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    Well then I’ll develop an app that lets you hail a cab from anywhere!
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    I choked on my coffee the first time I heard this one:
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    Makes sense, since what you do requires a very wide palette. I use a single channel amp and a minimalist pedal board - a wah, an overdrive/ boost, an "analog style" digital delay and a univibe clone. I get more tonal variation with the volume knob of my guitar than anything else, really.
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    I spent a year in Bakersfield one week.
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    I’m a huge hank Williams fan. I have all his recordings. I Was even going to do a hank Williams tribute show at one time. I play 5 or 6 of his tunes at every solo show. His songs are the real deal.
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    Takamine is just a brand name, made by huge guitar factories. I'd lose that brand loyalty and just go play a few until one clicks with you. It's a completely personal thing. If you find a Yamaha LL6 in that price range I'd recommend trying it out.
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    They ought to come with a gift certificate for chiropractic care
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    Could you tell me what your reply has to do with the OP and the question Ned asked? Looks like an entirely unprovoked dig at a fellow forum member to me. Warning issued.
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