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    I used to have a 1963 with a refin and a headstock repair sold that one and now have this 1964 with single coils, strictly it's not a T-bird, the Guild folks are still debating what it is it will be revealed in the forthcoming Guild Guitar Book
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    That looks BITCHIN'! Congrats! And good onya for quittin the coffin nails. I never smoked but am a throat cancer survivor, and trust me, you do NOT want that {censored}! Although I'm cancer-free a dozen years later, the nukes have {censored}ed me up good, my jaw and neck have been rebuilt at this point, and the osteoradionecrosis is an ongoing sitch. I have one of the old DeArmonds, and it's a fecking great guitar.
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    Thanks, Grant. I have 12-hole bridges on all my classical guitars. The LAG came with one but I've converted my three other classicals. Two of them are ~ 50 years old and the tops have risen (inevitably) but I was able to drill a second set of holes with the bridges in situ (drilling through from the soundhole side). This increased the string break angle at the bridge so they play and sound great again. The third is a 10 year old Walden N730 so no problems with the top. On this one I removed the existing bridge and replaced it with a 12-hole (a standard 6-hole on which I drilled a second set of holes before I fitted it). I wouldn't normally have done this on a young instrument but the guitar (which is lovely) came with a 50mm neck but with the nut cut to 40mm instead of the usual 42.5mm fror that neck width. Also the bridge holes were 55 mm E to E instead of the usual 60mm. This left a 5mm gap between the E strings and the fretboad edge which is too much. So I replaced the nut and bridge to get the right spacing - thought I might as well make the bridge into a 12-hole.
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    "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" - Vaughn Monroe
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    I've kept up the cheap git tradition. Still have my cheap First Act Sheena, Frankenstrat, etc. Added a couple Les Paul PeeWee's in the mix - first was $70 and the Zack Wylde was $99 (even came with the mini Marshall amp). Pics of the PeeWees and some of my other cheap gits.

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