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    Buy Used you'll get more for your Money that way . Be patient and take your time. There are tons of great preowned guitars out there.
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    Don't know if anyone is still monitoring this thread, but just found it by chance. I was the owner of Circle Sound, which was a small business I set up in Chatham in the UK in 1970. I started by building loudspeaker cabinets and after a while found a small electronics company on the outskirts of London that could build the chassis amps to my specification. The one in the photo was the later development and we also had a line of PA amps with the same amp but 4 inputs and tone controls. We also ran a range of Valve(Tube) amps that were a similar design to the Marshall 100w board. We produced a large range of speakers from 1x12" up to 4x15" and a line of modular mixers that you could choose the number of inputs, effects and power that you wanted. There was also a 100w combo amp with 2x12" Celestions. Our equipment was sold in shops around southern England including our own and we also manufactured cabinets for other companies to rebadge. At our height, I had 17 people on the work force. We manufactured a lot of amps and cabs over an 18 month period until we took a huge order from South Africa for 3 months production, which made us the subject of a massive fraud involving a Swiss bank guarantee and sent us sadly into liquidation after receiving no payment. Roger Gunkel
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    Can you save me a seat in the hot place? Hopefully end of row as I may need to take frequent bathroom breaks, tho sweat factor may take care of potty breaks.
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    We have come a long way since the Altec 1567A tube mixers.
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    Yep. Somebody somewhere is making money off of this crap, else they wouldn't be doing it.
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    Me too! Jameson's is my fave Irish whiskey.
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    So, I'm getting a Twilight Zone-like feeling. I think this one is a keeper, though. I can find absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar, and very much right about it. The maker is a small outfit in the Czech Republic (now I don't have to worry about PRC-made guitars). http://www.bsguitars.cz/company-bsguitars.html This guitar is a Grand Auditorium, Sitka Spruce over Mahogany, Rosewood fretboard. Lovely appointments like Rosewood binding. Gloss finish (it said satin on the page). The guitar came well setup, and I don't think I'll be sending it back. The sound is sweet and full, with an amazing sustain. It isn't as powerful as the Eastman, but that isn't important, really. The Eastman went back yesterday, and I hope it finds a new owner that suits it. I'll take a couple of pictures later. I'm in bed with a cold, so going back to sleep. I am happy about supporting a small independent guitar maker. So far, I own 3 makes of guitars made here in the EU, and they are all fantastic guitars. Anyone in the market for something special off the beaten path would do well to check BSG out. First class work!
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    tasty, me like not sure if with the smallish pickguard it looks a bit too naked, but on the other hand not sure if a bigger tort pickguard would be too much again. ift it were a lefty i definitely would rawk this
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    It's just a constantly evolving threat. Like everything in humanity, 95% of us have to go through a whole bunch of crap just because 5% are below the decent human being minimum threshold.
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    LOL. Well, just be content with those you have. Enough is enough!
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    that may have helped...14 years ago; now not so much...
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    now, as to the advice part...I agree with Riley on learning to read music...also, take a class in Harmony...it will open your eyes to the entire chord theory, voice leading, etc. Don't use 4x12 cabinets. Don't use tube amps rated over 50 watts.... Don't buy into the 'clean headroom' myth... Never do a pass the hat gig...you won't get your hat back. don't blame your gear for your lack of ability. if the gig includes accommodations, make sure it isn't one room for the entire band!
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    I have thought about Twitter for a while. I haven't done anything about it yet. In terms of what I would tell my younger self as a performer, I would say learn to read music earlier and be disciplined enough to do some reading every day. That and stop lifting Hammond B-3's, power distribution trunks and overloaded amp racks. It will come back to haunt you past age 50!
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    Martin has one...I've been using it when needed for a year or two now. Someone sent me this article a few months back...some suggestions there, including the Fender app: https://www.androidauthority.com/best-guitar-tuner-apps-for-android-615004/
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    Yea and they changed operation with changes in temp too. If you live up north and play in a basement the cement floor can get quite cold and change the tone quite drastically compare to having the pedal on hot deck outside in the summer. By the way, anyone into Fuzz has to read this history . It explains most of the history between the different versions and tries to clear up allot of the fact from fiction. http://www.bigmuffpage.com/The_Tonebender_Timeline.html
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    From an engineering perspective, this is complete and utter BS. A 100W tube amp draws less than 2 Amps maximum, even at full power. This is roughly equal to (2) 100 W light bulbs. From a code perspective, 14 gauge wire is acceptable for continuous duty at 15 Amps over runs much longer than an average extension cord. Even a small 18 gauge extension is OK up to 25 or 30 feet, for a single guitar amp. Now, you can cause problems if you try to put several amps on a single extension, and/or if you leave the cord tightly coiled or on a spool. One thing that IS important is grounding. ALWAYS use a grounded extension, and don't even think of using one of those two-prong adapters or cutting off the ground pin. Ground faults are a serious hazard, and you can be seriously hurt or even killed by a fault from an ungrounded guitar or mic.
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    and that was one of the reasons I ultimately stripped back down...that ability to create a transition, medley or mashup on the fly...truly, to me the joy of being a solo act! To be fair, I am revamping my act now [yet again], with more 'G.A.S. standards', but the goal is to allow me that freedom to make a leap...without a net...and see where it takes me. Recent occurrences, just in practice, was 'Misty' into 'One More for the Road' and 'The Way You Look Tonight' into a medley of Everly Brothers songs, into 'Walk Away Renee'. You just never know, with an adequately warped mind, where you can wind up given the circumstances and the material. Would I do something like that live? You bet yer sweet bippy! [geez, when was the last time anyone said that?]
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    If your drummer was using very thick felt pads or maybe doubling up on them and torquing down on the wing nut to the point the cymbal wasn't moving freely, then you would notice choking (and if your drummer is a hard-hitter, perhaps cracks in the cymbals). Going from a situation like that to using a thinner felt pad on the top and bottom or a thinner felt pad on the bottom with nothing on top and allowing the cymbal to move freely would result in more sustain / less choking and more shimmer. However, if you're going from an OEM thin felt pad to an after-market name-brand thin felt pad, there will not be any audible difference regardless of who endorses it.
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    First off... welcome to the boards! You’re going to find a lot of info here... I like your taste in gear, but imho, you’re overthinking this thing, pick up a guitar and go play... stop trying to plan what the unpredictable humans are going to enjoy and have a little fun of your own... you’re worrying about subtle instrument differences and playing to folks that have little discernment for basic intonation... and then they add alcohol... what kind of pa are you using?
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    Another guitarist weighing in... I also have a drum kit with regular heads set up. That’s my preference. On the the issue of rubber vs mesh pads, I think I lean more towards mesh. They feel more like (but IMO still different than) regular drum heads... but I don’t have either type. My main electronic pads are DIY; I mounted triggers into Remo Practice Pads... https://www.amazon.com/Remo-RT-0010-00-Practice-Ambassador-Drumhead/dp/B0002E56JY/ref=asc_df_B0002E56JY/
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