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    If it's too good to be true, it probably is. "Each customer can only buy one product at a time. Thank you for your cooperation." Which music store in the world ever says that?!
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    I wouldn’t buy from that site even with someone else’s money. There is no way those are legit guitars - either they’re counterfeits or it is a scam, or both. Besides, protonmail is another bad sign IMO. A high percentage of spammers use that (encrypted) email service, so that’s yet another red flag IMO.
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    Are you buying a guitar or a picture of a guitar
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    "Carry on my wayward son...… CLUNK …. There'll be peace when you are done.... gurgle gurgle gurgle....." Followed by the infamous.. "Crap, it's eating the tape again!!!!"
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    seems very suspicious...they don't show the headstocks on any instruments,...which right there says they are trying hard to not quite be called counterfeiters...but they use the actual brand names...how could they possibly sell any name brand instrument, even B-stocks, at those prices? Maybe that's the monthly payment or downpayment....? No, this wreaks of caveat emptor
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    Thought about this thread today when this album came up in my car CD rotation. "Rock and Roll Suicide"
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    Every part of that story is awesome.
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    THAT'S the way I like it! I approved two new members who are semi-questionable, so some spam may still get through, but I'm watching them. Since we changed to requiring approval before posting I've zapped over 75 registration attempts of monikers who didn't pass muster, and the vast majority of them were coming in from India, with a few from Pakistan and a couple from Korea and China... but overwhelmingly from India, and many of those were using smartphones, and not laptops / desktops, which I thought was rather curious.
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    oh, the horror.....my buddy in HS had an 8tr in his LeMans, and it would have to stop in the middle of a song and 'reverse' the tape...with sometimes a 10 second delay...hard to get your groove thang on... The cartridges were based on the 'loop' cartridge tapes used in radio stations for PSAs and commercials...not really designed for 40 minutes of rock and roll. 8tr were notorious for being prone to capstan wrap, tears and incomplete spooling; they thankfully went the way of the dodo after a few years.
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    You Can't Always Get What You Want: Let It Bleed
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    Yeah, we’ve got to try something new... again.
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    its alright, they're speaking Chinese... whoa I take that back...pages and pages of unreadable junk... ***puts on a pot of coffee**** z'gunnabeyalooong nite
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    Montana - Over-nite Sensation Yippie Yi Yo Ti Yay (rides pygmy pony of into the sunset)
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    The End, Abbey Road
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    Kansas Steve Walsh is an amazingly profeceint Hammond (C3) player plus as good a lead singer rock has enjoyed during his heyday. Some Side & Session men are some of the best Hammond players such as Mike Finnigan (CSN, Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Taj & Phantom Blues Band) or Jim Pugh (Robert Cray) in the world.They just don't have their name in lights.
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    I wouldn’t try to paint a rosewood fretboard, no matter what method.
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    My first 8 track tape was Jimi Hendrix's "Rainbow Bridge", .....the frustration of the tack change / pause during "Here My Train Coming" .... Was nothing short of irritating !!!!
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    It seems the pictures are of the real stuff, but the prices for the semi-body guitars seem to be off by about 20 to 50 dollars. The site itself looks OK, but when you read the fine print, now that's another thing. Pretty blank on the actually "total" cost of what one might occur. No, I would not buy on that site. The brand name means nothing and has the possibility to be seized at the US Postal office. Something to think about. Also 5 password characters seems to be a bit low in my thoughts. Also when I type in Japan, its not set up to give the prefectures. Check out these prices: https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/guitar.html Good luck
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    I still fail to see the advantage of this guitar over the much less expensive Godin A6 Ultra which is a wonderful guitar.
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    a four bolt plate with a 'microtilt' adjustment hole? and, yeah, all five springs on the claw? I was looking at how far up the claw is pulled to the body...time to ease off some tension there, fersher... And what, pray tell, Mr. K, is that Kay jazz box in the background?...you should've known someone would ask...
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    The new Prius has a CD player! Lol! I saw a best of Chicago cd and a few others on sale and asked my 8yr old to pick one... chicago! After the “make me smile” finished, I looked in the rear view... Ry’s eyes were lit up! “ what was that! Wow!” He sat the Nintendo down... wait,WHAT!!! He sat the Nintendo down... he actively listens, questions about instruments, and gets strangely quiet and glazes over a bit during the guitar solo in 25 or 6 to 4... but then, so do I...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Well it's a long way from being an acoustic. It's a sort of hollow body electric guitar with probably an under-saddle piezo pickup as well as the single coil. I certainly wouldn't pay £1500+ for something like that

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