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  1. Message from TalkBass: TalkBass is currently offline due to a catastrophic fire and subsequent fire-suppressant water damage at the datacenter where our servers are hosted. We have been offline since the evening of Sunday April 4th. Power restoration has been slower than anticipated, as has any info on the possible damage to our servers. While this is deeply frustrating, please know we are doing everything we can to get TalkBass back online as soon as possible. Offsite backups were automatically maintained up until the incident, so if deemed the best course we will spin up
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  2. Its working correctly. Not all gibsons are wired that way, but yours is.
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  3. Not sure, but having wiggled the pot around a bit I thought it wouldn't hurt to strip the wire and freshen up the connections
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  4. I miss all the bassists who used to hang here.
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