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    Right...well now, I am going to go out on the proverbial limb and guess you are not a Yank, then? To be perfectly honest [if that is truly humanly possible...] I have never heard of either a Stonebridge or a Furch guitar. Please expound...do we get to see pictures? Hear recordings?
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    I can speak about guitars from the 80's. I have a 1985 RS Knight Warrior; bought it used in '87 for $125. Two years later I bought a Fender Strat, and put the Aria away...until last year. I began playing it again because the neck agrees with my hand (pain from middle age, lol). I never thought it was on par with my Fender, however, the neck is top notch! And just a tad narrower than Fender. At 35 years old, everything still works! It stayed in tune sitting in the case for years. I feel the pickups are, well, subdued. Not good or bad necessarily, just...subdued (compared to others). But I recently recorded a couple songs with it, and I think the sound quality is just fine. I have a link below if you want to hear what it sounds like. I played all the guitar parts (and Bass) with the Aria, through a Peavey Vypyr amp. I would buy another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKIKggB7JAo Hope this helps.
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    well, we shall see what we shall see what there is to see when we see it, see?
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    I think the most general tip I can give if this is your first fretted string instrument is to avoid pressing too hard with your fretting hand. Press the string right in behind the fret and you don't need much force AND the notes will cleaner and better intonated.
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    uh oh...it sounds like "drummer joke" time😄
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    Okay, you have a point there.
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    Ta Phil. Checkers is a no-name "Sears Special," similar to a Teisco or any number of early-'70s MIJ offenses against nature. My folks bought it for me, my first electric. Virtually unplayable. By c. 1980 I finally gave up on it and made it into the wall art in the photo. Originally sunburst. I covered it in white interior wall paint, graphed it off with a pencil, and filled in the black squares with a bottle of black hobbyist model paint, by hand. The back is still sunburst, haha! I lost track of it after law school, c. 1984, and 6 or 7 years ago at a band reunion, one of my housemates/bandmates from back in the day gave it back to me! It lives up on a shelf in the garage practice space here at palatial Casa Krashpad. I call it the Amen Corner, even I don't know why. Just sounds right. The Epiphone you ask about is a rarely-seen Epi Les Paul Deluxe. Sfaik, dead stock. Great li'l cheapie, totally gigworthy!
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    copy and paste it right into the post window...we are better equipped to manage pix now...if you have trouble with that, let me know!
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    Truth be told, I have little to add here, but I'd like to see this board build up a little traffic, so I think posting helps. I never had the money for bigger, better synths, and these were out of my budget. Even so, I have some opinion. I always thought the Rolands had good synth, string and brass sounds, especially compared to the DX line, which I largely hated. I bought a Korg DW-8000 about a year before the M1 came out. Now, as an adult, with 30 years in my career, I've found myself in a different place. When I bought that DW, my EPS, and a couple modules (K1m and TG-33), I had a limited set of sounds (easily stacked with the EPS), I'd find some I liked, and used them live. Now that I can afford much better axes, I am almost overwhelmed with sounds, it can take an hour to wander through all the available piano sounds in my Juno-D, let alone some of the others. I like old synths, and especially some of the sounds they can make, but since my EPS died, and the other relics get old and scratchy, I'm gonna steer clear of them for live use.
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    I'll refrain from commenting on Taylor Swift..... but bridge pins can make a difference! (heated debate I know) Welcome back! I just joined as well!
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    No offense taken, David Cassidy was dreamy! 😍 But seriously folks, from that shot it appears that guitar was a prototype or custom Breadwinner of some sort. The pickups don't look like the big humbucker-size singles on the original version, nor like the min-humbuckers on the later version. They may be P-90s! Also, the faceplate only has one toggle switch rather than two; I'm guessing it's the pickup selector, and that they omitted the out-of-phase switch.
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    Hi back. Thank you all so much for replying. It means a lot. More than you know. Plus - thank you so much for welcoming me back. Phil, thank you for responding to that question. I can not fault your logic. I hope I can contribute enough to interest others. Be it on or off topic. The forum here is so quiet though. Does anyone remember 10(ish) years ago? Can we loosen up a bit and get this party restarted? Stewart.
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    "Riding With The King" - BB King & Eric Clapton
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    "King Of The Surf Guitar" - Dick Dale
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    "Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man" - Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
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    "The Grandpa That I Know" - Joe Diffie (rest in peace, Joe)
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