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    I needed something to do with all the free time so with the majority of parts on hand, I put this together.
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    I saw this elsewhere and thought that it needed to be shared:
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    Have this beastie! I have always wanted one of these, and they were always WAY above my pay grade. (and talent level, but who cares about that, right?) When I saw it in a pawn shop of all places, I did a double take, then asked to play it. At that point my poor suffering wife let out a sound akin to a groan, and she knew. (God I love that woman!) I then played it, and put it away on lay-away. 2 months later, here she is: A 1991 Ibanez George Benson GB 12, with hand signed label, number 317 for those who care to know these things. (I do!!!!) A total of about 600 were made for the 12th anniversary of it's introduction. it's got one of the nicest ebony boards I have every played, and after a bit of tweaking, every single note in perfectly in tune all across the board! At first glance, it's not that flamey, but as you tilt it, BOOM, flame abounds! (Which is ok with me, despite starting to hate the over abundance of flame maple topped guitars.)
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    I'm a comic book artist, animator and filmmaker that plays guitar, bass and mandolin. My first taste of GAS was the Silvertone Amp-in-case when it showed up in the 1964 Sears holiday catalog and it hasn't let up since. Along the way I've done record album jacket art, art directed record companies, animated Lou Reed and Debbie Harry songs, designed effects pedals and co-launched the Pigtronix brand. While I've done some gigging and even had one of my songs written up in Guitar Player Magazine, my audio focus has been on recording for film and video. As I'm deep in the throws of artwork for a new comic book release and seldom see the light of day anyway, the quarantine hasn't had much effect on my day-to-day yet but its still early. Best wishes to all in these challenging times. Think safe.
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    Not intending to hijack the thread, but there's an amusing story from the documentary, "Miracles out of Nowhere", the story of the band, Kansas. They had a gig where they opened for Aerosmith. Somebody, knowing that Kansas had been quite successful, warned Kansas about Steven Tyler's practice of unplugging an opening act if he thought they were getting too much positive attention. Kansas came up with an alternative plan. They plugged a bunch of cords into some outlets near the stage, but the cords just went towards the equipment and didn't serve any of the amps. They found other outlets and as secretly as they could, ran the cords to their amps. When Tyler started his little venture, nothing happened and Kansas continued playing to huge crowd reaction. Tyler went into meltdown about it.

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