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    Pace yourself! It's a marathon, not a sprint!
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    I agree, also, I'd like to say thanks for the coverage you provide. The other sources I view tend to all report the same thing, and each year I look forward to your coverage. You don't need to write a review of everything, just take and post a picture (like you do). Anyway, thanks for the coverage!
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    cool Designs! .. maybe I'll try making one of these for myself. 😉🍀
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    Oh, crap! I meant to say "a dozen years ago" I must be losing it.
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    See my post above from 2007. Sticker on the back of the headstock? Nope. Sometimes a date can be approximated from the headstock shape and decal. There' s a website out there somewhere that helps with that. I reached out to them after buying my first and they said there is no record. Fernandes farmed out production to many factories.
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    Best of Show? IMHO, it was the new Sequential Pro 3. That little synth blew me away!
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    Wow - a ton of pics for 1 day on the floor. You were a busy boy. Anything stand out? Best of show? Looks evolutionary not revolutionary so far.
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    I think the iPhone sound meter app would be the most accurate since the iPhones are all made similar. But for Android, if you have an LG, Samsung, or whatever and which model it could vary widely - I wouldn't trust it. Besides you can get a decent meter for about $50. BTW, drummers can play with smaller sticks, and not be so loud --horn players can play at appropriate volumes and without mics if needed. The last 5 piece band I was in played at yacht and country clubs and during the dinner set, we were at 65db on the dance floor, and later during the dance sets we averaged at 85. (Guitar, bass, drums, e-piano, and sax). Being able to do this gave us a lot of very good paying gigs. An entire symphony orchestra can play at ppp levels. A pro musician should be able to control his/her volume to what is necessary for the audience. If they are playing louder than 85dba and you want to risk losing your hearing, it's your personal choice. But IMO you shouldn't be hurting your audience. On the other hand, if they want it louder, it's their choice. That's just my opinion though. Insights and incites by Notes
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    Hey! That's great stuff! Welcome to the dark side. 😀
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    Been using a Behringer Ultratrem UT100 for - I dunno - more than 10 years now I think. It's the most natural, musical trem pedal I've found, and it's never left one of my boards. Drives come & go, but that stays.
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