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    That looks BITCHIN'! Congrats! And good onya for quittin the coffin nails. I never smoked but am a throat cancer survivor, and trust me, you do NOT want that {censored}! Although I'm cancer-free a dozen years later, the nukes have {censored}ed me up good, my jaw and neck have been rebuilt at this point, and the osteoradionecrosis is an ongoing sitch. I have one of the old DeArmonds, and it's a fecking great guitar.
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    It sounds really good, Cats. Nice one.
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    12-year-old thread but I'll add my two cents. I own both a 340T and a 345ii. Both are examples of outstanding craftsmanship - they sound great and have wonderful playability and durability - impressive since they are both in their late-30s. Both have a bound body, neck and headstock. The 340T has a beautiful tea-colored tint on the spruce top. It has the older tuners covered by dust caps on the back of the headstock and cone-shaped covers on the front of it. Its back and sides are mahogany and don't appear to have been stained. The 345ii is natural and has closed tuners that are secured to the front of the headstock by nuts. Its back and sides are rosewood and have not been stained, so you can see the natural beauty of the grain. My 340T has a two-piece back but a grain pattern on it that mirrors the distinctive three-piece back of its fraternal twin, the FG-340. I struggle to believe this is a coincidence. The 340T and 345ii have the same shape of black pickguards, but on the 345ii the pickguard has a slightly uneven hammered look to it as opposed to the 340T's smooth surface. The 345ii has diamond-shaped fret markers while the 340T's are dots. I haven't weighed them but the 340T is clearly heavier. It's the heaviest of all the Yamaha acoustics I own. It's a true bulletproof tank. Want great sound, playability and durability in a laminate guitar that you won't have to baby like a solid-top? Then you can't go wrong with either the 340T or 345ii. My two cents.

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