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    I have a black duo Jet with TV Jones pups and a bigsby, they make it in a sparkle silver too. It's way more than you want to pay. Try the electromatics, as they are very nice. Replace the pups with some TV Jones when you get the chance. I once brought a Dearmond M75T in ‘Champagne Sparkle, but it was super heavy. The ones made later were tone chambered and will have the smaller headstock. Fender Jazzmaster came in inca silver, but it's a rare color. That was 10 years ago.
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    I couldn't agree more. Sometimes we tend to make things difficult for new players than they need to be. Part of that is our somewhat understandable focus on acquiring and maintaining guitars vs. playing them.
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    kwak, i get ya.. dont complicate, its a simple question.... but its not always the right question to be asked especially with beginners... addressing this early on helps much in the things to come... a lot of first questions come from a seat of “this looks nice”, or “ just like ——— plays”... instead of need... need be easy to play, need to sound pleasing, nay even inspiring! helps to be a financially stable investment... and someone else to take the hit on depreciation of a “new” anything with the exception of toothbrushes, underwear or anything that touches mucosa... example, i have a breedlove ac25sr+ something or other that i havent played in 6 years... an 8 to 9 hundred investment that i just saw on reverb for 275 and a hundred bucks shipping... a good set up costs me about 50 dollars if i dont do it..that comes with new strings and a good overall loving from my luthier friend in tally, gary hudson... its much closer inline with his style, its solid sides, back and top... and miles above the seagull for fit and finish, overall workmanship... playability? thats a toss up depending on the set up... physical characteristics like hand/finger length, etc... so, with a rig like that theres still room in the budget to pick up a decent little acoustic amp... but hey, im just trying to help... ymmv?
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    Buying used on Ebay, or Craigslist I wouldn't recommend for a beginner, unless someone more experienced went with that person. You could be looking at a poor set up, saddle cut too low that need to be replaces, a worn nut. Something like an overly dried out instrument with a bowed top. Possibly even a neck reset. It could be to risky for a newbie. I have seen new stuff sitting in shops, that needs work too. The Guitar Center is notorious for hanging instruments on the wall and folks just coming in to play then and beating the heck out of stuff. They are better at humidity control these days then they have been in past decades. I was looking at a Gibson Hummingbird a few years back at the GC. I wasn't there for that guitar, but the instrument has a cracked and lifted bridge. How that would ever sell, I have no idea. $4000 ain't exactly chump change. I actually played it and sound quite amazing. Go figure

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