola Dr Rex Loops
    • 40 - Solo Cello Dr Rex Loops
    • 48 - Upright Bass Dr Rex Loops
    • 5 - Harp Dr Rex Loops

    The NN19 patches can only be used in Reason but the 288 Rex files have been provided in a folder outside the Reason Refill for use in other compatible applications such as Steinberg's Cubase VST. All loops and sounds can be used license free and as all other Propellerhead products, Strings is both Mac & Windows compatible. Demo songs are available on the Propellerhead web site.

    Strings are available at Midiman dealers nationwide for US$ 89-. Propellerhead Software products are distributed in the United States by MIDIMAN, www.midiman.com.

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