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  • 6th Cycle Concert of Philharmonic Orchestra Dresden with K.M.E. Systems

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    On 12th and 13th March the Dresden philharmonic orchestra performed the 6th cycle concert in the sold out Kulturpalast.


    The debut was Igor Strawinskys Suite No. 2 for small orchestra with a series of 4 dances (march - waltz - polka - gallop) followed by „Lucernaris“ - a concert for trumpete, live electronic and orchestra of the young Swedish composer Tobias Broström. Finally the „Great“ symphony in C major by Franz Schubert sounded.


    „Lucernaris“ was the highlight of the concert. Tobias Broström wrote the work in 2009 for the trumpeter Håkan Hardenberg, soloist in this performance and Artist in Residence of the  orchestra at present.


    The work shows very impressive the opposite of light and dark, warmth and cold, distress and hope. The sonification by a mixture of conventional orchestra music, synthesizer sounds, sampling and lighting effects catches the audience more directly than by traditional means of an orchestra.

    The reproduction of the live electronic was realized by a 5.1 reinforcement.  The composer intends to cover the audience with sound and to generate directed sound effects.  The reproduction of the sampled trumpete and the saxhorn coming out of the depth of the hall and the instruments playing on stage were the special challenge facing the reinforcement system. 


    Hartmut Lissner, Technical Director of Konzert- & Kongressgesellschaft mbH decided for Versio active systems VL 750 and subs VSS 18, positioned also on the gallery achieving a balanced sound dispersion within the entire hall.

    The systems are characterized by a natural and, especially at very high volume levels, a very undistorted reproduction.


    Standing ovations from the audience and positive reviews were the results of this impressing  concert. Mr. Lissner and the musicians of the philharmonic orchestra commended the first class sound of the system and the seamless coverage achieved by the surround set-up.



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