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  1. I needed something to do with all the free time so with the majority of parts on hand, I put this together.
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  2. I saw this elsewhere and thought that it needed to be shared:
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  3. Have this beastie! I have always wanted one of these, and they were always WAY above my pay grade. (and talent level, but who cares about that, right?) When I saw it in a pawn shop of all places, I did a double take, then asked to play it. At that point my poor suffering wife let out a sound akin to a groan, and she knew. (God I love that woman!) I then played it, and put it away on lay-away. 2 months later, here she is: A 1991 Ibanez George Benson GB 12, with hand signed label, number 317 for those who care to know these things. (I do!!!!) A total of about 600 were made for the 12th ann
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