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    you aren't suggesting that a company would place a post on this forum just to make their competitor's new product look bad, are you?
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    I just popped back in, ordered a new amp and it reminded me of the days when I would hang out in the amps forum. does anyone remember that Megadeth76487 guy? (His name was something like that). He just stands out in my mind as a bit of a classic. I wouldn’t mind checking out the forums again, was wondering if it had changed much...
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    If you are doing it to one of the Bronze series you can buy for 50 bucks, and intend to hang it on the wall, I say go for it. Something that you actually intend to play, think twice about it, or even 3 times. Yes, you can grain fill the fretboard. Numerous ways to do it, no need to get into that here. And yes, you can clean off the frets, hopefully not ripping the paint off in the process. (Acrylic likes to pull away from things, and can leave wonderful rips in the finish.) And again yes, you can clearcoat it. AND if you play it, you will remove the clearcoat, and the paint, and the primer, and eventually the grain filler. Wall hanger, go for it. Player.... not so much.
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    Kansas Steve Walsh is an amazingly profeceint Hammond (C3) player plus as good a lead singer rock has enjoyed during his heyday. Some Side & Session men are some of the best Hammond players such as Mike Finnigan (CSN, Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, Taj & Phantom Blues Band) or Jim Pugh (Robert Cray) in the world.They just don't have their name in lights.
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    Not likely. Rose wood usually has pretty big pores. They will show through unless you use a pore filler, which would be a pita on a fretted neck.
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    Long As I Can See the Light - CCR
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    He could wind up venting anti-matter from the nacells!
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    I wouldn’t try to paint a rosewood fretboard, no matter what method.
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    Great news, you old decrepit bastage!
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    I still fail to see the advantage of this guitar over the much less expensive Godin A6 Ultra which is a wonderful guitar.
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    Thought about this thread today when this album came up in my car CD rotation. "Rock and Roll Suicide"
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    agreed..especially if they have Fender, Gibson, Gretsch or PRS on the headstock... But this 'new' advance on guitar neck joints is, well, not bringing me in to shop... from the email Fender sent me this AM
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    You Can't Always Get What You Want: Let It Bleed
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    Reminds me of the plate on my Vintage Brand Telecaster
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    Ah, I do recall seeing something from Fender showing a neck plate that was rounded off on one corner, yet still a 4-screw plate...but unless they plan on retrofitting every guitar they ever produced, their promo statement “never play a Fender the same way again.” is typical marketing nonsense... Wow...a new heel joint! How remarkable....
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    God Save the Queen - Night at the Opera
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Well it's a long way from being an acoustic. It's a sort of hollow body electric guitar with probably an under-saddle piezo pickup as well as the single coil. I certainly wouldn't pay £1500+ for something like that
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    Hi Phil, been out for awhile but still hanging around.
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    macadood reporting in! I miss all you doods and the old days. I moved on to collecting Japanese watches, musically changed to mostly synths and sold off a bunch of pedals, then sold off a bunch of synths. Haven't bought a pedal in years and it is freeing. Still have my booteek board, a vintagey Boss board, and a small vintage MXR board though! Hi Phil!

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