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  • 9 Soundware Releases Orchestral Disorder Presets for Sculpture and ES2

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    Orchestral Disorder is a collection of presets for Apple Logic

    Pro inspired by orchestras. The concept behind the sound set was

    not to closely emulate acoustic instruments, but rather to explore

    the possibilities of orchestral timbres without human limitations

    or purist biases. Featuring three main components, the multi-format

    product includes files for the Sculpture and ES2 synthesizers, as

    well as Channel Strips.


    Sculpture presets

    With an extremely vast range of timbres and performance interactivity,

    the Sculpture component of the sound set was designed with the goal of

    exploring the possibilities of the instrument beyond the type of

    unique sounds that it is adept at producing. Extensive use of String

    and Object parameter modulation, Morph, and Jitter, to name a few, are

    all incorporated in creating impressionistic renderings of orchestral

    tones crossed with elements that are chaotic, unnatural, and jarring.


    The Sculpture component of the sound set comprises of 100 files.

    Categories include "Violin", "Cello", "Double Bass", "Timpani", and

    "Noise", each of which consists of 20 files. The string instrument

    categories are further divided into subcategories "Arco" and



    ES2 presets

    In contrast to the idiosyncratically organic character of Sculpture,

    the ES2 presets of Orchestral Disorder harness the precision and

    flexibility of the instrument. In shaping these sounds, elements such

    as Digiwaves, noise LFOs, and random value modulation sources were

    manipulated to simultaneously simulate the naturalistic attributes of

    instruments and contort familiar timbres to abstraction.


    The ES2 component of the sound set comprises of 50 files. Categories

    include "Choir", "Organ", "Theremin", and "Turntable", each of which

    consists of 10 files, with the exception to "Choir", which contains 20

    files. The "Choir" category is further divided into subcategories

    "Female" and "Male".


    The "Turntable" files are noise instruments inspired by scratching.

    These presets echo sonic and interactive attributes of vinyl

    scratching with the advantages of MIDI control.


    Channel Strip settings

    Included in the form of Channel Strip settings are 25 ambiences and

    textural modifiers built from Logic Pro plug-ins, which were designed

    to extend the sonic range of the Sculpture and ES2 presets of

    Orchestral Disorder. These files employ extreme settings and atypical

    routing of effects to radically alter the source audio. The Channel

    Strip component is made up of two categories, "Ambience" and

    "Distortion". The "Ambience" category is further divided into

    subcategories "Non-rhythmic" and "Rhythmic", both of which consist of

    10 files. The ?Distortion? category contains 5 files.


    Orchestral Disorder is a modular product. In addition to the full

    version of the product which includes all three components, the

    Sculpture and ES2 components are available as partial downloads. The

    Channel Strip files are exclusive to the complete edition.


    The 2 MB download includes 150 .pst files and 25 .cst files.


    Orchestral Disorder is available now for $39.99 at www.9soundware.com.


    The partial downloads for the Sculpture and ES2 components are

    available for $24.99 and $14.99 respectively.




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