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  1. Hey all, The other day, my beloved wife and I went down to Orlando. No Not for the Disney mind melting crap, but to go and enjoy a brit pub we both love, BEST fish and chips anywhere! And while down there, did the usual pawning, and went down to my fav vintage place. And sadly, found nothing that I wanted to come home with. Ok, I'm lying. Of course there was, but I can't afford/justify a 49 Super 400CES with added 1962 humbuckers. (7K, but God.... it was wonderful) So on the way home, stopped in Daytona and visited another of our fav food places, then at the last pawn shop, found her.
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  2. Still a label slave, eh? The guitar world is changing around us, and we need to pay attention. badpenguin, who probably has more guitars than you and I combined [and we both have plenty], is absolutely right. Eastman and the upper end D'Angelicos will, $ for $, beat anything the Big 5 USA builders [Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Guild] are doing domestically, with better detail and QC. Collings is doing it as well, although their price is much closer to the big guys, their dedication to quality sets them above. Wilder still, some of the instruments coming out of Asia are as g
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